Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews: No-Sway No-Bounce

If you are up to towing the trailer, and you suddenly realize that it’s so heavy and start to sway. Oh, it’s so terrible and irritating. You may know the cause of this situation; it happened because of your poor standard hitch. So here I come up with the 4 best Andersen weight distribution hitch reviews. From this, you can quickly get the best hitch for yourself.

Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch
Andersen Hitch TypeWeightInstallationSpecialty
Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection- Gooseneck MountLight in weight of almost 55 pounds and has a suitable adapter with a gooseneck hitch.You can easily install the base in no time through one person only.Has Gooseneck adapter which is designed to be a stabilizer
Andersen Hitches 6in Rapid Hitch (3405)  More little in weight, around 13 to 14 pounds, and easy to move on and off.  It has a 6″drop and 6″ rise ball mount, which allows you to adjust your hitch to a perfect level.Easy to adjust the ball mount height of your hitch.
Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution HitchMore minor in weight, roundabout 60lbsThe system is self-adjusted and doesn’t need extra effort in changing it.Monetize unparalleled sway control and sets it out.
Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3410   Light in weight of about 17 pounds but still have towing capacity of 8,000 LBS and 10,000 LBS.Easy to adjust and will remain new and shiny all the time.Super adjustable and affordable.

4 Best Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews in 2021

#1. Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection- Gooseneck Mount

Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

When it comes to weight distribution hitches, Andersen is the best brand nowadays. They have replaced the old traditional spring bar-style weight distribution mechanism with the lightweight, silent, anti-sway, and anti-bounce hitches.

However, this Andersen aluminum hitch weighs 55 pounds, and with this less weight, it also has a suitable adapter with a gooseneck hitch. That’s why it is among the best Andersen weight distribution hitches.


Base weight: The base of this hitch is only 35 lbs in weight and is perfect for mounting and towing purposes because it eliminates your extra struggle of taking your 5th wheel hitch under the bed of your truck.

Ultimate 5th wheel connection: Have a Gooseneck adapter, which is designed to be a stabilizer and ultimately fits with all the brands of these gooseneck hitches.

Smooth travel: All the ultimate 5th wheel connections will provide you silent and smooth journey.

Three adjustments: This Andersen hitch has three height adjustments; one is 16-3/4″ lower portion, the other is 17-7/8″ middle portion, and the last one is 19-1/8″ upper portion.

Easy to install base: The base is easy to install and can do by one person only.


  • More affordable choice.
  • It does not require any special adapter or slider hitch for short bed trucks.
  • Less in wait as a 5th wheel gooseneck mounted hitch
  • Light in weight


  • It does not contain any cons, and it’s a good choice.

#2. Andersen Hitches 6in Rapid Hitch (3405)

Andersen Hitches 6in Rapid Hitch (3405)

This Andersen Hitch 6 inch is also the best among Andersen weight distribution hitch reviews. It is a top-quality hitch with 2 x 2-5 /16in Greaseless AlumiBall because of it; you don’t have to lubricate the trailer receiver and tow ball.

Moreover, this is the standard version of the Andersen rapid hitch, but you also have to check the hitch ball size according to your need before choosing one.


Adjustable Ball Mount: Contains a 6″drop and 6″ rise ball mount, which allows you to make your towing easy, quick and straightforward by adjusting your hitch to a perfect level.

Easy Maintenance: Have a polished aluminum rack that won’t chip, rust or peel. There will be no rust at the end of your truck, so your hitch will look new all the time.

Adjustable height: The ball mount height of your hitch is easy to adjust. Just pull the pin, change the pin and slip it back, then you are good to go.

6” Drop/Rise hitch: This hitch will work with all standard pickup trucks.

Lightweight: Have significantly less weight, around about 13 to 14 pounds, so that it’s easy to move on and off.

Certification: Certified with SAE J684 and V5 and manufactured in the USA.


  • It does not need to be greased.
  • Easy to adjust and installed.
  • It Is very lightweight.
  • Contains adjustable ball mounts.


  • It doesn’t have any prior cons.

#3. Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch 8in Drop-Rise

It is the quietest, simplest, and most advanced hitch among these best Andersen weight distribution hitches. You will find it suitable for yourself because it is lightweight and has more capacity than others.

It’s the first Andersen hitch and has the actual anti-sway and anti-bounce system. The owners say they can’t believe how smooth a ride it gives.


Sway Control: The best thing in any hitch is the sway control. This Andersen hitch will monetize unparalleled sway control and sets it out and also resists bouncing.

Includes Ball: Have a variant size of balls according to the model.

Easy to handle: It’s pretty simple and has an advanced weight distribution hitch.

Heavy Duty: Despite having significantly less weight of about 60lbs, it’s also a heavy-duty hitch.

Self-adjustable: The system is self-adjustable and doesn’t need any extra effort in changing it.

Easy Installation: You don’t need pry bars and can install them easily.

Easy to Back-up: Much other weight distribution hitches required much effort to back up, but it’s different from them. And can easily back up without any sweat.

Silent: Don’t have any noises; you don’t even tell that it’s there or not without seeing.

Pin removal: Have one pin removal, which is applicable for two vehicles at a time.


  • Have the accurate motion-dampening system
  • Extremely silent to use.
  • Contains various sizes of balls and doesn’t need any extras.
  • Light in weight.


  • You must tighten it properly.

#4. Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3410

Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch 3410 Best Adjustable Ball Mount

The Andersen Rapid Hitch 3410 is of top quality hitch and fits differently with different receivers as with receiver 2″ and 2-1/2″. This standard version is made to do all of the factory standard pickup trucks.

Most importantly, it is entirely adjustable. Once you know about all its features, you’ll never leave it. However, it is a good pic among the best Andersen weight distributing hitches.


Heavy Duty and Lightweight: Very light in weight of about 17 pounds but still has a towing capacity of 8,000 LBS and 10,000 LBS with 2″ ball and 2-5/16″ ball, respectively.

Super Adjustable: Have a 6″ drop and 6″ rise that allows you to adjust your hitch perfectly. It will make your towing relatively easy, and you also don’t need to borrow anyone’s trailer, which can give you the wrong drop.

Easy to handle: Easy to use because of its lightweight and completely adjustable

Rating and Certification: Certifies with SAE J684 and V5.

Manufacturing: This Andersen 3410 hitch has made in the USA,

Easy maintenance and Longevity: The polished aluminum rack will never get rusty, peel, and chip. So, it’s easy to adjust your hitch and will remain new and shiny all the time.

Require sleeve: Works with all standards of a 2″ receiver, but in the case of a 2-1/2″ receiver, you will need a sleeve.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to adjust and install
  • With the most affordable price


  • Andersen hitches are too good and have no cons

The following part no of Andersen WDH kits fit a 2″ receiver (click and check price on Amazon on P/N):

P/NBallDrop/riseFrameWeight Rating
32202-5/16             33,424,000 GTWR, 4,500 TW
34052″,2-5/16″64-3/810,000GTWR with 2 balls, 12,500 GTWR with 2-5/16 ball, 1,500TW
33862-5/168     3,4,5,614000GTWR,14000TW
34102″,2-5/16″64-3/810,000GTWR with 2 balls, 12,500 GTWR with 2-5/16 ball, 1,500TW

What Size Hitch Receiver?

Knowing the size of the hitch receiver is an essential part of towing. You should know what size receiver your tow has, but it’s not something you can easily find out by google searching. You might reach the answer, but there is no surety that it’s correct or not. The best way to know the size of the receiver is by physically measuring your receiver with a tape measure. It will allow you to know which ball mount will be perfect for your receiver. Depending on your receiver’s size, it may be 1-1/4″, 2″, 2-1/2″, or 3″.

What are Andersen weight distribution hitch parts?

Andersen is a well-known company in the hitches market and has a variety of best hitches. These hitches are lightweight, solid, and versatile. If you want to customize your hitch according to your need, you can buy the Andersen hitches parts from their official website or buy them from various other online sources. They have different hitch parts like adjustable racks, additional trailer hitch balls, or trailer hitch locking pins.

Buying Guide for Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch

In case you are thinking to buy a huge trailer so that you can tow it with your SUV or truck, then you will require a hitch of Class 3, 4, or 5. It also requires a good weight distribution hitch to get proper functionality. In general, whenever your trailer will weigh more than half of your tow vehicle weight, then you must require a weight-distribution hitch.

While searching to get the best WDH in the market, you should look for the same brand as your trailer to get a better combination. You should get yourself a hitch that is capable of preventing lane wandering because your trailer will cause this while moving the rear. Steep downhill grades, high winds, and passing large vehicles will be easy for you then.

If you will use your hitch for lifting off weight from the front exile, then you should buy a WDH that has better braking and steering control because you have a chance to lose control when your vehicle is sags rear.

Before buying a weight distributor hitch, you should check that if your tow vehicle demands any certain weights for the trailer because some of them do. If they do demand, then buy according to it no matter what your preferences and requirements are. But if not, then go for the most suited one according to you.

How do you adjust an Andersen weight distribution hitch?

For a regular weight distribution hitch, to correct any under-adjustment, you need to add more force of weight distribution to the hitch. To do so you have to raise the L-brackets or add spacer washers. If your initial setup is similar to this, then you should use your tongue-jack so that you can unload the arms of spring. Now you need to remove the arms of the spring from the top of the hitch or hitch head. Lastly, unhook the trailer and pull your tow vehicle a bit forward and thus you are done with adjusting a regular weight distribution hitch.

To adjust an Andersen weight distribution hitch, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Level your trailer
  2. Mount one to one and get higher than the measurement
  3. Install the Housing Ball
  4. Set the torque of nuts to 150-pounds of torque
  5. Attach all the triangle plates
  6. Straighten the links between the chains
  7. Screw your set-screws till they are tight enough
  8. Then do a one and half of 2 turns
  9. Draw a specific line on the socket
  10. Finally, raise your jack, plug all the lights, and your Andersen WDH is adjusted properly.

How does the Andersen weight distribution hitch work?

The main job that an Andersen weight distributor does is it perfectly distribute weight. Now let’s find out how they do this.

When you hook your trailer up to your tow vehicle, then the front weight of your trailer (popularly known as Tongue-weight) sits on the ball of the hitch which is attached to the above-mentioned tow vehicle.

After that, as an outcome of this action, the entire tongue-weight carries down on the axle rear of your tow vehicle which will often cause squat as well.

This squat will then take the weight off the forward end of your tow vehicle. And you will have great steering and braking control on your vehicle.

Thus, an Andersen weight distribution hitch lifts the front of the tow vehicle and puts the weight back onto the forward axle by using chains (spring bars in case of regular WDH).

Andersen hitch troubleshooting tips and tricks

  • Never make your tow vehicle perfectly level because it is not necessary and try to make sure that you are not too low in either direction.
  • Start with the front and end with the back on your trailer level. We will recommend you to keep the distance between them not more than an inch.
  • If you were not the one who installed the weight distribution hitch in the first place but you decide to do it this time, then follow the user manual as a reference and get their instructions properly to complete the installation.
  • Do make sure that the chains you are using get tightened properly with your hands before setting your brackets in place. Then pull back the top of the brackets tightly again by your hands so that the chain tension becomes maxed out.
  • Check if the tire pressure of the tires of your tow vehicle and trailer meet the requirement or not.
  • Always check the weight of the load before driving. If it seems overloaded even after not crossing the weight limit, then consider too much load on the back is the reason behind this. You should always keep your majority load portion on the front axle.
  • Make sure both the suspension of the town truck and trailer are adequate to serve you the cause perfectly. With the bad suspension, you won’t even be able to load weights by using your weight distribution hitch.
  • Always follow the installation instructions manual to get the best outcome.

Andersen hitch problems

 Like all other products in the market, Anderson WD hitch is also bound with some problems or we should rather say things that don’t always work perfectly. We are not discouraging you to buy Andersen weight distribution hitch by pointing out these problems. We are rather introducing you to them so that you can learn about where you are getting into. Two of the common Andersen hitch problems are:

  1. Damaged Short-Bed Back Cab Window
  2. Shifting and Twisting Hitch

Andersen weight distribution hitch installation instructions

If you have already unhitched and looking for the right installation instructions, then follow the following instructions:

  1. Lower your trailer into the Ball Housing without putting any load on the close hitch latch, tow vehicle, and install triangle plate using pins and chains in the right place
  2. Tighten all the screws you loosened while unhitching to their earlier position
  3. It would be better for you to find them if you can mark them after unhitching
  4. Lower your trailer again, connect all the safety chains, emergency brake cables, and electrical plugs
  5. Now check all the processes and do an entire safety check twice to be sure.

Thus, you can finish the installation process for your Andersen weight distribution hitch comfortably just by following these steps precisely.

Andersen Customer Service Email

If you have any questions regarding the use of Andersen Weight Distribution Hitches, contact Andersen at:


Are Andersen weight distribution hitches any good?

Yes, Andersen weight distribution hitches are very good. They offer great customer company service. They have a faster, lighter, and easier using hitch that does anti-sway, weight distribution, and anti-bounce. Their hitches provide a lifetime warranty as well as remain silent. Even their prices are reasonable enough to compete with the big names in the market. So, we can certainly say that the Andersen weight distribution hitch is a good choice.

Does Anderson hitch distribute weight?

Yes, the main job of an Andersen weight distribution hitch is to weight distribute. They introduced an anti-bounce and anti-sway weight distribution hitch in the industry. In terms of distributing weight, they just don’t raise the bar for others, they set a new whole level for them and it is changing the hitch industry forever in a better and upgraded direction. They are available with 4-8 inches of rising/drop option for distributing weight.

Who makes the best weight distribution hitch?

These are the best weight distribution hitch currently available in the market as follows:

  1. Andersen Hitches: No-Sway WDH
  2. Pro Series Weight Distribution Kit Complete
  3. EAZ LIFT 1000 pounds Elite Bar Bent WDH
  4. Husky Round Bar WDH
  5. Equalizer 4-point Control Sway Hitch

Can you back up with an Andersen weight distribution hitch?

Yes, you can back up with an Andersen weight distribution hitch. You won’t need to disconnect your Andersen weight distribution hitch to backup. You can easily use the hitch as a standard housing ball mount if you don’t require to use it as a WDH. It will then eliminate the requirement for extra towing hardware. If it weighs less than 60 lbs. then it will make the Andersen weight distribution easy to use and easy to install.

How much can Andersen hitch tow?

Anything that weighs under 60 pounds, you can tow with Andersen hitch. This good-looking machine can be a workhorse as well which can rate up to 14000 pounds of tongue-weight. It refers to the fact that it can handle all heavy-duty trailers pretty easily. This hitch can also provide double duty because if you need to tow your vehicle without any weight distribution, then you can utilize it as a standard housing ball mount.

Final Verdict

These were the best Andersen weight distributing Hitches; I know choosing one among them is a difficult challenge. Because these are all from Andersen, a well-known brand, these hitches vary according to the price and lifting sizes. You should see all and choose one which exactly matches your need—best of luck with that.

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