4 Best Tuff Stuff Winches Reviews & Buying Guide in 2023

Suppose you are riding your car off-road, and suddenly it gets stuck in a hole or mud. I know, that’s a terrible situation for anyone. All solutions give up, and there comes no way out. 

Not knowing, Tuff Stuff Winches reviews are ready to help you. Also, getting out of muddy swamps will not seem like a problem now.

Tuff Stuff Xtreme 4500lb UTV Winch

Maybe, you are not affiliated with Tuff Stuff. They are excellent in serving first-rated winches with wired and wireless remotes facilities. Henceforth, you are getting unlimited options to get the best winch for you.

Yes, you are thinking right. Today, I am going to show you some extreme performance & excellent tuff stuff compare with different model winches. Still, we are not going to beat around the bush and get straight to the selected powerful winches.

Good Quality Winches compare: Top 4 Best Tuff Stuff Winch Review in 2021

Tuff Stuff Overland 13,000 LB Winch
  • Has a capacity for heavy lifting
  • Does not make any malfunctioning
  • Tackles all weather conditions easily
  • Stays protected from sharp borders
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Tuff Stuff Overland 12,500 LB Winch
  • Best for off-road elements
  • Easily tackles harshest situations
  • Works the same in every application
  • Can pull out the heaviest of our rides
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Tuff Stuff Xtreme 4500lb UTV Winch
  • Suitable for UTV and ATV
  • Serves exactly as a high-end winch
  • The system is completely waterproof
  • Its mounting is universal
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Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs
  • It can take enormous loads
  • Supports heavy pickups and towing power
  • Do not require any labor work
  • Pulls out undue swamped vehicles
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4 best Tuff Stuff Winches Reviews in 2022

#1. Tuff Stuff 13,000lb FT Steel Rope Trailhead Winch- Affordable price range

Comprising an exquisite ratio of power and control of Tuff Stuff Overland 1300 lb is there to help you. Besides, this product offers a heavy lifting capacity. From its name, you have already understood how much weight the winch can take. That’s not average even. Isn’t it mighty impressive? 

Tuff Stuff Overland 13,000 LB Winch

Anyways, there is more to get on the gear system. Since there is a three-gear pulling system, you can manoeuvre your ride with adequate control. You will not need any manual labour and let your towing and pulling activities be done offhand. Not only this but also a free spooling clutch along with the gear train gives more control.

Note: Gear ratios range from about 150:1 to 300:1, giving the winch its pulling power.

gear ratio

As Power ratio is calculated as follows: (Handle Length/Drum Diameter) x Gear Ratio = Power Ratio.

Automatic drum brakes system 

No matter what, safety comes first. To issue that prevention, Tuff Stuff Overland got an automatic drum brake system. Thereby, your acquisition becomes worth it and keeps you on the safe side. 


Take my words; Tuff Stuff 13000 will last longer than any other winch. On account of durability, you can easily tackle all weather and expect no deterioration of your product.

Universal mounting plate

For gaining the ability of universal mounting, this Tuff Stuff winch can take out any heavy vehicle. Accordingly, it gains super hardware which will never let you down in performance. Moreover, the Universal Winch mounting plate fits all tuff stuff winches from 8,000-17,500lbs. And this mount can associate with a standard bolt pattern of 10″ X 4.5″.

Roller fairlead

Roller fairleads play a significant role in safeguarding winches from sharp borders. Due to having a traditional roller, your winch will be safe and remain valid for an extended period.


  • Offers a heavy lifting winch capacity 
  • Works without any malfunction
  • Controllable for users
  • Easy installation
  • Can tackle all weather conditions 
  • Remains protected from sharp borders


  • Makes too much noise/ bit noisy while working

#2. Tuff Stuff Overland 12,500lb 88 fT Wire Waterproof Xtreme

Disappointment comes when our winches can’t handle off-road elements. So keeping such hurdles in mind, Tuff Stuff Overland 12,500 lb made itself prepare to tackle the harshest situations. In addition, there is a die-cast built to withstand all impacts. 

Tuff Stuff Overland 12,500 LB Winch

Do you know what’s fantastic about Tuff Stuff Overland? It has side-mounted solenoids. As a result, the winch can perform great in daily work. Moreover, with a heavy-duty wire and hook, Tuff Stuff Overland ensures a durable single line.

Gear handle

Often, we get no clue how to pull the heaviest of our rides. Don’t stress, as Tuff Stuff got you covered. You can remove or lift your heavy vehicles and find no annoyance due to the piston shaped gear handle.

Upper tie support

Your Tuff Stuff Overland 12,500 winch will remain square because of the billet aluminum tie rod at the top. Also, your cable is going to stack unevenly, taking help from the upper arc. 

Waterproof cover

Overall, to protect your investment, this Tuff Stuff winch includes an excellent waterproof cover. As a consequence, all your essential accessories will be in catch and stay away from damages.

Great looking

Up to now, the good looking of a product matters too. And, to make you sure, Tuff Stuff 12500 is flawless and looks fantastic, like a high-end winch.


  • Best for off-road elements
  • Can tackle harshest situations 
  •  Can pull in less time & dont need much effort.
  • Performs same in all applications for heavy loads
  • Pulls out the heaviest of our rides
  • Cable remains stack unevenly
  • Wireless remote control system used with safety while winching


  • The solenoid is difficult to remove

#3. Tuff Stuff 4500lb Synthetic Rope Wireless Remote And Universal Mount Winch

Let alone gigantic rides; some users are dependent on UTV every day. What if your UTV suddenly gets dumped in a de trop hole? At that time, it wouldn’t be wise to go for a large winch capacity. 

Tuff Stuff Xtreme 4500lb UTV Winch

All in all, Xtreme 4500 lb is enough to pull your UTV. Though this winch can’t take huge loads, it serves the same quality as any high-end winch. 

Waterproof system

There is a waterproof system inside the Xtreme winch to work in all situations. So, if you are thinking about how you can lift your UTV when it gets dumped in a pond or any water lands, Xtreme winch is there. Be it an excellent, wet, or hot environment; you can use this winch anytime.

Universal mounting

We know, universal mounting refers to the support of all types of vehicles. Compared to heavy-loaders, Xtreme 4500 winch is easy to carry around and tow every light-duty vehicle. universal mounting hardware can mount any flat surface on a vehicle or trailer.

Built-in brake system

A built-in brake system inside Tuff Stuff 4500 winch gives more control in towing applications. Adding a cherry on top comes with a tool on the solenoid, which will help protect your motor.


  • The salient choice for UTV and ATV
  • Serves same quality as high-end
  • Involves a waterproof system
  • Perfect for universal mounting
  • Keeps motor in firm protection
  • Towing process is efficient with this winch


  • Remote buttons are not so good here

#4.Tuff Stuff 17,500 Snatchblock Tuff Stuff Recovery Winch Review

Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs is excellent for pulling heavy weights. You can see the limit of its capacity in the name, which is 17,500 lbs. 10-ton snatch-block enables double line pull.

Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs

Besides towing power, this winch supports heavy pickup trucks too. No matter how much your vehicle is stuck in the mud, Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch is always there to help you. Furthermore, there is no need for any labour as this winch is entirely electric. The rider can also control with Optimal Performance.

  • Supports towing power and heavy pickups
  •  4-way Roller Fairlead included
  • Can take extreme stuck vehicles out
  • Remote will power in and power out with a press of a button easily
  • No labour work is needed
  • Load capability is huge


  • Creates noise while operating

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Who Makes Tuff Stuff Winch?

The company named “Tuff Stuff 4×4” makes high-quality Tuff Stuff winches. Moreover, they offer a reasonable price so that every user can find convenience in the budget. 

If you think Tuff Stuff 4×4 manufactures only Tuff Stuff winches, then you are wrong.

Other essentials, like- tents, rooftops, winch accessories, air compressors, camping gear, are their go-to products for everyday sale. Because of their quality products, Tuff Stuff company gained a considerable reputation in the marketplace. Again, good customer support is another reason for making their products top ranking. 

In the same way, you will get a reasonable price from all Tuff Stuff winches. Moreover, Tuff Stuff 4×4’s excellent customer service and high-quality products helped them conquer everyone’s attraction.

Gross weight definition: Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR)

Buying Guide for a Tuff Stuff Winch review

tuff stuff winch buying guide

After tuff stuff winch review it is time for buying guide. Most often, we get complicated thinking that winch acquisition involves a lot of scientific equations. But, there is nothing like that. Once you gain all the essential aspects in a winch, it will be easier to get a perfect one. 

So, it’s high time to choose a flawless, good winch Tuff Stuff winch and fulfill our requirements. 


Integrated and non-integrated solenoid winches gain different facilities. Now, the question is which one will be suitable?

I will recommend you to go for non-integrated solenoids. They are more versatile and usable compared to integrated solenoids. Also, you can mount everything without any effort.


Some astute moves are also significant while buying a product. Unless your winch’s structure guarantees durability, there is no point in having one.

All Tuff Stuff winches acquire a solid build. As a result, performing your liftings and pullings can be possible even in all types of terrains. 


Usually, the performance of a winch depends on its cable. Either the winch will keep improving or get hampering over time due to line. You have two options to choose from, which is. Steel cable and synthetic cable. There is also a long cable and short cable option.

Steel cables are more durable and better in quality. Although they are a little bit heavy, not to forget, they do not catch rusts as well.

The thing is, they are exposed to chemicals and make kryptonite as a form of heat. 

So, you need to weigh all the goods and wrongs and take your decision wisely.

Tuff Stuff Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit

Tuff Stuff winch remote adapts with all types of winch. There is nothing like you can use your Tuff Stuff remote only with your Tuff Stuff winch. Moreover, its wiring is as expected.

In the same way, you can install wired remote control easily, connect with your winch, and find no hurdles while using it.

Tuff Stuff Wireless Remote wiring Instructions

Tuff Stuff Winch Replacement Parts

Have you ever thought, why do we need replacement parts for our winches? Because some possibilities can make our model break down. 

tuff stuff winch parts

Rather than buying a new winch, you accept its replacement parts and fix your winch like before.

Tuff stuff Winch mount

Some of the parts you may need while certain damages of your product are- 

  • Mobile winch wiring
  • Snatch block
  • Cable or Tuff Stuff Winch rope
  • Soft shackle
  • Winch hook
  • Cover
  • Tuff stuff Winch mount
  • Recovery winch strap
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • Series wound motor

Winch Accessories

Winch Accessories are similar to cut corners. In effect, our winches lack performance due to short and straightforward scratches. Therefore, we should always be ready with accessories that will come into use.

wireless winch remote
  • Synthetic Winch Rope
  • Stainless Roller Fairlead
  • Storage Case
  • Quick disconnect plug
  • Clevis Winch hook

Tuff Stuff winch manual

Tuff stuff winch wiring diagram (Alternator)

tuff stuff winch wiring diagram

Note: Series wound motors are powerful and efficient at high speed. Moreover, the field coils are connected in series with armature coils. And generate the most torque for a certain amount of current.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tuff Stuff winches any good?

Because of glitch hits, we think twice before getting a winch. And you will inevitably believe so regarding Tuff Stuff Winch as well. And free spooling clutch helps you to control the winching properly.

Identically, this winch is more efficient and durable than any standard winch. So, yeah. Tuff Stuff winches are, of course, a good one you can ever have. 

What is the best winch for the money?

Here, you will get to know some best winches for the money.

  • Rugcel 2000 lbs
  • Champion 3000 lbs
  • Bravex 3500 lbs
  • AC-DK 4500 lbs
  • ZEAK 5500 lbs
  • Viper 8500 lbs
  • Smittybilt 97495 XRC 9500 lbs
  • Tungsten 12000 lbs
  • X-Bull 13000 lbs
  • Smittybilt X2O 17500 lbs

Is Tuff Stuff waterproof?

Of course, Tuff Stuff products are waterproof, rugged, and durable. Hence, they can survive in all weather conditions. Their unique properties of resins will give peace of mind whenever you want to perform recovery processes in wetlands.


I hope you found your most wanted classic winch from the given Tuff Stuff winch reviews. Tuff Stuff is always ready for the responsibilities to pull up your UTV or truck with safe distance. 

And, I am sure you are confident enough to make an acquisition right now for off road adventurers. Nevertheless, different options can make us puzzled to choose the right one. So, I can suggest you give a second look at Tuff Stuff Overland 13,000 LB Winch and Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch 17,500 Lbs. 

Ever since they are leading in the marketplace, you can keep them on your top list. To sum up, let us know which winch you liked the most and share your experience with us.

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