Top 4 Best TIG Welder For Aluminum Review in 2022

TIG welding is a complex task when it comes to quality, integrity, and perfection. Imagine you have the right skills to do your job efficiently, but your tools didn’t let you. That’s quite stressful! If you have had the best TIG welder for aluminium, you could relax and do your welding effortlessly.

There are tons of different welders in the market, and the quality and features would puzzle you to select the perfect machine. Before buying a welder, you need to get adequate insights to choose the right one for your shoots.

Getting proper insights is quite challenging when you don’t have enough time to invest and surf various sites. We have collected thousands of reviews and shortlisted the best TIG welders to save your valuable time. We have differentiated and clearly indicated all the features they have.

As per welderfind, one should go for tig welding process while it comes to aluminum, despite its high cost, for better penetration and perfect weld over aluminum.

Choose your desired welder machine effortlessly and do your job efficiently.

The 4 Best TIG Welder for Aluminum

  1. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X – Cheapest tig welder for aluminum
  2. LOTOS TIG200 Aluminum Welder – Best aluminum tig welder for the money
  3. Hobart 500551 TIG Welder
  4. Forney 324 TIG Welder

The 4 Best TIG Welder for Aluminum in 2022

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X
  • Weight: 50 pounds.
  • Duty Cycle: 35% @ 200A (stick), 60% @ 155A (TIG).
  • Process Type: TIG or Stick.
  • Voltage: 110v and 220v.
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LOTOS TIG200 Aluminum Welder
  • Weight: 58 pounds.
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 110A and 110V, 60% @ 150A and 110V.
  • Process Type: AC TIG, DC TIG, Stick and plasma cutter.
  • Voltage: 110V and 220V.
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Hobart 500551 TIG Welder
  • Weight: 60 Pounds.
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 165A.
  • Process Type: Only TIG.
  • Voltage: 230v.
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Forney 324 TIG Welder
  • Weight: 51 pounds.
  • Duty Cycle: 25% at 90A (MIG), 20% at 100A (TIG), 35 at 80A (Stick).
  • Process Type: MIG, TIG and Stick.
  • Voltage: 120v and 230v.
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1. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X

If you’re looking for the best cheap welder machine that offers extreme quality and features, then the AHP AlphaTIG 200X is for you. The machine is suitable for both TIG and sticks welding as well as provides flawless work experience on stainless and aluminum steel. The versatile control panel gives simple and convenient operating options.

The multiple voltage systems pull the strings of your stress of carrying the generator with you. Both 110v or 220v is installed in the AHP AlphaTIG 200X Stick welding so that you can use it in different places with ease.

You’ll have a tough day finding a better standard that provides such features.

Benefits – Reasons to buy:

  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or a newbie; you can conveniently produce thin and firmly fixed welds with the machine.
  • Enhanced controlling does provide a stress-free operating feature. So, even if you’re a beginner, don’t stress yourself to think twice before buying it.
  • The dual voltage system will ensure you to plug and play whether you have a generator or not. Hence, you can use it anywhere you want.
  • If you’re out money or not willing to invest a huge amount then The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is best for you. It provides excellent features along with an economical budget.

The AHP Alphatig 200X problems-free machine is capable of TIG welding in 1/4″ aluminum, 3/8″ mild steel, 7018, and the 6013 rods as well as capable of welding the thinner gauge materials.

  • The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is designed with Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) that ensures the best flawless performance.


  • The AHP AlphaTIG 200X has the best stick mode.
  • It provides an effortless and smooth arc experience.
  • AC stick operation runs excellently both in 110V and 220V.


  • It gives the best thin materials welding experience as it can go down in 10 amp.
  • Good AC control impacted it to be the best in the market.
  • PWM technology provides the best Pulse work.


  • It comes with a Tig torch along with a flexible head that provides the best performance in thinner materials.
  • It comes with an excellent foot pedal that allows you to work with both hands.
  • The stick stinger is pretty good, and you don’t need to replace it in a while.

Description and Features

Input power:

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is a dual voltage of  110v and 220v that makes it easier to weld even if you’re a novice and under-resourced generator. Besides, if your workplace is on various sites, it gives the facility to move it frequently. You don’t need to be an expert to change the voltage mode, simply switch the voltage button, and you’re done!

The fascinating fact is that it welds almost the same as 220v, even on switching to 110v. The 110-volt input power can produce a maximum of 140A output power as well as operates a smooth arc. So you don’t need to bother about the perfection of your work without having a generator.

Duty cycle:

Overheating is the most common issue in a welding machine. Some machines heated up so quickly during operations, that could be messy and destructive towards your work.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X has fixed the problem. It has an extreme duty cycle of Sixty percent of 200A for TIG welding. Convincingly, in Stick welding, the duty cycle is 35% of 155 Ampere.

The machine’s width modulation comes with 200Hz pulse for different bead width and has both AC and DC TIG. DC is sufficient while working with steel; however, aluminium requires AC current to get a quality performance.  An excellent weld performance goes on along with cleaning the aluminium oxidation as the AC balance remains 30%-70%. Don’t worry about switching the AC/DC modes; the IGBT technology gives you trouble-free swaps.

Weight and Size:

Looking at the first time, it does not point out as the most excellent portable welder over the world. Despite looking heavy, it doesn’t weigh too much; however, it weighs around 69lbs. It’s not either a heavy or not too lightweight unit in its type.

If you’re working in your permanent workplaces such as in a workshop or home, you may not need to move frequently. Then it is undoubtedly the best one for you. Besides, if you work in a site where you need to move repeatedly, it will not be a big problem to carry it with your car. For convenient transportation, it comes with a comfortable carry handle at top. You can move it around without any big deal.

Digital Display and Automation:

Perfect controlling of the welder is very much essential. To make sure you are safe and sound, and getting the finest results, you need to keep good control over the machine. Thankfully, The AHP AlphaTIG 200X gives convenient working experience with a Digital Display along with a foot pedal. Hence, You don’t need to use one hand for controlling. Just use your legs for that, and work conveniently with both hands. Besides, AHP AlphaTIG 200x Manual offers the A-Z process of the machine.

Special Features:

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X comes with a torch that is compatible for 6013 and 7018 welding.

You wouldn’t stand next to the welder as it comes with an extended and flexible hose.

There is another greatest feature that makes it the best TIG welder for aluminium is,

PWM (Pulse Width Modification). It allows users to organize the pulse of the welders during work.


  • Technology: Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) using IGBT.
  • Weight: 50 pounds.
  • Dimension: 22×20×9 inches.
  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Power Source: AC/DC.
  • Duty Cycle: 35% @ 200A (stick), 60% @ 155A (TIG).
  • Process Type: TIG or Stick.
  • Voltage: 110v and 220v.
  • Portability: Slightly portable.
  • Warranty: 3 Years.
  • It has a High-Frequency pilot arc.
  • The machine welds in both AC and DC.
  • AC mode removes oxidation while in operations.
  • Effectively welds thinner materials.
  • It has Enhanced control with a foot pedal that allows users to work with both hands.
  • A significant 3-year warranty provides by the manufacturer.
  • Some users had complaints about the padel.
  • The AlphaTIG is a little bit heavy to move frequently.
  • This machine can not weld 6010 Electrodes.

2. LOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG/Stick Welder

LOTOS TIG200 is the cheapest tig welder for aluminum in the market. Welding aluminium is a much more complicated task than any other material. The machine delivers appropriate and endless output power that makes your welding smooth and perfect.

Not only that but also you can weld different materials like steels and rods. AC DC switching mode gives the freedom to work at home without a generator. Besides, it weighs only 50 lbs that is easy to move frequently in various sites.

Benefits- Reasons to buy:

  • LOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG/Stick Welder is a ready-to-play tool. You don’t need to go through a long setup process over installing it.
  • The excellent duty cycle makes it reliable and durable. It has neoteric cooling technology that provides the best experience while you’re working for a long time. Alongside this, the machine contains a little ignition temperature to help to start the welder pretty fast.
  • The cheapest tig welder on amazon offers Square Wave inverter feature that produces the best welding arc.
  • The machine has a dual voltage and frequency. Whether you have a generator or not, you can still do your operations by switching the voltage modes.
  • If you often move to different sites for your operations, it would be very handy for you. It weighs only 58 lbs. You can move it anywhere you want without any hassle.
  • The LOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG/Stick can weld up to ¼ inches of materials.

Description and Features

Input Power:

The LOTOS TIG200 is a compact machine with a wide range of features. It is a dual voltage machine that allows you to perform any places you go. It gives a hassle-free voltage changing experience. You don’t need to switch the voltage system as it automatically detects the voltage and adjusts subsequently.

The machine comes with a 200A AC/DC square wave inverter that welds aluminum accurately. It is not just a TIG welder for aluminium, but also it can flawlessly weld other thinner materials in Stick mode.

Another interesting fact is both 220v and 110v input power produces 50/60 Hertz output power.

Duty cycle:

It is one of the efficient welder machines in the parameter of the duty cycle. At 110V and 110A, it produces a 100% duty cycle, while 60% at 150A. At 220V, it provides a 100% duty cycle at 110A and 60% at 150A.

It flawlessly welds almost any type of metal.

The welding capacity is also satisfactory. It welds up to ⅜” of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

The LOTOS TIG200 produces a convenient current during Stick welding from a range of 15 to 200A and offers an adjustable hot striking arc current that ensures stable arc performance. The PAPST advanced cooling system precisely prevents the machine from overheating.

Weight and Size:

The machine is quite bulky and sturdy. It weighs around 60 lbs. The dimensions of this welder are 28 × 13 × 17 inches. There are lots of lesser-weight welders on the market, but it is still a good one regarding its features. Despite that, you can still carry it with some help as it comes with a compact handle. The machine is best for use at home or in a workshop.

Digital Display and Automation:

The Control panel is impressively easy to use. All the control switches are on the front panel, so you wouldn’t be puzzled by finding the right one.

Hence, you don’t need to hassle changing the voltage. The machine automatically detects the voltage and turns itself.

Special features:

The LOTOS TIG200 comes with unique features, including High-Frequency start. The welder is a plasma cutter. You can use it to cut plasma proficiently. HF allows users to possess the tungsten electrode conveniently to press the torch trigger and start the arc.

Besides, it has a foot pedal welding feature that allows users to work with both hands as well as it features a Square-wave inverter that ensures an accurate welding experience.


  • Technology: LOTOS Technology.
  • Weight: 58 pounds.
  • Dimension: 28 inches by 13 inches by 17 inches.
  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Power Source: AC/DC.
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 110A and 110V, 60% @ 150A and 110V. 100% @ 110A and 220V, 60% at 150A and 220V.
  • Process Type: AC TIG, DC TIG, Stick and plasma cutter.
  • Voltage: 110V and 220V.
  • Output: 10-200 AMP.
  • Thickness: ⅜ inches for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Portability: A little heavy.
  • Price Range: Under 800$.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • The machine has dual voltage compatibility. It can be used either with a generator or with household current.
  • It offers TIG, Stick, and plasma cutting.
  • The machine has a precise heat control feature that helps to prevent overheating.
  • The digital interface helps to control the welding process easily.
  • It is an economical machine that provides a wide range of features.
  • A little heavy for frequent moving.
  • It doesn’t have a Pulse Width Modification feature.
  • Some users found the foot pedal complex to use.

3. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is a proficient welding tool that comes with special features like HF start, remote controlling, and so on. It has a very easy to use interface. To do your job, just choose the material and thickness after powering up.

A wide range of Amperage selection makes the machine miles apart from other welders.  It runs both in AC and DC mode and weld up to 3/16 inches.  High-Frequency start allows a non-contact arc that helps to prevent metal contaminations.

Benefits- Reasons to buy:

  • If you’re a newbie and don’t have enough experience, then Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder 230V is for you. Just power up the machine, choose the material type and thickness scale, and you’re good to go.
  • Hobart welders give the freedom to use it in both power source, AC, and DC. It gives efficient amperage control to broaden your operational extent.
  • It is the best cheap welder that has a built-in fan and runs on-demand.
  • Material contaminations and tungsten would be eliminated by the High-Frequency startup feature that allows you to work without any contact over the arc.
  • ​The HOBART 500511 is the best TIG welder for aluminium for its portability. It is only 50 lbs so that you can move it conveniently anywhere you want. Therefore, the welder has a dual handle to carry with help.

Description and Features:

Input Power

We have discussed Dual voltage system welders above. Now you will get to know about a single voltage machine that allows you to work by both home current and generator. You don’t need to change the switches between different Voltage power. 230V AC/DC  power offers the quickest and smoothest welding experience.  The setup is pretty easy, plug it into 230V, choose the material along with thickness, and shoot. For aluminum, Switch to AC mode and weld stainless steel, mild steel, or Chromoly use the DC one. The machine can effectively weld up to 3/16 inch and 22G.

Duty Cycle

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is pretty simple, easy to use, and diligent. Regarding the duty cycle, it is the best welder in the world. In the input value of 230V, it gives 20% of the duty cycle at 165A. The amperage range is also convincingly changeable. You can change it to 165A from 10A.

Weight and Size

The dimension of The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is 13.7 inches by 26.8 inches by 20.8 inches. The machine weighs 60 lbs, which is comparatively portable. Therefore, it comes with dual handles on top to carry it easily with some help from your acquaintances.

Digital Display and Automation

The prime feature of the machine is, it doesn’t have a complex control panel. It is very much easy to use. A beginner can easily get used to with its control panel.

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is automatically shut down when the temperature is too high to prevent the electric mess. It also has a remote amperage control feature to make sure your readings are perfect and credible.

Special Features:

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is a cheap aluminum welder designed with a foot pedal control with the inverter-based technology. Besides, it has a remote control feature to have a good possession over-controlling. To reduce dust and debris, it comes with an on-demand fan. It only operates when you need to clean the dust off your machine.

Like some other machines, the machine also has High Frequency start to avoid material contaminations.


  • Weight: 60 Pounds.
  • Dimension: 8 x 13.7 x 20.8 inches.
  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Power Source: AC/DC.
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 165A.
  • Process Type: Only TIG.
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Portability: Comparatively Portable.
  • Controlling: Pedal and Remote.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.
  • The machine has an efficient duty cycle
  • It is a dedicated TIG welder.
  • You can easily select the thickness of the metal.
  • It has perfect amperage control and HF start.
  • There is a built-in on-demand fan to eliminate dust and dirt.
  • It only has a single voltage system.
  • You can only do the TIG welding by the machine.

4. Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder

You’ll have a trashy experience while searching for the best TIG welder for aluminium with Multi-purpose welding features, like Forney 324. It has a wide range of features that makes your job simple and handy. You don’t need to buy different welders for your various welding tasks as you can use it as a MIG welder, TIG welder, and Stick welder.

The Forney 324 works effectively with both generator or household current. Whether you’re a pro or just a beginner, you wouldn’t face trouble with controlling the machine. It comes with a simple interface that’s easy to use for everyone.

Benefits – Reasons to buy:

  • Forney 324 welder gives you the most exciting feature of multi-purpose operations. You can do both MIG and TIG welding along with Stick welding.
  • The machine can weld up to 3/16 inches aluminum, and ⅜ inches mild steel. It can also weld 6011,6013 and 7014 rods.
  • You don’t need to worry even if you’re lacking a generator. ​It has a dual voltage mode that would help you to operate from 120v household current.
  • The machine provides efficient work experience both in lower and higher input power. It gives a 25% duty cycle at 90A in MIG, 20% in TIG at 100A, and 35% in Stick at 80A while the input power is 120v.
  • ​The Forney 324 weighs around 50 pounds that are conveniently portable and easy to carry.

Description and Features

Input Power:

The Forney 324 is a dual voltage machine with 120V and 230V input power. The output is also precisely admirable. It can produce up to 190 amp with 120V current. It can operate in both DC and CV. The machine gives excellent performance on MIG welding at 120V.

In a single pass, the Forney 324 can weld up to 3/16″ and ⅜ inches in a multi-pass. Besides, during Stick welding, it can weld up to 5/32 inches with 6011, 6013 and 7014 rods.

Duty Cycle:

The Forney 324 is a 3 in 1 welder machine. You don’t need to buy different welding machines for MIG, TIG, or Stick welding. This amazing welder does every welding operation you would possibly need. Furthermore, the changing process among MIG, TIG, and Stick is trouble-free. Hence, you need to buy a TIG set up separately.

The machine produces the same efficiency in both voltage modes. The duty cycle in MIG welding will be 25% at 90A. In TIG welding, at 100A, the duty cycle will be 20%. Finally, in the Stick process, it will be 35% at 80A. For your understanding, the duty cycle chart is included in the manual of the machine. To maintain a reasonable duty cycle, avoid overworking on drastic metals.

Weight and Size:

The Forney weighs 51 pounds that is conveniently portable. Therefore, it has come with a comfortable handle that helps to carry it easily. If you frequently move to different sites, it would be an excellent choice for you. Alongside, if you work at your home or in your workshop, it would be handier.

Digital Display and Automation:

Forney 324 has a digital display for its users. The digital display shows the output current and arc voltage during operations.  It helps users to set the perfect measures and work flawlessly.

Special Features:

​Forney 324 welder comes with inverter technology.  It allows users to adjust the absolute input power during different welding processes. Unlike other welding machines, The Forney is a 3 in 1 tool that welds TIG, MIG, and as well as Stick.

The Euro join MIG gun is another most exciting feature of this machine that helps the MIG gun to change quickly to other welding processes.

Another fascinating feature of the machine is, the manufacturer provides a 5-years warranty.


  • Weight: 51 pounds.
  • Dimension: 20 inches x 10 inches x 16 inches.
  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Power Source: DC and CV.
  • Duty Cycle: 25% at 90A (MIG), 20% at 100A (TIG), 35 at 80A (Stick).
  • Process Type: MIG, TIG and Stick.
  • Voltage: 120v and 230v.
  • Warranty: 5 Years.
  • The machine is portable and easy to carry with its top handle.
  • It has an extended power cord so that you don’t need to use an extensional wire.
  • It provides all three- MIG, TIG and, Stick welding processes.
  • The machine has a Euro Connect MIG Gun feature.
  • Some users complained that the quality of wire feed is not up to the mark.
  • It Is not suitable for materials greater than 1/4 inches.

TIG Welder Buying Guide

Considering the power consumption, and the other basics, some factors are here to take into account to get the best TIG welder for aluminium. Factually these tools are not the things to choose by appearance or color. Functional keys are the subject matter to ensure the ideal performance curve and benefits. Hence before buying, you must learn the ABC beyond your usual understanding to analyze which one performs well. For your assistance, the prior issues are given here, accomplishing what to know for sure.

Input Power:

All the welding machines are capable of performing in two ways, either in 110 volts or in 220 volts. Basically, it depends on your material thickness. Determination of gauge is a must fact to result in perfect welding. The power input needs a high voltage when it comes to high-density material of a long duty cycle.

In this case, the DC output will perform best. Steel is high density, and so 220 volts is required for the welding. On the other hand, the aluminum and material like these have a thin thickness that’s why lower voltage is the operation input. For the thinner materials, alternative current (AC) is used. So to do welding for every metal, you need to buy a TIG welding machine of two modes to get the services, respectively.


Quality always covers aspects of performance, longevity, accuracy of work, and so on. In light of your requirements, the TIG welding machine is of the best choice clearing the confusions in between MIG and TIG weld. TIG welding machines always serve the combo pack of perfection. Do your work efficiently and accurately with a TIG welder and enjoy your welding.

Duty cycle:

What duty cycle refers to is the maintenance of the operation consistency. The continuation it can hold of total operating time is the performance of the duty cycle. The best aluminum welder has a vast amount of duty cycle. Usually, AC can’t give a long duty cycle as the direct power input overheats the machine and takes time to cool down. That’s why the durability gets shortened. Hence, high DC voltage ensures the long duty cycle with a perfect prolongation.

Now, pointing to the point which one is better for a good duty cycle? Well, the duty cycle is a percentage of DC. Basically, 20-60 % of DC has been used for most of the welding machines. For light purposes, 20% of Dc is not bad, but for commercial uses, the high DC voltage is required. A 60% duty cycle is used in this regard.

Weight and Size:

Nobody wants to be torn out with tons of burden. In this era of mobility, lightweight and portable machines are the buyer’s choice in almost every case. The options vary for the different sectors and requirements. Hence, the weight issue is not a thing to bother in case of industrial production, and heavyweight tungsten welding machines can perfectly fit in. On the contrary, for mechanical and nomadic working, lifting ability is always preferable. In this case, the tools that weigh not more than 100 lbs are perfect.

The size determines the weight and handles ensure the smooth lifting. So make sure that you have a sturdy handle to carry out. Otherwise, there may be damage during moving, despite the lightweight for unreliable handles.

Digital Display and Automation:

Digital display and automation always lighten the pressure of manual work and help to do the job accurately. Controlling voltage, amperes, the material type, and power input is more comfortable than handling manually in this regard. The automation system ensures that the machine does not get damaged from overheating and stops immediately. The preset features are quite handy and beneficial both for the beginner and experienced ones.


The matter to consider is the material’s thickness. Usually, the thick materials are welded finely by TIG welders. Besides this, it works well with the thinner materials; also, what you need is using a stick to bring perfection. So be concerned with your welder’s material thickness range.


The price ranges typically from lower ones to expensive ones. It’s not obvious that the expensive ones are the best. First, Review the features and then choose your one at your desired price. Just make sure that the quality is excellent to start your welding journey smoothly.


Well, the welding machine alone itself can’t give you the perfect performance. Accessories are a must in this regard. So don’t ever forget to check what is in your box and be confirmed that if they are okay with the quality and quantity. So let’s check what these accessories are. Welding gloves, aprons, and helmets, dust masks are here as safety equipment. Besides these gas nozzles, manuals, hammers, and tungsten rods are also there for welding assistance.

Aluminum Welding Tips

One of the most robust arts in the welding sector is aluminium welding. Steel and stainless steel are quite easier to weld than aluminum. However, with the right tips and frequent practice will pass you through.

Safety protection:

Safety is the first thing you should be concerned about. There are certain aspects to look into to make sure you’re safe and sound. To protect your eyes, wear a helmet that has compatibility to filter UV and IR. Wear authentic gloves in your hands during welding. Gloves would protect you from Electrical Shock, Heat, and molten metal splatters. Leather Boots are another thing to wear for your safety. It protects you from slipping on wet, oily surfaces and keeps your feet from exudated material.

Beyond that, weld in a well-ventilated area to make sure you can breathe seamlessly.

Aluminium Welding Process:

You can weld aluminum in three different ways, namely, Arc, MIG, and TIG. We will discuss all three types of welding with the advantages and disadvantages.

Arc Welding/Stick Welding

Arc welding is an old-fashioned process that creates an electric arc between an electrode stick and aluminium. It is also known as Stick welding and works both in AC or DC. Arc welding is the most economical welding and doesn’t require much equipment to operate. Therefore, it wouldn’t be the right choice for thinner materials.

Tips 1:

For best performance, use DC power.

Tips 2:

The target aluminum should be prepared by cleaning, drying, and by oxidation removing. Start with heating the material so that you’ll get the desired performance quickly.

Tips 3:

Put the electrode stick in the aluminum and feed the rod quickly that will help the layer to melt faster.

Tips 4:

The amperage power should be lowered subsequently to prevent overheating.

MIG Welding

MIG welding is a 1900s welding method that produces inert gas through wire electrodes and heats the metal. A beginner can easily weld aluminium quickly by this method. Despite that, it has some disadvantages. It can’t weld thicker aluminium perfectly.

Tips 1:

To avoid jamming, prepare equipment with push-pull cables.

Tips 2:

Remove dirt and oxidation for a smooth performance.

Tips 3:

Avoid pulling to prevent messy weldings.

Tips 4:

If your workload is higher, then use brass that will prevent overheating.

TIG Welding Tips

Tungsten Inert Gas welding produces the weld using a non-consumable tungsten electrode that sparks and fumes dispersed in a very few amounts. It provides most precise working performance than any other welding process. However, TIG is comparatively slow than MIG welding and needs greater practices to be mastered.

Tips 1:

Start with selecting the proper electrode, preferably, tungsten rod.

Tips 2:

Prepare the metal with cleaning and scratching.

Tips 3:

AC mode cleans the oxide during operations. So, set the polarity in AC while welding the aluminum.

Tips 4:

Set amperage at four pulses as well as pre and post flow need to be on.

Tips 5:

Preheat the metal to get an overwhelming performance.

Tips 6:

Use a Friction Stir Heat Sink to prevent overheating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best welder for aluminum?

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is the best TIG welder for aluminium regarding its efficiency. It is a dedicated Tig welding machine with a wide range of features. Aside, it can also weld steel and stainless steel.

Can you weld aluminum with TIG?

Yes, you can. There are three different ways to weld aluminium- MIG, Stick, and TIG. TIG is quite a time consuming compared to others. Hence, TIG provides the perfect and smooth arc on aluminum.

What settings do I use to TIG weld aluminum?

First of all, set the Polarity to AC. Then set the amperage volume. And finally, set the thickness of the metal.

How do you set up a Miller TIG welder for aluminum?

Firstly, connect torch into the front of the machine, Connect Remote Control, and work lamp. Select Polarity after preparing tungsten. And finally, connect the power and switch on the machine.

How hard is it to TIG weld aluminum?

It is comparatively a little tricky to weld aluminium with TIG welding. Therefore, with proper practices, one would easily be mastered in TIG welding. For efficient performance, it is worth the practices.

What is the best tungsten for welding aluminum?

There is various tungsten available in the market, depending on the Polarity and welding method. You can use Orange for AC, whereas Green for DC only. However, you can use Blue and Gold to use in both SC and DC.

Final thoughts

I think you have got enough insights to select the best and cheapest aluminum welder according to your needs. If you’re still hesitating to choose the right one, don’t worry, I’ll share my favorite machine.

Looking at the performance and after-sales service, my favorite best TIG welder for aluminum is Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder 230V. Hobart is a cheap welder for aluminum widely famous for its quality, features, and services. The machine has various features that are usually unseen in others. Along with the regular features, it offers inverter technology-based pedal control, remote controlling, and an on-demand fan. Hence, it shuts down automatically when the heat level exceeds the standard value.

Could you not mix up my own choice with yours? All of the above welders are world-class. Select anyone according to your needs and desired features.

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