What is TIG welding used for

What is TIG welding used for?

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), also known as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is used for welding aluminum, magnesium, copper, bronze, stainless steel, etc. TIG welding is useful for welding smaller materials with good details. It is mainly used in joining bike frames, handle of doors, and welding different wagons.

Benefits of TIG welding

TIG welding uses non-consumable tungsten. That’s why it lasts longer than other welding machines. The filler metals used in this welding can be changed manually. As TIG welding is smaller in size and not so complicated in its mechanism, it uses less energy. Moreover, it gives a sharp detail in the finished welds. It can also give an artistic touch in the welds. A big benefit of TIG welding is that it works better in more metals than any other welder in the market.

What is MIG welding used for?

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas, is also said GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), is useful for many different metals. It can weld aluminum, magnesium, copper, silicon bronze, stainless steel and more. It welds almost similar kinds of alloys that TIG welders do. MIG welding machine is used for thicker metals. As it is bigger than TIG welders, it requires a full fist to grab the handle. It works faster than other welders and its welding quality is high.

TIG welding advantages and disadvantages

Like all welders, TIG welding machines have some advantages and disadvantages. Those are mentioned below.


  1. Non-consumable Tungsten

Unlike many other welders, TIG welders have non- consumable tungsten. So, you won’t have to lose your time and concentration to change the electrodes time and again. Thus it gives you a flow in your work.

  1. Sharp Details

TIG welders are small and need holding like pencils. These welders’ arcs are transparent. As a result, it gives you sharp details by the creativity of yours.

  1. Versatile use of Metals

As we discussed before it can weld more metals than other welding machines. You will get enough choice here.

  1. Special for Thinner Metals

Thinner metals are fragile in nature. Here TIG welders play an important role. It not only works better in thinner metals, but also can create subtle designs.


  1. Slow in Use

Generally, TIG welders work slow. Compare to MIG welder, its size is smaller and needs more time to join metals.

  1. Require Skilled People

Because of some subtleties in the TIG welders, it requires well-skilled people to operate. Otherwise, it can damage your metals.

  1. Cost is High

The initial cost of the equipment and the shielding gas is expensive. Keep the budget in mind before purchasing.

TIG welding machine model

There are different kinds of TIG welders in the market. Here are some names mentioned for you:

  1. Miller Electric Maxstar STR TIG Welder
  2. Hobart EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder
  3. Mophorn TIG-165S TIG Welder
  4. Primeweld TIG225X TIG Welder
  5. ESAB Rebel 215ic TIG Welder
  6. Lincoln Electric 200 TIG Welder
  7. Everlast 255EXT TIG Welder
  9. Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 K2535-2
  10. EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH

What industries use TIG welding?

There are many industries out there that need TIG welding. The most common of them are from motor vehicle industries, shipbuilding companies, design, and architectural organizations. TIG welding also needs in the making of some agricultural tools as well.

Many government organizations use TIG welding for the purpose of making railroads and building many constructions and infrastructures. In the field of Aerospace, TIG welding machines are sometimes needed.

Application of TIG welding

  1. It is used in almost any kind of thinner metals or alloys
  2. It can be applied in an aesthetical way
  3. Helps in the process of construction
  4. In building ships and other infrastructure
  5. Can be useful in making railroads
  6. TIG has some impact on the aerospace
  7. Meets the needs of motor vehicle and agricultural purpose

What is Arc welding?

Arc welding is a process of producing heat and joining the separate metals. Arc welding uses a power supply to create an electric arc, that makes a connection between a consumable or non-consumable electrode. In the base, it uses AC (alternating) or DC (Direct) currents.

Arc welding creates heat of almost 6500° Fahrenheit. And that melt the metals and helps to join them to make a finished product. This welding system can be set and run manually or automatically. So, it is flexible to use.

TIG welding gas

In TIG welding Argon (Ar) gas is mainly used. Helium (He) gas can also be used, but experts say to use Argon gas for any kind of metals. Here a mixture of Argon and Helium gas will give extra benefits.

Whether it be aluminum, copper, stainless steel or other necessary metals, you will get good results using Argon as your TIG welding gas. So, when you will look for using TIG welding gas for your welder, try to find pure Argon or a mixture of both Argon and Helium.

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What are the limitations of TIG Welding?

We know that TIG welders are smaller in size and so it takes extra time to finish a job. It works slower in nature than all other welders out there. Moreover, you won’t be able to join thicker pieces of metals using TIG welder.

What is TIG welding best used for?

TIG welding is best for welding thin metals. As we have read before, aluminum, magnesium, copper, bronze, stainless steel, these types of metals are mainly best suited for TIG welding. In case you want to bring artistic touch to your metals, you can go for TIG welding.

What is better MIG or TIG welding?

It totally depends on your work type. If all you do your works with thick metals, you should go for MIG welding. And if you deal with thin metals, you should choose TIG welding. Both of them are better; you need to adjust the welding with your work-type.

What industries use TIG welding?

Now a days every industry related to using thin metals use TIG welding. The company using nonferrous metals are best suited for this welding. Those industries which need subtlety in their works- especially use TIG welding. Manufacturing industries use TIG welders for welding their thin metals.

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