Top 6 Best Flux Core Welder Under 200 Review in 2023

A welding machine is a fantastic tool that lets you join two separate metals together. Today we are going to present you with the best flux core welder under 200 bucks. Generally, professional welding machines come at a much higher price. However, these low budget welders can get your DIY job done and also lend a helping hand in your home workshop.

Now, let’s check out the most inexpensive flux welders and see what they offer.

Flux Core Welder Under 200 Dollars: What 5 Best To Buy?

best flux core welder under $200
  1. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130– Flux Core Overall Winner and Best Budget Pick
  2. Goplus MIG 130 Welder– A Quality Flux Core Welder​ at the top of the Budget
  3. VIVOHOME Portable Flux CoreThe Straight Forward to use Flux Core Welder
  4. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder– Your Best Cheap​ Flux Core Welder
  5. Forney 261 140 FC-i– ​Best Flux Core Welder for the Money

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Flux Core Welder Under $200

Super Deal MIG 130 AC Flux Core
  • Duty Cycle: 10% at 105 Amp
  • Output Ranges: 50 Amp to 120 Amp
  • Metals Welded: 18 Gauge to 3/16ths
  • Size & Weight: ​20 x 15 x 12.5 inches and 38 lbs
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Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core
  • Duty Cycle: 10% at 105 Amp
  • Output Ranges: 50 – 120 Amps
  • Metals Welded: Stainless steel
  • Size & Weight: 14 x 8 x 12 inches and 35 lbs
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VIVOHOME Flux Core MIG 130 Welder
  • Duty Cycle: 15℅ at 105 Amp
  • Output Ranges: 50-120 Amps
  • Metals Welded: Stainless steel
  • Size & Weight: 19.8 x 14.7 x 12.6 inches and 36.2 lbs
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Top 3 Best Flux Core Welder Under 200$ Reviews in 2022

1. Super Deal MIG 130 AC Flux Core

Super Deal’s MIG 130 is among the best flux core welders under 200 dollars available on the market. It provides impressive performance with a compact design. This 110V flux core welder ensures your comfort by offering a firm grip and high portability.

Four electric power settings give you more room for adjustments. Mild and stainless steel can be welded using it. Free mask is attached with this MIG 130 welder.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy Mig 130 welding AC Flux Core

  1. A simple interface makes it easily accessible for amateurs. Operating with this welder is a piece of cake for any expert.
  2. Four different types of power settings allow you more flexibility. You get to choose the power supply according to the materials you’re using.
  3. Oxidation of the welded part is not an issue with this model. Cored wire and self-release metal-inert gas eliminate the chance of oxidation.
  4. Automatic thermal protection cuts the power supply (safety features) . This feature makes the 130 amp MIG welder a safe welder for regular use.

Features and Description

Voltage: This Mig 130 gasless welder has a 110V power supply. The current limit is from 50 AMP to 120 AMP. The current limit is from 50 AMP to 120 AMP.

Adjustments: Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 has four types of heat adjustment settings. Min 1 / 2, Max 1 / 2 options lets you choose the welding power as your need.

Ease Of Use: The firm grip allows you to do the work with high comfort. It’s a fantastic option for anyone getting started with welding as it offers an easy and straightforward user manual.

Build Quality: Premium PVC material guarantees the durability of the welder. 38 lbs lightweight body increases the portability so you can choose to use it anywhere you like.

Metal Tip: Removable metal tip is attached to the gun that reduces any slack during the welding process. You can change the tip after some use and attach a new one for better performance.

Safety: The machine is armed with thermal safety protection that protects it from overheating. Thus, your welder lasts much longer. Read the Review of Super Deal MIG 130 welder.

  • Four heat adjustment settings is an admirable feature.
  • The extreme ease of use makes it a favorable welder option.
  • A metal tip on the gun elevates the performance.
  • It’s a highly portable welder.
  • These mig welders are easy to operate.
  • You can use it for in-door and out-door.
  • This model is not supported for heavy-duty welding.

2. Goplus MIG 130 Welder

High versatility and performance ensure the Goplus MIG 130 to be the best flux core welder for the money. Stainless steel body promises the durability of the product. You’re offered to use this welder on both home and professional work sites.

This welder has a 72.5-inch cord that lets 110V current pass through it. Around 35 pounds of body weight makes it easy to move on demand. The overheat protection keeps you safe from any dysfunction.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy Goplux Mig 130

  1. Super versatility allows you to do both in-door and out-door projects. High portability elevates the comfort of use.
  2. Stainless steel construction ensures the longevity of the model. You can get things done using this welder for a long time.
  3. The overheat protection keeps it safe from any malfunction. You can keep on working hassle-free.
  4. It has four sets of power options. So you get to choose the right power supply for your particular project.

Features and Description

Power: This welder runs with a stable 110V/60Hz Voltage. Maximum 105 AMP power works fine with all home projects and light workshop projects.

Heat Adjustments: Goplus MIG 130 Welder has four distinctive options for heat selection. You can level the heat supply according to the demand for the materials you’re using.

Portability: With only 35 lbs weight, this wielder is great when you’re running between different workplaces. You can easily carry it around and put it to work.

Security: If you’re working for too long, the thermal overload protection system will cut off the power. It prevents the chance of accidents, fire, and other dangerous hazards.

Versatility: Although Goplus 130 provides MIG welding, it can also work as a flux core welder. This model offers you high versatility so you can work with different types of projects simultaneously.

  • High versatility makes it a desirable welding machine.
  • You can easily understand all the basics from goplus mig 130 welder manual.
  • It is powerful enough to do all your DIY work.
  • The lower body weight allows you to carry it around easily.
  • Thermal protection guarantees your safety during the welding process.
  • This welder doesn’t run with a battery. So, you have to plug-in to use it.

3. VIVOHOME Flux Core MIG 130 Welder

VIVOHOME presents a highly portable welder that’s simple to use and has a powerful performance. It uses a flux-cored wire that lets you do the welding without any hassle of creating oxidation on the material. Stainless steel is easily weldable with this dc flux core welder.

Four different settings provide you the freedom to adjust the heat settings as you need. It has passed the safety regulations from the US government. The compact design elevates the ease of usage.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy Core Mig 130 Welder

  1. The four power settings allow you more flexibility in the adjustment area. You can change the minimum and maximum power settings with different materials.
  2. It has sufficient power to weld stainless steel. We can do all the DIY projects with this machine.
  3. Metal-inert gas promises to eliminate oxidation while welding. Therefore, you get a polished finishing on the metal.
  4. Only 110V power is required to run this welder. You have the opportunity to use it in most places.

Features and Description

Power: VIVOHOME’s flux core welder uses 110V power to get the job done. You can use it in your garage or your backyard.

Adjustments: Along with the four different heat settings, it also has ten welding speeds for you to select. As a result, you get the option to weld dissimilar materials more effectively.

Portability: This welder is portable, as it is only 37.1 LBS. You can quickly move it around if the project demands.

Welding Ability: Surprisingly, stainless steel is weldable with this MIG 130 welder model. It can deliver impressive results for your DIY projects.

Security: The safety box is checked with Vivohome’s safety. It has passed safety regulations from the US. So, you can use the machine without any worries.

  • Lower body weight provides higher portability.
  • 110V power makes it usable in any area.
  • It can weld stainless steel.
  • Ten different welding speeds offer you more adjusting capacity.
  • The final welded result is free of oxidation.
  • The wire is not sufficient to provide good performance. We’d suggest you change with another cord.
Product NameDuty Cycle
Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 13010% at 105 Amp
Goplus MIG 130 Welder10% at 105 Amp
VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder Machine15℅ at 105 Amp

Best Flux Core Welder

flux core welder under 200 reviews

Until now, we have talked about the best welder under $200. We would like to inform you about three slightly higher priced welders who provide excellent value for the money. Let’s see what these welders can offer you.

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder
  • Duty Cycle: 20℅ at 90 Amp
  • Output Ranges: 25-140 Amps
  • Metals Welded: Steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Size & Weight: 19 x 11 x 13 inches and 57 lbs
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Forney 261 140 FC-i
  • Duty Cycle: 20% at 80 Amp
  • ​Output Ranges: ​65 Amp to 80 Amp
  • Metals Welded: ​​​24 Gauge to 3/16ths
  • Size & Weight: ​​16.7 x 8.13 x 12 inches and 19 lbs.
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Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder
  • Duty Cycle: 30℅ at 90 Amp
  • Output Ranges: 32-140 Amps
  • Metals Welded: ​​24 Gauge to 3/16ths
  • Size & Weight: ​24.6 x 12.6 x 18.5 inches and 42.6 lbs
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4. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder

Hobart 500559 is a powerful mig flux cored welder. 115V and durable flux wire provide satisfying welding results. Steel and aluminium are easily welded with this tool.

Five different voltage options result in a more controlled arc. However, the flux-cored MIG welder can weld a maximum of a quarter of an inch with steel. 57 lbs bodyweight makes it easily transportable.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy Handler 140

  1. Five voltage positioning systems offer smoother and steadier welding arc. So you get the best arcing results with different thicknesses.
  2. Wire feed tracking system and four different voltage output results in more adjustment ability. You can select the power supply as it’s required.
  3. 115V power usage can weld a quarter-inch of steel. The increased power allows you to work on various projects.
  4. Special motor security, thermal protection keeps it away from any malfunction. As a result, you’re fully protected during the job.

Features and Description

Power: The 115V Hobart Welder can weld a quarter-inch of steel material. It can also weld aluminium.

Adjustments: Five voltage positioning ability offers you a smoother and stable arc. You can fine-tune the arc as it’s required.

Body: Highly durable cast aluminium and trustworthy work clamps make it a reliable welding machine.

Security: Thermal protection, motor damage control are used on this model. It’s a secured welder for regular use.

Versatility: Hobart flux core welder is highly versatile as it’s also MIG weld supported. This MIG flux welder is an amazing choice for both DIY projects and workshop jobs.

Portability: 57 LBS body is quite easily moveable. If you’ve to run from one workplace to another, you need a supportive welder like this one.


  • A smooth and steady arc is admirable.
  • Beginners can use this machine without any trouble
  • It has an easy polarity-changing ability.
  • Provides excellent results with varieties of thick materials.
  • More welding options offer better adjustments.
  • It can’t fully support heavy-duty welding.

5. Forney 261 140 FC-i MIG welder

High power and extreme portability are what you get with this flux cored welder. It can weld up 1⁄4 inch of mild steel by using 140 AMP power. Only 19 lbs weight offers you to move it as you like.

The Forney flux core welder is also very easy to use. It’s a highly favorable welder as it doesn’t need gas and can run with your home power supply. A metal case protects the welder body and keeps it safe for worksite abuse.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy 140 FC-i MIG

  1. High portability gives this model an upper hand. You’re able to take this welder almost anywhere.
  2. With the 120 input power supply, it can easily get your DIY jobs done. You can also use it for lightweight professional work.
  3. It can weld 1⁄4 inch of mild steel. So, you can work on most projects that use steel like materials.
  4. The welder can run without any gas.

Features and Description

Power: Forney easy weld 261 uses 120V as input and provides 140 AMPS as output.

Welding Ability: It can weld 24 gauges up to 1⁄4 inch. This is an impressive performance from such an inexpensive welder.

Portability: This Forney 261 welder weighs only 19 LBS. It’s the most lightweight welding machine available. You can run with it from one place to another without much hassle.

MIG/FLUX: It’s a flux core wired type welder. Means, you don’t need gas to run this machine.

Body: A metal case surrounds the welder body. The casing makes it durable and protects it from rough usages.


  • The lightweight makes it incredibly portable.
  • 140 AMP output is impressive, considering the price and size of this model.
  • The ability to weld a quarter-inch steel is quite remarkable.
  • Durable construction can take some hit without breaking down.
  • It doesn’t require gas to operate.


  • This welder can’t support you with the heavy-duty jobs.

Video On The Forney 261 140 FC-i

6. Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

Forney 299 is one of the best flux core welders that use 120V input for welding 1⁄4 inch of steel. It doesn’t ask for gas to do the welding. Flux core wire offers satisfying welding.

The tool is quite portable as the bodyweight marks at 51 LBS. The metal body makes it a durable machine. The corded- electric power supply provides constant support.

Benefits and Reasons to Buy Weld 299 125FC Flux

  1. The cost and features are perfectly suitable for anyone getting started with welding. It provides the necessary features at a budget-friendly price range.
  2. It also has a straightforward user-friendly interface that’s easily accessible for amateurs. This model is a fabulous choice for amateurs.
  3. Two separate welding voltage systems that offer you to work with different types of projects. You can use the lower end or higher end settings for different materials.
  4. The Forney welder has six months of warranty. You can drive it without any tension.

Features and Description

Power: This welder uses 120V as input and 125 AMP output that can weld 1⁄4 inch of a 24 gauge.

Adjustments: 2 different voltage settings offer you room for adjustments. You can use the low and high voltage power to work with different materials.

Portability: 51 LBS body weight helps to move it around hassle-free. You can put it in your home workshop, backyard, or garage.

Safety: It has thermal overheat protection that cuts off the power supply if you’re working with it for too long. This prevents the risk of accidents.

Body: The metal body is quite durable. It can bear the rough usage in the workshop.

  • High portability makes it a convenient tool.
  • 120V input offers to use it at home.
  • The metal body is impressive and durable.
  • While doing the welding, you’re fully protected with the thermal overheat protection.
  • It is easy and straightforward to use.
  • This model is not suitable for heavy welding.
Product NameDuty Cycle
  1. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder
20℅ at 90 Amp
  1. Forney 261 140 FC-i
20% at 80 Amp
  1.  Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder
30℅ at 90 Amp

Ironton flux core: You can also check Ironton 125 Flux-Cored Welder

Do you want to protect the welded metal joints from corrosion and rust then read the article and benefited from weld-through primer.

Is flux core wire any good-Flux Core Welding Wire? E71T-11 Versus E71T-GS What’s The Difference. And moreover, nr-211-mp vs e71t-11 What’s the difference between .030 and .035 flux core wire.

What is Flux Core Welding?

When you are welding outside and a breeze comes all of a sudden, then it will blow your shielding gas away. Then your weld will open to absorb and oxidation. But gas shielded welding was supposed to allow clean welds without absorption, impurities, and oxidation by cleaning oxygen out of the welding system.

Therefore the engineers come up with a solution where they create a welding wire which has an empty core and is filled with a mixture of flux. This flux core wire will work as the flux on an arc welding electrode stick functions.

Every time the metal gets balmy and starts melting then the wire melts the flux core down, which eventually turns to shielded gas to shield the weld from impurity and oxidation. Flux core welding is better than MIG welding in a lot of ways and not getting ruined by a breeze is the most special one.

Best Flux Core Welder Under 200$ Buyer’s Guide

Duty Cycle:

When you will go to buy a flux core welder, you need to make sure that you learn about its duty cycle beforehand. This is essential because the duty cycle will show how long you can continue using the welding machine at a stretch.

For example, if your machine has a duty cycle of 30%, then you will be able to weld for 3 minutes before giving it a rest. We will recommend a higher duty cycle welder machine as it could ensure you the maximum amount of output to your work.


 The welder you are going to buy for yourself should be portable enough to carry easily. It also suggests that the size and weight of the welder should be reasonable. MIG welding machines are a perfect choice for small works because the area of your work won’t suggest taking huge welders. But for bigger tasks, you certainly can buy a big welder machine for yourself.


Before purchasing a flux core welder machine, you should think about the type of welding wires on which you are going to use the machine. At the same time, you have to think about the thickness of such wires so that the machine gets wire and cable of the similar metal your welder suggests. Thicker metal needs a longer cable and thinner metal needs a smaller cable. Therefore you must take the thickness and type of the wire you want to weld into consideration before buying.


Maintenance is one of the most essential aspects of a flux core welder machine. Welder machines can get damaged anytime and therefore you may have to get it repaired. If the maintenance and repair costs are higher in number, then it wouldn’t be possible to use one for your task. Maintenance cost varies depending on the type, brand, and quality of the welder. Therefore, you should be aware of all these facts and then choose the right one for you so that you don’t face trouble paying maintenance costs afterward.


The durability of a flux core welder machine lies in the thermal overload protection system of the machine. If you want a long life for your welder machine, then you must get yourself a machine that prevents overheating. This mechanism plays a vital role in doing so. Your machine will shut down automatically when it will get overheated.

This protection system will restart again when the machine cools down. In this way, your welding machine will continue to serve your purpose without giving you any trouble. But the welder machines with this feature will be costlier than the normal ones. So, if you are willing to pay a little more money, then we will highly recommend this type of flux core welder machine.

Metal Thickness

Metal thickness plays the most important part as the biggest factor to choose the best flux core welder for yourself. You can’t buy a proper useful flux core welder without knowing the thickness of the metals on which you will use the machine. In case you will be welding metals that have not more than ¼ inch thickness, then you will require a flux core welder machine with 130-140 amps.

But if you want to weld any metal thicker than this, then you will need a machine like Hobart Handler 210 that can weld up to 3/8 inch in any metal and will also provide an output of 200 amps. You can convert this flux core welder machine into an original gas MIG machine whenever you need it.

Input Power Sources

Power source inputs are interlinked with the possible amps amount and therefore learning about Input Power Sources is important to find the best flux core welder. A 120V power input welder can provide you a maximum of 140 amps and this amount of amps will help you welding up to ¼ inch of steel.

So, if you are going to use your flux core welder for welding thin plate or sheet metal or gate hinges, then a 120V machine will certainly serve you pretty well. But when you will require to weld trailer frames or pipe fencing or equipment repairs overall thick metal, then you will need more power input.

In this case, you either have to move up to a 240V powered welder machine or you have to buy a dual welder with dual input power that runs between 120V and 240V so that it can generate enough power and current to weld through thick metal.

Some expert welders recommend Forney Easy Weld 140 MP because it can run on generators if there is enough watt to produce the current it needed to run.

But there are also some other welders which can run on dirty energy. So the company uses it as a feature that makes the welder easier to run on generators and therefore they are desirable too.


Are all Flux Core Welders the same?

No, all flux core welders are not the same. No welder can provide one size fits all features to all kinds of welding solutions. There are a variety of models of flux core welders according to size and features. Therefore you need to fix your preferences and the metal size that you will be welding most first. Only then, you can narrow it down to your preferred choice and finally get the perfect one for yourself whether it is a flux-cored or a MIG.

Is a flux core welder any good?

Flux core welder is great if you are planning to weld outside of your house or workplace and where there is a chance of breezing because then the gas won’t blow away. The reparation for using flux core welder is the same with good ground, clean metal, and the proper machine settings. When the slag gets chipped away, you will have a clean weld and it works pretty fine.

How do you make flux core welds look good?

You need to follow these steps properly to make your flux core welds look good:

  1. Keeping the Arc upfront
  2. Getting a proper ground to weld
  3. Keeping the stick out small and short
  4. Pull or push, don’t do both
  5. Using both of your hands
  6. Getting gun cable liner, drive rolls, and contact tip according to the wire size
  7. Always pay attention to your welder
  8. Cleaning and cleaning.


The flux core welding machine is an impressive and useful tool for your workshop. In the flux core welder reviews, we have talked about the features, pros-cons and specialty of the world’s best cheap flux core welders.

So many users ask us that, is flux core welding any good? After reading this exclusive review, we are quite sure that you have your answer. We hope you are out of all hesitations and got significant insights to buy the best flux core welder under 200 dollars to start your welding journey. Good Luck!

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