NR-211-mp vs E71T-11: Difference between NR-211-mp & E71T-11?

NR-211-mp vs E71T-11

Taking every detail and information into account, we will recommend E71t-11 to be the best choice for anyone. Though NR-211-MP has almost the same specifications and characteristics, still we will rank it after E71t-11.

Our judgment is based on feeding concerns of the users, cost of the wire, spatter production, quality, availability, and durability. We will ensure our readers go for E71t-11 because after buying it, they will have impeccable performance, high strength, longevity, reliability, and out-of-position welding for an affordable cost.

Therefore, if you are hesitating to choose between NR-211-MP and E71t-11, then do go for E71t-11 without having any doubt in your mind. 

Though both the products are almost similar to each other, still there are a few differences between them which you will notice while using.

We tabulated all the differences on the above-mentioned chart for your betterment. Now, let’s dive into the detailed discussion of NR-211-MP vs. E71t-11 as follows:

NR-211-mp vs E71t-11

                            NR-211-MP                                    E71t-11
Great bead appearanceGood on thin sheet metal
High tensile strengthCarbon steel welding wire
0.035 inch diameter0.035 inch diameter
1-pound wire spool2-pound roll
Wire breakage issue reportedExcessive splatter issue reported
Easy feeding natureMost versatile self-shielded wire flux
Used on galvanized steelUsed on galvanized sheet metal

NR-211-MP Meaning

The Lincoln NR-211 MP is a flux core wire which has a 0.035-inch diameter wire and the job of this wire is to become able to weld thick plate with proper penetration around 5/16 inch. You can use this wire on painted, coated, rusty metal, or galvanized ones with great results. This is also a good option for outdoor welding as it is resistant to breezes. This particular wire is modeled for removing slag easily. It comes with a 1-pound wire spool instead of the regular 2-pounds. Fast freezing is another ideal characteristic of Lincoln NR-211 MP. 

NR-211-MP Review 

Lincoln Electric MIG Welding Wire NR-211-MP.035

Though the price is higher than the other wires because of the 1-pound spool, still people go for this particular model and the reasons are the benefits and characteristics it possesses. Lincoln NR-211-MP 10lb. is an outstanding choice for welding, especially in the situations like overhead welding or vertical welding, or joint welding which has poor fitment. Lincoln NR-211-MP 10lb. is also renowned for the great bead appearance that makes easy feeding. Some customers reported wire breakage and wire splits, but they are not very common so most of the time they don’t bother the users at all. 


  • Fast freezing puddle characteristic
  • Great for rusty and painted metal
  • Easy slag removal option
  • Ability to weld up to 5/16 inch plate
  • Best for outdoor welding


  • Wire breakage and wire split issues 
  • 1-pound wire spool

What is NR-211-MP RSP Meaning? 

NR-211-MP RSP is a welding wire which is recommended for welding a maximum plate thickness from 5/16 to ½ inches. You can use this for all-position welding of any kind of material pretty easily. Sometimes overhead welding and joint welding seem difficult because of poor fitment. It will certainly experience your incredible weld appearance. 


NR-211-MP.035 is designed for MIG wire feed welders. This does have some excellent bead and weld appearances as well. The fast freezing characteristic of this model makes it more appealing to the users. The range of welding for this model is 5/16 inch to ½ inch. You can apply it with copper backup, sheet or thin gauge metal, robotics, and propane cylinders. 


INNER SHIELD NR-211-MP is a flux core welding wire designed especially for mild steel. It can provide you a versatile welding wire for all positions no matter how difficult they are to weld and can weld up to 5/16-inch deep of thin plate or light-gauge steel. Though it is a low spatter it has a great weld experience for the users. INNER SHIELD NR-211-MP flux core welding wire does not require shielding gas as well. 


To set INNER SHIELD NR-211-MP Settings properly, follow the steps discussed below: 

  1. Find a proper fear first. 
  2. Learn how to set up the SP 140T for flux wire online. 
  3. Set the correct polarity of the welding wire. 
  4. Fix your work clamp. 
  5. Use the techniques from the user manual. 
  6. Weld all your initials. 
  7. Break the electrode then. 
  8. Build a pad using the flux-cored welding wire.
  9. Weld a square groove to check. 
  10. Finally, weld a lap joint with flux-cored wire to see the workability of your settings. 

What does E71t-11 Mean?

Blue Demon E71TGS .035 X

E71t-11 is the most versatile self-shielded flux-cored wired that is designed for both single and multi-pass welding. But it will have a spray type which is commonly used for mild steels and carbon that are less than ¾ inch thick. There is a condition attached to it which is you can only use this E71t-11 in the field where there are no practical shielding gases. 

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What is E71t-11 wire used for? 

E71t-11 is a popularly known self-shielding flux-cored wire that is used for welding carbon steels mostly. You can use this flux-cored wire even without shielding gas and in a limited multi-pass welding operation. 

E71t-11 Tensile Strength

Yield Strength58 min (KPSI)
Elongation20 min (per %)
Tensile Strength70-95 KPSI

Can I use E71t-11 wire instead of Lincoln Electric NR-211-MP wire?

Both of them are similar stuff but in terms of quality both of them are not on the same level. E71t-11 is far superior to NR-211-MP according to the quality. Apart from a few characteristics and specifications, both of them are quite similar to each other. Therefore, you can certainly use E71t-11 instead of Lincoln Electric NR-211-MP. It will make your welding experience better and easier as well. 

What is the difference between E71t-GS and E71t-11?

E71t-GS is mainly used to weld all types of thin gauge steel that ranges between 3/16 inches and 22 gauge. It also fabricates polished weld deposits and delivers incredible penetration at the same time. While E71t-GS is perfectly suited for single-pass fuses, E71t-11 is patterned for both multi-pass and single-pass fuses. But it doesn’t weld plates thicker than ¾ inch. 

What is E71t-GS?

E71t-GS is a product of WELDPORN and this model is a single-pass, all-position, flux-cored welding wire that is specifically designed for welding carbon steel. The uniqueness of this product lying in not having to use any shielding gas to weld. E71t-GS manufactures polished arc action, full slag description, low spatter and removing slag easily. 

Is E71t-GS multi-pass? 

Yes, of course, E71t-GS is a multi-pass wire. But E71t-GS is used for single-pass wire works mostly. This is cheaper stuff than the usual ones and that is the reason behind its popularity. Because no one wants to use a costly multi-pass wire just to do single-pass welds. Therefore, when you are doing single-pass sheet metal welds, then E71t-GS wire is the perfect choice for you without any doubt. 

Why is E71t-GS wire used?

E71t-GS is a product of Washington Alloy and it is a gasless all-position, self-shielding, flu-cored, wire. This wire is specifically designed to solve single-pass welding issues for the users. It also provides single-pass fillet as well as lap welding on carbon steel, galvanized steel, and rusty steel which is as thin as 20 gauge but the calculation of the thickness should be without burn-through.  

What does ER308L Mean? 

Prime Alloys of ER308L are used for welding base metals of the same composition which includes AISI 301, 302, 303, 304, 304L, 308, and 308L. Grade 308L stands for stainless steel that is a grade 308 version of low carbon. It is especially used to exercise submerged arc welding and it happens to grade 304 stainless steel. It is perfectly suited for welding food processing, pharmaceutical equipment, brewery, welding chemical, etc. It can also be utilized for welding non-corrosive stabilized grades 321 and 347 stainless steel. 

What is ER5356? 

ER5356 is a common-purpose type aluminum alloy that is usually picked for its comparatively high shear strength. ER5356 is popularly mentioned as ALMg-5 to the users. ER5356 is a 5% Magnesium Aluminum brazing Alloy. In addition, it also delivers outstanding corrosion resistance every time it is exposed to saltwater. You can consider ER5356 for welding all 5000 series aluminum base metals such as 5050, 5052, 5083, 5356, 5454, and 5456.

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If you go through the entire article, then you will certainly learn every available detail on NR-211-MP and E71t-11. All the information provided is cross-checked so there is no room for error.

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