5 Best Engo Winches Review BuyingGuide & FAQ in 2023

Pulling or lifting massive loads is now similar to cost an arm and a leg. Marine industries, agriculture work, extensive towing, and heavy vehicles face a thousand problems lacking the best winches. As a result, nothing can be your good bent other than affiliating with Engo winches review.

Likewise, every electric winch (mechanical device) holds its specialty. But, the difference we mainly get to see is because of how it’s powered. 

Engo Winches Review

Trust me; there is nothing to worry about. Here, you will be getting some first-rate & rugged performance Engo winches and make your acquisition thereby. 

So, scroll down to find yours.

Top rugged performance 5 Engo Winches Review in 2022

Engo WinchesFeatures
Engo E12000 Electric WinchEfficient and cheap 
Simple in installation and operation
No need for any extra equipment
Perfect for terrain vehicles and four-wheelers
Engo IND.USE 97-10000Operating cost is low
Capable of taking huge loads
Works well in various applications
Best in performance and efficiency
Engo 10,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric WinchApplicable for towing large items
Catches eyes with premium finish
Can lift heavy to heavy items
Grants a powerful braking
Engo 9,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric WinchDoes not catch any rust and corrosion
Pulls out appliances in a snick
Maintains a good stability
Design is compact and strong
Engo 3,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric WinchEasy to install and operate
Performs well in all applications
Has a well maintained and balanced speed
Owns a powerful braking

5 Best Engo Winch Review By Expert

#1. Engo E12000 Electric Winch -Powerful winch

Engo E12000 Electric Winch is an outstanding motorized device with all features you would want. Here, you will get not only efficiency but also a perfectly reasonable price. Isn’t that the best of both worlds? 

Maximum load capacity: up to 10, 000 lbs. or net weight 4536 kg.

Engo E12000 Electric Winch

The ENGO 12000 winch uses

  • 88-feet galvanized steel cable (diameter 3/8 inches),
  • state of the art Series Wound Motors,
  • synthetic line rope length 85 feet and diameter rope ⅜ inches. 
  • rugged hand remote,
  • an efficient 3-Stage planetary gear train,
  • automatic load-holding brake,
  • stainless steel fasteners,
  • free spooling clutch mechanism and power in/out mechanism,
  • a standard 4 Way Galvanized Roller Fairlead.
  • pulling force power 12,000 pounds.
Cable or RopeWire 3/8 x 85″
Mounting Bolt Pattern10″ x 4.5″

However, the operation and installation of the Engo E series won’t bother you at all. Since it runs off a vehicle’s motor, you will not have to be ready with any extra equipment. If you own four-wheelers or terrain vehicles, Engo E1200 shall be your first choice.

Maybe, these features are not enough to judge the product right now. Therefore, we need to know more about Engo 1200’s features. Let’s see what they are.

3 stage planetary gear train

It issues three parts of planetary gear trains; the Engo E winch offers increased repeatability. Moreover, you will get axial load and speed radial in a high margin. As a result, robustness and reliability will support you throughout. 

Automatic load-holding brake

To lower loads of vehicles, Engo 12000 comes up with an automatic load-holding brake. Hence, simple cranks will not hamper your car and lift it smoothly. So, a matter of safety remains with you while utilizing your gear construction.

Stainless steel fasteners

For better looking, the Engo E series leaves all sorts of corrosions and grants a long-lasting life. Additionally, complex corrosive environments will give up in front of this electric winch. And the main reason is its magic strength.

Performance / pulling heavy loads

There is no doubt in the performance of the Engo E 12000. Similarly, its high speed and efficiency will give you a win-win challenge in mining and construction. A 12-meter lead remote control can operate the winch from a safer distance.

A perfect balance of speed

With a perfect balance of speed, E 12000 assures acceptable usage in all activities. Especially for recovery applications, this product stands out.

4 Way Galvanized Roller Fairlead

Usually, sharp borders ruin our vehicles unwantedly. For this reason, we need firm protection against them. 

Engo 12000 is going to solve your hurdles regarding such troubles. There is a customary 4 Way Galvanized Roller Fairlead to protect your vehicle orderly. check roller fairlead mechanism.


  • 12,000 lbs pulling power
  • heavy-duty aluminum hawse fairlead mechanism
  • Efficient and reasonable in price
  • Ensures safety of vehicles, pulling heavy loads
  • Easy in installation and operation
  • 12-meter lead remote control
  • Do not require any extra equipment
  • Best for four-wheelers and terrain vehicles
  • 1-Year warranty on electrical components
  • lightest winch compare to 10, 000 lbs load capacity


  • Not applicable for long-term use
  • lead remote control does not acquire IP67 rating
  • No circuit breaker

#2. Engo IND.USE 97-10000

Engo IND.USE 97-10000 is a salient option you can have for portability. Once you have this winch, your massive amount of stress will disappear regarding the usage of various applications. Besides, engo 10k is highly capable of taking extreme loads. Here, you will not have to compromise with quality even and get by the skin of one’s teeth. 

Engo IND.USE 97-10000

Different towing applications demand convenient pulls and lifts. And, in such situations, there will be no way out except for choosing a high-end portable winch. And, Engo IND is a perfect one to look for. 

Using this winch, you can quickly transfer from one appliance to another. Or if you want, you can also move your engo 10000 after reinstalling it gently. Anyways, we are still craving more features, right? Then scroll a little more. 

Guaranteed satisfaction

Consequently, all that matters is the product’s satisfaction. Along with safety use, Engo 97 10000 will give you a quieter experience as well. Which means no noise is going to interrupt your process. According to my investigation, the previous customers gave commendable reviews for this electric winch for guaranteed satisfaction.

Superfast & easy spooling

Engo IND is a fantastic product for being efficient and fast in performance. It will be nowhere a food for thought after acknowledging its superior powers. 

An actual value for money

No question that Engo USE conquers the actual value for money. Especially for low operating costs, this rough country winch decreases our utmost concerns. Now it sounds like being in cloud nine after buying an electric winch like Engo IND.USE 97-10000.

Easy installation

Installing an Engo winch is like a cakewalk for any person. What you need to do is, hook your winch with an applicable motor and start.

Quiet operation

Compared to a manually powered winch, Engo electric winch operates smoothly and quietly. Not getting a single sound, you can effortlessly lift your vehicles. 


  • A fine portable product
  • Usable for various applications
  • Highly capable of extreme loads
  • Notable for efficient performance
  • Requires low operating cost
  • 12m lead remote control facility
  • Can easily installed


  • Lacks behind in durability
  • No circuit breaker

#3. Engo 10,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric Winch

It has a 94-foot steel cable with a diameter of 21/64 inches. Engo 10,000 Lb is a suitable product for tractor supply winch. Towing large and heavy products will not make you grin and bear it unless you got Engo 12 as your back.

Rated Line Pull10,000 lb. (4545kg)
Motor5.6 HP, Series Wound
Gearing3-Stage Planetary
Engo 10,000 Lb. (4536Kg) 12 Volt Electric Winch

Also, its premium finish will please you and catch your eyes for acquisition. Problems like complex installations and transfers won’t bother you at all. Sounds best for both worlds, right? That’s obvious.

One more thing is, additional costs and equipment are not essential for Engo 10000 electric winch. It beats all sorts of flooded and rough terrains; this product will stand to your expectation. 

Furthermore, rust build-ups will stay away from your winch that assuring excellent performance. So, what makes you think twice? Isn’t it obvious now that Engo 10000 is up to the mark?

Capable of loads

Don’t worry if your vehicle is too bulky because an Engo electric winch will give you a downpour of strength. Hence, lifting heavy weights will happen to you in a click. Just make sure you are maintaining your Engo 10000 winch properly. a sturdy lead wired remote control allows the use of winch from a safer distance.

Powerful braking

Nonetheless, we all want powerful brakings in our winch. Otherwise, there is no point in having one. Concerning in the same way, Engo manufacturers have decided to provide you a high-quality Engo 12 winch with excellent braking.


This electric winch proves its toughness with the capability of pulling 9500 pounds. But that’s not where it ends. Engo 10k withstands water splashes without making any short out inside.


All in all, the budget needs to be in our favor. And, most often, products’ prices seem like the last straw in our conveniences. But that is nowhere a problem in the case of Engo 10k 12. You will get this winch readily in marketplaces at a meager price.


Durability is something we all demand in an item. And, trust me, Engo 12 will keep supporting you in the long term with solid durability.


  • Wired Remote.
  •  Single line with a rated pull of 10,000 lbs
  • Great for towing large, heavy items
  • Pleases with a premium finish
  • Lifts heavy to heavy items easily
  • Involves a powerful braking
  • Remains tough in all situations
  • Engo has a wire rope version at a lower price range.


  • Malfunctions infrequent times

#4. Engo 9,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric Winch

Engo 9,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric Winch is one of the brilliant items of Engo. Although this product is lightweight, don’t doubt its strength and capability. With a solid synthetic rope, Engo 12 keeps all corrosions and rusts at bay. Again, the installation will be easier for you since the product holds a fantastic ergonomic design. 

Maximum load capacity : 9, 000 lbs. or 4090 kg

Engo (Sr Model) 9,000 Lb

To create the winch housing, it has to be quality solid steel that will help you maintain stability. Similarly, a free-spinning spool of this winch ensures an easy unwinding of rope. Whoever possesses Engo 9000 will never find a single objection regarding protection.

  • Features a series wound motor of 5.5 hp
  • galvanized steel cable has a diameter of 5/16 inches and it is a 94 feet steel cable
  • compatible with 10 x 4.5 inches mounting bolt pattern
  • 4-way heavy-duty roller fairlead mechanism
  • free spooling clutch mechanism with power in/out function

Engo budges out problems like water splashes with a water-resistant solenoid. Also, the suitable materials of this winch will make your motor stand firm every time.

Gear housing

With a combination of all metal and composite gears, Engo 12000 comes with a perfect gear housing. Consequently, it transfers the torque and pulls out any appliance or vehicle in a snick.

Easy setting

Wireless controllers make most of the tasks more accessible, especially during settings. Whenever we want to control our winch, the specific wires create a tangle and delay our work in subtitling them. Not making it an issue, Engo 9000 owns a wireless controller for a comfortable setting.

Compact design

Mounting Engo winch is the same as duck soup for its robust and compact design. Likewise, you pull a good load of heavy items of a maximum of 4500 pounds. Therefore, dealing with small winch applications will be your go-to activity now. 

High Quality

Be particular about the performance of the Engo electric winch. Its quality is always high and never disappoints the users in lifting and pulling difficult loads.


  • Fab in strength and capability
  • 3-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 135:1
  • free spooling clutch mechanism and power in/out mechanism. 
  • Keeps corrosions and rusts at bay
  • Maintains stability throughout
  • Pulls out appliances in a snick
  • Gains a robust and compact design
  • have a variation with a synthetic line
  • Fairlead, Heavy Duty Roller.


  • No circuit breaker
  • Not got for taking heavy loads

#5. Engo 3,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric engo winch reviews

Engo 3,000 Lb.12 Volt Electric Winch is one of the best-motorized devices you can ever have. Though its price is high, there are no complaints you will get in terms of performance. Instead of taking a rain check, you must give this product a look as well. 

Rated line pull is up to 3, 000 lbs. or 1361 kg

Engo 3,000 Lb12 Volt Electric Winch for ATV

Installation and operation trouble a lot when we purchase a mediocre winch. Not to face these hurdles, Engo 3000 12 assures a smooth way of activity. Additionally, extra equipment will not call you for any maintenance.

  • Differential all-metal 3-stage planetary gear system facility.
  • Features a permanent magnet motor of 1.2 HP
  • 30 feet steel cable (diameter 7/32 inches).

What you need to do is follow the instructions for this product. Hence, your sorts of lifting processes will happen without any disturbance. Still, we don’t believe in overstatements. Unless we don’t acknowledge the essential features, our prediction will not go right.

Powerful braking

Powerful braking is the essence of an Engo 3000 winch. Since this product is of high quality, powerful braking will get in your lifting and pulling works. The automatic load holding system brake facility also ensure great braking control ststem.

Worth of price

As I mentioned before, the Engo 3000 electric winch is more expensive. But have you imagined, why? To sum up all its key features, like toughness and capability, the price is accordingly the same. In effect, the product serves more just like its price.

Good balance of speed

Utilization is as simple as a pie in this product. When you are making recovery applications, the balance of speed will matter the most. Henceforth, Engo 3000 12 will assure you that your ratio of lifting goes appropriately. 


With the help of a water-resistant solenoid, Engo 12 removes water splashing problems. As a result, your motor will stand firm and perform without any malfunctioning.


  • Great in performance
  • Ensure smoother operation
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Assures a smooth way of activity
  • Crosses the need for extra equipment
  • Braking is powerful
  • Speed is balanced and well maintained


  • It Will did not last for too long

#6. Engo 77-02000-A 12 Volt Electric Winch Review – For ATV/UTV

  • dynamic braking system
  • 2000 pounds lesser pulling power, can pull lighter ATVs 
  • The galvanized steel cable is 24-foot-long
  • has a differential gear system with a gear ratio of 152:1
  • Free spooling clutch
  • weighs is 14 pounds
  • Not have IP67 weather resistance.
  •  1 HP motor
  • Wired Remote

#7. Engo 77-10000PF 12 Volt Electric Winch Review – For Jeep/Truck

You will get an additional recovery winch along with the main winch. And The Engo 77-10000PF model is an EPF winch, can be described as the best engo winch.

  • 10,000 pounds pulling power
  • IP67 dust resistanceand water resistance
  • automatic load holding system
  • 12m lead remote control

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Buying Guide for an excellent Engo Winch in 2021

Specific requirements like a winch for a jeep and a winch for a truck disturb things when we don’t know the fundamental aspects. In brief, having a good quality electric winch is very important. 

Likewise, Engo winches serve crucially in such situations. And if you are part of mining and industries, you should acquire a good buying guide before selecting your winch. Let’s look at those features.

Synthetic cable (durable materials) is pricey compared to a winch with a steel cable. Must check heavy-duty aluminum hawse fairlead.


First thing first, you have to see what the line pull of the winch manufacturer is. As a result, you can determine your winch’s tensile strength and mechanical capacity.

Just multiply the Gross Vehicle Weight of your winch by 1.5. If it gains a capacity of more than 6000 lbs, that will be a good one for you.

Winch rope

You will get two options for your winch rope, e.g., steel cable or synthetic rope. 

Synthetic ropes are stronger, lighter, and flexible than steel ropes. For trail winches and recovery, you can go for a winch with synthetic strings.

Again, steel cable ensures durability and easy maintenance of a product. Terrains like high abrasive won’t hinder you if you choose an electric winch of steel cable rope.

Winch motors and wireless remote control

There are two types of DC motors available in electric winches. One is series-wound motors, while another is permanent magnet motors.

Permanent magnet motors are perfect for light to medium-duty work. They are cheaper and efficient and adapt to almost every lift.

Whereas series-wound motors generate magnetic field coils, this type of motor winch is robust and high in price. For cold weather and heavy-duty use, a series-wound motor winch is a reliable item.

Engo Winch Parts

Some parts which make Engo winch a complete package are- 

  • Automatic holding brake
  • Free spooling
  • Ratchet and pawl
  • Internal combustions
  • Mechanical brake

Engo Vs. Smittybilt Winch

Engo winches and Smittybilt winches are so highly rated in the market that consumers appreciate them utmostly. Now, the question is, which one is good for you? Let’s see.

Concerning superior built quality, the Engo E series outsmarts Smitty made. On the other hand, Smittybilt is not so popular in terms of built quality. 

Anyways, Engo winches lack durability. And if you are one of those who wants a winch for long-term use, Smittybilt can be a relevant one to have.

Does convenience matter to you greatly? On that note, Engo will serve you better compared to Smittybilt. And the main reason is its ergonomic design.

Less expensive and efficient performance is something that Smittybilt attracts people’s attention. But that’s not the case in Engo winches. They are indeed efficient in performance, but a bit high in price.

Lightly, Engo’s three-stage planetary system makes them more lucrative. Conversely, Smittybilt seems to be a bad apple in that regard.

Of course, both the brands are giving each other a challenging competition. Thus, we consider every aspect we foresee in our winch. And if all the requirements match your convenience, then go for that one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Engo winches any good?

Engo winches are famous for their performance, build quality and ergonomics. Pulling a light truck is like a pie for any engo winch. With 85 steel cables, electric variants come with a gear system of three-stage planetary. And their gear ratio is 265:1. So, what makes you doubt that engo winches are not suitable? 

They are up to the mark for sure.

Who makes the best winch?

Some best winches for easily pull you will get in the market are- 

  • Best For Longevity: Smittybilt Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch
  • Best For Performance: Warn 8-S Multi-Mount Winch Kit
  • Best For Lighter Use: Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch
  • Best For Recovery Situations: WARN M8000 Winch
  • Best For Work: Warn ZEON Platinum 12-S Winch
  • Best In Price: Superwinch LP10000 Winch


Engo winches review gives us hope that recovering support and lifting process can be done effortlessly. Choose & pull out your stuck vehicle fromm all these winches. In the same way, we need to judge which one will be the best product for us. The drawbacks of Engo winches are circuit-breaking system, no wireless remote controls, and the lead remote controls. Further, you don’t need a solenoid box to operate your winch.

Mainly, the confusion arises when we get to see multiple options around us.  you can also check Engo 79-00008 12 Volt Wireless Remote Control, Winch.

To make you more precise, I will suggest that you have a second thought for Engo IND.USE 97-10000 and Engo E12000 Electric Winch. These two brands are leading because of their super efficiency and performance. 

So, don’t make it late and grab your perfect winch as soon as possible to pull multiple vehicles.

smooth spooling meaning: http://www.lebus-germany.com/downloads/dl-international-cranes-0607.pdf

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