Best Winch For Honda Rancher 420

If you’re in the market for a winch for your Honda Rancher 420, you want to make sure you get the best one possible. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a winch, and it can be a tough decision.

But we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best winch for Honda Rancher 420, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

How Much Can A Honda Rancher 420 Pull?

How Much Can A Honda Rancher 420 Pull?

The Honda Rancher 420 is a versatile all-terrain vehicle that can pull a variety of loads. It is rated to pull up to 1,100 pounds (500 kg) on a hard surface, and up to 848 pounds (385 kg) on a soft surface.

What Is The Top Speed Of A 2020 Honda Rancher 420?

The top speed of a 2020 Honda Rancher 420 is approximately 51 miles per hour. This speed is determined by the size of the engine and the weight of the vehicle.

The Honda Rancher 420 is a popular choice for those who want a powerful and durable ATV that is still able to offer a comfortable ride.

Tusk Winch with Synthetic Rope

Tusk Winch with Synthetic Rope

You can count on the Tusk 3,500 pound. ATV/UTV winch whether you’re stuck or just need to do some hefty lifting.

Tusk, renowned for offering incredible pricing without compromising quality, has once again provided by combining premium materials to build this cutting-edge winch.

All components are of the highest caliber to guarantee that you won’t lose any capability when you most need it and the conditions are harsh.

It has a powerful 730 watt motor and a 50′ long, 4.9 millimeter synthetic rope to provide it outstanding pulling strength and endurance.

The clutch knob, micro rocker handlebars button, roller fairlead, heavy-duty hook, mounting hardware, and wiring are also included with this ATV/UTV winch.

Fitment Guide

Check out the image of the fitment guide for more information on the machines that this item is compatible with.

The complete package consists of a synthetic cable and a winch mounting plate in addition to a tusk winch. Everything that is required to install a winch on any machine, including instructions.

Heavy Work

Tusk Winch with Synthetic Rope

Excellent winch for use on UTVs or ATVs, whether you’re pulling huge loads or escaping dangerous circumstances.

Powerful Motor

A motor of 730 watts powers a synthetic rope of 4.9 millimeters in diameter and fifty feet in length.

Water Resistant Design

Even in harsh environments, the winch will continue to function because of its water-resistant design and hermetically sealed components.

WARN 84704 Winch Mount Kit

WARN 84704 Winch Mount Kit

WARN winches and ATV attachment kit are designed to work together for optimal pulling force and durability. No cutting or construction is required for the mounting systems.

During winching, a WARN winch and mounting kit distributes the pulling load across the ATV’s frame, giving added stability and reducing damage to the ATV’s ride and handling.

Together, they’re field-tested to full winch capability to provide you the greatest performance in the business.

The WARN ATV winch mounting kit attaches to your ATV. Each ATV mount is made for a specific model. Included are hardware and instructions.

Truck & Suv

You can create your SUV or truck here. Pacific Northwest off-roaders created, constructed, and tested our off-road goods. Body protection, 4WD hubs, winches, bumpers, mounting systems, and off-road accessories.


WARN 84704 Winch Mount Kit

WARN offers two winch lines. The AXON winch is cutting-edge and durable. VRX winches are designed for powersports.

You’ll get IP68-rated protection, an all-metal design, a three-stage gear reduction train, and a clutch dial built on Warn 4WD hub-lock technology with any Warn powersports winch.


Hard effort is valued at Warn Industries. Your working style will alter thanks to our labor-saving tools. We’ll make absolutely sure you get the appropriate equipment because we know you’re ready to face the challenge.

From the Pull All to the Drilling Winch, WARN devices enable one person to perform the tasks of two.


You can work more quickly, safely, and effectively using industrial winches. Your speed and earnings will increase with warn planetary winches.

Applications in industry require Warn. There are winches, hoists, and industrial supplies accessible.

Winch Mount: Extreme Max ATV Winch Mount

Extreme Max ATV Winch Mount

Both the winch and the mount that you use with it are essential. The optimal winch mount combines your winch and ATV to optimize performance and safety.

This Extreme Max ATV winch bracket is compatible with Honda Rancher ATVs manufactured between 2007 and 2013.

With Warn RT25, RT30, XT25, and XT30 winches. designed for use with roller fairleads that have a 4.875″ diameter “escalating. contains 3/16” The steel construction and durable black powder-coat guarantee the product’s longevity.

Installation instructions are provided, and the design simplifies the process. In addition to a comprehensive assortment of ATV cables, ropes, hooks, and other accessories, Extreme Max offers suitable hose and roller fairleads.

Easy installation

Installation of the Extreme Max ATV Winch Mount is simple and can be done so with the help of the included detailed instructions for your benefit.

steel construction

The Max ATV Winch Mount is constructed from 3/16″ steel and has a powder-coated black finish. It can support winches up to 4,800 pounds in weight.

The universal design of this winch mount allows it to be compatible with the vast majority of ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-side vehicles.

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KFI Products Winch Mount

KFI Products Winch Mount

For the greatest final preparation, they are shot-blasted prior to being powder-coated. built from grade 50 metal and finished in a black powder coat for maximum durability.

Simple to install hardware and comprehensive installation instructions are included. Made in the United States of America.

Nota: For correct winch installation, some models may need a tiny rocker switch (available separately).

 Winch Kit: RPM lb KFI Winch Comb

RPM lb KFI Winch Comb

The most crucial piece of equipment is a trustworthy winch, whether you’re on a muddy route, clearing snow, or depth in the muck.

Install a KFI WINCH on your ATV, UTV, or SxS and feel assured in your ability to escape any predicament.

This 2500 lb ATV Series winch has high strength all metal turn clutch, excellent cast aluminum and strong steel elements, waterproof seals to keep out the weather, and a basic 4-hole mounting system.

Additionally, it is covered by a KFI 1-Year Warranty Coverage. Other than a winch mount suited to an ATV model, the KFI A2500 Winch includes everything you need.

Everything displayed is included, as well as hardware and thorough installation instructions for mounting your winch on an ATV winch mount made just for your type of ATV.

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Adjustable Bracket

Make use of the accompanying Mini-Rocker Switch to regulate your winch. It comes with an adjustable mount for mounting to your ATV’s handlebars and allows you to operate your winch without leaving your grasp on the handle bars.

Heavy Duty Electric Contactor

The included High Quality Electric Contactor preserves your ATV’s electrical system and changes the power source to the winch, which is controlled by your switches.

Questions For Your Interests

1. How Much Can A Honda Rancher 420 Pull?

A Honda Rancher 420 can pull quite a bit depending on the model and year. Some have been known to pull 848 pounds!

2. How Do You Mount A Winch On A Honda Atv?

To mount a winch on a Honda ATV, first remove the battery and disconnect the negative terminal. Next, remove the seat and unscrew the fender bolts.

After that, remove the front wheels and disconnect the brake line. Finally, remove the front bumper and mount the winch.

3. How Do You Install A Warn Winch On A Honda Rancher?

There are a few steps involved in installing a WARN winch on a Honda Rancher. First, you will need to remove the existing winch from the Honda Rancher.

Next, you will need to install the WARN winch mount onto the Honda Rancher. Finally, you will need to install the WARN winch onto the mount.

4. Is Kfi A Good Winch?

KFI produces an outstanding and dependable winch for ATVs and UTVs in their Stealth range. Numerous clients and other media sources have expressed this opinion.

We have had nothing but excellent experiences with the KFI SE35, and cannot think of a single aspect that we did not love.

5. Can You Plow With A Honda Rancher 420?

Yes, you can plow with a Honda Rancher 420. The Rancher 420 is a powerful ATV that is capable of plowing through snow and other rough terrain.

6. How Much Horsepower Does A Honda Rancher 420 Make?

Honda’s Rancher 420 model all-terrain vehicle has a fuel-injected single-cylinder 420 cc engine that produces 27 horsepower.

7. What Year Did Honda Rancher 420 Get Fuel Injection?

Honda’s Rancher 420 model was first introduced in 2007. This ATV features fuel injection, which was a new addition for the Rancher line that year.

The fuel injection system on the Rancher 420 provides better throttle response and fuel economy than the carbureted models that came before it.

8. How Can I Make My Honda Atv Faster?

If you’re looking to make your Honda ATV faster, there are a few things you can do. First, you’ll want to make sure your ATV is properly tuned and serviced. This will ensure that it’s running at its peak performance.

Next, you can add some aftermarket parts to help increase speed and power. Some popular options include exhaust systems, intake kits, and ECU tuners.

Finally, make sure you’re using the correct fuel and oil for your ATV. Using the wrong type of oil can lead to decreased performance and increased wear and tear on your ATV.

9. Installing A Winch On A Honda Rancher 420

Assuming you have all the necessary hardware and winch: 

  • Park the Honda Rancher 420 on a level surface and block the wheels to prevent it from moving.
  • Locate the winch mount plate on the front of the frame. The mount plate will have four holes for bolting the winch on.
  • Place the winch on the mount plate and bolt it down using the provided hardware. Make sure the winch is level and secure before continuing.
  • Route the winch cable through the provided fairlead and attach it to the anchor point on the front of the Rancher 420.
  • Plug in the power leads for the winch to the battery. Make sure all connections are secure and the winch is ready for use.


After researching and testing many different winches, we have found that the best winch for Honda Rancher 420 is the Tusk Winch.

This winch has a powerful motor that can easily pull your Honda Rancher 420 out of any tough situation. It also has a durable construction that will withstand any abuse you throw at it.

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