Top 9 Superwinch Reviews in 2023 [2500 lbs to 11500 lbs]

If you are looking for a perfect & reliable winch, then let us tell you finding a quality winch is not as easy a task as you are imagining. Because there are thousands of models available in the market and you have to choose from them which is an exhausting job.

It won’t be easy to make your mind to the right one after having so many options. But you don’t need to worry now as you have come to our site, we have done all the legwork for you to help you make the right choice to buy a great winch.

Superwinch Review

In this Superwinch review, we will discuss and review 9 winches from 4 different categories which are all produced by the Superwinch brand. Our team has covered all the released series of Superwinch here as follows:

Our Recommended Top 9 Best Superwinch Reviews in 2022

Superwinch Terra Series Winch Reviews

Terra series winches were released by the Superwinch for focusing on the service of both UTV and ATV users. You will find winches of three different weight volumes for this particular series.

We must assure you Terra series winches are considered reliable and affordable according to their price range. You can find both the steel cable and prefer synthetic rope version for all the below mentioned models of this series:

1. Superwinch 4500lbs Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch – A great reliable winch

Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 winch

Because of being a 4500 lbs. weight volume ATV winch, it will deliver the best performance when you keep the weight of your UTV and ATV around 3000 lbs.

55′ of 1/4″ steel wire rope with ergonomic cam action-free spooling clutch.

No Load Line Speed15.00 fpm
Motor Horsepower1.60 hp
Mounting Hole Quantity4 holes

You will get a strong and long heavy-duty 55-feet steel cable that will go through the 4-way roller fairlead so that it can recover ATVs and UTVs.

They come with a stronger and more eminent size of the motor too which possesses sealed bearing as well as better copper windings.

Both ends of the bearing can help you spin everything quite smoothly. The job of the copper winding is to help to cool the motor instantly.

You can even clock the terminal of the motor into tight spaces according to your need.


  • Lightweight and smooth performance
  • Provides all necessary equipment for the installation process
  • Installation instructions is easy
  • Ensures complete protection during the operation
  • No overeating power from your battery
  • Comes with a wired 10 inches remote control, a circuit breaker, a handlebar mount, and a weather-sealed solenoid.
  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Better battery performance, 3-stage steel planetary gear, and free spool control.


  • Too explicit wiring instructions
  • No wireless facility for remote control

2. Superwinch Terra 35 Single line Pull with Roller Fairlead

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs Roller Fairlead


With Terra 35, you will get the same benefits as the Terra 45 model of Superwinch. So, here we will discuss the different benefits only.

Terra 35 can tow 3500 pounds of weight, therefore you should try to keep the weight of your vehicle not more than 2335 pounds if you want to get the best performance out of it.

In the case of the length of the cable of this 35 model winch, it has a shorter one of 50 feet steel cable, but the strength and quality remain the same as the 45 models.

Terra 35 model is very much compatible and compact but still possesses a lighter weight than Terra 45 model.

Superwinch provides the same gear to the 45 and 35 models, but still, the ratio for the gears is not the same at all. Terra 35 offers a 140:1 gear ratio to the users and on the contrary Terra 45 offers a 191:1 gear ratio to the users.

The mounting bolt pattern is also different for Terra 35 model which is 3.0 inches × 4.87 inches.


  • Affordable and best quality in this price range
  • Great winch
  • Easy installation system and comfortable using
  • High efficient, Dynamic brake, Low amp draw, and mechanical load holding
  • Free spooling clutch and steel planetary gear
  • Sealed solenoid with the protection of circuit breaker
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Better feature and parts than the competitors


  • Only problem is that there is no dashboard rocker switch
  • Has an updated model (Terra 45)

3. Superwinch Terra 25 Winch with Roller Fairlead

Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25 2500lb Winch with Roller Fairlead


Terra 25 has a weight capacity of 2500 lbs. and therefore you should not keep the total weight of your vehicle more than 1665 lbs. to get the best and efficient outcome as well as longevity.

If you are a hunter and go hunting often, then you can easily use this winch to recover the big targets during your hunting period. You can also lift large trees and chunks of wood to your vehicle by using this model.

This model is lighter than the earlier two models (45 & 35) and therefore it is more compact and quite portable as well according to our research.

The wire rope length is similar to the 35 model – 50 feet and they have similar features like the 35 model such as free spooling clutch, gear ratio, remote control feature, etc.

But when it comes to the capacity of the motor than it has a lower number because this model has a 1.3 horsepower motor, whereas the other two possess a 1.6 horsepower motor.

However, with this 25 model, you will get different versions of shelf synthetic line winch wire rope.


  • Comes with a 4-way roller fairlead
  • Provides heavy-duty fastening hook with a thimble
  • Ensures limited lifetime warranty
  • Solenoid contact of the weather-sealed product
  • Gets protection from circuit breaker
  • Action cam free-spooling clutch
  • Dynamic brake and mechanical hold loading


  • No dashboard rocker switch
  • Doesn’t have a wireless remote control system with the equipment

Superwinch Tiger Shark Series Winch Reviews

If you are a truck or jeep owner and looking for the best winches, then this part of the discussion may come to your assist because Superwinch launched this “Tiger Shark” series to fulfill their requirements and preferences.

They have released five models for this series, but we will review two of them here as follows:

4. Tiger Shark 11.5 11,500 lb VDC Winch

Superwinch 1511200 Tiger Shark 11.5, 12 VDC Winch


All the models of this series have almost identical all the necessary features and benefits but still, there are differences in their amounts and numbers. So here we will put a light on it for your betterment.

This 11.5 winch model is suitable for recovering your jeep and truck when the total amount of the weight stays up to 7665 lbs. Otherwise, it may start working differently with no efficiency at all. 80 Amps Motor Draw/19 FPM (5.7 MPM) Line Speed.

Tiger shark series 11.5 model provides a rope with 84 feet of steel rope but it is more than enough to offer its finest service for a long period.

This particular model will offer you a three-stage of planetary gear which will be pretty useful for your purpose.

This 11.5 model will offer a gear ratio of 218:1 as well as available synthetic winch rope compatible with this version.

You will get your compatible synthetic winch rope for a lesser price because it will be four feet shorter. But it won’t do any change to the functionality of the product.


  • No chance for producing excessive heat by your drum brake
  • Comes with very shiny steel winch cables that are rust-free and don’t get old even after months of use
  • To keep it protected from any outside material, it provides a weather-secured motor
  • To keep yourself safe from any harm or accident, you can easily control the winch machine from a safer distance within 12 feet of reach through a wireless remote
  • They provide all the essential equipment along with the packet, therefore it is easy to install
  • Easy gripping that you can operate the winch even after wearing gloves
  • Because of the stainless steel hardware, they are durable with huge longevity


  • Price is higher than the competitor models
  • You need to get the wireless remote control separately

5. Tiger Shark 9.5 SR Winch with Aluminum Hawse & Synthetic Rope

Superwinch 1595201 Tiger Shark 12V Winch with Aluminum Hawse and Synthetic Rope


If you are looking for a lighter but efficient “Tiger shark” series winch model, then this 9.5 model should be a perfect choice for you because this model is way lighter than the other models but still comes with great features and performance.

This 9.5 model comes with 80 feet synthetic winch rope therefore you should not have to buy synthetic rope separately which will save money for you.

To get the best and the most efficient performance out of this model, you should keep the gross weight of your vehicle up to 6225 lbs.

It comes with 3-stages of planetary gear which will provide great assistance in smooth towing with the car. And the automatic loading brake will make sure all the safety measurements for your vehicle during the task.

You should not show the luxury of using longer steel winch cables with this model because we will recommend you to use the stock synthetic cable that comes with the product. It will ensure the success of your operation perfectly. 


  • Comes with a 5.2 horsepower weather-sealed motor
  • Reduces collateral damage from blowing dust, snow, and rain
  • Provides solenoid contactor that is weather protected
  • Heavy-duty remote control system with a 12 feet hand-held wireless remote
  • Aluminum hawse fairlead with a synthetic winch cable
  • Effortless griping facility
  • Comfortable switching manual and a field-proven model


  • Not for the truck and jeep users

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Superwinch LP Series Winch Reviews

The main purpose of producing this winch machine is quite similar to the earlier “Tiger shark” model. Therefore this LP series is a perfect solution to the SUV, RV, or these types of vehicles (of similar size).

In addition, this one can perform as a winch utility perfectly. There are two models of this series and we are going to discuss both models. If we have to say about the price, then both these versions are very cost-efficient.

However, you can only use the steel version of the synthetic cable for both these models. Here is a detailed insight about those two models as follows:

6. Superwinch LP10000 Winch with12′ Handheld Remote

Superwinch LP10000 Winch 10000 lbs


This model can recover by lifting a gross weight of 10000 lbs. and this number is appealing to the hunters and wood-cutters. But if you want to follow the golden rule of winching, then we will recommend you not to weigh up more than 6666 lbs. unless you don’t want optimum performance from your winch machine.

You won’t find any synthetic winch cable available on the market that can be compatible with this model. Therefore you have to work with the stock 85 feet of steel cable.

But it won’t cause you any trouble because this 85 feet steel cable is very much efficient to serve your purpose properly for any high-intensity or heavy-duty task.

You won’t have to worry about the safety measures of this winch because it is well-protected with a three-stage planetary gear that is automated by a load-holding brake.


  • Easy and less time-consuming installation process
  • Excellent winch performance according to its value and quality
  • Comes with circuit breaker protection facility as well as a contractor solenoid (weather-sealed)
  • Can perform efficiently in all-weather without causing a problem
  • To have better control over the winch, it gives a 12 feet remote
  • Handy lever function will ensure smooth winch
  • Provides all necessary equipment required for installation and still comes at an affordable price


  • No wireless remote facility
  • This one is a hawse fairlead with steel winch cable which are not a good match

7. Superwinch LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC

Superwinch LP8500 Winch


This LP8500 model will offer you the same benefits and functionality as the previous (LP10000) one. But still, there are some differences in amounts and numbers. If you want to recover your vehicle with this winch, then it would be better to keep the gross weight to a maximum amount of 5665 lbs.

This model provides 15 feet wired remote for controlling winch activity even from a distance perfectly. The size of the remote control is bigger than the previous model.

When it comes to the length of the steel winch cable, then this model has the longer one as you will get a 94 feet heavy-duty cable with this version which will go through the hawse fairlead.

But this combination of hawse fairlead with steel cable winch is not likely or compatible enough. If weight is a determiner for you, then you should learn that the LP8500 model is lighter than LP10000 and LP8500 is also a cost-efficient model.

The gear ratio for both of these models is similar 235:1. But when it comes to the power of the motor, then LP8500 lacks behind with a 4.5 horsepower motor, whereas the LP10000 has a 5.1 horsepower motor.


  • Hawse fairlead and powder-coated
  • Free cam lever action free spooling clutch
  • Weather sealed contactor solenoid as well as have circuit breaker protection
  • Fifteen feet rubber remote (handheld) for secure operation from a distance
  • Heavy-duty fastened hook and cable thimble
  • Both mechanical and automatic load-holding brakes
  • Winch Fairlead mount plate facility-Includes the 6-1/2″ by 10″ foot plate


  • Incompatible chemistry between hawse fairlead and steel winch cable
  • Wired remote control

Superwinch LT Series Winch Reviews

This LTV series was launched by the Superwinch to meet the requirements and preferences of the ATV or UTV owners. These models are very lightweight, efficient, compact, and quiet to do recovery work for both of your UTV or ATV with utmost ease.

When you will look into their price range, you will find them reasonable and inexpensive. There are three different models of the LT series which are of different capacity as well. Here we are going to review two of them as follows:

8. Superwinch LT4000 Winch Review (4000 lbs. Load Capacity)

Superwinch LT4000 Winch


LT4000 can recover a gross weight of 4000 lbs. But to get the best performance out of it, you should not exceed 2666 lbs. of weight pulling by this model. They are a compact choice for both your UTV and ATV.

Their package comes with all the necessary equipment and parts that are required for completing the installation process. Therefore the installation process is easy and smooth for the users.

You will get an unmounted solenoid which you can install or set up anywhere you want without a hassle.

There is an available synthetic rope on the online market so you can easily get whatever synthetic rope you want for your winch.

You won’t need to hire an expert to install the winch because it also has a user manual that will guide you step-by-step to finish the installation process.


  • Easy installation process
  • A well-synced 12-feet remote control and rocker handlebar switch
  • Comes with a weather-sealed solenoid that is re-locatable
  • Won’t overeat the power of your battery
  • Available on the market for an unbeatable price
  • Easy and understanding user instruction manual
  • Perfect to work and perform in all weather and condition
  • Equipped with a 50 feet high-quality steel winch cable
  • Enhancing security system with load-holding brakes


  • Wired remote control
  • Take a lot of time to install

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9. Superwinch LT3000 Winch (3000 lbs. Weight Capacity)

Superwinch LT3000 Winch


This LT3000 is the best-selling winch model of Superwinch right now. This 3000 lbs. capacity winch can tow and recover vehicles up to 3000 lbs. But to get the optimum performance from it, you must keep your gross weight to a maximum of 2000 lbs.

Line Speed At Max Pull:4 Feet Per Minute At 3000 Pound

Electrical Control Type:Sealed Solenoid And Circuit Breaker Protected

This one is lighter than the previous (LT4000) model and offers almost the same features and benefits to its owner. But still, there are a few differences in numbers and amounts.

LT3000 offers an equipped motor with a power of 1.2 horsepower, whereas the LT4000 offers an equipped motor with a power of 1.4 horsepower.

The gear ratio is also different from each other but they won’t affect the performance of your winch at all. 136:1 is the gear ratio of LT3000, and 166:1 is the gear ratio for LT4000.

Though this model comes with all the essential equipment required for installation, still you will need an extra plate to install the winch.


  • Comes with both dynamic and mechanical brake
  • Comes with a mounting plate as well as roller fairlead
  • Low amperage product (sealed)
  • Offers permanent magnet motor
  • Wired hand-held rubber grip remote
  • Includes both handles mounted bar rocker switch
  • Winch Mount can be used in a front or rear location
  • Can pull off a rated 3000 pounds of weight


  • No wireless remote control system from a distance

Superwinch talon:

Find Superwinch talon parts kit Jeep winches at Morris 4×4 Cente

SuperWinch Install for Jeep


Where are Superwinch winches made?

Almost all but only one of the truck of Superwinch winch models has the last point of assembly of Clackamas, Oregon. These Superwinch winches are mostly made with parts from the USA as well as around the world. But still, some of the parts, including their gears, go into their building as pure raw steel and then left out in their winches. Additionally, almost all the mounting systems of this winch are made in the USA. 

Did Superwinch go out of business?

Yes, Superwinch went out of business and their expedition was effective from February 22, 2019. It was the Superwinch Group Inc. that ceased all the operations in Portland, OR. Later, Westin Automotive Products acquired all the rights of the assets of Superwinch. 

Who makes Superwinch?

Currently Westin Automotive makes Superwinch winches and supplies worldwide. They are an aftermarket product manufacturer as well as the parent company of some renowned brands like Brute, FEY, and Superwinch winch products. 

How much does a Superwinch cost?

Superwinch winches don’t cost the same for every model. Different models ask for different prices according to the quality and performance of the winches. But mostly the pricing starts from $114 to $650. So, you need to choose according to your preference and budget while you are searching for quality Superwinch winches. 

Is Superwinch waterproof?

No winches are waterproof but if you can spend some money on proper maintenance with the products of the better brands, then it should stand up to any fair amount of abuse. So, if you want to make your Superwinch waterproof, then install some products which can make things waterproof from better brands. 

Can a winch go underwater?

VR EVO, ZEON Platinum, and ZEON truck winches as well as AXON and VRX Powersports winches come with all IP68 waterproof technology which makes them capable of going underwater.

It can also be submerged without worrying about the intrusion of water. Therefore, if you are regularly submerging your winch knowing the above-stated fact, then we would like to say that however, it is a great idea but to get them on a maintenance plan so that it can make sure everything is up to quality snuff.

Can winch solenoids get wet? 

According to the expert opinion of our team, generally, you will try to keep your winch solenoids away from getting exposed to the liquid elements but they are designed for ATV usage which later comes in contact with water now and then. Therefore if it were to get splashed by crossing a creek or place with water, or while washing the ATV, then it certainly would be fine. So, we can say that winch solenoids can get wet. 


If you read through the article, you should already find the right one for you according to your requirements and preferences. As you can see, we mentioned both the upsides and downsides of the winches to get you a complete view of each product. Off roaders can now easily maintain their trailer and SUV. Both Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch Review and Superwinch Lp Winch Review would help you hope so.

Now, all you need to do is choose the right winch based on your vehicle as well as the weight capacity you require. All nine reviewed winch models are best for business and therefore you can choose any one of them if it meets your requirements. Verified purchase and let us know your experience.

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