Top 5 Champion Winch Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide in 2023

Champion winches play a significant role in making our life easier. Not only that, Champions winches are the top leading products available in the market. With a beautiful compact design and robustness, Champion’s products are cordially loved by every consumer. 

Champion Power Equipment100428 ATV-UTV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit3500lb

In this article, I will show you some Champion winch reviews by the brand Champion Power Equipment. They also make generators, pumps, wood chippers, lawnmowers, and so in.

To know about some of their unique products, scroll down below. Hopefully, you can get your favorite winch here.

Let’s give a quick look at all products by a description table:

Champion Power 10,000-lb
  • Prime Pulling capacity: 4500 lb
  • Gear Train : 3 stage planetary
  • Motor : 1.6 HP (12-volt) DC Motor
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Champion Power 4500-lb
  • Prime Pulling capacity: 4500 lb
  • Gear Train : 3 stage planetary
  • Motor : 1.6 HP (12-volt) DC Motor
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Champion Power 3500-lb
  • Prime Pulling capacity: 3500 lb
  • Gear Train : 3 stage planetary
  • Motor : 1.4 HP (12-volt) DC Motor
Check Price
Champion Power 3000-lb
  • Prime Pulling capacity: 3000 lb
  • Gear Train : 3 stage planetary
  • Motor: 1 HP Permanent Magnet Motor
Check Price
Champion Power 2000-lb
  • Prime Pulling capacity: 2000 lb
  • Gear Train : Single-stage planetary
  • Motor : 1 HP (12-volt) DC Motor
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Our Recommended Top 5 Best Champion Winch Reviews in 2022

#1. Champion 10,000 lb Truck or SUV Winch Kit

Champion Power Equipment is leading in the market with power generation products. Anyways, Champion Winch 10000 lb is serving the best quality features. Why this winch is so unique from other winches is its reliable performance. 

Champion 10,000-lb. Truck/SUV Winch Kit

Perhaps, we think there is no solution to towing in rough terrains with rocks and mud. But, I will say there is. Because Champion Power Equipment 10,000 is so strong that it can perform great in difficult to difficult situations. 


You have no idea how much efficiency this winch holds in a line speed of 3.9 feet per minute. That is when the winch will be in a full load. Again, when there is no load, 10000 lb Champion Winch will have a line speed of 15.7 feet per minute.


With the help of a speed mount 2-inch hitch adapter, you can get easy access to your truck bed. Moreover, there is a handheld remote control to eliminate your need for an operator. Also, the battery lead cables and roller fairlead will give you a more effortless experience.


The 85-foot heavy-duty aircraft cable in this winch will smoothly pull your vehicle. And don’t worry about safety. The roller fairlead is there to protect you. In addition, Champion winch 10000 lb gains an increased power because of the snatch block inside.


  • Serving with best quality features 
  • Performance is reliable 
  • Goes well on rough terrains
  • Gives easy access towards the truck bed
  • Ensures safety with increased power 


  • Prone to breakage during heavy loads
  • Steel rope can cause injury 

#2. Champion-14560 4500 lb ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

Just like its name, Champion Power Equipment 4500 lb has a pulling capacity of 4500 lb. Hence, you can pull your vehicles that are below 4500 pounds. 

Champion Power Equipment14560 4500lb. ATV-UTV Wireless Winch Kit

In effect, Champion Winch is way too reliable. You will get here two years of warranty and lifetime technical support.


There is a 50-foot radius with the antenna and wireless remote, which helps operate the winch anywhere. As a result, it can automatically turn off when not in use and save a lot of battery. 

Complete setup

Ever since Champion 4500 lb owns a mounting channel, you can get the warranty of fitness for sure. Furthermore, there is a roller fairlead to take responsibility for your vehicle’s safety. In the same way, you can have an easy winching experience with Champion’s mini rocker handlebar. 


Do you know why everyone thrives on 38-foot galvanized super-duty aircraft cable? Because of its withstanding power in abrasive terrains with no frayings, this feature is inevitable in Champion 4500 lb winch.

Dynamic brake system

Usually, our winches’ gears need to face many tears and wear in times of pullings and lifts. On the contrary, this winch is far away from such hurdles. It will keep supporting you with its dynamic braking system and save your gear from damages.


  • Requires low maintenance
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Affordable and durable
  • Has more power being lightweight 
  • Preserves battery life of the mechanism 


  • Gets overheated in continuous use
  • Has a bad remote reception 

#3. Champion Synthetic Rope Winch 3500-lb

Champion Power Equipment 3500 lb is different from other products because of its synthetic rope. Though this winch has no roller fairlead mechanism, it does not lack behind in performance. 

Champion Power Equipment100428 ATV-UTV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit3500lb

Not being a wireless product, Champion 3500 lb holds lightweight properties. Still, we are not going to beat around a bush and get straight to its key features. 


Here, you will get a 1.4 horsepower DC motor of 12 volts in addition to a highly controllable speed. Also, there will be precision required by every industry application.


No question, we all want our winch to remain our control while in use. You have this opportunity in Champion Winch. It will give you a smooth user experience with excellent remote control. Again, there is a free spooling clutch to allow you manually disengage your spooling drum from gear.

Free and easy

Smooth pull and safety are something every winch must-have. Yes, you are thinking right. Champion 3500 lb serve like so. Mainly, this winch will remain strong and flexible throughout because of its hawse fairlead and synthetic rope. 

No kinks

Due to having fewer recoils than float and steel, Champion 3500 will not kink and will make sure to keep away splinters.


  • Helps users to operate easily
  • No complex installation 
  • Can float on water
  • Small and powerful 
  • Not susceptible to curl to fray out


  • Leads are short
  • Requires more maintenance 

About 3500 lb winch synthetic rope

3500 lb winches have synthetic ropes equipped with them. Their factory cable size is 7/32″ x 50′, and synthetic option size is 1/4″ x 50′.

Is 3500 lb winch enough for UTV?

Yes, a 3500 lb winch is enough for UTV. Generally, UTVs are light in weight compared to other vehicles. Henceforth, a 3500 lb winch is acceptable to carry.

Wireless remote -3500 lb. synthetic rope atv winch:

By issuing a simple user experience, 3500 lb winch comes with a wireless remote. For this, it becomes easy to operate without any manual effort.

How much can a 3500 lb winch pull?

A 3500 lb winch can pull 17,588 lb in 10 per cent and 4,499 lb in 100 per cent. 

#4. 3000-lb Champion Winch Kit Review

Most casual users find a practical and straightforward type of winch that is hard to get. But, do you know what? Champion Power Equipment 3000 lb covers such hurdles in a snick. They are the best for both worlds being high-quality and affordable. 

Champion 3000-lb ATV-UTV Winch Kit

This 3000 lb winch features a gear system and torque, which ensures a safe pulling power. Thus, you will get here a fast and reliable performance in every step of towing.

Strong and sturdy

With a maximum rated line pull of 3000 lb, you can find a smooth work process for your light-duty vehicles. Again, there is a 1 HP permanent magnet motor offering us operating benefits.

Moreover, you are yet to get higher efficiency once you include Champion 3000 lb in your acquisition. 

Bonus accessories 

Since this winch has a roller fairlead, it is less prone to frictions and damages. Also, the mounting channel will provide you with an optimal viewing angle.

And an easy User experience will be just in your hand with its handlebar mounting channel remote control. 

Braking system 

Take my words; not a single problem of Braking System will appear in your journey.  


Talking about control, you will get that for sure in Champion 3000 lb since it contains a 49 feet heavy-duty aircraft cable. 

Planetary gear 

The overall benefit you will get from this range is from its planetary gear system. As a result, fair load distribution and coaxial arrangement will remain with you from your Champion winch.


  • Performance is fast and reliable 
  • Works in a practical and straightforward way
  • Offers operating benefits 
  • Conveys a good control


  • Does not have any solenoid
  • Creates noise while performing 

#5. Champion 2000-lb Power Equipment Winch Kit

Consumers appreciate Champion Power Equipment 2000 lb for its design and excellent quality. Besides, this winch is highly reliable for any application. 

Champion 2000-lb ATV-UTV Winch Kit

Are you looking for a winch that can perform a wide array of jobs? Then you must give a second look to Champion 2000 lb. This winch is perfect for your UTV, ATV, and trailer. Also, in rough terrains, it doesn’t lose its versatility at all.


Don’t worry about the constant torque. Here is a one-horsepower DC motor to protect you in such cases above wide speed applications.

Champion 2000 lb comes with a mounting channel. Moreover, an organized remote control and roller fairlead provide you with enough convenience in usage.


Champion 2000 winch ensures a smooth pull with its roller fairlead. Moreover, your work process will remain safe since this winch got a 49 foot galvanized aircraft cable. 


The ability of Champion Winch 2000 is immense. Although your vehicle is stuck in abrasive terrains, this winch can withstand any condition.


  • Size is small and compact 
  • Has a hassle-free remote control 
  • Easy to set up
  • Improves management in winching process


  • Pulling power is not enough

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Is a 2000 lb winch enough for ATV?

Of course, a 2000 lb winch is enough for pulling ATVs. Besides, there is a snatch block to double the pulling power of the winch. So yeah, a 2000 lb winch is suitable for ATV.

Are champion ATV winches any good?

Champion ATV winches are surprisingly low in price along with excellent performance. 

How much will a 2000 lb winch pull?

A 2000 lb winch can pull 10,050 lbs in 10 percent and 2,175 kg in 100 percent. 

Champion Power Equipment Winch Kit Buying Guide

best champion winch review

You don’t have to solve thousands of complex equations just to buy your champion winch. Trust me, keeping 3 or 4 factors in mind can help you to choose your winch wisely.


First thing first, pulling capacity is essential in every winch. I told you there is no complex equation to solve. But still, there is a simple thing you must know. Before choosing your winch, make sure it has 25% more capacity than your ride’s weight.


Two types of solenoids can lead you to confusion. They are integrated and non-integrated. I would recommend you select the non-integrated solenoids. They are easy to mount with a form of versatility and usability. 


The overall structure of a winch is another essential thing to be considered. Make sure that your winch is durable enough to handle all-terrain conditions. And there is no doubt, Champion products conform to a solid build and survive in all types of street conditions.


Why the performance of your winch will improve or hamper depends on the cable it has. You will get two prominent options, e.g. steel cable and synthetic cable. 

For instance, steel cables tend to last longer. They are heavy-duty but prone to rust. 

Conversely, synthetic cables are easy to carry and durable since their exposures are like kryptonite which rises due to heat and chemicals.

Measuring your conveniences, see which cable can suit your go to use.

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Champion winch wiring diagram

champion winch wiring diagram

How to use a Champion Winch?

How to use a Champion Winch

Make sure you are avoiding the risks of injury while using a Champion winch. Hence, it would be wise to read manuals and instructions before using your product. 

  • First, place your winch upside on a plain surface. Then pick up two longer bolts among the four and put them on base holes appropriately. 
  • Now, place the mounting channel on your winch by aligning the holes. As a result, it will be easy to line up on your winch’s base plate. Also, you have to include your one ¼” hitch bar on your mounting channel. Don’t forget to face your hitch pin towards your winch’s backside. Now, you can easily install it by tightening down the nuts.
  • After attaching everything, turn your winch right side up and install the roller fairlead. Then move out the clevis hook and tighten up all bolts. 
  • Usually, Champion Winch requires two bolts. But if you wish, you can also use four bolts. For that, you need to purchase hardware. 

Champion Winch Motor Lead Rotation

Champion Winch remote facility

You can remotely control your truck or SUV through a Champion Winch remote.

ATV/UTV Wireless Champion Winch Kit 

Champion Winch replacement parts

Champion Winch replacement parts

Replacement parts play a crucial role. Winches. Perhaps, your winch may have to suffer certain damages. At that time, what will you do? Buy a new winch? Of course not. You can quickly get your winch before having some necessary replacement parts. They are- 

  • Cable or rope 
  • Snatch block
  • Mobile winching wire
  • Mount
  • Cover
  • Winch hook
  • Soft shackle
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead 
  • Recovery winch strap

Are Champion Winches made in the USA?

No, Champion winches are mainly made in China. The brand Champion Power Equipment launches Champion winches in the market. Moreover, their products are highly appreciated throughout the world. 

Can you put a synthetic rope on a cable winch?

You can put the synthetic rope on a cable winch. Sometimes, your brake drum may not cool since the steel cable heats too much. But it’s about synthetic rope, and it is more reliable which acts as an insulator.

Rated line pull10 percent20 percent 40 percent 60 percent 80 percent 100 percent 
1,000 lb5,025 lb3,401 lb2,155 lb1,664 lb1,422 lb1,285 lb
1,500 lb7,538 lb5,102 lb3,233 lb2,496 lb2,134 lb1,928 lb
2,000 lb10,050 lb6,803 lb4,308 lb3,331 lb2,845 lb2,175 lb
2,500 lb12,563 lb8,503 lb5,388 lb4,160 lb3,556 lb3,213 lb
3,000 lb15,075 lb10,251 lb6,428 lb4,991 lb4,268 lb3,854 lb
3,500 lb17,588 lb11,905 lb7,543 lb5,824 lb4,979 lb4,499 lb
4,000 lb20,100 lb13,597 lb8,643 lb6,655 lb5,690 lbs5,138 lb
4,500 lb22,613 lb15,306 lb9,698 lb7,488 lb6,401 lb5,784 lb
5,000 lb25,126 lb17,009 lb10,776 lb8,320 lb7,112 lb6,427 lb
6,000 lb30,151 lb20,408 lb12,931 lb9,983 lb8,535 lb7,712 lb
9,000 lb45,226 lb30,612 lbs19,397 lb14,975 lb12,802 lb11,568 lb
12,500 lb62,812 lb42,492 lb26,926 lb20,825 lb17,786 lb16,071 lb
16,500 lb82,911 lb56,089 lb35,542 lb27,489 lb23,478 lb21,213 lb

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Champion winches any good?

Terrains filled with mud and rocks get defeated before Champion winches. Their products are completely reliable and durable. You can wholeheartedly hope for quality and warranty in a Champion winch.

Do champion winches have metal gears?

3 stage planetary gears and metal gears are the essences of Champion winches. Some of their products that have metal gears work great. 

Is synthetic winch rope worth it?

Synthetic winch rope is genuinely reliable and great for vehicle recovery situations.

What size winch is needed for the truck?

According to the gross vehicle weight, add 30 per cent with your working GVW. For example- your working GVW is 7,700 pounds. It indicates that your truck needs a winch that has a capacity of at least 9,000 pounds.

How much can a 12000-pound winch pull?

You can talk about the pulling capacity of a 12000-pound winch by the following table. 

Layer Maximum pull

How much does a 10000-pound winch cost?

Most apparently, a 10000-pound winch costs $49130. Anyways, if you want to stick to your budget, Smittybilt can offer you excellent quality at a low price. Their winch of 10000 pounds costs around $34999.

Do champion winches have metal gears?

Yes, Champion winches do have metal gears. All products of the champion brand are armed with metal and three-stage planetary gears. You need to mount your Champion winch to the vehicle’s rear end and get started.

How much weight can a winch pull?

Determining gross vehicle weight (GVW), you have to decide which type of winch capacity your vehicle needs. And finally, you have to add 30 percent with working GVW. Likewise, a 2500 lb winch can pull 7500 lb. Again, a 3000 lb winch can pull 9000 lb. In this way, winches verify the pulling capacity of vehicles and other appliances. 

Who makes superwinch?

Westin Automotive Products make superwinch brands. They make superwinches that develop and manufacture branded winches. Also, they hoist supporting accessories for Industrial Markets and Global Consumers. 


When you are buying a Champion winch, that’s going to be your long term investment. However, choosing the right winch is essential for future jobs and handling different applications. 

And Champion Winch review will surely help you to judge one. Thereupon, you need to look for a product that matches your preferences and make an acquisition thereby.

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