Weight Distribution Hitch With Air Suspension

what is weight distribution hitch with air suspension

The hitch sank or dived because of too much tongue weight. This is known as a “squatting hitch” and lifts too much weight off the truck’s front axle, which reduces braking power and traction and makes turning and driving more difficult.

Hitch systems that distribute weight solve this issue. Items with tension and adjustable spring bars are level. It transfers extra tongue weight to the trailer’s axles and the truck’s rear axle.

The weight, control, and safety of your truck’s front axle have been restored. The target tongue weight must be measured for safe and efficient weight distribution.

weight distribution hitch with auto leveling

weight distribution hitch with auto leveling

According to the recommendations of the same engineers, the optimal weight distribution range for vehicles with four-corner automatic leveling suspension is between 75% and 100%.

This range accommodates for the altered weight distribution caused by the installation of the auto-leveling system.

weight distribution hitch ram 1500 air suspension

weight distribution hitch ram 1500 air suspension

The weight distribution hitch is a vital part of the air suspension system in a Ram 1500. It is responsible for distributing the weight of the vehicle evenly between the front and rear axles.

This helps to keep the vehicle stable and prevents the rear end from sagging. The hitch also allows the suspension to be adjusted to compensate for different loads.

how to set up weight distribution with airbags

how to set up weight distribution with airbags

to provide extra mass to the front axle and to enable more rear suspension travel, the truck and bars were set up such that the truck sits in the empty stance ready for travel.

Without the hitch bars, the bags should have about 45 psi of air in them. According to the hitch instructions, set up the hitch with the bars. By doing this, the bars will transmit very little to no mass and provide no anti-sway.

blue ox sway pro with air bags

The weight is distributed evenly between the axles of the towing vehicle and the trailer. Even when it is raining or snowing, noiseless sway prevention continues to operate.

The caster in the hitch head continually centers the trailer. Using spring bars, the suspensions of both the towing vehicle and the trailer are enhanced. Rotating latches for rapid and straightforward installation with clamp-on brackets.

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sumo springs with weight distribution hitch

sumo springs with weight distribution hitch

In addition to serving as a weight distribution system to keep your 2016 Toyota Tacoma level while towing, the Sumo Springs are designed to protect your Tacoma from excessive wear and tear. They will improve your rear suspension regardless of whether you choose a weight distribution layout.

best weight distribution hitch

Andersen 3344 Non-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch is now one of the best weight distribution hitches available. Unlike other round bar and trunnion bar weight distribution hitches, this one is unique.

ram 2500 air suspension weight distribution hitch

ram 2500 air suspension weight distribution hitch

A wonderful option to appropriately spread the weight of your trailer over your vehicle’s axle is using the weight distribution hitch for the Ram 2500 air suspension.

This hitch is ideal for people who frequently tow RVs or trailers since it allows you to pull heavier loads with ease.

The Ram 2500 air suspension weight distribution hitch is constructed with premium components and is long-lasting. Additionally, a limited lifetime warranty is provided.

weight distribution hitch before and after

weight distribution hitch before and after

With the use of a weight distribution hitch, a vehicle-trailer combination can be leveled. Without and with a weight distribution hitch installed, it demonstrates the effect of the trailer tongue weight at the coupling point. Although it is merely a representation, this helps to illustrate the concept of weight distribution.

Here Are Some Interesting Questions for You

Can you use a weight distribution hitch with air suspension?

Yes, you can combine a weight distribution system and an air spring suspension upgrade on a 2013 Ford F-250 or F-350 Super Duty; however, if you have sag with a weight distribution system, it may not have the required rating for the trailer’s tongue weight.

Can you use airbags and weight distribution hitch together?

Yes, It is possible to use both weight distribution and air bag helper springs at once. Before pairing, load the truck without engaging the spring bars. Use airbags to level the truck after that.

Do I need a weight distribution hitch if I have airbags?

While towing, a weight distribution hitch can offer the same advantages as airbags do, but airbags by themselves cannot. A weight distribution hitch is advised for a safer ride even with airbags.

Do airbags reduce trailer sway?

Air bags were not intended to prevent trailer sway. The primary objective of suspension augmentation systems like the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs when towing large loads in the bed is to eliminate sag and boost vehicle stability.

Do airbags increase tongue weight?

WDH shifts the weight of the tongue forward and prevents nose-diving. The weight of the trailer transfers forward when airbags are used in place of a WDH, forcing against the hitch ball. The truck’s rear is lowered by the hitch.

Do air bags help with tongue weight?

Yes, a standard hitch can lift the front end provided the tongue weight is sufficient. However, airbags do not assist the front suspension in supporting weight. When towing large weights, the WD hitch keeps the front end steady.

How do you set up weight distribution with airbags?

After adjusting the hitch’s weight distribution, adding air to the air bags (rear axle) makes the hitch’s weight distribution less even. To prevent this, first inflate the air bags, then modify the weight distribution.

Are airbags worth it for towing?

Airbags facilitate better braking, handling, and steering. They quickly stabilize your tow. On and off-road, air suspension cars are better able to handle rocky terrain.

Does adding air bags increase payload?

That’s the quick and simple response no! It is important to remember that adding any kind of airbag system to your automobile won’t boost the payload or towing capacity of that specific vehicle.

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