Factory HID to LED Conversion kit with replacement guide

Do you want to convert your factory to LED bulbs? If so, you’re lucky because we’ve got the perfect guide.

This article will explain the factory HID to LED conversion and how it can benefit you and your business.

We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right LEDs for your factory and offer some advice on maximizing the benefits of LED bulbs. 

LED conversion is a simple process that can benefit your business in various ways. As the name suggests, HID lights use high-intensity discharge lamps.

This means they produce a lot of heat, leading to high energy consumption and blasting heat into the atmosphere.

Can You Convert HID To LED?

Can You Convert HID To LED?

Yes, you can convert HID to LED. Here’s how. HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge, the name of a particular type of light bulb, which actually was the first type of light bulb developed in history.

LEDs stand for Light Emitting Diode, which is a different type of light bulb that uses electricity to generate light instead of burning gas as it does with HID bulbs. 

But to make a long story short, you can use the existing HID ballast and rheostat (used to dim the HID bulbs) over your bike’s headlight and taillight and practically use the same wiring that you have now.

Also, in some cases, it is possible to skip the actual rheostat and wire directly into your existing connectors. But it’s wise to check if this will work before hacking into any of your bike’s electrical systems.

Can You Replace Factory Headlight Bulbs With LED?

Yes, but you should be aware of the consequences. Most OEM headlight bulbs have a factory warranty that is voided when the light bulbs are not OEM.

It’s important to measure power usage, color temperature, light output, and cost before making your decision. LEDs use less power but may not legally be used in some countries due to different safety standards.

LEDs dramatically reduce tail lights and indicators as well, just like halogen bulbs. Some have stated that LED tail lights are not replaceable, but there are at least 12 replacements for each standard bulb type. Check the forums for your car to get more information about your specific vehicle. 

LEDs can be easily removed from some headlight assemblies, so those may be available if you require replacement light bulbs for a specific purpose.

Aftermarket HID to LED Headlight Swap Steps

Aftermarket HID to LED Headlight Swap Steps

There are a few reasons why you might want to swap out your HID headlights for LED headlights. For one thing, they’re more efficient and last longer than halogen lights, which means you’ll save on your next oil change if that’s something that concerns you. Here are the steps to swap Aftermarket HID to LED Headlight – 

  1. Remove the headlight by unscrewing the four screws that hold it in place and pulling it out.
  2. Detach the wires by gently pulling them away from the bulb.
  3. Unplug the HID light from the wiring harness by removing the two plugs on either end of the light.
  4. Connect the new LED light to the wiring harness by replacing the plugs and ensuring that they are securely attached.
  5. Replace the headlight by re-installing it on its mounting bracket and screwing it in place.
  6. Reconnect the wires by routing them through the appropriate holes in the chassis and around to their respective plugs.
  7. Replace the screws that hold the headlight in place and re-attach the housing cover.
  8. Recheck all of your work and make any adjustments as necessary.
  9. Test the lights by turning them on and off with the switch on the headlight housing.
  10. Please do not attempt this swap yourself if you are not comfortable working on cars or if you don’t have a set of spare headlights to use in place of your wrecked ones since there is a chance that you could damage your vehicle in the process.

Do You Need A Conversion Kit For LED Headlights?

For the new bulbs to fit properly, a conversion kit is necessary. A conversion kit is a set of brackets and etched diffusers that retrofit your standard halogen headlight housings with the proper cutouts and design to accommodate H4 bulbs.

The plug-and-play conversion kits are easy to install, inexpensive, and allow you to upgrade the lighting in your car without breaking the bank.

Which Is More Brighter HID Or LED?

Which Is More Brighter HID Or LED?

HID bulbs are much brighter than LED bulbs. This is because the human eye perceives much fewer lumens from LEDs than from HID bulbs.

For example, a 12-watt LED bulb would emit about 300 lumens, whereas a 30-watt HID bulb can emit up to 3,000.

LEDs have progressed rapidly over the past few years and are now quite bright. But they are not as bright or energy efficient as metal halide or high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs.

LEDs are a solid-state lighting source. This means they don’t have a filament or gas inside them as incandescent bulbs do.

LEDs consist of a compact semiconductor chip that is mounted on one end of a tiny circuit board. They are designed to produce light when current passes through them.

Hid to Led Conversion Chart

Hid to Led Conversion Chart
Hid to Led Conversion Chart
Hid to Led Conversion Chart

Best Hid to Led Conversion Kit Review

Fahren Led Headlights Conversion Kit

Fahren Led Headlights Conversion Kit

The Fahren LED Headlights Conversion Kit is an affordable and practical way to convert your current non-LED headlights.

Installing the kit is a breeze and can be done in under ten minutes. The kit offers more than just a headlight upgrade. And it also adds safety to your vehicle with its upgraded beam pattern.

The headlight kit comes with all the necessary parts for the conversion. That includes LED headlights, mounting brackets, power supply, and wiring harness.

The LED headlights are a direct replacement for stock halogen bulbs. The LED lights have an adjustable alignment setting to ensure that your lights are properly aimed to not blind oncoming drivers.

The power supply is approximately the size of a cellular phone and can be mounted in just about any location in your vehicle. The adapter is plugged into a cigarette lighter or your fuse box.


  • Easy to install.
  • Great lighting upgrades with the Foscarini headlights.
  • 3-year warranty on the LED headlights and a limited lifetime warranty on every other part of the kit (excluding the bulbs).
  • Direct replacement; no need to worry about additional wiring or cutting into your OEM harness.
  • Low heat generation means that it won’t overheat your vehicle’s electrical system. 


  • The cost is under $40, which is a good deal for the quality of the LED bulbs and power supply.
  • The LED headlights are extremely bright and noticeable during nighttime driving.
  • The LED headlights have a wider light beam pattern that allows you to see better in straight lines and while turning corners. 


  • On some vehicles, you might need to adjust the setting on how far apart your headlights are from each other as they may be too close or too far for this particular setup.

Morimoto Hid Conversion Kit

Morimoto Hid Conversion Kit

The Morimoto HID Conversion Kit is complete with everything you need to convert from a simple HID kit to one that uses the latest data and pulse-width modulation (PWM) for smooth OEM nighttime driving.

This kit includes a relay and wiring harness compatible with both standard car relays and the latest generation of vehicle electronics, featuring quick, easy installation with no cutting or crimping required.

There’s a specific wire harness for the 2013+ Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ and a specific wire harness for all other vehicles.

If the buyer is unsure of the vehicle, they can contact Morimoto customer service to find out which one they need. 

The Morimoto HID Conversion Kit uses an RK35S Ballast, a high-quality ballast with a built-in XML (analogue) temperature sensor, and a built-in microprocessor controller capable of optimizing the HID system for use with the newest kind of high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs.


  • All necessary wiring harnesses and relays.
  • Relay harness suitable for all vehicles with OBD-II and CAN (on newer vehicles, you’ll need to hardwire the relay)
  • Can be configured to allow access to the dashboard illumination switch (if equipped).
  • No cutting or crimping is required; all wiring plugs are pre-tinned and soldered.
  • A built-in XML temperature sensor allows you to use an automatic fan controller.
  • Compatible with the latest generation of vehicle electronics (no need to buy harnesses created for an older generation).


  • High-quality ballast, compatible with the latest HID kits.
  • Built-in XML temperature sensor allows you to use an automatic fan controller.


  • Complex installation (5-6 hours), which requires soldering and crimping plugs
  • Has a higher power draw.

Questions For Your Interest

1. How do I change my LED HID to factory?

Changing your LED HID bulb to factory mode is a simple procedure that can be performed by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the headlight using the screws on either side of the socket.
  2. Push down on both sides of the light shield until it snaps out, then pull it away from the headlight.
  3. Unscrew and remove each of the three bulbs in turn – they should all be similar in shape and size (you will end up with a Phillips screwdriver). Note which color corresponds to which element on your car’s wiring diagram (usually red for Ignitor, green for Driver Side Headlamp, blue for Passenger Side Headlamp).

2. Can you replace HID bulbs with regular bulbs?

No, you can’t replace HID bulbs with regular bulbs. This is because HID lights are not just one type of light bulb; they’re a family.

There are specific types of HID lights for different purposes. For example, the HPS lamps used in the greenhouse in your backyard or indoor gardening require a lot more heat than the lights you find at your local grocery store.


LEDs waste far less energy and produce far less heat. They also last between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. That means they can last for eight to ten years at full power.

This is especially important when it comes to security lights, which are just as important as your main transformer in many manufacturing facilities.

The benefits don’t stop there. The replacement of HID lights with LEDs will save your business money on energy and maintenance costs. After reading this article, I hope you know everything about factory HID to LED conversion.

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