Best 7440 Led Bulb

Brightest 7440 LED bulbs are a perfect option for those who want to cut down on costs and get superior lighting.

These bulbs can last up to 15,000 hours in contrast with 25,000 hours of traditional bulbs. This is not just a matter of the initial cost savings; as LED lights are far more efficient than other types of light, they will save enough money over time that they will be recouped in 3 years or less.

Not only are these bulbs more energy-efficient, but they are also incredibly reliable, with no risk of burning out and no need to be changed. This article will discuss everything about some best 7440 led bulb.

What Are 7440 Bulbs Used For?

What Are 7440 Bulbs Used For?

The 7440 bulb is a standard medium base bulb that operates at 12 volts. Popular uses for this type of light include RV and car interior lighting, general warehouse lighting, and floodlighting.

The “7440” designation comes from the diameter in millimeters of 37 centimeters or .74 meters or .042 feet. 7440 bulbs are mainly used as- 

Rear Turn Signal Lights 

The rear turn signal lenses of a car and the interior lights are connected to the tail light assembly by a wire that often has two filaments.

The lower filament is for the rear turn signal light (red), and the upper filament is for the interior light (white).

The 7440 bulbs are often used in applications where both of these functions are desired in one bulb. The 12 volt supply would provide enough power to handle both functions and provide superior performance over bulbs that were designed for one function or another.

Car or truck’s exterior or interior lighting 

Many people like to have their vehicles’ exterior lighting illuminated when the vehicle is not actively in use. This can be accomplished by installing a 7440 bulb in a mounting bracket attached to the body of your vehicle.

These bulbs can handle more light and produce brighter illumination than most bulbs designed for interior lighting areas of your vehicle.

Tail Light 

Tail Light 

Another common application for 7440 bulbs is to use them as the tail lights for a car, truck, RV, or boat’s rear end.

By replacing a 75 or 60-watt incandescent bulb with a 7440 (not all are suitable for this application), you will see an increase in both brightness and light output over the incandescent bulb.

What Cars Use 7440 Bulbs?

In Toyotas, VWs, Scions, Chevrolets, and other vehicles, 7440 bulbs and 7443 bulbs are frequently used as backup, taillight, and turn signal bulbs. They are known to have a lifespan of 1,200 or more hours of use.

Review Of 5 Brightest 7440 Led Bulb

Alla Lighting 7440 LED Light Bulb

Alla Lighting 7440 LED Light Bulb

The Alla Lighting 7440 LED Light Bulb is a smart, efficient light bulb with an integrated Bluetooth and WiFi light switch.

It allows you to control your lighting with ease, giving you the freedom to turn it on or off without having to get up and switch it manually.

The app is easy to use and allows for customization of colors, brightness settings, schedules, and more.

The smart light bulb consumes 80% less power than a traditional incandescent light bulb and lasts 20 times longer. With its energy efficiency, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill.

We recommend you use 2 or more Alla Lighting 7440 LED Light Bulbs so that the lights will be able to communicate with each other during the pairing process. Make sure they are all turned on at the same time.


  • Brightness:7900 Lumens
  • Light color: cold white
  • Power:13W
  • Voltage:AC110-120V/220-240V(50/60 Hz)
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • LED Chip Brand: Epistar SMD283


  • The integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allow for remote control and lighting customization throughout the day.
  • The energy-efficient LED light bulb lasts up to 20 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.
  • The color temperature can be changed from user-friendly settings on this web app, allowing you to have different colors and effects throughout the day.


  • The light bulb has a limited range of movement.

7440 Led Bulb Red: Yorkim 7440 Led Bulb

7440 Led Bulb Red

The Yorkim 7440 -led Bulb is a type of light bulb that makes the room it’s in brighter. It uses a different method how to light up than other types of bulbs and can be used in any standard household-type lamp or fixture.

This bulb has no energy-saving mode, which means it uses twice as much energy as Standard Incandescent Bulbs, so you will spend more money on electricity costs over time.

This bulb has 4100 lumens compared to the brightness range of 2700 lumens for an average incandescent bulb. This bulb is a good choice if you are in a darker room, but it will not brighten up an entire room.


  • Uses a different lighting method than other bulbs and can be used in any lamp or fixture.
  • Provides up to 4100 lumens of brightness at a lower price than Standard Incandescent Bulbs.
  • Continuous light with 70% energy savings.
  • Longest bulb life, 70,000 hours compared to standard incandescent bulbs at only 2700 hours of lighting.


  • Cheaper than a CFL, you don’t need to wait for it to warm up, and it lasts longer than CFL bulbs.
  • Uses less electricity than a CFL.
  • Uses Rapid Start technology and will immediately light up (can be seen in the video below).


  • It Only works well in rooms that are not too bright as it is dimmer than other bulbs.

Brightest 7440 Led Bulb Amber: Yorkim 7440 Led Bulb Amber

Brightest 7440 Led Bulb Amber

The Yorkim 7440 Led bulb has been created with a new design that not only keeps you legal and safe by helping drivers see you but also provides an appealing amber color that is sure to brighten up your day.

This durable metal housing is perfect for cars and trucks of all sizes, including SUVs and big rigs. These bulbs are rated to last up to 30,000 hours, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.


  • High quality
  • Perfect for cars and trucks
  • LED technology provides better visibility
  • Perfect for all roads, not just highways
  • Durable and long-lasting power source 7443-41 Pk.


  • Easy installation
  • Long lasting
  • Great lighting system


  • The bulb doesn’t have a built-in switch

Torchbeam 7440 LED Bulb

Torchbeam 7440 LED Bulb

Torchbeam is known for high-quality, professional-grade equipment, and this Xenon backup reverse projector is no different.

This bulb has a whopping 7440 lumens to make your last-minute presentation or lecture look amazing. The best part? It’s been reviewed as “easy to install,” so you’ll be able to set up in a matter of minutes at any venue.

With its 3500 Kelvin color temperature and 17.4 watts of electricity, this bulb glows bright and clear for your events.

It’s backed by the Equinox brand, so you know that it has all the quality you need and is durable enough to use in any situation.


  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No UV or IR Radiation
  • 1740 Lumens, 3500K color temperature, 6000-6500K white light output, rated life of 5000 hours
  • Can be used in any place such as home, office, car’s trunk, etc
  • You Can replace a regular halogen bulb with this one to save energy consumption and last a long time for your lighting for so many purposes, including backup reverse projector, presentation slides, parking lights, etc.


  • Highly durable
  • Long time usage
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty period
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient 


  • It only has 3 LED lights making it dimmer in comparison to the other bulbs available.



SYLVANIA ZEVO 7440 White LED Bulbs are the most advanced lighting technology available. These bulbs produce an excellent color rendering and enhanced high-quality light output that is ideal for any task.

They also consume a fraction of the power when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, which means you’ll save more money on your energy bill,

SYLVANIA ZEVO 7440 White LED Bulbs are available in Soft White, Daylight White, and Natural White colors to suit your preference.

The bulbs are designed to last roughly 15,000 hours when used in standard household fixtures, which means you’ll enjoy great lighting performance for as long as you want it.

These bulbs also feature an innovative design with an integrated heat sink that helps protect the lamp from thermal damage.

This feature keeps the lamps cool to the touch and greatly reduces your risk of burn injuries from touching them after use.


  • High-quality LED bulbs with 15,000 hour lifetime
  • Color rendering index 80+
  • Instant start – no warm-up time, no flickering
  • Cool to touch and safe to handle, no risk of fire or burn injuries
  • Energy-saving lighting without significant budget impact (up to 74% less cost than traditional incandescent bulbs)
  • Better light quality, similar or better color rendering than traditional bulbs


  • Energy-saving lighting
  • Better light quality, similar or better color rendering than traditional bulbs
  • Instant start – no warm-up time, no flickering
  • Cool to touch and safe to handle, no risk of fire or burn injuries
  • High-quality LED bulbs with 15,000 hour lifetime


  • Lighting brightness is not comparable to traditional bulbs.


1. What is a Zevo led?

A spherical sealed-beam replacement device called the Sylvania ZEVO LED headlight may convert many vintage vehicles from incandescent to LED lighting.

The Zevo headlight’s modular design and replacement parts make it fast and easy to install. Simply put, it’s one of a series of LED headlights that use headlights with tightly-focused, high-density LEDs.

2. What is the difference between Sylvania LED and Zevo?

The Sylvania LED is a sealed-beam headlight that uses LEDs replacing the incandescent filament instead of halogen (filament) headlights in the reflector assembly.

The LED is controlled by an electronic ballast, and its output is regulated via a voltage regulator. The Zevo headlight has a unique open circuit voltage ballast that outputs the full rated power of the LED. The Zevo LED headlamp bulbs are modular, meaning they’re made of independent LED modules.

3. What does a T20 bulb mean?

What does a T20 bulb mean?

According to industry standards, a T20 bulb is also known for the following bulb sizes: 7440, 7441, 7443, 7444, 992A, etc.

Common applications for these T20 bulbs include daytime running lights, rear lights, tail/stop lights, and turn signals. Most T25 bulbs are a brighter version of the T20.

4. What size is T20 bulb?

The overall length of a t20 bulb is 1.75″. It is also referred to as a t20 and can be used in lamps and light bulbs.

The color temperature of a t20 bulb is 2200k. Other types of bulbs that have the same dimensions are 40w, 50w, and 60w. A 20-watt or 25-watt equivalent t8 bulb is about the same size.

7440 Led Bulb With Built-In Resistor

7440 Led Bulb With Built-In Resistor

The SIR IUS LED RLS 7440 Resistor is a common resistor with a value of 74.4K-ohms, which is equivalent to the decimal notation of 0.74396547 W.

This resistor may be used in projects as an adjustable voltage divider, as part of an analog circuit synthesizer, or some other type circuit that requires a precise and stable resistance value.

This resistor is a LED Resistor with a light emitting diode indicator located directly on the board. This allows you to quickly and easily see if the value of your resistor is in tolerance or not without having to plug it into a breadboard or any other piece of equipment. It also allows for easy identification and selection of the correct resistance value. 

The RLS 7440 Resistor comes in five different colors, each representing a different resistance value. The colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue.


  • Diameter: 1.2 inches (30mm)
  • Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Resistance Value: 0.1 ohms (0.04W), 1K-ohms (0.74W), 10K-ohms (7.4W), 100K-ohms (6.4W), 1M-ohms (4W)


  • Identifies the value of a resistor on hand
  • Can be used for projects that require precise and stable conductors
  • Can be used in many circuit types
  • Allows for easy identification and selection of the correct resistance value
  • It Can be customized to have a blown or solid color instead of just one or the other, allowing you to identify the exact purpose this resistor is being used for, such as an LED indicator, an adjustable voltage divider, or an analog circuit synthesizer


  • It Does not come in different color combinations
  • Requires soldering or crimping.

7440 Led Bulb No Hyper Flash: Ijdmtoy Amber 7440 LED Replacement Bulbs

7440 Led Bulb No Hyper Flash

Finding a good replacement for your headlights or taillights can be difficult. They have to provide the necessary visibility and an attractive glow and last for years.

Luckily we have something on our site that will fulfill these requirements and more: iJDMTOY Amber 7440 LED Replacement Bulbs!

These bulbs sport a long lifespan of up to 60,000 hours, which is about 16 years if your car is on for 12 hours every day.

They are also IP65 waterproof and made to work in the most extreme environmental conditions. The Amber color provides maximum visibility in foggy or wet weather and enhances your car’s safety at night.

Also, these bulbs are RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) tested, which means that they will not interfere with your radios or any of your other onboard electronics. Each bulb comes with 3M adhesive tape on the back, so you can easily install them wherever you want.


  • CRI: 100
  • Color: Amber
  • Input: DC12V-24V
  • Rated voltage(DC): 12V/18 V
  • Lifetime(hours): 60,000 hours (under normal use)
  • Application: For headlights and tail lights of cars and some trucks etc.
  • Model: W21W [1 pc per pack]


  • Energy-saving, long lifespan.
  • The light is similar to the OEM bulb.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Waterproof, great for foggy/wet weather conditions.
  • No flickering, no radio interference.


  • It Does not come with a pair.
  • Does not work well in foggy or rainy conditions.

Are 921 And 7440 Bulbs The Same?

No, they are not. They’re similar, but they are not the same. There is a difference between these bulbs. 921 bulbs have a yellow filament, and 7440 bulbs have a red filament.

This is the only difference that exists between these types of bulbs. They both fit in incandescent fixtures, but 921 are slightly shorter.

The 7440 bulb costs a bit more because it’s harder to find than the 921 bulbs, but you still get what you pay for.

Will A 3157 Bulb Fit A 7440?

No, a 3157 bulb will not fit in a 7440 socket. There are several different lamp sizes, so you need to make sure to find the right bulb for your lamp before you replace it.

You might want to contact the company that makes your lamp and asks them what size bulb will fit in your lamp.

There are several different sizes of lamps and lightbulbs, making it difficult to find a replacement without trying different sizes.

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7440 Bulb Alternative

7443 bulbs are the closest substitute; however, they will not emit the same light as a 7440 bulb. 7443 bulbs are also larger than a 7440 bulb. An alternative to installing a 7443 bulb is to install a led bulb or an H4 headlight.

The 7440 bulb is a replacement for incandescent bulbs, while the 7443 bulb is an upgrade from standard filament bulbs.

They both fit in regular light fixtures and have around the same brightness. The main difference between them is that the 7440 has a red filament, while the 7443 has a white filament.

7440 Bulb Socket

7440 Bulb Socket

A bulb socket is a type of electrical connector that is used to join wires to a light bulb. The number you see on the socket indicates the gauge of the wire.

For example, if you have a 7440 bulb socket, it means that up to 40-gauge wire (the least thick) can be used with this type of spade connector.

Buying guide

The 7400 series is a family of high-intensity discharge lamps. Compared to other types of lighting technologies, these lights use less energy and last longer—typically between 20,000 and 50,000 hours.

Led bulbs have not yet been tested for the same lifespan as fluorescent lights or HID lamps. Here are some things to think about before you make a purchase.

Bulbs and fixtures

The 7400 series is used in both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are the more common choice because they offer a more traditional light appearance.

However, they aren’t as energy efficient as their fluorescent counterparts and aren’t good for dimming applications. Fluorescent lights last longer and are more energy efficient than incandescent options.

Efficiency rating

If you’re looking to purchase a light bulb or even just have a conversation about energy efficiency, you’ll want to know the efficiency of the model.

A bulb’s efficiency icon is usually visible on the packaging and will indicate how much electricity it uses per watt. The higher the number, the more efficient it is.


The 7400 series is a bulb manufactured using halogen gas. This means it’s not as environmentally friendly as a compact fluorescent bulb, which uses significantly less energy and comparatively to no harmful emissions.

The 7400 series, however, is still considered a lighting technology that is safe for the environment–so long as the bulbs you’re purchasing are made with halogen gas. 

Light quality

Light quality

A key aspect of good light is how it looks. Whether you’re looking for a mood enhancement or to replace an incandescent with a more energy-efficient bulb, you’ll want to make sure the light will be good for your needs.

Size and shape

These lights have been designed to provide bright, even lighting without dimming options. Therefore, they are designed to produce a uniform light that’s perfect for lighting larger areas.

Questions For Your Interest

1. Is 3157 and 7443 the same?

No, they’re not. 3157 bulbs are the old-style incandescent light bulb, while 7443 bulbs are compact fluorescent lamps that work differently.

They also have a different base. The original incandescent light bulb is the only one that can be screwed into a socket.

2. What bulb is equivalent to 7443?

7443LL, 7443ST, and 7444NA bulbs are all equivalent to 7443 bulbs. The wattages are different because they respectively have a different lumen.

These bulbs produce light in low-pressure sodium, medium-pressure sodium, and high-intensity discharge lamps, respectively.

7443 is not related to a specific type of bulb at all because it is simply a naming convention that has been around since before this class of lighting was developed.

3. Are all 7443 bulbs the same?

Yes, all 7443 bulbs are the same in their appearance. But all 7443 bulbs are not the same in terms of electricity consumption.

Among all the 7443 bulbs, the LED lamp is the most electricity-saving and environmental-friendly with only 6 watts of electric power.

On the contrary, the halogen filament bulb consumes 18 watts of power. A fluorescent lamp only needs 17 watts, but it’s not as bright as an LED lamp.

4. What bulb can I use instead of 3157?

You can use 3057 bulbs instead of 3157 bulbs. 3157 is a type of low-voltage, high-intensity xenon lamp, and it is a popular option for interior lighting in automobiles.

However, the same design that makes this type of bulb so safe also makes it difficult to replace burnt-out parts because the temperature inside the lens has to be kept within certain limits in order to produce light properly.

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7440 LED bulbs are easy to install, highly efficient, and almost never require replacement. Although they initially cost more than traditional bulbs, they will save you money over time, making them a viable option for your home or business.

They are longer lasting than traditional bulbs. This means the initial cost may be higher, but the energy savings over time will more than compensate for this. 

These LEDs have no risk of burning out or malfunctioning and will never need replacement so long as you own your home or business; they will last forever, and you will not need to replace them often in order to keep your costs down. I hope this article answers everything about the best 7440 led bulb, and you will find it useful.

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