Best 5×7 led headlights

LED headlights are becoming more and more popular on cars and trucks for a number of reasons. They last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, they use less power, and they emit a brighter, whiter light that makes it easier to see at night.

There are a lot of different LED headlights on the market, so it can be tough to know which ones to choose. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the LED headlights, to help make your decision a little easier.

Whether you’re looking for a more powerful light, a longer-lasting bulb, or a more affordable option, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the best 5×7 LED headlights for your needs.

5×7 headlight replacement Guide and Recommendation

If you’re in the market for a new set of headlights, you may be wondering if LED headlights are the way to go.

Here’s a look at five of the best 5×7 led headlights on the market so you can make an informed decision.

1. KASLIGHT H6054 Led Headlights

KASLIGHT H6054 Led Headlights

KASLIGHT Led Headlights are designed to replace the stock sealed beam lights. 5×7 headlight provides you with high and low beam lighting technology without any modifications required.

Comes with 2 headlights & 1 user manual so it will not give you any problems while installing these headlights.

Legal and safe on the road and easy to install

The H6054 LED headlight bulbs are the smartest and most advanced headlights on the market. Built to replace your current halogen headlights, these easy do-it-yourself LED headlights plug into your existing vehicle’s wiring harness for near plug-and-play installation. 

Compatibility with headlights

High quality Kaslight H6054 LED Headlight Kit with 2 x 5W Cree LED chips. Suitable for vehicles sedans, light SUV, Nissan D21,  Jeep Wrangler JK model 85 to 96 and trucks, Chevy express,  c4 corvette, Chevy k5 blazer from 89 models, GMC Safari 93, w250 dodge and off-road.


Add efficient lighting with the H6054 LED Headlights. 15 Ultra Bright 3W LED Chips are encased in an impact-resistant body that is made of high quality aluminum alloy and PC material, featuring over-heat protection and anti-corrosion coating.

The beam pattern projects a sharp cut-off line which allows you to see even in the darkest conditions.

IP67 Waterproof Rate means these headlights can be used in heavy rain and even underwater. Lightweight design makes it easy to install, remove, and replace without tools.

2. Afeax Osram Chips 5×7 Inch Led Headlights

Afeax Osram Chips 5x7 Inch Led Headlights

New design with more highly technology Osram led chips are  IP67,DOT SAE Approved (ID:DOT MS-5786 HL VOR 19,which could be searched on nhtsa or by police).

Super Bright

Afeax  new year updated version 5X7 6×7 inches led headlights is with Osram lanthanum phosphate chip, more durable and brighter then other headlights.

Surprisingly, it has 6000K light output which are white, 9500 lm on high beam and 6500 lm on low beam. Longer lifespan up to 50,000H. Universal design fit all cars including European and Asian car models.

Scientific Cutoff

Afeax 2022 updated Osram chips 5×7 Inch LED headlights are made of aluminum, they are heavy duty with an IP67 waterproof structure, durable enough to withstand road conditions.

Providing wide and high beam light when driving at night. DOT SAE approved (ID: DOT SAE MS-5786 HL VOR 19),this type of headlights are legal on road, other lights without this are fake DOT approved and not legal on road.

Easy to Install

Our H4 socket headlights are simple to install. Anti-flickers are integrated on circuit boards to prevent flickering.

The brightness will not be affected by a more effective heat dissipation system or the use of the most modern, highest-quality OSRAM chips. Even after years of use, it retains its original brilliance.

3. Auxbeam 5×7 7×6 Inch Led Headlights

Auxbeam 5x7 7x6 Inch Led Headlights

Introducing the Auxbeam 5×7 7×6 Inch Led Headlights. These headlights are the perfect addition to your car, truck, or SUV, and provide superior illumination for nighttime driving.

Featuring an LED light source, these headlights are much brighter than traditional halogen headlights, and will provide you with greater visibility on the road. With a simple plug-and-play installation, you can have these headlights up and running in no time.

Super Bright

Auxbeam 5×7 7×6 Inch Led Headlights use Cree Chips. Its design gives more lighting distance, more power and is durable. 6000K pure white light and 8000lm on high beam and 5600lm on low beam.

High performance led headlights

LED Headlights are a Great Modification for Your Vehicle. The Light Output of Our Headlights is Very Bright, Much Brighter than Stock Headlights.

The IP67 waterproof rating allows our headlights to be used in the harshest weather conditions and still perform great.

They are made out of a full aluminum housing that doubles as a heat sink to keep your bulbs cool and last long time.

Easy to Install

Auxbeam headlights are only compatible with the headlight bulbs that originally come with your vehicle.

These headlights come with an integrated circuit board, so you’ll never have to worry about flickering or noise. Other features include:

  • H4 socket
  • led bulbs
  • two lights per set.


The Auxbeam 5×7 7×6 Inch Led Headlights is designed for your Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001, Jeep Wrangler YJ 1987-1995, Comanche MJ 1986-1992. It’s easy to install and can be used as Daytime Running lamps.

4. Auxbeam 5×7 LED Headlights

Auxbeam 5x7 LED Headlights

Auxbeam 5×7 LED Headlights are a great product for those who are looking for an upgrade to their current headlight system.

These LED headlights offer a much brighter light than traditional halogen headlights, and they also use less power, making them more efficient. They are easy to install and come with a one year warranty.

High / Low Sealed Beam

You won’t need to worry about being blinded by oncoming traffic ever again. These lights are fitted with a 6000K-6500K white – temperature beam that allows you to see further down the road and in front of you.

Their high beam has 8000 lumens while their low beam has 5600 lumens, which provides better vision and allows you to see more clearly.

IP67 Waterproof Rated

The Auxbeam 5×7 LED Headlights are built to last and keep you seeing the road. With IP67 waterproof rate, they waterproof up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and are effectively dustproof.

The stainless mounting brackets are rust proof and waterproof, so you can worry less about rainy day drives.

Better Heat Disipation

The high-intensity auxiliary beam with the power of high quality can effectively extend the lifespan of Rectangular 7×6 LED Headlight to over 50,000 hours.

Quick cooling aluminum alloy heat sinks can effectively extend the lifespan of the Rectangular 7×6 LED Headlight to over 50,000 hours.

5. LEDUR 5×7 LED Headlights

LEDUR 5x7 LED Headlights

The LEDUR 5×7 LED Headlight is an LED headlight of superior quality that is suitable for installation in any automobile or pickup truck.

While you are driving, you can be confident that you will have excellent visibility because of the powerful LED light that it contains. The headlamp is simple to put on, and it comes with all of the gear you’ll need to do so.

High Quality and Performance

Our CREE XBD chips are used to produce the brightest light without destroying your night vision.

We only use the highest-quality parts, tested in a variety of conditions to ensure you get the fit, durability and performance that you expect from us.

Our Black aluminum housing with an integral heatsink is built to withstand any weather condition, while our removable dust cap allows quick access inside so you can adjust your headlights when needed.

Compatible with Headlights

The ultimate headlight upgrade for your vehicle. Just stick our 5×7 7×6 LED headlights on your car and get ready to shine.

These headlights are a complete kit that comes with everything you need to install them in minutes. No special tools needed, either.

They come complete with built-in LED bulbs, so there’s no more changing out bulbs every time they burn out.

Easy to Install

These 5×7 LED Headlights are plug-and-play and will come to your desired location, a bolt on design that takes less than 10 minutes to install.

The high beam is super bright with 5600 Lumens at 30W, low beam 2200 Lumens at 15W. With IP68 & 6000K color temperature, it’s also able to withstand water splashing for 30 minutes.

This is certified by CE & RoHs, DOT/SAE approved with 10-30V high beam 5600LM ,low beam 2500LM, IP68 & 6000K; certified by DOT/SAE approved; 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee.

6. 5×7 led headlights dot approved – 4X4FLSTC 5×7 7×6 LED Headlights

5x7 led headlights dot approved

These 4X4FLSTC 5×7 7×6 LED Headlights are DOT-approved LED headlights that provide a light beam that is incredibly bright and clear.

They are simple to set up and do not need any additional wiring to function. These headlights are an excellent upgrading option for your automobile.

Hi/Low Sealed Beam LED Headlights

4x4FLSTC LED headlights provide a high beam and low beam light output, making it easy to distinguish the distance and direction of objects.

The high beam of 9600LM and the low beam of 6500LM ensure the widest and farthest field of vision without affecting other vehicles, which greatly guarantees driving safety.

Headlights with DRL and Turn Signals

The 5×7 LED headlight will improve your visibility and riding experience by increasing the amount of light on your path. The DRL and Amber Turn Signals feature adds a safety layer to your vehicle in any situation.

DOT SAE Approved

Our H6054 LED headlights have been given certification by the United States Department of Transportation, and the mark that represents this certification can be found on the upper half of the lamp on the department’s official website.

50,000 Hours Service Life

aluminum housing that is good for the environment and a lens made of shockproof PC; IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, ventilation apertures on the back of the lamp that only let air in one direction and are capable of entirely removing moisture, It is reasonable to anticipate that the 7×6 LED headlamp will provide more than 50,000 hours of service due to the thoughtful construction of its components.

7. 5×7 led headlights Toyota – ROLINGER 2PCS H6054 Led Headlights

5x7 led headlights Toyota

If you are in search of a high-quality and energy-efficient LED headlight, the ROLINGER 2PCS H6054 LED Headlights are the ideal choice.

The headlights boast a maximum power output of 8,000 lumens and provide a bright and wide beam of light to ensure optimal visibility on the road.

Each LED headlight is built with a die-cast aluminum housing for durability and a sleek look that pairs perfectly with your Toyota vehicle.

Legitimate and Safe

Upgrade your lighting system with a set of 5×7 led headlights for Toyota. They are, providing more light, whiter light and ensuring you don’t have to deal with burnt headlights to ensure driver safety (high beam 5900 LM, low beam 2800 LM).

These 5×7 headlights provide low beam, high beam and blue Day Running Lights lighting technology to make your driving process safer.

Widely Useful

Please double-check that this part is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing. Pins on Toyota and other automobiles’ headlight plugs may need to be adjusted.

The H4 to 3-pin adaptor included in the packaging can alleviate this problem (not included). Fits the years 1986-1995.

Cherokee, 1986-1992 Wrangler, 1984-2001 Kenworth and Comanche Truck, Van, Fire Truck, and Off-Road Semi-Truck are all examples of commercial vehicles. 

Broad Illumination Range

Headlights with a diameter of 7.6 inches The e250 headlights/H6054 led headlights emit a bright white light that is immediately visible.

High-beam 9PSC light cups have a broader spectrum of lighting, allowing you to see both sides clearly.

More Complete Performance

The H6054 Led headlights have an IP68 waterproof classification, which means they can be submerged in water for up to two hours and still function and remain bright.

A stainless steel mounting bracket that resists rust and corrosion. Aluminum alloy fins with heat silica gel can considerably extend the strip’s life for more than 30,000 hours.

Headlight assembly kit

5×7 headlight mounting bracket

This Partsam 5×7 LED Headlight Mounting Bracket provides a solid, secure way to mount your 5×7 headlights.

This bracket is made from high-quality materials and is designed to last. It’s easy to install, comes with all the necessary hardware and can be used as a replacement of old brackets without any modification.


Our LED light bar uses 51W High Power Chips and an HD Lens to FOCUS the light on the area in front of your car, making it different from conventional flood lenses.

Extreme Weather Resistant Fog

Fog that is extremely water resistant: The Super Bright 51W chip and HD lens work together to brighten the route ahead.

The IP68 Submersible Level allows the lamp to function properly even when there is a lot of rain. The temperature range for snow is -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.


The LED Fog Light is built of die-cast aluminum housing, and its heat sink fins design helps to quickly dissipate heat, extending the LED Fog Light’s life to over 50,000 hours.

180°Adjustable Mounting Bracket

The LED Light Bar Mounting Bracket can be adjusted to 180 degrees, allowing you to meet a variety of angles.

5×7 headlight housing

What is headlight housing?

What is headlight housing?

The headlight housing is a component of a vehicle’s lighting system. The housing holds the lamp, which is the part of the lighting system that produces light and illuminates the road ahead.

Headlight housings are made of plastic, glass or metal and are designed to protect the lamp from damage.

What are headlight housing made of?

Headlight housings are typically made of plastic. They are usually made from polycarbonate, a strong, durable plastic that can withstand the heat and pressure of contact with the headlights.

How much is headlight housing?

How much is a headlight housing?

A headlight housing is a part of the car that houses the headlights. It is a plastic or metal shell that sits over the headlights, protecting them from damage while also directing light.

The price range of a headlight housing would depend on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as what kind of options you are looking for. In general, though, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200 for headlight housing.

How do I fix my headlight housing?

The prices of headlight housings change depending on the kind and brand. There is a price range of $1,000 to $2,000 or more for a pair of TYC headlight housings.

If you have ever attempted to install your own headlights, you might be able to rationalize the cost to yourself.

Can you open headlight housing?

Can you open headlight housing?

Yes, you can open the headlight housing. However, we do not recommend doing so because it could cause damage to the seal and allow moisture and dirt to enter. This could lead to premature headlight failure.

The housing is usually held in place with screws. Once you remove these screws, you should be able to open the housing and access the light bulb.

Buying Guide – Read Before Purchasing.

A few things are important to keep in mind when shopping for the best 5×7 LED headlights for your vehicle. The following is a quick buying guide that will assist you in making the right choice:

1. Lumens

Lumens are the unit of measurement for the illumination output of an LED. The higher the lumens count, the more intense the light output.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, it is recommended that you search for a 5×7 LED headlight that has a high lumen output.

2. Beam pattern

Beam pattern

The beam pattern of an LED headlight is what defines how the light is distributed throughout the surrounding area.

While certain beam patterns are created to allow visibility over a greater distance, others offer a more expansive field of view. Select the beam pattern that caters most closely to your requirements.

3. Color temperature

Kelvin is the unit of measurement for the color temperature of an LED headlamp (K). When measured in Kelvin, light with a lower number indicates a warmer color temperature.

When driving at night, a 5×7 LED headlamp with a lower Kelvin rating will produce a more effective level of illumination.

4. IP rating

The LED headlight’s ability to withstand dust and water is indicated by the headlight’s “IP rating.” A headlamp that has a higher IP rating will be more resistant to damage from rain and other precipitation.

5. Durability

LED headlights are difficult to surpass when it comes to their long-term reliability. They are able to sustain a significant amount of wear and tear, and in contrast to conventional headlights, they are not prone to breaking.

6. Wattage

The higher the wattage, the greater the amount of power that the headlights will draw from the outlet. Pick a wattage with a lower number if you want to cut back on your energy consumption.

7. Installation

headlight housing Installation

There are varying degrees of difficulty associated with installing various headlights. If you are unsure of your abilities to put them in by yourself, you should select a model that comes with clear and concise installation instructions.

8. Price

LED headlights are significantly more expensive than conventional headlights; nonetheless, the additional cost is well worth it.

Because they will last longer and give better vision, any driver would be advised to select them as their replacement tires.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are LEDs legal for headlights?

Yes, you can legally drive with LED headlights. LED illumination is now the industry standard for newly manufactured vehicles, yet the maximum brightness output of LED headlights is 3,000.

2. Which LED is brighter 6000K or 8000K?

The majority of individuals would say that the answer is yes. However, this is dependent on the regulations of your state and community.

There are several areas that have rules that prohibit the use of any form of after-market headlights, and these laws would include LED headlights.

3. What is the brightest legal LED headlight bulb?

OSRAM Night Breaker 200% Bulbs Legally brightest LED headlight bulb. These filament bulbs are 200 percent brighter than others. They’re legal, have an E-mark, and are warrantied. Halogen lights are easy to install.

4. What is a good lumen for LED headlights?

This varies on the vehicle, intensity of illumination, and personal choice. Generally, LED headlights should have between 6,000 and 10,000 lumens.

5. Is 3000 lumens too bright?

Yes, 3000 lumens is too bright for headlights, which are limited to 2000 lumens. Your state may allow a light bar. There are no federal laws that specify headlight lumens.

6. Is 6000 lumens too bright for headlights?

Yes, it is common knowledge that 6000 Lumen is an excessive amount of light. However, there are still LED automotive headlight bulbs available with 8000 Lumen, 10000 Lumen, and even 12000 Lumen in some cases.


From our research we’ve found that the best 5×7 LED headlights are the KASLIGHT H6054 Led Headlights and the Afeax 2022 Updated Osram Chips 5×7 Inch Led Headlights.

These headlights offer the best light output and beam pattern, and they’re also the most durable and reliable.

If you’re looking for the best possible LED headlights for your car or truck, we highly recommend these two options.

Each model has its own benefits, depending on what you’re looking for in a headlight. Check out each product description to get a better idea for which one might be best for your particular needs.

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