Blue Ox Sway Pro Review: 3 Best Weight Distribution Trailers

Distributing weights and preventing trailer sway is a task like pie. All you need is a concept of Blue Ox Sway Pro Review. As a result, choosing the best product won’t make you toil unnecessarily. 

But the heck is all Sway Pro doesn’t work as per our expectations. Moreover, every Sway Pro can’t gain control and stability in their performance. 

For this reason, we have enlisted some stunning products with their features. At least one of them will surely match your preferences. 

blue ox trackpro weight distribution w sway control

Top 3 Best Blue ox weight distribution hitch Review 2021

Products Descriptions 
Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPROEvenly distributes weight 
Makes no noise in working 
Gives a superb backup
Lines up trailer with a vehicle
Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPROEnsures stability and control
Occurs zero disconnections in backup
Prevents sway 
Performance is up to the mark
Blue Ox BXW1350 TrackProEases the weight distribution process 
Prevails no disconnections 
Owns high-quality materials 
Makes no disturbances in fitment

Top 3 Travel Trailers: Blue Ox Sway Pro reviews

#1. Blue Ox SWAYPRO 1000 Reviews

Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 1000lb

To prevent your trailer sway, Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO is a perfect choice to have. In a very smooth way, this Sway Pro distributes weight evenly over the axles. As a result, your tow vehicle will always keep holding its stability and barely give any blue ox sway pro issues. 

blue ox sway pro 1000

Moreover, there is a pre-adjusted hitch head that requires no fine-tuning at all. And don’t worry about the sway prevention. Blue Ox BXW1000 is always first in safeguarding sways. Let’s not beat around a bush anymore and go through some of the key features of Blue Ox’s product.

Smoother ride

From now on, your rides are going to be as smooth as a pie. Just make sure you have your Blue Ox BXW1000 with you and see how spirited you feel in your rides.

Less noise

Without making any noise, BXW1000 Sway Pro works actively and leaves no stone unturned in performance. 

Back up

Regarding no disconnections, this sway pro is superb in the backup of two vehicles. Other than that, Blue Ox BXW1000 is always stern in maneuverability. 

Easy use

For hooking up BXW1000 to your trailer, you will not have to cost an arm and leg. All you got to do is attach the trailer to your truck’s ball and lock it in place. Then raise it as much as possible. As simple as that.


  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Works actively with no noise
  • Gives a superb backup
  • Finely lines up trailer with vehicles


  • Often takes time to work 

#2. Blue Ox 1500 SWAYPRO Review

Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 1500lb

Are you hassling to back your trailers up? Then Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO has got you covered. This Sway Pro works like magic when it’s about distributing weight over the axles of two vehicles. Furthermore, BXW1500 travels trailers and ensures stability with ample adequate control.

Blue Ox # BXW1500 is a weight distribution hitch

Coming to sway prevention, Blue Ox BXW1500 owns a crown. Since this SWAYPRO is not food for thought, you can completely rely on it to prevent your trailer sway. Still, we folks thrive for more assurance when it’s about selecting a mere product. Instead of fudging more, let’s look at the below key features. 

Hitch head

Here, the hitch head is pre-adjusted. So, if you think that you will need a fine-tuning for further use, you are wrong. BXW1500 SWAYPRO never lets down customers’ satisfaction and stays buckled up every time.


BXW1500 always keeps two vehicles fit as a fiddle by its valor spring steel construction. Hence, your rides are going to be softer and smoother, bearing zero complications. 


The best thing about this sway pro is noiseless outcomes. In effect, you can travel your trailers without a single sound in your appliances. 

Back up

You can use this Blue Ox Sway Pro with full confidence to back your trailer up without any disconnections.


  • Ensures stability and control
  • Distributes weight evenly 
  • Prevents way effortlessly 
  • Performance is up to the mark
  • No disconnections in backup


  • Disturbs in installation sometimes 

#3. Blue Ox BXW1350 TrackPro-blue ox trackpro reviews

Blue Ox BXW1350 TrackPro

The track is a different kind of invention as it possesses Sway Management Technology. Also, there are two points of friction sway control to make your process easier. 

Optimum backup without disconnections is another amazing feature of BXW1350 TrackPro. It has spring bars which are made from spring steels. Therefore, a high yield strength will always remain with this product. Besides, your trailers will always remain on track throughout the route.


Dual axle cargos are very suitable with Blue Ox TrackPro. If you have this vehicle, don’t wait and grab a BXW1350 TrackPro right now. And you will see your trailers are typically all over the roads.

Soft Ride Technology 

There is a built-in soft ride technology in BXW1350 which allows a smooth ride in every condition. So, if you are looking for having a breath-taking venture, go with Blue Ox TrackPro.

Adjustable shanks

The shanks here are so adjustable that they can easily fit in receiver hitches. So, it is okay if we say BXW1350 TrackPro gains a universal fitment. 


Being a versatile weight distribution kit, BXW1350 has a good capacity of tongue weighing up to 1300 lbs. Besides, you will not need any sway control and do your weight distribution task hassle-free. 


  • Makes the weight distribution process easy
  • Prevails no disconnections 
  • Owns high-quality materials 
  • Fits without any disturbances
  • A versatile weight distribution kit 


  • Excess use may lead to deterioration 
  • A bit expensive 

Difference between Blue Ox Sway Pro and Track Pro

Blue Ox Sway Pro uses chains and tensions so that it can prevent sway and on the other hand, Track Pro rather relies on friction so that it can prevent and manage the sway of the trailer.

However, both Sway Pro and Track Pro offer easy setup, interchangeable spring bars, and the ability to back up without getting disconnected. Finally, both of them will do a great job but the Track Pro will lack in terms of movement and the reason is the absence of the drop chains.

How does the Blue Ox Sway Pro work?

Blue Ox Sway Pro is a brand of weight distributing hitch that can prevent the trailer from sway. Sway Pro relies mostly on chains and tensions for keeping its spring bars in right place and the brackets make sure that the pressure coming from the bars will attach and keep the trailer in the same line with your towing car. This is how the Blue Ox Sway Pro works usually.

Blue ox sway pro how many links- Recommended Chain Position on Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight

Blue Ox Sway Pro is a popular brand that is good at manufacturing the best sway control. When you will install the Blue Ox Sway Pro weight distributing hitch with the sway control, then there will be three full chain links and the recommended chain position will be on the beginning point which will be showing under the latch as well.

Can you back up with Blue Ox Sway Pro?

This question arises in the mind of many people but only a few can get an accurate answer. One piece of necessary equipment which is required to stay connected to the premise while backing things up at the same time is the Sway Pro or Track Pro and both of them are from Blue Ox Company. Both of these weight distributing hitches can allow you to back up without getting disconnected.

Blue Ox Sway Pro vs. Equalizer 4

While going at top speeds or making sharp turns can make your car sway because of having low stability. However, sway maker companies like Equalizer and Blue Ox have manufactured sway bars that can improve stability while making sharp turns at high speed. Although, you may have become confused between the Blue Ox and Equalizer.

A great thing about both these products is you do not have to worry about the compatibility of their sway pro with your car. But in the case of Equalizer, you may need to tune the product. Therefore, Blue Ox Sway Pro makes a better product because it doesn’t require tuning.

What is the best sway control hitch?

These are the best sway control hitch as follows:

  1. Equalizer 4 Point Hitch Sway Control
  2. Andersen No Sway Hitches WDH
  3. HUSKY Round Bar WDH
  4. EAZ LIFT 1000-Pound Elite Bar Bent WDH
  5. Pro Series Weight Distribution Complete Kit.

How does Blue Ox prevent sway?

Blue Ox prevents sway by relying on the chains and tensions in keeping its spring bars right taut and the brackets make sure of the pressure from the same spring bars so that they will keep the towing vehicle in line with your trailer.

Blue ox track pro installation

Blue Ox Sway Pro Instructions

  1. Park both the trailer and towing vehicle in a line
  2. Insert the hitch receiver mount shank into your towing vehicle
  3. Secure it with proper sized clip and pin
  4. Install the right ball that matches with the coupler
  5. Level the trailer with the towing vehicle
  6. Now measure the coupler height
  7. Then couple your trailer to the head of the hitch
  8. Take a proper measurement
  9. Insert all the spring bars into the pivots of the bar
  10. Confirm rotating latches which are set in the proper position
  11. Lastly, release the rotation latch and your Blue Ox Sway Pro will be installed.

Final Words

After researching multiple Blue Ox Sway Pro Reviews, we showed the best products for your tow vehicles. Anyways, each of the Sway Pro is functional and easy to use. 

But, if you want more enhanced performance, Blue Ox BXW1350 TrackPro can be a good one for you. Contrastingly, when budget matters to you most, Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO and Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO can also meet your content.

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