Best Camshaft Assembly Lube

A camshaft is a rotating shaft with cams that actuates the opening and closing of valves in an internal combustion engine. It is one of the most important parts of an engine and needs to be lubricated properly in order to function properly.

If you are looking for the best camshaft assembly lube, then you have come to the right place. Lube is designed to provide a smooth, consistent film that will protect your engine components during assembly

Camshaft assembly lube is a special type of lubricant that is specifically designed for camshafts. It is important to use the right type of lubricant on your camshaft in order to prevent wear and tear.

Some factors you should consider when choosing a camshaft assembly lube are the viscosity, the flash point, the pour point, and the evaporation rate. You should also consider the environment in which you will be using the camshaft assembly lube.

Camshaft Installation Lubricant-why Important

Camshaft Installation Lubricant-why Important

It’s important to use a camshaft installation lubricant when installing a new camshaft in your car. This lubricant will help to keep the camshaft from binding on the bearings and prevent the bearings from being damaged during installation.

Most camshafts come with a special installation kit that includes a camshaft installation lubricant. If you don’t have this kit, you can purchase a camshaft installation lubricant at most auto parts stores.

What Is Assembly Lube Used For

If you are assembling your own powertrain, assembly lube is an essential commodity. It is intended for use when assembling an engine.

You will likely need moly installation lubricant paste and liquid engine assembly lube when constructing an engine.

Best Assembly Lube For Camshaft

COMP Cams 152 Cam and Lifter Installation Lube

Best Assembly Lube For Camshaft

The most essential time in the life of a camshaft is when it initially starts up. COMP Cams Cam & Lifter Setup Lube is the best lubricant for breaking in on the market.

Installing camshaft and lifters Lubricant must be extensively applied to the distributor gear, lifter bottoms, and each cam lobe during installation.

The COMP Cams Cam & Lifter Installation Lube provides the initial protection necessary to avoid premature wear.

Top Performance Products

COMP Cams® has been the leading manufacturer of high-performance camshafts and engine parts for more than four decades (Competition Cams).

COMP Cams® was founded on three key tenets: building with cutting-edge technology, providing the best customer service in the industry, and producing goods of unparalleled quality.

Fit Type

This product is an easy to use, solid lubricant that would be a welcomed addition to every toolbox. The applicator allows you to precisely use as much lube as you need, and the bottle gives you plenty of product for many installs to come!

Included Components

Auto Parts On Sale has cheap cam and lifter installation lubes. The package includes two tins that can each be used with three engines. Six tins are offered, and each promises the same durability and longevity as the others.

Best Engine Assembly Lube For Long Term Storage

Permatex 81950 Ultra Slick Engine Assembly Lube

Permatex 81950 Ultra Slick Engine Assembly Lube

Permatex Ultra Slick Engine Assembly Lube adheres to element to consider to prevent scratching and galling at initial startup.

Prior to starting a brand-new or remanufactured engine, it is essential that the metal mating surfaces are well lubricated. This formulation meets or exceeds OEM performance criteria for engine assembly lubricants.

Permatex provides reliability and problem-solving solutions that extend the life of your equipment, whether you require oils, additives, or dressings for special-mission, work applications or the rigors of heavy-duty requirements.

Prevent Scuffing and Galling

In order to prevent scuffing and galling during first start-up, Permatex Ultra Slick Engine Manufacturing Lube is specifically made to offer a very viscosity and non-caking lube that will adhere to surfaces. Because of its extra-heavy-duty formulation, the engine operates more smoothly and is subject to less wear.

High Quality Formulation

When compared to traditional assembly lubes, this formulation’s film strength and corrosion prevention are greater, and it satisfies OEM performance requirements for engine assembly lubricants. It offers outstanding protection against corrosion from water, salt, and a variety of other pollutants.

Sta-Lube Extreme Pressure Engine Assembly Lube

Sta-Lube Extreme Pressure Engine Assembly Lube

Components for a high-pressure engine Lube by Sta-Lube Lube is the finest option for lubricating metal-to-metal contact areas and decreasing friction, galling, and wear when engines are being constructed, started, and broken in.

It is a lithium-based adhesive grease with molybdenum-graphite reinforcement. During the vital start-up period of a newly constructed engine, this feature provides protection where it is needed most.

Engine Assembly Lube

This assembly lubricant is a moly-graphite-fortified grease with a lithium base. As a result of sticking to metal surfaces, it avoids harmful metal-to-metal contact.

Excellent Formula

This specific oil was created to lessen the amount of wear, friction, and galling that happens on all kinds of engines during the assembly, starting, and breaking-in phases.


To lubricate moving elements, such as cylinders, camshafts, and camshafts; to assemble every mechanical component; to assemble every mechanical component; to assemble every mechanical component.

Is Engine Assembly Lube Necessary?

Everything you assemble for your car or bicycle must be greased before usage. If you assume “assembly lubricant is just for professionals” or “construction lube is only for brand-new motors,” it’s possible that the elements you’re installing will fail prematurely.

What To Use For Engine Assembly Lube

If you’re looking for an engine assembly lube that will get the job done right, COMP Cams Cam & Lifter Installation Lube is a great option.

This lube is designed to provide a smooth, consistent film that will protect your engine components during assembly.

Permatex  Ultra Slick Engine Assembly Lube is another great choice, as it provides excellent lubrication and protection against wear.

For a lube that will offer extreme pressure protection, Sta-Lube Extreme Pressure Engine Assembly Lube is a great option.

Engine Assembly Lube Alternatives

Clevite 77 2800B2 Bearing Guard

Clevite 77 2800B2 Bearing Guard

The Clevite 77 2800B2 Bearing Guard is a great product that is universal and fits great. The package dimensions are 16.5 H x 4.3 L x 5.1 W (centimeters) and the package weight is 0.181 kilograms. The product is made in China and is a great addition to anyone’s garage or shop.

Bearing Guard is an excellent product that does an excellent job of keeping your bearings well-lubricated. I have used it on my own personal vehicles as well as on customers’ vehicles and have never had any problems with it.

It is easy to use and does a great job of keeping your bearings in good condition. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their bearings in good shape.

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Lucas Oil LUC10153 Assembly Lube

Lucas Oil LUC10153 Assembly Lube

With Lucas High Performance Assembly Lube, technicians and engineers can pre-lubricate bearings, camshaft, lifters, and valve train components.

The Semi-Synthetic formulation contains high-pressure additives, such as ZINC, MOLY, and others, which offer the maximum protection during engine break-in. Lucas Assembly Lubricant is exceptionally slick and user-friendly, reducing seizing, galling, and scuffing and eliminating dry starts.

Perfect for engine building

A medium viscosity assembly lube, Lucas LUC10153, is created for use on all moving components during installation, including the lifters and camshaft of an engine with internal combustion. Your engine will remain clean, quiet, and race-ready by being kept free of dirt and dust.


Creation of Lucas Lubricant is applied to bearings, camshaft, and lifters prior to installation. In addition, it is utilized to prevent corrosion and rust on rocker arms and valve train components.

Prevents seizing galling and scuffing

Lucas Assembly Lube protects surfaces that must be assembled, reduces friction, and prevents seizing, galling, and scuffing.

The product is recommended for use in all phases of automobile, truck, and motorbike construction to ease easy removal.

Maxima Assembly Lube – Maxima Racing Oils

Specialized, film-forming lubricant developed to protect aging surfaces and rotating parts during installation and first break-in.

Prevents metal-to-metal contact during startup when insufficient lubrication is present. In addition, it provides superior protection against rust and corrosion during extended service and storage periods.

Does not clog filters and mixes easily with synthetic and petroleum-based lubricants. Completely engineered with high amounts of anti-wear, high-pressure, and friction-reducing surface active chemistry.

2X Zinc, which is activated at both low and high working temperatures, provides unparalleled protection. Non-foaming.

How Much Engine Assembly Lube To Use

How Much Engine Assembly Lube To Use

There is no definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on the specific engine and the assembly lube being used.

However, a general rule of thumb is to use around 2 ounces of assembly lube per quart of engine oil. So, for a standard 4-quart oil capacity engine, you would use 8 ounces of assembly lube.

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Assembly Lube Vs Grease: Can I Use Grease Instead Of Assembly Lube

There are a few key differences between assembly lube and grease that are important to understand. Assembly lube is a lubricant that is specifically designed for assembly purposes.

It is typically a light oil that is used to help reduce friction and wear during the assembly process. Grease, on the other hand, is a thicker lubricant that is designed for long-term lubrication. It is typically used in bearings and other moving parts that require constant lubrication.

You can use grease instead of assembly lube but it is not recommended. Assembly lube is designed to help protect against corrosion and wear. Grease can actually cause more wear and tear on parts.

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Questions About Your Preferences

1. Do I Need Assembly Lube For Camshaft?

If you are rebuilding your engine, or even if you are just changing your camshaft, you will need to use an assembly lube.

This is a special type of lubricant that is designed to protect engine parts during assembly. It will help to prevent damage to bearings and other engine parts during assembly, and it will also help to make sure that your engine runs smoothly once it is completed.

2. Is Assembly Lube Better Than Oil?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to whether assembly lube is better than oil. It really depends on the application and what you are trying to achieve.

In general, assembly lube is used to help protect components during assembly and break-in, while oil is used to lubricate and protect components during operation.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both, so it really comes down to what you need and what you are trying to achieve.

3. Can I Use Grease For Assembly Lube?

You can use grease for assembly lube, but it’s not the best option. Grease is designed to stay put and not wash away like oil. This can make it difficult to get the parts to seat properly during assembly.

4. What Can I Use As Assembly Lube?

There are a few different things that can be used as assembly lube, but the most common are motor oil and grease. These can be used to lubricate the parts of an engine or other machinery during assembly.

5. What Is Best Engine Assembly Lube?

Permatex lubricant is manufactured according to OEM performance specifications. This lubricant for engine assembly is one of the greatest for long-term storage.

Lubricant can be used as a lube, dressing, and protection. It is also suitable for use in tough circumstances.

6. When Should You Not Use Moly Grease?

Moly grease is not advised for use in sealed bearings. Moly grease should not be applied to regions that are susceptible to ultraviolet or solar radiation. Moly grease is not advised for use with certain materials, including aluminum, copper, and brass.

7. Assembly Lube Vs Grease:What is the difference between assembly lube and grease?

There are a few key differences between assembly lube and grease that are worth noting. For one, assembly lube is typically a liquid lubricant while grease is semi-solid.

Assembly lube is also designed to be used during the assembly process of an engine or other machinery, whereas grease is typically used to lubricate finished products.

Additionally, assembly lube is typically made from oil-based products like petroleum or synthetic oils. Grease, on the other hand, is usually made from a combination of soap and oil.

Finally, assembly lube is typically applied to surfaces that will be moving relative to each other, such as piston rings and bearings.

Grease, on the other hand, is typically applied to surfaces that will not be moving relative to each other, such as bushings.

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If you are looking for the best camshaft assembly lube that will provide superior protection and performance, then the COMP Cams 152 Cam and Lifter Installation Lube and Permatex Ultra Assembly Lube is the perfect choice.

These lube is designed to protect camshafts and bearings from wear and tear, while also reducing friction and heat build-up.

These are also resistant to oil breakdown and have excellent anti-wear properties. Overall, the Camshaft Assembly Lube is an outstanding product that will keep your engine running like new.

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