Cam phaser lockout pros and cons

In order to provide a better performance, enhanced fuel economy and enhanced engine protection, the cam phaser lockout feature is designed. The benefit of this system is that it will be able to eliminate such noise coming from the front of your vehicle. The cam phaser lockout system is simple and affordable.

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Cam phaser lockout pros and cons

Let’s find out what cam phaser lockout pros and cons there are so you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to install one on your car.

Cam Phaser Lockouts: Pros

Performance – of course, this is what cam phaser lockouts are designed for. When you install them, your car will get more po, better throttle response and less engine vibration.

Easy to install – these devices don’t require any special knowledge or tools to install. You can do it yourself in about 30 minutes without any problems.

Affordable – compared to other cam phaser eliminators, these ones are really affordable.

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Cam Phaser Lockouts: Cons

Fuel Consumption – there have been claims that using lockout kits may increase fuel consumption by 5% in the high rev range between 3K and 4K RPM. This may be due to a design flaw or a lack of proper tuning before installation

Tips: Keep in mind that the cam phaser lockout pros and cons are unique for each vehicle. It is highly recommended to install a lockout kit with the help of a professional mechanic to have the best results.

What does a cam phaser lockout do?

The cam phaser is a hydraulic actuator that synchronizes the intake and exhaust valve timing in an engine. They are often found in V8 engines, and if you want to keep your vehicle in good condition, you should have to replace them every 80,000 miles at least.

Why it is failed: Reasons

There are many reasons why cam phasers can fail. First of all, they wear out over time, especially if you frequently change the timing chain or if you keep adjusting it manually. Another reason is that they leak oil and gas, which further reduces the lifespan of the cam phaser.

And finally, one of the most common reasons for failure is the inability to synchronize the opening and closing of valves due to worn-out gears inside of them. This will create engine clicking noises and may even lead to engine stalling issues.

When do you need to replace?

Cam Phasers are inexpensive components that can be installed quickly and save you money at the gas pump. They will also enhance your engine performance and enhance the efficiency of your car.

 If you experience knocking in your car and have checked for mechanical problems like worn valve seals or loose pistons, then you may want to consider replacing your cam phasers with a high-quality cam phaser lockout device.

The only way to fix this problem is to replace cam phasers with new ones, but as we mentioned above, this requires you to spend quite a lot of money on expensive parts and labor charges. Luckily for you, there is an easier way out – lockout kits!

5.4 phaser lockout without tune- Cam Phaser Noise Repair Kit (Ford,4.6/5.4 3V)

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Cam Phaser Lock Out Kit Noise Repair for Ford 5.4L 4.6L
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5.4 cam phaser lockout review

kit will speed up your repair time by providing quick connect parts and eliminating the need to remove your engine cover and timing chain in order to adjust camshaft locked out position. This kit works on a variety of Ford vehicles including: F150, F250, F350, Excursion, Expedition, Explorer, Navigator, E-Series Van, Ranger, Windstar and others

You can also check for OTC (6681) Cam Tool Set – Ford 4.6L/5.4L/6.8L 3V Engine

About Cam phaser

The cam phaser is a hydraulic control device that is used to adjust the timing of the valve-lift. It’s commonly used on car engines and is found in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Cam phasers are an integral part of the engine. The primary job of the camshaft is to switch gear that converts rotating motion into reciprocating motion needed to open and close valves.

At high RPM, the camshaft rotates at a very high rate producing rhythmic knocking noise that results in reduced engine performance and fuel consumption. Installing a cal phaser lockout kit effectively eliminates this irritating noise.

The cam phasers work by using a phasing mechanism to advance or retard the timing of the valves. They are an efficient way to adjust the valve timing, however, they are unreliable for long periods of time.

Due to their complexity, these devices take a lot of time to repair if they fail. This is why people have started to use lockout kits as an alternative. These kits enhance engine performance while also improving fuel consumption at high RPMs.

Cam phaser is a better mechanism as compared to the ignition control module (ICM) which uses crankshaft position sensor for determining the exact position of the crankshaft so as to restart the ignition at proper phase.

The main advantages of cam phaser are better fuel gallonage, increased power, enhanced engine performance and lower maintenance cost.

Cam phaser limiter vs lockout

Let’s simplify this a bit and start with the basics:

The purpose of a cam phaser limiter is to prevent over-rotation, in case of improper timing chain adjusting or faulty camshaft sensors. On the other hand, a lockout will fix the timing of your engine and prevent any sort of rotation that could cause permanent damage to your engine

A phaser limiter is used to limit the number of degrees the camshafts can rotate in order to limit timing and reduce power. A cam phaser limiter can be used as part of a cam phaser lock-out system that also locks the camshaft so it does not rotate. To properly diagnose a failure, first, use a scanner for OBD2 codes, then disassemble the phaser lockout system to determine if a failure has occurred.

Cam phaser limiters and cam phaser lockouts each serve their own purposes for preventing wear and tear on the engine. If a cam phaser goes bad, you can use a limiter to prevent any more damage from being done to the engine. With that said, some people prefer using a lockout because it will protect the engine even better than a limiter. Limiters and lockouts also have different styles, including magnetic and spline-based models.

Are cam phaser lockouts bad?

When you have a cam phaser lockout, your engine is free to spin as much as it pleases. A bad cam phaser could potentially cause damage to the pistons and rods, and you may need to change the entire engine, which could be expensive. Luckily, with a Walker cam phaser lockout, you can prevent any damage caused by the bad cam phaser.

Yes, bad cam phasers will trigger the check engine light and the car will try to shut off the engine.

Bad cam phasers can cause changing idle problems, gas mileage issues, stalling, and misfires. Cam Phaser Lockouts protect your engine by keeping the cam phasers in fixed positions and preventing any movements that could potentially damage your pistons.

Cam Phaser Lockout Installation Instructions


The cam phaser lockouts are a quick and affordable solution to fixing engine noise. However, this fix is only a temporary one. The main problem of the cam phaser lockouts is that they reduce the power of the engine and increase its consumption.

Cam phaser lockouts are useful for noisy engines but their use for performance enhancement may make your vehicle lose power and increase fuel consumption in high RPM.

The cam phaser lockout kits replace the oil control rings with stiffer ones made from plastic or aluminium. These rings need to be stiffer because they move on a fixed point instead of rotating like they would in a regular engine.

The stiffer rings will dampen the engine noise by preventing the valves from dropping into the exhaust chamber completely. This means that these new rings are physically blocking valves from going down, which increases friction between valves and cylinder head increasing wear on both parts.

The performance-enhancing aspect of these lockouts is that they increase resistance against camshafts to slow them down and reduce valve opening duration. This means that less air goes into each cylinder making the engine consume more fuel.

The fuel consumption will be increased because the engine needs more time to fill each cylinder with air pushing back against pop-ups on exhaust side.

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