Top 4 Best Cam For Stock 454 Review in 2021 with Buying Guide

A camshaft is a part of the combustion engine that’s made of metal. Its primary job is to convert rotational energy to reciprocal energy using the pointed cams. Choosing the best cam for stock 454 might become frustrating as you’ve to take into account various aspects. In this article, I’ve provided all the necessary information for you to choose the best cam for stock 454.

I have reviewed 454 camshaft selection based on rpm range (where the engine performs best and matches the other components of your vehicle) 

The 4 Best Cam for Stock 454:

  1. COMP Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 279TH7 Cam
  2. Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam
  3. COMP Cams K11-242-3 Camshaft Kit
  4. Lunati Voodoo Cam and Lifter Kit

The Benefits of Using Cam

Enhanced performance: The camshaft is essential in improving the performance of the engine. It operates the intake and exhaust valves and increases horsepower.

High-speed: It increases the operating range of high-speed engines.

Powers Engine: The camshaft lifts the intake and exhaust valves to combust air/fuel mixture that powers the engine with ease and efficiency.

Accelerating air/fuel mixture: While rotating, it lets the pistons carry air/fuel intake strokes as the valve lifts. This lift allows the cylinder to combust the mixture and start up the engine.

Opening valves: The overhead camshafts keep the valves lifted for a certain amount of time. The intake and exhaust process is carried out at the exact time without overheating the engine.

The 454 EFI version was rated from 230 hp (172 kW) to 255 hp (190 kW) and from 385 lb⋅ft (522 N⋅m) to 405 lb⋅ft (549 N⋅m) of torque.

The 4 Best Cam For Stock 454 in 2021

COMP Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 279TH7 Cam
  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
  • Intake Duration: 279
  • Exhaust Duration: 296
  • RPM Range: 1800 to 5600
  • Lobe Separation: 107 °
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): 227
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): 241
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Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam
  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
  • Intake Duration: 300
  • Exhaust Duration: 306
  • RPM Range: 1500 to 6500
  • Lobe Separation: 112°
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): 256
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): 250
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COMP Cams K11-242-3 Camshaft Kit
  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
  • Intake Duration: 268
  • Exhaust Duration: 280
  • RPM Range: 1600 to 5800
  • Lobe Separation: 110 °
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): 224
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): 230
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Lunati Voodoo Cam and Lifter Kit
  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
  • Intake Duration: 268
  • Exhaust Duration: 276
  • RPM Range: 1800 to 6200
  • Lobe Separation: 110°
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): 227
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): 223
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1. COMP Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 279TH7 Cam

The COMP is one of the best 454 cams that ensure high performance with its three unique designs for different applications. The quick intake of the valve opening along with the long exhaust duration provides hardcore and powerful exhaust results. It works great with rear gear and aftermarket converters.

 Reasons to buy:

  • The operating RPM range marks at 1800-5600.
  • Heavy exhaust note due to the unique and performance-oriented design makes it an excellent 454 thumpr cam.
  • Phenomenal horsepower with higher torque for muscle cars.
  • Optimized valve lift for accurate performance.

Key Features:

  • Camshaft Type:  This model is a Hydraulic Flat Tappet type camshaft that provides excellent performance.
  • Intake Duration: The intake duration goes up to 279.
  • Exhaust Duration: Advertised exhaust duration of this camshaft is at 297.
  • Lobe Separation: Lobe separation for this model is at 107°.
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): The Intake duration is 227 at 0.50 inch Lift.
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): COMP CL11-600-4 exhaust duration touches 241 mark.
  • RPM Range: It has an ideal operating RPM Range that is from 1800 to 5600.
  • Unique three designs ensure higher performance.
  • More torque and horsepower for your engine.
  • Longer exhaust duration.
  • 1800-5600 RPM range.
  • Cast iron made body.
  • It may take upto 10 business days to have the delivery from the manufacturer.

2. Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam and Lift Kit.

Edelbrock 7162 performer 454 cam kit can produce 540 Horsepower and 530 ft-lbs torque power on a 454 engine. It’s a nice cam for a 454 chevy engine that runs with 1500-6500 RPM Range. This camshaft provides more lift and longer duration using the 10″-12″ Manifold vacuum.

Reasons to buy:

  • Edelbrock 7162 camshaft supports perfectly with street runs.
  • Higher torque and horsepower make it a powerful chevy 454 cam.
  • 1500-6500 operating RPM Range is excellent.
  • The 10″ to 12″ manifold vacuum ensures longer duration and more lift.

Key Features:

  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet is the best cam for stock 454.
  • Intake Duration: The intake duration marks at 300.
  • Exhaust Duration: The exhaust duration marks at 306.
  • Lobe Separation: Lobe separation is set at 112° for this cam.
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): Intake duration marks at 256.
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): Exhaust Duration touches at 250.
  • RPM Range: 1500-6500 operating RPM ensures high & consistent performance.
  • 1500-6500 RPM range.
  • Maximum power with High-RPM
  • Extra lift and longer exhaust duration with manifold vacuum.
  • It contains hydraulic lifters and Assembly Lube.
  • Exhaust duration at .50″ Lift could be improved

3. COMP Cams K11-242-3 Camshaft Kit

COMP Cams K11-242-3 is a phenomenal 454 camshaft that provides maximum performance by taking advantage of the exclusive cam technology. It’s excellent for towing, street performance, or off-roading. The lobe profile offers better throttle response along with extra horsepower.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Extra vacuum offers high performance and assists power brakes.
  • It has an incredible operating RPM range of 1600-5800.
  • The kit comes with all the necessary accessories.
  • Higher responsiveness comes from faster lobe profile opening.

Key Features:

  • Camshaft Type: The cam style is Hydraulic Flat Tappet.
  • Intake Duration: This model marks at 268 for intake duration.
  • Exhaust Duration: The exhaust duration is checked at 280.
  • Lobe Separation: The lobe separation is 110° for this cam.
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): Intake duration for .5 inch lift is 224.
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): Exhaust duration for .5″ marks at 230.
  • RPM Range: It has 1600-5800 RPM Range.
  • Powerful performance from the vacuum.
  • Perfect for street or off-road performance.
  • Added responsiveness from the lobe.
  • 1600-5800 Operating RPM Range.
  • Intake and exhaust duration could be better.

4. Lunati Voodoo Cam and Lifter Kits

Lunati cam kit 10110703LK comes with asymmetrical lobe design with slower closing sides that reduce the noise and increase the longevity of the valvetrain. This model is combined with higher horsepower and torque that ensure more throttle response, faster acceleration, and efficiency. A matching lifter comes with the kit.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The Lunati voodoo cam kit has higher RPM Range of 1800-6200
  • Increased horsepower and torque ensure higher responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Asymmetrical designed lobe produces lower noise.
  • The valvetrain lasts longer, matching lifter is included.

Key Features:

  • Camshaft Type: It’s a Hydraulic Flat Tappet cam.
  • Intake Duration: 268 Intake Duration is high in comparison with other camshafts.
  • Exhaust Duration: Exhaust Duration checks at 276.
  • Lobe Separation: 110° lobe separation is ideal for 454 camshafts.
  • Intake Duration (.050″ Lift): It marks at 227 for Intake Duration at 0.50-inch Lift.
  • Exhaust Duration (.050″ Lift): Exhaust Duration at 0.50-inch Lift 233.
  • RPM Range: The operating RPM Range of this model is from 1800 to 6200.
  • Powerful performance from the vacuum.
  • Perfect for street or off-road performance.
  • Added responsiveness from the lobe.
  • 1600-5800 Operating RPM Range.
  • Doesn’t work with anything other than spring valve.

Best Hydraulic Roller Cam For 454

COMP Cams 11-615-44 4-Pattern 229/239

OB Hydraulic Roller Cam Chevrolet Big Block 396-454

The upgraded hydraulic roller cam by The COMP Cams is the new focus in the business. It is a member of 396-454 c.i. 8 Cylinder series with four camshaft patterns. The billet steel made hydraulic roller gives long-lasting durability with efficiency. Its lifter is hydraulically styled with 3-bolt gear attachment. With the RPM range of 2400-6700, it ensures sufficient airflow to the engine while keeping it cool to let your vehicle run at its best. It is 2.6 X 23.2 X 2.9 in dimensions and weighs around 10.54 lbs. The camshaft is specially designed for Chevrolet vehicle engines and provides excellent performance through-out the years without fuss.

Looking for camshaft size chart as they are considered as the core component of the engine.   What is the biggest cam for stock 350 Chevrolet engines? And if you need to buy the best cam for 5.3 Vortec, then this article is for you. 

The Difference: Howards cam vs COMP cam

Camshaft Series: Howards Chevy 454 cam is from the custom series camshaft. On the other hand, the COMP Cam is from the four-pattern series, which is upgraded with new features.

Engine family: The Howards cam’s engine family is 454-502 (gen 6). However, the COMP cam is from the 396-454-cylinder engine family. It is reviewed positively by consumers for its better and durable performance.

Price: Though both the camshafts are considered suitable for 454’s, their price varies by a notable margin from each other. Howards is a lot less costly than the COMP’s one.

Camshaft Type: Both the cams are hydraulic roller type camshafts. However, the performance and quality vary between these two camshafts. Two have different lift duration for combustion engine’s inboard and outboard exhaust.

Variations of Chevy 454

The Chevy 454 engine included three versions. These were LS5, LS6, and LS7. These versions were not publicized, and the LS7 was considered for the Chevelle and the Corvette. These are known as applications with high performance.

Protests indicated that the HP output of LS7 had been underrated in the 1970’s while the muscle cars were in trend.

In order to give you an overall idea of its performance, the early 1970’s were the years of 454 engines. It outnumbered the LS5’s 350 HP and LS6’s 450 HP with success. The increasing emissions caused LS6 to be taken down while in 1973, the LS5’s HP was brought down to 245. 454 was discontinued by Chevrolet from cars and trucks in 1975 and 1996, respectively.

The question frequently asked to me is, how many liters does a 454 engine include?

The 454 is a 7.4 Liter engine, with a bore x stroke of 4.25 in × 4 in (108.0 mm × 101.6 mm).

What cars used the original 454 engines?

  • 1970–1976 Chevrolet Caprice
  • 1970–1975 Chevrolet Chevelle
  • 1970–1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  • 1970–1975 Chevrolet El Camino
  • 1971–1972 GMC Sprint
  • 1970–1974 Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet 454 engine is still in demand in the aftermarket with its well-known reputation. Its followers yet seek the 454’s parts around the world.

Buying Guide for the Best cams for stock 454 in 2021

The market is full of cams for stock 454. It can be quite tough and hassling to decide the best cam for your car or truck’s 454 engine. In this section, I will discuss the comp cam selection guide to pick the best cam for stock 454.


The camshaft’s duration indicates the amount of power offered to the engine. Therefore, the longer the cam’s duration, the better the engine’s efficiency.

Hydraulic roller

Hydraulic roller-styled steel-made cams are considered the best as they do not wear off soon, ensuring more extended durability with higher HP and less friction.


Higher RPM is what you would want to look for while selecting the cam for your 454. Cams that provide RPM around 5500 are the ones you should go for as they initiate higher HP for the high-speed engine.


Cams determine the engine’s performance. Those cams that ensure higher torque and enhanced throttle response are good to go for 454’s.

Engine sound

Select cams that provide better engine sounds and efficiency with durability.

Camshaft Type

There are several 454 cams in the business. Hydraulic roller styled ones are considered best for the 454 engines.

Hydraulic Flat Tappet

These are easily worn out and used less commonly though they do improve the engine’s efficiency. You might overlook them unless they are necessary.

454 RV cam

RV (recreational vehicle) is a cam with low RPM, which reaches up to 5000. IT offers less towing and less torque.

Here’s an example of stage two RV cam. It is manufactured for Chevy 454 by Engine pro.

Chevy BBC 427 454 HP RV Stage 2 476/501 Lift Cam Camshaft & Lifters Kit MC2004

454 camshaft selection: Selecting the best camshaft for 454 engines requires keeping in mind some features and specifications. Choosing proper stock 454 camshafts will enhance the engine’s ability to perform.  

Stock 454 cam specs: Duration, cam style, RPM range, lifters, accelerating air/fuel mixture, torque and rotation, fraction, lobe separation, and durability are the primary specs in stock 454 horsepower cams.

Best street cam big block Chevy: The camshaft is appropriate for drag strip oval track or even hot marine applications. It also includes a definite lope at idle.  

Vortec 454 cam upgrade: The vortec 454 cam initiates 290 HP at the RM rate of 4000. This camshaft also provides 410 torque at the speed of 3200 RPM for 454 engines.

454 vortec performance upgrades:

  • Use a set of long-tube headers (exhaust manifolds) and an aftermarket exhaust system.
  • Install an aftermarket windage tray in your engine.

454 Heads and cam (Basics)

FAQ on Best cam for stock 454

What’s the biggest cam for stock 454?


The biggest cam for stock 454 is COMP Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 279TH7 Cam and Lifter Kit for Big Block Chevy.

How much power does a stock 454 have?

A 454 stock can provide 650 horsepower at max.

How much horsepower does a 1986 454 have?

A 1986 454 stock provides 250–720 Horsepower and 385–690 lb-ft torque.

How many liters is a 454 big block?

7.3L is the 454 big block.

How do I get more power out of my chevy 454?

There’s a couple of things you can do
1. Improve the intake system along with the fuel
2. Replace the stock timing parts with the racing ones.
3. Use a supercharger.
4. Implement high-flow on the stock exhaust system.

Best cam for stock 454: Final thoughts

The 454 engines need adequate camshaft performance to enhance their own. The best cam for stock 454 will enable the engine to provide high-end performance for a long-lasting engine lifetime and save you from extra expenses, either for purchasing or maintenance.

All the cams described above are appropriate for the 454’s. Every cam has its own pros-cons, and it would be best if you select the one best suiting for your vehicle’s 454 engine. We hope the specifications and features mentioned above, along with the guidelines, will be helpful for you to decide the best one for you.

What is the biggest cam for stock 350

  1. Thumper cam 350- COMP Cams CL12-600-4
  2. Chevy 350 thumpr cam- COMP Cams 12-602-4
  3. Best cam for 350 chevy truck- COMP Cams CL12-212-2 Magnum
  4. Best cam for 350 with vortec heads- COMP Cams CL12-242-2 Xtreme Energy 224/230
  5. Best camshaft for 350 chevy- Lunati 10120102LK

Best Cam For 5.3 Vortec

  1. COMP Cams 17001-16 for SBC 265-400 w/ 3/8″ Stud
  2. Edelbrock 2102 Camshaft and lifter kit
  3. Comp Cams 54 – 424 – 11 Hydraulic Roller Cam
  4. Comp Cams 54 – 444 – 11 Hydraulic Roller Cam
  5. General Motors 12638427
  6. Brian Tooley Racing BTR Truck Stage 3 Cam
  7. Lunati Hydraulic Flat Cam


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