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Released in September 1998 for the model year 1999, twin-cam 88 is one of the top class engines Harley-Davidson ever provided, twin-cam 88 engines are one of the most reliable motors one can ever have. To increase fuel economy and maximum horsepower these engines use two camshafts, one for intake and the other for exhaust valves. This surely increases the efficiency and makes it desirable.

Harley twin cam 88 specs

  • Twin cam 88 comes with some special qualities. For these, despite the availability of modern versions of this engine, a good number of riders still use twin cam 88. 
  • Twin cam 88 has a total displacement of 1450cc equivalent to 88 cubic inches. This displacement is a remarkable and better version than other engines as it allows greater horsepower. 
  • This engine comes with a dual coil system so that no spark gets wasted. Another reason for twin cam 88 to be popular. 
  • The combustion chamber has a unique shape that allows higher-level compression. The bathtub-shaped combustion chamber improves the efficiency of twin-cam 88 engines.
  • Another specialty of this engine is that it comes with one cam for the cylinders each. Here, each cam comes with two distinct lobes for a better alignment. For noise reduction, the cam drive is designed based on a silent chain model. 

Twin cam 88 horsepower-Horsepower of an 88 cubic inch Harley

This engine comes with 80 horsepower at 5,200 pm. This 1450 cc engine is equivalent to 88 cubic inches. The twin camshaft engine comes for both intake and exhaust. The bore of this engine is 3.75 inches and it also has a 4″ stroke. This engine has 82ft-lb torque. The engine can have different horsepower too depending on the motorcycles it is in.

Harley twin cam 88 stock compression ratio

Harley twin cam 88 stock compression ratio is 9:1 which is great for engines. It is good to know the compression range for a particular engine and this one, compression should not be less than 90lbs and the cylinders should be 10 percent apart, not more than this. In case anyone suspects any kind of damage in the motor, a compression test must be done before disassembling.

Harley twin cam 88 reliability

Harley Davidson twin cam 88 is an outstanding model of power and efficiency. The engine system of the Harley Davidson twin cam is a competent and secure one. Overall, Harley Davidson twin cam 88 reliability is beyond question. 

Are Harley twin cam engines reliable?

Harley twin cam engines are one of a kind. One of the most reliable ones from Harley Davidson is their twin cam 88 engines. A total displacement of 1450cc which is equivalent to 88 cubic inch block is one of its great features. This engine allows greater horsepower. This one is also beyond regular maintenance. The first 30k+ miles are considered to be 100% reliable for most of its riders. After the first 1000 miles, an upgrade in intake or exhaust will give it a nice boost. Moreover, this comes with an engine system that reduces noise. Overall, this engine is surely a reliable one.

Best year for Harley twin cam 88

Considering its performance, 2002 has to be the best year for Harley twin cam 88 engine. It is considered the golden year for some reasons. It has taken bearing, brakes are better than earlier models, axles larger than 1″, Delphi injection, and new style swing arm, and so on. Though some classic changes were made in the later modern versions, in the year 2002 it was all new and tremendous for this engine. So surely the best year.

Is the Harley Davisson 88 a good and realiabl engine?

Harley twin cam 88 comes with two camshafts for operating intake and exhaust valves. Twin cam 88 is a good motor. The twin-cam 88 is a very solid platform if you. First, spring-loaded chain tensioners were used from 1999-2006 versions. Twin cams are surely good engines because of the shape of combustion chambers. A dual coil system ensures that no spark is wasted. For all the good reasons this one is good.

Harley twin cam 88 reliability

Twin 88 cam is one of its kind. It comes with so much good stuff that minor issues can be ignored. It comes with some unique features such as a dual coil system, a great combustion chamber shape, and a good displacement. The 2002 version came with axles and Delphi. Overall, the engine system is reliable for its users. Two camshafts for each one is one of its other good features.

How long will a twin cam 88 last?

Harley gives you a warranty of two years. This motor was designed to run 100k miles. A Harley twin cam 88 is expected to last 20+ years and 150k+ miles. Anyone can extend the warranty before two years is completed. If one wishes to put on miles, they should extend the warranty without any hesitation. This motor can run to their expectation of longevity. 

How many miles will a twin-cam last?

The average lifespan of a twin cam 88 is 40k miles minimum. If you take good care, engines run for as long as you want usually. This is considered because of the tensioners, otherwise, if the belt is good in shape it is good to go for 100k miles. So, after one has run 40k miles the cam tensioners have to be changed. Cam tensioners can do worse if you don’t check them by then. If it’s checked and changed then it is great in the long run. 

Twin cam 88 vs. 96

Twin cam 88 came in the ’90s and twin cam 96 is a later version of it. Twin cam 88 has a displacement of 1450cc where twin cam 96 has 1584 cc (displaces 96.7 cu in). Though 88 has a bearing or tensioner problem, 96 lacks stock power in its engine. Though a modern one 96 is not even equal to 88 on some grounds. 96 is a slightly modified one but expensive. In short 96 is a compromise where 88 has a lot to offer.


How much horsepower can you get out of a Twin Cam 88?

Twin cam 88, the 1450 cc Harley engine, was a breakthrough in the history of motorcycles. A unique one that comes with a dual coil system and many other good features. This one is still a favorite to its riders. It comes with two camshafts to maximize horsepower. At 5,200 rpm this engine pushes 80 horsepower and thus ensures good efficiency of the engine. 

How big can you bore a twin cam 88?

The twin-cam engines have 4″ stroke camshafts. The bore size of the factory cylinder is 3-¾” which yields the displacement of 88″. It means 88″ can be turned into 95″ or 98″ only by resizing cylinders. Pistons here are cast aluminum. This engine has a torque of 82ft-lb which is at 3,500 pm. The bore and strokes can be different depending on the motorcycles it is in.

Here is a video on a twin cam 88 big bore kit:

What is high mileage for a Harley?

The Harley Davidson twin cam 88 is an outstanding breakthrough in the history of motorcycles. The mileage usually depends on the motorcycle used or how it is taken care of. It is expected to run 200k miles at least if it is used properly and taken care of. Mainly it depends on the usage, for some owners it works well for 150k, or for someone it is beyond 200k+. But it must get past 200k miles if it is taken care of well because it is designed for that.

The high mileage of Harley motorcycles depends on their types. When it is a sports bike, the mileage is considered to be 20k-30k miles. 50k miles and more is considered to be high mileage for larger bikes. The average annual mileage is 10k-15k for a Harley motorcycle. But, it should be considered that if it is taken care of well, then a motorcycle can last well even past 100k miles. 

What is a stage 2 Harley upgrade?

Harley has 4 stages of upgrade. Among them, stage 2 is cam change. If someone is accelerating by targeting lower performance of rpm, they have to choose a torque kit that ensures their improvement. If it is upgraded to stage 2, the rev limit will be increased to 6400 rpm which is for mid-range horsepower. One has to choose a good kit for it. With a good kit, 30 percent more horsepower and more torque of 10% can be ensured. Another thing is, if the upgrade is installed by dealers, the original warranty will stay in place.

How many cc is a twin cam 88?

1,450 cc

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