What Is The Difference Between H11c Vs H11

The difference between H11c vs H11 is not well understood by many. It’s difficult to tell which one you have without the help of a technician or another person who can interpret your system codes.

They are located in the engine block but differ in their functionality and applications. One has been used for cooling purposes, while the other is used for fuel injection.

H11c H11
H11c the beam angle is 12 degreesH11, the beam angle is 15 degrees
H11c bulb, they will be frosted with a diamond pattern or spray paint colors on topH11 bulbs are typically clear or frosted with a small amount of white on top
With H11, the light forward is 5 degreesWith H11c, it is 4 degrees
H11c rated bulb for areas such as a living room or dining room where you would normally use an H11 bulbThe H11-rated bulb in an area where you need a lower color temperature

H11c Bulb 

The H11c Bulb is the world’s first (and only) patented low-energy high-heritage bulb. It contains all the benefits of both LED and CFL bulbs; high-quality light with very little energy consumption.

H11c has a classic Edison design, is available in soft or warm light, and comes with a lifetime guarantee for free replacement should it ever stop working due to manufacturing defects

Honcs H11c Headlight Bulbs

Honcs H11c Headlight Bulbs are a type of LED headlight, which makes driving safer at night. LED lights last longer and produce brighter illumination than halogen or incandescent lights. Additionally, these bulbs emit daytime-vision-safe visible light that won’t cause glare for the driver.


  • The Honcs H11c Headlight Bulbs are halogen bulbs with a conventional headlight connector. They have a 6500K cool white temperature and conserve electricity when turned off and on. 
  • These bulbs are easy to install, and no tools are required. 

LITHFEQA H11c Headlight Bulbs

LITHFEQA H11c Headlight Bulbs are designed to replace the factory side light, DRL, or fog light bulbs on your vehicle. These headlight bulbs provide increased safety for you and your passengers.

They also provide a unique custom look that sets your car apart from most others on the road. LITHFEQA H11c Headlight Bulbs utilize strong and durable materials that will fit in place of OEM parts with little technical knowledge or experience needed to install them in minutes.


  • Maintain a clean and professional appearance with the addition of LITHFEQA H11c Headlight Bulbs
  • Versatile design-works as a side light, Daytime Running Light (DRL), or fog light to provide more safety for drivers.
  • Toughened glass construction protects against impact damage
  • Durable for heavy use and long periods of time
  • Easily install in minutes with no technical knowledge or experience required.

Is h11c high beam or low beam?

H11c is a low beam. H11 is a high beam. 

Is there a difference between H11 and H11B?

Yes, there is a difference between H11 and H11B. H11B denotes a bulb that has been modified to emit less than 450 lumens, typically used in motorized vehicles.

H11 is a bulb type, which stands for “high beam”, while H9 stands for “low beam”. There are no differences between the bulbs themselves.

An H11C is simply that. It’s a high-beam bulb, in the H11 family of bulbs. These bulbs are also known as the h-series, which all have the same base size of 11mm.

H11 Bulb 

H11 Bulb is a type of high-intensity discharge lamp that is used primarily in industrial lighting, but also as an outdoor security light and in indoor decorative accent lighting. The H11 bulb is North America’s most common type of light bulb.

The fluorescent tube of the H11 lamp screws into a socket that is shaped like an upside-down letter T, not a letter S. The electrical ballast which regulates current to the H11 bulb is located on top of the base and may be near or at ground level or mounted on a wall adjacent to where it is being used.

You can also learn more about the what cars the H11 bulb fits in.


Ramhorn H11 bulbs are brighter and shine more white than halogen lamp standard light bulbs. You cannot find a better source for these high-quality H11 bulbs than RAM HORN.

We make our products with durability and longevity in mind, so you can have peace of mind knowing that no matter where you go or what you do, your headlights will provide the brightest possible illumination.


  • H11 Bulbs have 6500K.
  • H11 Bulbs are brighter than H4 bulbs.
  • H11 Bulbs have a cleaner high-beam light compared to H4 bulbs.
  • Our H11 bulb with a lifespan of 2,000 Hours and 3000 hours respectively.

H11 Headlight Bulbs

Ever try to start your car and realized that the headlights just don’t seem to be giving off as much light as they used to? That, my friend, is a common sign of needing new H11 Headlight Bulbs.

H11 headlights are one of the most commonly used headlight bulbs in America. They come in two colors: high beams, which give the brightest light on the road, and low beams, which provide enough visibility for driving safely at night and during foggy conditions.


  • It is very durable, making it less likely to fail and stay on. 
  • It also has a long lifespan. 
  • This makes them more affordable than other bulbs,
  • An H11 Headlight Bulb isn’t just a headlight bulb
  • It is an array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) 
H11H9H8 LED Headlight Bulbs

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What bulb can replace H11?

H11 can be replaced with 9006 bulbs, of which there are several different types. H11 is also compatible with 9004 and 9007 bulbs, which can be found in the 9003 families.

H9 is a low-beam bulb, while H8 is a high-beam bulb. The difference between the two is that H8 emits more than 500 lumens and a halogen burning time of over 60 minutes. The same characteristics apply to any h-series bulb.

What is H11 compatible with?

H11 bulbs can be found in various cars, trucks, and other vehicles, as well as most headlight installations. The main car makers that use H11 bulbs are Chevrolet, Ford, and General Motors.

H11 bulbs come in two different forms, H11 and H9. Both of these bulbs are high beams, and they are compatible withH9 and H16 bulbs.

What does H11 mean in headlights?

H11 bulbs are high-beam bulbs, which are commonly used in headlights. These bulbs emit more than 450 lumens and can be seen up to 2 miles away.

H11 is a common bulb size found on many vehicles, including those made by Chevrolet, Ford, and General Motors. This is a high beam/headlight bulb of which there are 3 different types: H11 A/B/C.

Can I use H11 for fog lights?

Yes, you can use H11 for fog lights. You should always follow the instructions in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. H11 bulbs are commonly used in fog lamps. The difference between H11 and H9 is that they have different wattages, while they both emit the same amount of light: 450 lumens. If you are unsure, you can read more about the differences between fog lights and headlight lights.

What is the difference between H7 and H11?

H11 bulbs tend to be brighter than H7 bulbs. They emit more light and are typically better suited for nighttime driving. Read more about the differences between H11 vs H7 bulbs.

Can I use H9 instead of H11?

No, not if you want to replace your headlights. H9 and H11 are both high-beam bulbs but have different wattages (12V/15W on each). For example, if you try to install an H9 on your car’s high beams and the lights don’t turn on, it is because the bulb isn’t compatible.

What is the brightest headlight bulb that is legal?

Xenon headlights are brighter than the halogen headlights you are probably using now. Xenon headlights use a different bulb socket, H11c, as opposed to the H11 halogen that you are using.

Can I use H8 instead of H11?

Yes, you can. H8 is the old standard used with halogen bulbs. H8 will work as a direct replacement. However, you will not be able to use the xenon headlights simultaneously because these bulbs require different voltage and wattage levels.

How many different H11 bulbs are there?

You can get an H11c halogen bulb. These are available in both H4 and HB3. You can also get an H11 xenon bulb. These use a different socket, H11c, but they are compatible with both the H4 and the HB3 lamp assemblies.

How do xenon headlights work?

Xenon is a gas that gives off light when you run electricity through it. Your headlights have several thin filaments that expand and contract as they heat up and cool down to give off light. This makes the light appear brighter than that of a halogen bulb.

What is the difference between H7A and H7B?

The H7A is the standard halogen bulb. The H7B adds a capacitor, an igniter, and a resistor to improve performance when used with xenon headlights. It is also more efficient because it does not have to ionize the xenon gas. It also allows the xenon to work at a lower voltage.

You can get an H7A halogen bulb. These are available in both H4 and HB3. You can also get an H7B xenon bulb. These use a different socket, H, but they are compatible with both the H4 and the HB3 lamp assemblies.

Can I use high-beam bulbs for low-beam?

No, they are not the same. You can compare the two to see which one is better. 

Is H11 the same as 9006?

No, they are different. 9006 is a lamp assembly, while H11 is a bulb. 9006 bulbs can be used for H4 or HB3 lamp assemblies, whereas H11 bulbs are only compatible with H4 lamp assemblies.

What is the difference between H4 and H7 lamp assemblies?

There are several differences between the H4 and the H7 lamp assemblies. First, headlights using HB4 assemblies can have 300-500 lumens of light. With H4, you get around 80-100 lumens of light at around 6000 Kelvin.

Second, HB7 lamps can have 50-60 watts of power. The HB4 bulb has a lower wattage of around 9 to 10 watts.

How long do H11 bulbs last?

Philips’ H11 bulbs typically last 2,000 hours or about two years. The difference is that the star-shaped cutouts on the Philips H11 bulb diffuse light and creates a softer glow which means it won’t be as bright as a Cree LED bulb when set next to each other in different fixtures.

Which is brighter, LED or HID?

The comparison between LED and HID bulbs highlights the differences in performance. Both types have different advantages and disadvantages.

In general, LED bulbs will be brighter and more energy-efficient than HID bulbs of the same wattage. They also have a longer life span than similar lamps with incandescent light sources.

What’s brighter H9 or H11?

The Philips H9 bulb is brighter than the H11bulb. The H11 is also known as a “slim” line headlamp while the H9 is known as a “standard” headlamp.

Are H8, H9, and H11 the same?

No, the H9 bulb is smaller than the Philips H8 and the Philips H11 bulbs. The H9 is a small incandescent lamp, typically between 1.1 and 1.3 inches, while the Philips H8 and H11 bulbs are larger than 1.1 inches.

The differences between the Philips H11 and the Philips H11C bulb are that they are not as energy efficient as an LED bulb, but they do last longer than a compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulb.

How many watts is an H11 bulb?

A Philips H11 bulb uses 12 V: 55 W. A standard H11 bulb is usually 55 watts, but it can be as low as 10 watts. The power of an H11 bulb will help determine how bright it is.

Can you use LED fog lights for headlights?

No, LED fog lights are specifically designed to be used as fog lights. HID bulbs and LED bulbs do not emit enough heat to be used as headlights. Only halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs, or HID bulbs can be used for this purpose. 

The wattage of an H11 bulb is usually stamped on the base of the bulb. 12 Volt 55 watts, for instance, means the bulb is 55 Watts and it will work in a 12-volt system.

Can you use LED fog lights for headlights

Are H11 and H7 bulbs interchangeable?

No, the H7 bulb is a blue-tinted halogen, while the H11 is a white-tinted halogen. But the two bulbs are not interchangeable, as they have different filaments and different beam patterns. H11 bulbs are mostly used to replace H7 bulbs, while H7 bulbs are used to replace incandescent bulbs.


Which bulbs are interchangeable?

The H7 bulb is not equivalent to the H11 and can not be used to replace the H11. Philips says, “H7 and H11 bulbs are designed for different voltages, have different beam patterns (spot versus flood), and have different filaments. These differences mean they cannot be used interchangeably.”

What is the difference between H7 and H11?

Can you use H11 bulbs in car headlights?

Yes, the H11 bulb can be used in the headlight, but you need to find an H11 holder. The car’s battery will power the bulb, but some HID bulbs have a capacitor to ensure that they start instantly. Check what cars H11 bulbs fit in.

Is H11 the same as HB4?

No, the H11 and the HB4 are not the same. HB4 is an older type of bulb that uses a mercury arc tube. It is no longer made. H11 is a new bulb with a newer technology, the “Diamond Crystal” glass, instead of the normal glass used in bulbs that use ultraviolet radiation to generate light.

Philips says, “H11 is designed for faster start-up time and has resistance to heat which means it performs much better in extreme conditions.

H11c bulb fits what cars?

The Philips H11c is a new type of bulb for the car and is designed for cars that use high-security keys or bi-pass systems. “It works with high-security keys, bi-pass system, turbo engine starter, and some German cars with IBS,” Philips says.

HHow to identify H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 9005 9006 LED Headlight Socket Types


H11c Vs H11 bulb is a story about two different light bulb types. One is the H11 bulb, which is the standard and one of the most common light bulbs used in homes and businesses today.

The other type is called an H11C bulb. The H11C bulb has a number of benefits that makes it a smart replacement for your old, worn-out H11 bulbs.

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