H11 Bulb Fits What Car?

If you’re in the market for a new car bulb, you’re in luck. h11 has got you covered, with a wide variety of bulbs that fit a range of different cars.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement light bulb for your car or want to add some extra convenience and style to your driving experience, h11 has got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? This article will discuss everything about the h11 bulb fits what car and will also answer some related questions.

The research discovered that cars with good-rated headlights in the IIHS review had roughly 20% lower nighttime collision rates per mile than the ones with low rated headlights.

Crash rates for cars with acceptable or borderline headlights are 15% and 10% lower, respectively than for the ones with bad ratings.

According to Matthew Brumbelow, a senior research engineer at IIHS, “driving after dark is 3 times as dangerous as driving in the daytime.”

For the first time, research has been done to show how much-improved headlights can aid.

Reductions in nighttime collisions related to excellent, adequate, and inadequate headlights.Source

H11 Bulb Fits What Car-What Is H11 Compatible With?

H11 Bulb Fits What Car-What Is H11 Compatible With?

H11 is a standard for car headlight bulbs that enables automotive lamps to have increased luminous flux and last longer. This means brighter lighting, better visibility, and more time for drivers to react safely. 

The H11 standard was introduced in 2009 by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), making H11 compatible with all cars from 2009 onwards. 

The following cards are compatible with H11 bulbs- 2012-2016 Honda Civic Si, the 2019+ Ford Ranger, 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma. 

Are All H11 LED Bulbs the Same- What Bulb Is Compatible With H11?

No, not all H11 LED bulbs are the same. Lighting professionals and manufacturers say that these H11 bulbs contain a mix of different elements, so they might not all act the same.

The “real” quality of an H11 LED bulb can vary heavily too. Some people believe this is why only 75% of them perform to their specifications.

Others think that some brands might have more leaks or heat than others, which could make them give out sooner than they should.

On top of that, some people believe that once you buy an H11 bulb, you might have to replace it every 100,000 hours.

A few types of bulbs are compatible with H11, H8, H9, and H16. These types of bulbs include LED, CFL, and incandescent.

LED bulbs are the most popular bulb type because they consume less energy than other bulbs and last longer.

CFL and incandescent bulbs are also popular because they have a shorter lifespan than LED bulbs but are cheaper to buy.

Fahren H11/H9/H8 Led Headlight Bulbs

Fahren H11/H9/H8 Led Headlight Bulbs

Push your vehicle’s light performance with the newest H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs.

Factory lights are usually less powerful and not as long-lasting as they should be. Fading colors, dimming headlights, and short life expectancy are all problems that can easily lead to a dangerous driving experience.

Fortunately, there is a way to make your car look stunning as well as offer you the safety and brightness you expect.

The Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs are a great replacement while still being an upgrade to your factory headlights.

LED headlights are much longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs, which makes them a great choice for high-traffic areas.

The bulbs can be oriented as you want while providing intense light in either direction. Priced at just $39.95, you can’t go wrong with these affordable USA-made H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs.

Sealight H11/H8/H16 Led Fog Light Bulbs

Sealight H11/H8/H16 Led Fog Light Bulbs

There are plenty of good reasons why SEALIGHT H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs are perfect for your ride.

The bulbs have 360-degree illumination, which allows them to light up the road in front of you better than any other fog light bulb on the market.

The LED lighting is brighter and whiter than conventional bulbs, with less resistance to water and shocks and lasting up to 5 times longer.

They are super easy to install and use. They also have a 5000k color temperature that creates smooth, clean light.

The SEALIGHT H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs are also the preferred choice for many shops, garages, and mechanics looking for lights that provide long life, increased illumination, and brighter ones, whiter light.

They are perfect for any vehicle because they can simultaneously be used on your fog lights and driving lamps.

What Are the Best Bulbs For Fog Lights?

Fog lights give a person driving in low visibility conditions an advantage. The light is typically down in front of the vehicle, illuminating the road right in front and giving improved vision to see cars or objects coming towards you unexpectedly. Fog lights are extremely important for safety and security.

Following are some of the best fog light bulbs-

  • Marsauto H16 Led Fog Lamp
  • High Power CSP-Y11
  • Philips 12834UNIX2 X-tremeVision LED Fog Light
  • JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs.
  • Nilight 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Foglight bulb
  • SiriusLED DRL Fog Light

Fog light bulbs can be pretty costly, especially if you want a brighter, more powerful bulb than stock. But the need for these bulbs is great. Many people are unaware of what type of bulb they need to get or where to find them.

Can H11 Be Used for Fog Lights?

Can H11 Be Used for Fog Lights?

Yes, H11 can be used for fog lights. There are many ways to use H11 bulbs in your vehicle, whether it’s for fog light or interior light.

The most common way of using H11 is installing them as the backlight in tail lamp assembly. Other ways include mounting them on the front bumper as additional auxiliary lights and even adding them to side mirrors for out-of-sight lighting.

H11 bulbs are currently available in various wattages, lengths, and shapes, adding versatility to their usage. They are especially popular as fog light bulbs because of their power and durability.

Are LEDs Good for Fog Lights?

Are LEDs Good for Fog Lights?

Yes, LEDs are much better for fog lights than halogen bulbs.

Halogen bulbs are made of a tungsten filament surrounded by gases in a glass envelope and produce light when an electric current pass through that filament.

Halogen bulbs require ventilation, but the downside is that they create intense heat and demand a lot of energy. That’s why they’re not particularly efficient lighting devices.

The latest innovation in the light bulb world is the LED lamp. LEDs are semiconductor devices that can produce a wide range of light. LEDs consume much less energy and produce more light than halogen bulbs.

How Many Lumens Should Fog Lights Be?

In order for fog lights to be effective in a vehicle, they need to have enough lumens of light output. Lumens are measurements of the amount of light a source emits and are measured in “lumens.”

The lower the number, the more light emitted by illumination sources. Depending on how many lumens you want your fog lights to emit, you can decide between 1,500 and 2,000 lumens.

The first thing to consider is how much light output you want from your fog lights. The ideal amount of lumens for fog lights is between 1,500 and 2,000 lumens.

These types of lumen levels are ideal for fog lights because they provide enough light to illuminate the road without blinding oncoming traffic or causing a glare.

What Is The Brightest Bulbs For Fog Lights?

Brightest H11 Fog Light Bulb

What Is The Brightest Bulbs For Fog Lights?

This Sylvania’s brightest H11 fog light bulb is easy to install and offers 360 degrees of light to optimize vision while riding.

It comes with a low beam, which provides an even greater area around your bike as your motorbike is seen during nighttime. 

The bright white LED lights provide a safe lighting solution for the best visibility on your way in poor weather conditions.

The bulbs offer 360 degrees of visibility, which is much wider than standard headlights. The Sylvania is also water and shock-resistant, making it more durable than standard headlights.

H11 bulbs are used a lot in automotive to light up the interior and exterior of cars. They are also used in stereo systems, flashlights, etc. They are one of the brightest H11 fog light bulbs available in the market today.

The H11 bulbs are extremely durable and long-lasting, thanks to their shock-resistant qualities. If you are looking for fog lights that will definitely last the test of time and need not be replaced frequently, the Sylvania’s brightest H11 fog light bulb is your best bet.

H11 Fog Light Bulb Replacement And H11 Fog Light Bulb Blue :

H11 Fog Light Bulb Replacement And H11 Fog Light Bulb Blue

The Alla Lighting 2800lm Xtreme Bright LED light bulb shines brightly and is perfect for fog lights in your car.

This is 2800 Lumens and super bright. The LEDs are also water-resistant, making this a versatile option as you can use it in many different settings without worrying about messy accidents. Plus, the bulbs have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

This extremely bright option will be perfect if you’re looking to increase visibility on those late-night drives.

It’s also perfect for reading maps, changing the direction of your headlights, or looking at a map on your phone.

This is a great option whether you need more light when driving on the road or light to help with reading maps.

Is White Light Good for Fog?

Yes, yellow and white fog lights are good as fog lights. Basically, the light can be used to work in foggy circumstances.

There are many different types of fog lights that have been developed, but it seems as though yellow and white lights seem to be the most effective when working in a foggy environment.

It is important for drivers to understand this so that they can make an educated decision on what type of lights they want their vehicle to have when driving during these circumstances. 

Foggy environments are typically problematic for drivers because it gets difficult for them to see the road and stay safe.

H11 Fog Light Bulb White

H11 Fog Light Bulb White

SEALIGHT 360° H11 LED light bulb White is the best choice for you. LED produced more visible light and delivered it much more efficiently than traditional bulbs.

It can be used in any car without worries as it is built-in with a flexible and durable silicone rubber seal to keep out moisture, dust, and dirt. Various lighting modes are available for every weather. 

The H11 LED light bulb can be used for Fog, DRL, and turn signals all in one. You can use the H11 LED light bulb as DRL (Directional Signal Light), Turn Signal Light, and Daytime Running Light(Fog Light).

The LED H11 light bulb can replace your traditional H11 halogen light bulbs, which are easy to install. You can also choose White or Yellow color and change the color by long-press one time on the button.

H11 Yellow Fog Lights

H11 Yellow Fog Lights

Fog lights are for driving in foggy or rainy weather, and it’s important that you get the right color to avoid unwanted attention from the police.

If you have a car with H11 fog lights, then these yellow H11 bulbs should be what you’re looking for! You can find them on Amazon at a really good price.

These bulbs are sold individually and come with all the hardware that is needed to install them. They are easy to install, but you will want to consult your car’s manual or talk to a professional if you’re unsure of the process.

The bulb should last for an average of 3,000 hours and has an operating voltage of 12 V. It also has a power consumption of 55 watts. If you have H11 fog lights and would like yellow ones, then this is exactly what you need!

Is Yellow Better For Fog Lights?

Yes. They’re brighter and more visible in general, and they create a cleaner-looking beam. You can use yellow bulbs or fog lights that are yellow.

They could, however, be worse for seeing things at night because they have the same amount of light but are angled differently.

The fog light housing blocks the top 50% of light, so it’s better to use an amber bulb instead of a white one if you want to see what’s ahead of your car better at night.

Can You Have Yellow Fog Lights?

Can You Have Yellow Fog Lights?

Yes, you can have yellow fog light! The benefits of these lights greatly outweigh the cost. Yellow fog light not only offers enhanced visibility for your car but also decreases nighttime glare and provides an overall increased level of safety. This is why many municipalities, like Los Angeles and London, have begun using yellow fog lights.

Why Do We Use Yellow Lights During Fog?

There are a few reasons yellow lights are used during foggy weather, including the following:

  1. They provide increased visibility to drivers who encounter an intersection with a yellow light. 
  2. Yellow lights produce a brighter glow for drivers and pedestrians, which is easier for drivers to see through fog if their windshield wipers are not working. 
  3. Red and amber lights provide insufficient visibility in fog, especially around curves. The yellow light can help drivers make an accurate turn. 
  4. Yellow lights are more visible to motorists because the yellow light is seen from farther away than any other color of light, even at dusk or at night.

What Is the Difference Between Yellow And White Fog Lights?

Below are the 3 differences between yellow and white fog lights-


What Is the Difference Between Yellow And White Fog Lights?

Generally speaking, yellow fog lights will be much better for visibility than white light because of the color temperature and brightness.

2 White Light Emissions

White light can not be seen in fog to a greater distance because it is reflected off the fog droplets and obscured by the thicker density of the fog. This means you can’t see as far with white light when driving in dense fog.

3. Cost

While yellow lights are cheaper than white lights, they still cost more than white ones.

Can I Replace H11 Bulb With LED?

No, LED light bulbs are not a good replacement for H11. LED lamps can provide light, but they usually cannot replace the brightness of an H11 bulb.

You’ll have to compromise on the wavelengths of your LED lamp, which won’t exactly fit into all lamp sockets.

This compromise could be worth it in some cases, and you also have to take into account whether it’s better for your health and night vision.

H11 Bulb Buying Guide

H11 Bulb Buying Guide

There are a lot of different types of bulbs on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this H11 bulb buying guide to help you choose the best bulb for your needs.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of light you want your bulb to produce. There are three main types of light bulbs – incandescent, halogen, and LED.

Incandescent bulbs produce a warm, yellow light, halogen bulbs produce harsh blue light, and LED bulbs produce a whiter and more energy-efficient light.

Next, you need to decide what size bulb you need. There are three main bulbs sizes: standard Edison, medium Edison, and compact Edison.

Standard Edison bulbs are the most common and come in sizes A19, A25, and A60. Medium Edison bulbs are slightly larger than standard Edison and come in the sizes of A60, A85, and C13. Compact Edison bulbs are the smallest and come in the sizes of C12 and C15.

Finally, you need to decide what kind of outlet your bulb will be plugged into – Upright or down-right. Upright bulbs sit on a stand or mount like a light switch, while down-right bulbs go into the wall like a power outlet.


If you’re looking for a new way to add a touch of luxury and style to your car, the h11 bulb is the perfect option.

This light bulb is made from high-quality materials and is designed to fit into most cars, making it a stylish and practical addition.

Plus, its small size makes it easy to install and remove, so you can change it as often as you like without having to deal with huge plugs or wires.

Why not give the h11 bulb a try? You won’t regret it. I hope this article tells everything about the h11 bulb fits what car.

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