Rancho vs Bilstein Review: Are Bilstein shocks better than Rancho?

The Rancho RS5000 are the basic OEM replacement shocks that deliver a comfortable and adjustable highway off-rode driving experience or lifted application for the level of ride performance that you want. The Bilstein is a high-pressure monotube shock. It provides the necessary damping to react quicker on any offroad situation. This high-pressure monotube shock can handle controlled ride while towing, hauling, off-roading, or highway driving.

The Bilstein 5100 series shock designed to level your truck by lifting the spring seat between 0.5″ and 2″.

Before going to an in-depth review, let’s summarize a few important points.

Pure offroad shocks/ loaded or unloaded: Bilstein 5100 series shock absorber maintains a stable, controlled, and comfortable ride.and also dampens the heavyweight tires.
For Offroad and Onroad balance and performance: Bilstein 4600 is a direct competitor to the classic Rancho RS5000X with stock height trucks.

  • Rancho’s RS9000XL shocks are insanely versatile with their globally recognized 9 adjustable settings. The advanced RS9000XL series is ideal for on- and off-road use, towing, and more.
  • The RS7000MT absorber is Free-Floating dividing piston.  This absorber creates high-pressure gas charge and then it separates the unit’s internal nitrogen and oil to deliver an additional spring rate.
  • Bilstein’s 5100 series heavily lean on performance with its valving. A firmer shock that is least expensive,  dramatically improve the ride and comes with 5 years warranty (50,000 miles).

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RS5000X Review and Features

You cant compare other RS5000 with the heir to the throne: the RS5000X. Could anything can compare to the top of the RS5000’s popularity? To be honest, the RS5000X doesn’t really compare to the Bilstein 5100 or the RS7000MT, both of which are monotube design shocks. It is like comparing Cocacola and Soda.

Why you can’t compare- Look at the features and benefit Of Rancho® RS5000X

Most Rancho RS5000X shocks reviews convey the stability, flexibility, and High-performance of the shock series. 150 PSI gas pressure on the twin-tube decreases the oil dissipation and elevates the spring rate for the vehicle. Low friction, protective boot, self-lubrication, and natural rubber bushings make it unbeatable.

Ten-stage velocity-sensitive valving facility.


Body:  The 57 mm steel twin tube body of Rancho 5000 shocks have a higher fluid capacity that offers increased performance with higher speed. And protects the shock rod and oil seal

Rod Size: The rod goes through a nitro-carburizing operation that makes it stronger and increases its durability.

Piston Size: 5/8-in. (16mm) diameter piston rod. 35 mm piston of RS5000 shock does a flawless job to provide firm control over the wheels.1 3/8-in. (35mm) diameter piston

Best Use:  Rancho RS5000 shocks absorber is an amazing choice for both on and off-road rides.

Finishing: The paint coated finishing offers a regular exterior of the Rancho RS5000 shocks.

Bilstein 5100 vs Rancho RS5000X

Let’s ook to the Bilstein 5100 review and feature

Bilstein 5100 Review

Bilstein 5100 has owned a place in the heart of off road runners. The highly durable zinc plated body with 46 mm piston can support heavy jeeps and trucks. It’s an amazing shock absorber for any modified vehicle.


Body: Bilstein 5100 has a highly durable steel body that ensures a long life time for the shock. Rod Size: The 14mm rod has a seamless motion that increases the piston’s movement. Piston Size: The 46mm piston moves up & down smoothly to provide a firm vehicle run. Best Use: Bilstein 5100 provides excellent performance on both Highway and Offroad. Finishing: Zinc coated body is guaranteed to last you for a long period of time.

Depth Review -Rancho vs Bilstein reviews

The Bilstein vs rancho debate is infamous at this moment. Both of these shock absorbers are great at what they do. However, there are some distinct factors between them. For example, Bilstein is a legendary brand that changed the whole system of shocks and introduced new technology. Later, Rancho 5000 shocks came to the market and started building their brand.

This is one reason for Bilstein shock absorbers to be more expensive than others.They’re also more durable and last for a longer period of time. Rancho shocks are less expensive but they can provide impressive performance for your vehicle .

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Rancho Shocks review

Rancho air shocks has been providing high-quality shock absorbers since its first day of manufacturing. The well-known manufacturer designed the shock absorber to ensure the high performance while you drive. Here is the rancho shocks reviews to help you understand its quality and features.

Rancho Shocks review

Rancho RS7000MT
  • Body: Steel
  • Rod Size: 14mm
  • Piston Size: Monotube
  • Finishing: Zinc
Check Price
Rancho RS5000
  • Body: Steel
  • Rod Size: 14mm
  • Piston Size: Monotube
  • Finishing: Zinc
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Rancho RS7000MT Review

All the Rancho RS7000MT reviews on the internet imply a positive image for the shock as they provide maximum performance with the monotube gas power with elevated heat dissipation. It offers you stable control over the wheels using the high damping feature. It comes with increased valving, Black natural rubber bushings and protective boots, etc.


Body: The 1.97 inch monotube body of Rancho RS7000 series ensures elevated heat dissipation.

Rod Size: 14 mm rod is set up to provide durability and power to the system.

Piston Size: 46 mm piston offers a higher spring rate to increased stability.

Best Use: Rancho 7000 shocks are perfect for offroad riding with the heavier vehicles.

Finishing: The zinc-coated finishing gives a premium finish to the rancho 7000 shock and increases the longevity.

Rancho RS5000 Review-Compatible with 2005-2016 Ford F-250 / F-350 Super Duty 4WD w/ 2-3″ leveling lift kits

35 mm Diameter Piston: Rancho 5000 has a 35 mm nitro-carburized diameter piston that ensures the longevity of the shock and provides smooth driving experiences.

Ten stages velocity-sensitive valving:  Rancho 5000 shocks is one of the best from the rancho industry as it comes with ten stage velocity sensitive valving. The features provide you to run through both trail road and highway road efficiently.

Diameter Piston Rod: The 16 mm diameter piston rod possesses great strength to your trucks.

Piston Boot: The piston boot is the greatest part of this rancho 5000 shocks review for its nature. It comes with a low-friction self-lubricating seal that can hold both the gas and oil.

Strong Exterior: Rancho 5000 shock review allows you to know that the shock absorber has a strong exterior design.

Rubber Brushings and Double-welded Mounts: The double-welded mounts assure the rubber brushing to be in the right place to boost the performance of the shock.

Rebound Bumpers: To ensure that you are not getting dips while driving your car even on the worst trail, the Rancho designs the absorber with rebound bumpers.

Rancho 9000XL Review

Tri-tube feature:  The tri-tube feature is the prime part of this Rancho 9000 review that can hold an extra amount of liquid compared to others.

Mono-flow nitrogen gas design: It is designed with mono-flow nitrogen gas that provides a balance flowing of the gas. Besides, the oil flow metering can be controlled by the knob or by the knob.

15 stage velocity sensitive valving: The manufacturer designed the 9000XL with 15 stage velocity sensitive valving to ensure the high performance of the shock absorber.

Piston rod and large body: The diameter of the body is 70mm, which is immensely larger than that of other shock absorbers. As well as, it has an 18mm nitro-carb rod that is ultra-strong and extra durable.

9-position tuning technology: That is something different and unique in the market. It provides 9 different positions of shock-absorbing performance.

Extra-durable red urethane boots: The 9000XL designed with red urethane bushings and double-welded loops that provide quality performance on your driveway.

Rancho RS999910 Review

QuickLIFT Technology: The Rancho RS999910 comes with a new quickLIFT technology that contains coil spring and as well as an upper mounting plate.

9-position tuning technology: It also has 9 different levels of tuning features that boost the performance of shock-absorbing.

Liquid metallic finish: The liquid metallic finish ensures the longevity of the shock absorber.

Additional lift: More interestingly, the manufacturer includes an additional lifting facility from 1 inch to 2.5 inches.

Wireless Controller: Another important feature of the absorber is, you can control the unit of the absorber wirelessly.

90-day Performance and Ride Guarantee: If you’re confused about buying a new shock absorber, then the Rancho is best for you. It provides a 90-day ride guarantee to customers. You can easily return the shock absorber if you don’t like it.

Easy to install: The Rancho RS999910 is way easier than other shock absorbers. It would take not more than an hour to install all the absorbers in your trucks.

Rancho RS9000xl vs Bilstein 5100

Rancho vs Bilstein debate has been going on for a long time. Different people have different opinions about them. However, nobody can deny that these are two great shock absorbers on the market. That being said here is a battle of spec of Rancho RS9000XL vs Bilstein 5100.


Body Size: Rancho RS9000XL has a 70 mm long body whereas the Bilstein 5100 is 50 mm long.

Rod Size: Rancho’s model has the larger rod as well. It’s 18mm, whereas the 5100 has a 14 mm main rod.

Piston Size: Bilstein 5100 has the longer piston that’s 45 mm long and the RS9000XL has 25 mm piston.

Self Lubrication: Rancho’s shock model has self lubrication inserted in it but Bilstein 5100 doesn’t contain any inherent self lubrication.

Finishing: RS9000XL has a metallic finish whereas Bilstein 5100 has zinc plated finishing.

Rancho Quick Lift vs Bilstein 5100


Installation: Rancho quick lift shocks are easier to install compared to the Bilstein 5100.

Charge: Here is the part where Rancho RS5000 vs Bilstein are similar. Both of the shock absorbers are run with pressurized nitrogen gas.

Additional Lift: The QuickLift series has an additional lifting capacity that gives it an upper hand on the bilstein vs rancho rebate.

Finishing: Rancho QuickLift has a liquid metallic finish that makes it premium quality whereas the Bilstein 5100 has a zinc coated finishing to it.

Rancho RS5000 Vs. Rancho RS5000X

Rancho RS5000 Vs. Rancho RS5000X
Rancho RS5000 Vs. Rancho RS5000X

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Rancho 7000 Shocks Review

A firm control over the wheels and smooth ride on the off road is guaranteed with Rancho monotube shocks 7000. Maximized damping response along with ten different valving systems take your riding experience to another level. The monotube body with 14 mm chrome rod, rubber bushing and zinc-coated finishing make it a long lasting shock absorber.

Rancho RS7370 RS7000MT Monotube Shock Absorber

Rancho Shocks Application Guide:

The application for the rancho shocks are quite a lengthy process. Different models of vehicles demand different types of shock with different applications. Here we’re giving a basic idea for the application.

  1. Firstly, pull out the tire and you’ll find two bolts on the top of the factory shock. Remove the bolts and pull out shock. Use a pneumatic wrench to do the job easily.
  2. Get your new shock and insert it in position. Plug in the bolts and do it tightly so it’s secured properly.
  3. For the last step, attach the dust cover on top of the shock. You may use a zip to hold it tightly.

Best Bilstein review

Bilstein 4600
  • Body: Steel
  • Rod SIze: 14mm
  • Piston SIze: 46mm
  • Finishing: Painted
Check Price
Bilstein 5100
  • 2005-2016 Ford for, fits F350 4WD
  • Rod SIze: 14mm
  • Piston SIze: Monotube
  • Finishing: Zinc
  • Check Price

    Best Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers

    Bilstein (24-185387) 4600 Series Front Shock Absorber
    • B6 4600 shock absorbers utilize unique, velocity-sensitive, digressive piston road conditions
    Check Price
    Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers
    • For Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 4WD 1999-06 with Front Shocks & Rear Shocks
    Check Price
    front and rear 4600 Series Bilstein Shock
    • Front and Rear Shock Absorbers for 07-17 Jeep Wrangler and 2018 Wrangler JK
    Check Price
    Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers
    • For Dodge Ram 2500 4WD 2003-13 with Front Shocks & Rear Shocks
    Check Price
    Bilstein (24-104050) 4600 Series Shock Absorber
    • Ideal for heavy hauling or off-road use
    Check Price

    Bilstein 4600 Review- Fits stock height 1999-04 Ford Super Duty F250 4WD

    The Bilstein 4600 monotube gas pressurized shock absorber series provides high comfort, stability and performance. It’s really simple to insert with the bolt-on mechanism. The 14mm rod and 46mm piston provides incredible control on the wheels.


    Body: Bilstein 4600 has a robust steel body that can provide constant service for upcoming years.

    Rod Size: This model has a 14mm rod that brings perfect support to the shock absorbing process.

    Piston SIze: The 46mm piston has an even movement that ensures constant high performance for the shock engine.

    Best Use: Bilstein 4600 is best for highway rides only. It slacks in performance when it comes to offroad.

    Finishing: This shock absorber has a painted finishing on it.


    Fox Shocks: The Fox shocks come with a heavy aluminium body. The lighter weight fox shocks worth the money as it has an extraordinary feature of heat dissipation. Anodized finished shocks designed with a Chrome Plated Steel rod that provides top-notch performance on the driveway.

    Rancho Shocks: Rancho is an Australian brand that delivers world-class shocks. The rancho shocks have fifteen to ten stages velocity-sensitive valving features that provide top-quality performance. For containing more liquid in the tube, some of the rancho shocks come with tri-tube features.

    Fox 2.0 shocks vs. Bilstein 5100

     Are you confused Fox 2.0 shocks vs. Bilstein 5100?

    bilstein 5100 vs fox 2.0

    Fox 2.0 shocks review :

    Fox 2.0 Shocks is one of the best in the market. The aluminum body resists rusting over time. The shocks designed with advanced suspension fluid so that it can excellently perform at different temperatures. For increased suspension articulation, it comes with nitrile rubber. Besides, it is way affordable compared to other shocks.

    Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks reviews: The Blistein 5100 comes with sturdy steel material, and its finishing is with the zinc. Its unique strut extension makes the shocks best in the market. The monotube gas pressure construction enhances the performance way more than others. The ½” rod is structured with chrome-plated steel for longevity and durability of the shocks.

    Buying Guide

    If you’re in the market searching the best shock absorber for your vehicle, here’s what you should look for :

    Monotube Design: A monotube designed shock offers higher performance than twin tube designed shocks. Monotube design is expected in all high-performance shocks.

    Gas Pressure: Gas pressurized shocks have more power into them that outputs in better stability and swiftness.

    Piston Size: 46 mm sized piston rod is an ideal for most shock absorbers. The assist the fluid to dissolve easily.

    Valving System: The more valving system the shocks have the better they perform. Around 10 valves system is an impressive feature for all absorbers.

    Springs: Number of springs are very important for any shock absorber. Increased spring offers more flexibility to maintain the firmness during rides.

    Finishing: The exterior finishing is as important as the inside. The metallic and zinc coated finish are acceptable for most shocks.

    OEM Standards: Although many popular shocks absorbers don’t meet the OEM standards, however, it’s best if you choose the one that does. These shocks provide better performance.

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    Which is better Rancho or Bilstein?

    There is no clear cut answer when it comes to the infamous debate between Rancho shocks vs Bilstein shocks. Both of them are really good at what they do. You’ve to choose one of them according to your need. For example, Bilstein’s 5100 series offers high performance and the Rancho RS9000XL shock provides amazing flexibility. Their performance also varies on Offroad / Onroad experience. You have to select the one according to your preference.

    Are Rancho shocks any good?

    Rancho shocks are absolutely a fine choice for your vehicle. They are famous for providing increased offroad flexibility and constant performance. Rancho shock is a sensible choice especially if you’re using a lightweight vehicle. These shock absorbers are versatile options for a smoother driving experience along with durability.

    What is the difference between Rancho 5000 and 9000 shocks?

    The fundamental difference between Rancho 5000 and 9000 is that the latter is more powerful and provides higher performance whereas the Rancho 5000 model is just a general OEM replacement shock absorber. The 9000 shock offers you more adjustment to achieve firmer moves.

    Are Bilstein shocks worth it?

    Bilstein shocks are definitely worth your money. First of all, they have earned the customers admiration by ensuring constant high performance. They work effectively even through colder environments. Bilstein shock absorbers have an extreme durable body that offers you a long term service. They last two or three times longer than other shocks.

    Is Bilstein a good brand?

    Bilstein is a renowned brand in the market. They have won the hearts of millions by providing amazing product and service. They’re on the automobile market for over a century now. Bilstein has become an infamous brand for their work in vehicle safety and suspension.

    Why are Bilstein shocks better?

    Before Bilstein, shock absorbers worked with the monotube system that used two tubes for getting the job done. That system used to provide relatively lower performance. Then Bilstein changed the whole system, they ensured higher performance by turning monotube into the shock itself. Bilstein shocks provide constant support for different vehicles by using pressurized system.

    Why are Bilstein shocks so expensive?

    Bilstein shocks are expensive as they’re made in Germany from high quality materials to ensure constant elevated performance. They have high tolerance for shock that offers you a smooth riding experience. They also provide amazing control and handling using the increased valving combination and pressurized nitrogen gas. They are also really durable and last you a long time.

    What shocks give the smoothest ride?

    There are plenty of shocks out in the market. However, not all of them are capable of providing satisfying performance for a sustainable amount of time. Here are the top 10 shocks that provide the smoothest ride. Monroe 911262 Bilstein 24191203 Bilstein Monotube

    What are the best shocks for Ford f150?

    Rancho RS999910 Quick Lift Loaded Strut. Detroit Axle 4×4 ONLY Complete Strut & Spring Assembly WULF 2004-2018 Ford F-150 3′ Front 2′ Rear Lift Kit

    Bilstein Shocks Company Info

    Bilstein has existed for more than a 100 years and they have revolutionized how the shock absorbers work. They have implemented new technologies, turned the two-tube system into a monotube process and increased the safety of vehicle rides. Bilstein shock absorbers are highly trusted among the ride lovers as the shocks have earned the love and respect of the customers by providing constant high performance.

    Rancho Shocks Company info

    Rancho is a world-class shocks company that originated in Australia. Shock absorber and suspension of rancho allow trucks to run smoothly even in rough terrain.

    The Rancho company has been researching shock absorbers for 60 years, and hundreds of famous engineers work hard to facilitate the shocks. So many features and different technologies are offered by the rancho company, including the quicklift technology, 9-position tuning technology, 15 stage velocity sensitive valving feature, tri-tube feature, and so on.

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