MOOG vs ACDelco Suspension Parts: Is Moog Better than AC Delco

Determining the best ball joints in the debate of Moog vs ACDelco is quite difficult. Both of the manufacturers are the market best as they provide the best service and longevity. In terms of grease, the Moog ball joints always win over ACDelco. Besides, ACDelco can only be installed on GM and non-GM vehicles whereas Moog is installable on every type of car model.

Another big concentration on this Moog vs ACDelco debate is their size. ACDelco ball joints are structured with a forged housing for secure fit whereas Moog comes with an oversized accommodation for lesser metal friction.

In the ACDelco vs Moog review, we’re going to dive into the specifications and functionality of these two company’s suspensions ball joints. We’ll compare the Moog parts review and ACDelco parts review, and let you decide which one is suitable for you. Let’s dive in to know are Moog parts good!

  • For better performance and for Front Lower Ball Joint: Moog ball joint features a 360-degree range of movement, allowing for consistent stud articulation for lifetime warranty like this ball joint MOOG K6541 Ball Joint and  ACDelco features a polyurethane dust boot, a one-piece housing, and advanced bearings like this ball joint 46D2272A

For Front Upper Ball Joint: Made with a hardened steel stud ball for long-lasting dependability and performance this Moog K80026 Ball Joint is best. For the Acdelco brand, you can also check out this ACDelco 46D2281A  ball joint.

Moog K80026

Moog K80026 Ball Joint

ACDelco 46D2281A

ACDelco 46D2281A-balljoints

Moog Vs AC Delco: Ball Joints Comparison Table


Moog Ball Joints

ACDelco Ball Joints

For Which Model

Perfect for Ford and Dodge models but it can also cover wide range of vehicles

Perfect for GM and non GM models.


Type "OE"

Type Aftermarket


Oversized housing , ensures more lubrication and less metal friction

Forged Housing for durability and secured fit


The most durable and best ball joints as it featured over sized housing facility


Made with

Premium Polychloroprene Sealed Boot w/ grease-relief valve. And features a 360-degree range of movement, allowing for consistent stud articulation

Polyurethane dust boot

Coat Resistance

It has a grease able socket design. This feature flushes the pollutants and ads lubricants.

It has Zinc coated corrosion resistant


Lifetime Warranty

12 months warranty


Is Moog a good brand? Is ac Delco a good brand? Why it’s better for us to stick to MOOG Problem Solver vs AC Delco Professional. Let’s check.

Moog quality: Are Moog parts good?

Is Moog a good brand? Are Moog parts good? Moog is a good and trusted brand. Moog ball joints reduce friction and increase durability by affecting the grid to the stud.

Moog parts quality ensures greater lubrication and less metallic friction by providing larger housing. Recently Moog has come up with some parts that can be installed on every car model.

Its suspension parts are durable, reliable, and of high quality. Its control arm lasts a long time and does not need to be replaced until it is torn.

Moog Ball joints: This Moog K8607T Ball Joint helps keep the bearing package tight as bearings wear. It designed to reduce friction and long life and they’re easier to service.

Moog K8607T Ball Joint

Ball studs are heat-treated to exceed OE requirements to inhibit premature failure and improve fatigue strength

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Moog vs ACDelco: Tie Rod Ends

Both products are similar when it comes to functionality. However, ACDelco has a better look, pricing, durability, and ease of installation than the Moog tie rod ends.

ACDelco 45A1311 Professional Tie Rod End

Low-friction double bearing for high impact resistance

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Control arm kits are designed for safety purposes. To ride right, to handle right and dependability Moog CK80669 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly.

MOOG’s Problem Solver CK  design makes these control arms a piece of cake to install and reduces corrosion, allows grease to flow through the bearing surface for reduced friction.

Moog CK80669 Control Arm & Ball Joint Assembly

Features tighter tolerances vs traditional cover plate designs, providing a more durable and extended lifetime warranty.

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Moog vs AC Delco: Wheel Bearing

Moog has the upper hand in this area. A big advantage of Moog bearings is the ABS construction. Their roll form design helps the grease to spread better and provide better performance. Thicker coating and ABS protection make it a definite winner.

A highly impressive metal gusher bearing makes the Moog suspension a better choice than AC Delco.

MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is a  heavy-duty Moog bearing that offers the best warranty, 3 Years.

MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing

Moog vs ACDelcoball: Joints Basics

Moog and ACDELCO are the most prominent brands that make the best quality ball connections. Both brands are reliable worldwide. There is a lot of competition across the internet with Moog vs ACDelco. Both brands ensure better quality, durability and customer’s needs.

What is a Ball joint?

A ball joint comprises a course stud and attachment encased in packaging; every one of these parts are made of steel. The bearing stud is tightened and strung and fits into a tightened gap in the guiding knuckle. A defensive encasing keeps the earth from getting into the joint to get together.

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How to check ball joints?

Here are steps to check ball joints:

  • Step #1: Check out the wear indicator
  • Step #2: Observe the grease fitting.
  • Step #3: Listen to the sound.
  • Step #4: Pay close look to the up and down movement of the ball.

About Moog Ball Joints

Moog ball joints key features: Don’t ever stress out with the Moog ball joints

Both our press-in and bolted ball joints have new housing coatings that improve their corrosion resistance. A new synthetic grease switched ball joint makes it easier for you to fit as well as provide the best polishing. Recent innovations in the range of our ball joints have confirmed that they have the features and capabilities that are expected of Moog. The strength of the study has doubled and the durability has been increased by a factor of five, which also improves safety.

Moog Overview: Let’s have a deep dive into Moog

How does Moog work?

The Moog valve has an additional improvement that gives it excellent accuracy and controllability. In short, this is an adaptable part with a spherical end located in the valve core. When the spool moves due to weight comparison, it will run the end of the input string. So, it is in contradiction with the development of flapper valves and armatures. In the end, these two contradictory forces have reached a balance. Then, it balances the condition of the spool.

Moreover, limiting the restriction on the constant development of the liquid. Along these routes, it hardly changes the current at the armature. Then, can it accurately adjust the course of the cash? This guideline allows Moog valves also to be used as liquid speakers.


Size:  It is comparatively oversized that ensures more lubrication and less metal friction.

Material: Fully cured body material with long service life. Backed by superior materials and rigorous testing.

Installation: MOOG provides reliable and reliable performance. MOOG’s innovative problem-solving technology ensures quick and easy installation. You can easily compare other metal rare parts vs moog.

Keeps dirt and water out: Prevent dust and water from entering-the pre-installed dust cover protects the socket assembly from wear and contaminants.

Car’s Model: The Moog is perfect for Ford and Dodge models. However, it can also cover a wide range of vehicles.

Type: It is made with “OE” specifications.

Control arm assemblies: It is now a piece of cake to install the control arms with the Moog ball joints.

Performance: The most durable and best ball joints as it featured an over-sized housing facility.

Coat Resistance: It has a grease able socket design. This feature flushes the pollutants and ads lubricants.

Warranty: Moog has lifetime warranty. Moreover, this ball joint is extremely sturdy and works great on tight fittings.

Which model is Moog best for?

Earlier I have talked about Moog k6541 ball joint. Now let’s discuss more in detail.

MOOG K6541 is different due to its powdered metal sprayer structure. Compared with most OE rotating accessories, it has a higher grounding and stability. This is because it allows oil to flow efficiently through the bearing to the stud. MOOG K6541 is called MOOG problem solver design as it reduces corrosion and enhances performance.

Moog K6541 Ball Joint

Greaseable socket, Keeps dirt and water out, Easy to install, Absorbs impact

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It has the ability to rotate at 360° range that allows perfect stud articulation. Belleville washer preload provides lower torque and minimal axial clearance. Therefore, MOOG K6541 is favored by most professionals, as it is pretty much easy to install. Also, its size is surprisingly large. This makes the ball fit more securely.

Therefore, MOOG K6541 is favored by most professionals as well as NASCAR team bosses.

It is excellent for every two-wheel and four-wheel drive cars in this category.

What is AC Delco ball joint?

ACDelco is an American brand of motor vehicle parts. ACDelco ball joints are the best gold ball joints for replacement vehicles on the road. Controls your car and attaches its arm to its steering knuckle. This ball joint has a polyurethane dust boot. Factory parts for vehicles manufactured by GM are integrated under the ACDelco brand.

Tensed about ACDelco parts quality? Here’s your answer

ACDelco provides high-quality parts for large vehicle systems and marine equipment. You can also check this forum.

ACDelco overview: Dig bit deeper for better understanding

How does it work?

ACDelco is a leading supplier of new parts for General Motors Original Equipment (OE) vehicles. It is trusted by most high-quality post-retail parts suppliers of different brands and models.

ACDelco is the first ball joints parts that meet or exceed the detailed requirements of OE specification. ACDelco’s professional series delivers the best quality at a more reasonable cost. These precise ACDelco ball joints understand all of your vehicle’s requirements.


Material: The  ACDelco ball joints are made of alloy steel that provides longevity and extreme durability.

Supported Car Models: The ACDelco suits GM and non-GM models most. However, some models other than GM and non-GM are also supported.

Type: It is an aftermarket type ball joint.

Housing: Forged Housing ensures the durability and secure fitting in the car.

Performance: Its unique build specifications ensure durable performance.

Coat Resistance: The zinc-coated ball joints are extremely corrosion resistant.

Warranty: Warranty for this suspension is 12 months.

 ACDelco Advantage

Like all the manufacturers of a wide variety of auto parts, ACDelco has also turned its product portfolio into a specially licensed product. ACDelco is unique than others for its one-piece, forged housing structure that provides extreme strength to your vehicles. However, the greaseable design of the joints ensures the highest longevity of the product. It provides consistent high quality as it is manufactured under TS 16949-certified facilities.

Which ball joint model is ACDelco best for?

ACDelco’s 46D2281A is the best among all of the ACDelco ball joints. It is a front lower suspension that comes with a sturdy design and extreme performance. The entire joint is coated to prevent erosion and to maintain smoothness.

Forged housing of this model fits securely on your car and ensures utmost durability. It undergoes several tests to determine its durability and longevity.

Not only that, but it also maintains all the regulations of ISO 9001. So you don’t have to stress out again for years. Just install and forget!

ACDelco 46D2281A Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint

Comes with a sturdy design and extreme performance

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MOOG K80026 Ball Joint vs ACDelco 46D2281A

Installation: Precision tolerances and steering alignment ensure easy & straightforward installation for the MOOG K80026. ACDelco 46D2281A connects to the vehicle control using steering knuckles.

Range of fittings: Generally, Ford and Dodge’s vehicles are supported by the MOOG one. However, it can go with all models. The ball joint of  ACDelco 46D2281A supports GM and non-GM models only.

Accessories: Both of the ball joints have dust boots included with the box.

Design: ACDelco 46D2281A ball joints are structured with a forged housing that ensures the ball joint will securely fit. On the other hand, MOOG K80026 Ball Joint comes with oversized accommodation for higher grease and lesser metal friction.

Weight: MOOG K80026 Ball Joint weighs 1.4 lbs and ACDelco 46D2281A marks at 1.25 lbs.

Coating: No coating is applied to the MOOG K80026. ON the other hand, ACDelco 46D2281A has a coating for corrosion resistance.

Moog vs ACDelco: MOOG K6541 Ball Joint vs ACDelco 46D2272A

Installation: Steering alignment, along with the precision tolerance helps for easy installation with MOOG K6541. The ACDelco installation process is a bit harder than MOOG.

Range of fittings: MOOG K6541 supports Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC vehicles. ACDelco 46D2272A is rather an economical replacement for both GM and non-GM vehicles.

Accessories: Both ball joints come with almost the same accessories for installation.

Design: MOOG K6541 Ball Joint comes with oversized accommodation for higher grease and lesser metal friction. On the other hand, ACDelco 46D2272A ball joints are structured with a forged housing that ensures the ball joint to securely fits on.

Weight: MOOG K6541 weighs 1.43 lbs, and the ACDelco 46D2272A weighs about 1.5 lbs.

Coating: MOOG suspension has no coating over it. ACDelco has a coating for durability.

MOOG Parts Reviews: World’s Top in your hand

Structured with high-quality aluminum and steel

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  • MOOG Chassis  Control Arm is as easy as pie to install as its steering alignment gives the perfect fit.
  • Precise engineering reduces noise and is highly resistant to dust and debris.
  • It is suitable to drive in even the hardest terrain.
  • It is structured with high-quality aluminum and steel.
  • M2 Technology ensures a better steering experience.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty to its users.

MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing

  • The Wheel bearing reduces the noise as much as possible.
  • The fast and hassle-free installation saves you valuable time in a huge margin.
  • Consistent preload ensures by the roll form design.
  • It is abrasion-resistant as it comes with the ABS cord.
  • The coated wheel bearing is corrosion protected.
  • Advanced raceway design protects it from overheating.

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FAQ on MOOG vs ACDelco

Is MOOG better than AC Delco?


Yes, MOOG is better than AC Delco. MOOG suspensions have better durability and longevity due to the grease zerk. They also support all vehicle models, whereas the AC Delco goes with GM and non-GM vehicles only.

Is MOOG the best?

MOOG is a trusted brand among riders. MOOG produces exceptionally durable, high-quality, and reliable suspensions. The wheel bearings last hundred and thousands of miles.

Who makes AC Delco?

General Motors makes ACDelco products. From the first quarter of 1900, General Motors took responsibility for producing ACDelco components.

Where are AC Delco parts made?

AC Delco parts are made in China.

Is AC Delco good quality?

acdelco 46D2272A-acdelco ball joints

AC Delco suspensions are of good quality. We’d suggest you go with the genuine OEM parts as they can provide better service for a longer time.

Which is better MOOG or Dorman?

MOOG is definitely better than Dorman. MOOG is a trusted and reliable brand that has been offering satisfying, durable products for your car. On the other hand, Dorman presents slightly better than average products.

How do ball joints work?

Ball joints work more or less like a human hip joint. They connect the wheels to the suspension and allow them to move together. The bearing stud and socket stay together in a lubricated casing.

How often should I replace my ball joints?

Usually, you have to change the ball joints approximately from 70,000 miles to 150,000. You need to pay attention to the decay as it depends mostly on the usage.

Why replace ball joints?

Replacing ball joints is crucial as they decay over time and provide less performance. You need to change the ball joints to have a secured suspension for your vehicle.

How do I know if ball joints are worn?

If you hear a knocking noise while going over bumps.
If the steer feels shaky and somewhat out of control.
If the suspension movement creates a squeaky sound.

Do some ball joints last longer?

Depending on the brand and quality of the ball joint, one model can last longer than another. However, generally, the wearing limit for ball joints is 150,000 miles.

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MOOG vs ACDelco – Wrapping it up

We have gone through the difference between the world’s two best suspension brands. Though there are some fundamental differences between these brands, they are widely reliable suspension. In this MOOG vs ACDelco review, we did not only indicate the differences but also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of MOOG and ACDelco ball joints.

If we miss anything or have any suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Happy journey!

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