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Gates vs Dayco: Which one is better?

When you are choosing the best belts for your car, you must get stuck on the Gates vs Dayco debate. It is very difficult to differentiate as both of the brands provide the best product line. Yet, the brand Gates takes the greater market place over Dayco because of its performance. On the other hand, Dayco is popular for its greater mileage. Gates belt fits almost all the cars and SUVs whereas Ford’s users complain that Gates belt is too short for their vehicle. Therefore, Dayco belt provides OE standards for Toyota cars and Gates is well-known as an OE supplier for ACDelco or NAPA.

In the Gates vs Dayco review, we will give our best shot to compare these two brands, so that you can choose your best fit.

Let’s start with some of the best product lines they have produced over the years and similar on the basis of performance.

  1. Gates vs Dayco Timing belt kits
    1. Gates (Check price here)
    2. Dayco (Check price here)
  2. Gates vs Dayco Serpentine belts
    1. Gates (Check price here)
    2. Dayco (Check price here)
  3. Gates vs DaycoTensioners / idle pulleys
    1. Gates (Check price here)
    2. Dayco Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump (Check price here)
  4. Gates vs Dayco Radiator hoses
    1. Gates (Check price here)
    2. Dayco (Check price here)

Since we have highlighted their several products line, let us describe them in detail.

1. Gates vs Dayco Timing Belts

Gates Vs Dayco Timing Belts Review-In Detail

Best Gates Timing Belt

Gates TCKWP312 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump is the best replaceable timing belt in this product line. It just does not come with a belt, but also with full belt kits that are needed for replacement.

Features of Gates Timing Belt

Construction: For longer wear it comes with backside jackets that are constructed with Aramid reinforced nylon.

Easy Replacement: It can replace the torn belt easily that saves your money and time.

HNBR rubber: It is highly heat and oil resistant as it comes with high-grade HNBR rubber.

PTFE infused jackets: To reduce frictional losses and tooth shearing, it comes with PTFE infused jackets. You can also check in here.

Best Dayco WP271K1C Timing Belt

Dayco WP271K1C is one of the best timing belts in the market. It comes with a complete installation kit.

Dayco timing belt water pump kits are manufactured to meet the critical OE quality fit

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.


Design: The molded cog design Dayco WP271K1C ensures a perfect fit in your car.

Installation: All the installation kits come with the timing belt package. So you don’t need to bother with carrying extra tools and wasting money.

OE quality: The Dayco WP271K1C doesn’t only meet the OE specifications, but exceeds.

ISO Certification: It is certified by ISO 9001:2008 in the USA. So you don’t have to stress out about its quality.

Warranty: The timing belt kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Source: Dayco Product site

2. Gates vs Dayco Serpentine Belts

Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt review

Gates K081264HD serpentine belt is the best serpentine belt brand for supercharger having heavy-duty construction. This Gates serpentine belt is way quieter than other belts as it follows EPDM standard. Extra heavy-duty construction resists cracking and wear.

Gates K081264HD Features and Description

Size: The product’s dimension is 15.9 x 5 x 1.2 which is longer than any other serpentine belts.

Technology: This is the best automotive V-belt serpentine belt that features High-standard belt technology.

Heavy-duty construction: Heavy belt loading serpentine belt that can load even 1-ton trucks.

EPDM material: This belt is constructed by EPDM materials that deliver the quietest performance.

Installation: The installation process is simpler than drinking water.

Crack-resistant: It meets the OEM specifications; therefore, it is highly crack-resistant.

  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1459 specifications.


Dayco Belts Review

Dayco 5060915 Serpentine Belt

In the case of the Dayco serpentine belt review, we put the Dayco 5060915 Serpentine Belt as the most bought product for this product line. Dayco comes with an innovative “W” rib profile that ensures the best performance. “W” rib profile is the most innovative advancement in multi-rib belts in 25 years

Dayco 5060915 Features and Description

“ELA” Stretch design: The ELA designed belt constructed for two to four point drives that can be installed without automatic or manual tensioning.

Construction: Dayco 5060915 designed with EPDM material to proceed with a quieter sound.

Deep Rib belt: Deep rib is another special feature of the Dayco 5060915. Dayco increases the rib depth by adding extra layers of material.

Resistant ability: It is not only resistant to heat and oil, but also it is ozone degradation resistant.

“W” rib profile: “W” rib profile ensures high mileage performance.

OEM replacement: This serpentine belt has a direct OEM replacement feature.

Best timing Belt Brand

As we already have compared Gates vs Dayco timing belts, you surely have had the insight about these belts. Therefore, if you ask us for the Best timing belt brand we will definitely suggest you Gates TCKWP312 timing belt. It is an OEM specified belt that is thick enough to give you the best performance. Besides, it is the best timing belt brand for Volkswagen car models.

Well, if you ask for the best timing belt brand for Honda car models then the Dayco timing belt is our first priority. In the Dayco timing belt kit review, we have discussed its heavy duty performance.

3. Dayco vs Gates tensioner

Gates Tensioner Review

Gates 38285 Belt Tensioner used in heavy-duty vehicles. It comes with high quality bearings and springs that secure a long life of the belt. It is trusted widely and ensure smooth performance on the go.

Gates 38285 Features and Description

Direct replacement: You can directly replace the Gates 38285 Belt Tensioner with the worn belt.

OEM Specification: This tensioner belt exceeds the OEM specification and thus it is trusted widely.

Squeaking elimination: It can eliminate squeaking that can fix the belt tension of the worn factory components.

Proper conjunction with serpentine belt: It perfectly syncs with serpentine belts to ensure smooth performance on the go.

Dayco Belt Tensioner Review

Dayco 89378 Belt Tensioner

The Dayco 89378 Belt Tensioner is the perfect fit in the competition against Gates belt tensioner. It provides the highest performance and longevity that keeps you and your car stress-free.

Dayco 89378 Features and Description

Direct replacement: Dayco 89378 has been designed compactly so that you can replace the torn one easily with no time.

Tensioner and Pulley combination: It just not comes with a tensioner but also Pulley too.

Pulley Material: The pulley comes with stainless steel that ensures durability of the product.

Spring case material: Spring case of the belt tensioner kit comes with durable cast aluminium that is absolutely cracks and fatigue-resisted.

Warranty: It has a 30-day money back guarantee and a year long warranty.

4. Gates vs Dayco hoses

Gates 22437 Lower Radiator Hose

Gates 22437 Lower Radiator Hose is an automotive radiator coolant hose. Hoses and Pipes are the part types of this Radiator. It can transfer fluid to your vehicle without creating any hassle.

Gates 22437 Radiator Coolant Hose Features and Description

Coolant Hose:  This Gates Radiator Hose is a lower radiator coolant hose that provides world best performance.

OEM Specifications: This radiator hose meets the OEM specifications.

Fluid transfers: It can transfer fluid to your vehicle without creating any hassle.

Dayco Hoses Review

Dayco 72091 Lower Radiator Hose is designed with synthetic EPDM materials. It can be replaced in the straight and molded radiator hoses. It is resistant to ozone as well as other harmful contaminants

Dayco 72091 Features and Description

Knitted reinforcement: This Dayco radiator hose comes with knitted reinforcement.

Construction: The Dayco 72091 Radiator hose is constructed with synthetic EPDM materials that meet the Class D-2 requirements.

Resistant ability: It is resistant to ozone as well as other harmful contaminants.  Besides, it is also resistant to temperature variations.

Hose flexibility: This radiator hose’s corrugations feature offers super hose flexibility without any flattening or collapse problem.

Prevent splitting: It can prevent splitting, elongation, and ballooning.

Review table: Best 3 Gates Radiator hoses

Products nameSummaryProsCons
Gates 22437 Lower Radiator Hose



An automotive lower radiator coolant hose.


This Gates coolant hose can be molded.

Coolant molded hose


Fitted like OEM specifications

Transfer fluids

Easy to install

Hose length is short that can create difficulties when installing
Gates 22436 Upper Radiator HoseAn automotive upper radiator replacement upper coolant hose.Strong hose


Easy to install

Replace the entire cooling system perfectly

The hose is short that can not fit for a 09 Avalanche or 08 Tahoe.
Gates 22039 Lower Radiator HoseAn automotive radiator lower coolant hose that can also be molded.Lower coolant molded hose


Perfect fit like OEM quality

Nothing significant found at all

Gates vs Dayco belts: Where are they produced?

Now from curiosity, you might have wondered where the Gates and Dayco are made. Well, Gates makes their serpentine belt and other related products in Arkansas, USA. Yet, they are planning to broaden their product line in Europe and China.

“An official statement from a year ago (here) states the resulting rollout worldwide. It will be the first in Europe, after that, Chinese offices to come.”

If you ask who makes Dayco belts and where are Dayco belts made? Then you are getting your answer here. American parts supplier Mark IV produces Dayco drive belts products. They fabricate their product mostly in China and Mexico.

An important note: Belt dressing and EPDM serpentine belts

There is an important note for you if you don’t want to ruin your new belt. As serpentine belts are EPDM material constructed, so don’t dress your belt on them. If you do so, the rubber compound will get swell that will damp your dressing.

If your dressing is damping, your belt will create noise. As the surfaces of the ribs are getting dried, nothing can stop the chirping of your belt. And your problem will begin.

If you want to minimize the chirping problem of your belt, you have to change your belt. Otherwise, you have to tolerate the noise, and that will cause a problem for you.

Dayco themselves warn of this on their official site

What is a serpentine belt?

A serpentine belt is a single as well as a continuous belt that is used in an automotive engine. An idler pulley or a belt tensioner guides the belt.

Gates vs Dayco timing belts: Gates’ timing belt kits are popular for its thicker construction and longer performance. It is highly resistant to harmful contaminants such as oil, chemicals, etc.

Dayco vs Gates tensioner: Both the Dayco and Gates tensioner are perfect for your vehicle. But, the Dayco tensioners are a little bit more expensive than the Gates. Yet, there are a bunch of plastic parts in the Gates tensioner.

Gates vs Dayco hoses: Gates achieved its popularity over Dayco in terms of Radiator coolant hose. To know the accuracy of Gates hoses, you have to learn the Gates hose cross reference guide. Some customers complain about Dayco that their belt is too short of installing.

Gates belts: Gates offer their automotive V-belts for all of the American vehicles. The Gates belts are resistant to heat and harmful contaminants. Besides, it exceeds the OEM quality.

Gates tensioner review: The gates belt tensioner provided the best performance in your power transmission system. It performs even better than the factory one.

Dayco belts: Dayco belts are famous because of their automotive power transmission and the cooling system components. They offer the super flexible V-belt that will increase the airflow around the belt.

Gates belts review: The Gates offers good quality and heavy-duty belt. They are heat and crack resistant. If you look over Gates vs OEM belts, you will find that they have thicker construction than the OEM belts.


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Which belt is better: Dayco or Gates?

Both Gates and Dayco belts are good quality. As mentioned before, Gates is the most famous brand that can perform better than the Dayco belt. Most of the American vehicles choose the Gates belt over the Dayco. Yet, you can’t deny Dayco for its longevity.

Which brand of the serpentine belt is best?

In the Dayco vs Gates serpentine belts debate, the Dayco wins literally. Gates provide the highest quality serpentine belts in this product line.

Are Dayco Belts good quality?

Yes, Dayco belts are good quality belts. Dayco provides their OEM specification belts and hoses.

How long should a serpentine belt last?

Serpentine belt usually lasts for a long time. EPDM constructed belts last approximately 100,000 miles and old fashioned belts last no longer than half of it.

What makes serpentine belts break?

If your belt is in poor condition, your serpentine belt will break. Another reason that will break your belt is a failed bearing.

Are Dayco serpentine belts any good?

Dayco serpentine belts are good enough to run for gears. EPDM constructed material helps you to ride completely quiet.

What is the best serpentine belt to buy?

All of the Gates serpentine belts are good but the Gates K081264HD is the best. It is the most sold serpentine belt on Amazon.

What is the quietest serpentine belt?

If you want the quietest serpentine belt, you can go for Dayco 5060915 Serpentine Belt. It has six ribs that will provide you a safe and quiet ride.


Gates are the most famous brand as it provides the best quality serpentine belt, timing belt kits, and radiator coolant hose. Their performance is excellent because of its thicker development and extraordinary dependability. Yet, you can’t disparage Dayco as it also provides their quietest serpentine belt.

Both of the brands are perfect for your vehicles. So, you can’t just ignore one brand over the other.

After reading the Gates vs Dayco review, what will you prefer for your vehicle? Let us know what suits the best for your vehicle. And if you have any questions in your mind or want to know more, don’t hesitate to comment.

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