K&N Performance air intake 63-3082 Review in 2022

K&N Performance Air Intake 63-3082 is a great source to increase your car’s airflow. And we usually can’t rely on product comparisons when it’s about a thrilling performance of our vehicle. So, it will be nonetheless a wise option to choose a high-quality air filter like K&N.

Are you one of those fed up with ordinary filters and want to rank up your car gradually? This article will help you out regarding such problems. Because here I am going to show you a top-notch air intake for maximum consumers.

If you want to know about a great review relating to your car airflow, stay tuned here. You will have the best acquisition and a nice experience.

K&N Performance Air Intake 63-3082 Review

K&N Performance Air Intake 63-3082 provides a guarantee of an increase in horsepower and torque. You can also increase the airflow of your engine with its high-density polyethylene rotationally molded tube. The system features oiled cotton filter media pairing with washable and reusable services.

The High-Flow Air Filter™ gains a conical design that will allow you to go up to 100,000 miles. And you can protect your intake air from high temperature with a custom heat shield equipped. Moreover, you will not have to spend much time in installation as it will take less than 90 minutes.

Clamp material

Here the clamp material consumes stainless steel, which works as a primary function for cleaning the air. And thus it improves the output of engine power.

Mounting hardware

All the fragile and coated materials will budge away and give an imperative protection layer with the mounting hardware. As a result, you can be able to handle your intake safely and conveniently.

Air filter material

With the cotton gauze material, you will get thin and shear stability. Also, it agrees with Dior and weighs very light.

Air filter outlet

Here, the round air filter outlet will improve the airflow of your engine by burning less gas. And as a consequence, it will improve the overall performance of your car.

Positive Side

  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Gives washable and reusable service
  • Stainless steel improves the output of engine power
  • Protects fragile and coated materials
  • Enables to handle safely
  • Materials are of thin and sheer cotton gauze


  • Traps tiny particles

K&N Performance air intake 63-3082

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Buying guide for K&N air intake

Air intake systems play a great role in the combustion process and provide your engine with oxygen. But when you purchase a mediocre product for that, then everything becomes compromisable. If you don’t want such to happen, then a buying guide will certainly help you. So let us find out what features will be great for your k&N air filter.


All K&N air intakes provide a significant increase in the stock system of vehicles. Make sure the designation combines a required standard and gives ease in maintenance. Therefore, the performance you are looking for totally depends on your choice.


Customizable air filters are those which include roto-molded high-density polythene. Such substances offer more appearances in stock under the hood. You can also find plenty of K&N air intakes of mandrel-bent aluminum or powder-coated aluminum. And the tubing finishes also work well in a variety of features.


The performance you will get from your product depends on what kind of air filter you choose. Moreover, the heat shield air box varies on the specific part. Considering standard K&N air filters, they can go up to 100,000 miles requiring no maintenance.


Drivers who want high performance can go for open lifter elements and heat shields for good airflow. If you are an off-roader, you can prefer the intake system, which comes with a custom air box. Thus, you can be free from a dirty environment and fight against dirt, dust, and moisture.

And for all those adventurer riders can choose the enclosed air box to gain freedom and easy access. Furthermore, you will not need any special tools for quick cleaning or maintenance.

How to clean K&N air filters?

One of the most important tasks towards air filters is their maintenance. If you want to keep your K&N neat and clean every time, you shall follow some steps below.

Step 1: Apply power Kleen

Apply your power Kleen spray as your filter cleaner on both sides of K&N. And keep it idle for about 10 minutes and make sure the cleaner doesn’t dry on the air filter.

Step 2: Rinse your filter.

Now use cool, low-pressure water to rinse your air filter. Start from the clean side so that you can flush the dirt out from the filter.

Step 3: Allow your filter to dry

After you are done rinsing, shake off the excess water and let it dry naturally. Do not apply oil before drying.

Step 4: Apply K&N filter oil

Please take out the K&N filter oil bottle and squeeze it before using it. Then apply it gently to the crown of each pleat and let it wick for 20 minutes. Give a touch upon the light areas. One thing to be noted, hold the nozzle 3″ away when you spray the oil.

How do sound changes by cold air intake?

You can improve the sound of your car by cold air intake along with performance. As a result, the sound of your car will become more aggressive and louder. And the best thing is, you can hear unique sounds from your engine where the sound of cold air rushes.

But how the sound changes exactly, we can find that out with some specificity. So let us gaze below at the following hallmarks-

  • More airflow- Cold air intakes allow more airflow having a wider surface area where the air enters. More air means more oxygen, whereas more air also means more noises. You must have noticed that it simplifies a going air when you hit a cock with your racket. It also conveys a little noise, and this is exactly in case of cold air intake.
  • More exposed- When you open the trunk of your car and look for the stock air intake, you may not know possibly. The reason is, stock intakes always remain closed. By such tricks, they reduce the noises, and cold air intake is exposed contrastingly. So, you will get more airflow and a wonderful side effect in your car for sure.
  • Regulations- The manufacturers follow many regulations while producing cars, such as sound emissions, safety, and others. They ensure to meet the regulations and appeal to more people as much as possible. And what the manufacturers do significantly is silence the noise from the car and includes an intake system. If you have a cold air intake, the performance will be up to the mark. Hence, the cold air intake manufacturers will get enough room to play with and improve the cars’ sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can K&N filters ruin engines?

K&N filters do not cause any damage to engine internals but to the mass airflow sensors. Or it can also coat if your car has some. The oil where K&N filters are soaked and separate MAF wires or may contaminate and damage engines.

Will K&N air filters be worth the money?

Most probably, the K & N filter is not worth the money. In case you find the need for a high-performance filter, K&N will not disappoint you from anywhere. And you can hardly argue against its quality and performance as this product leaves no features at its best.

How much can HP K&N intake add?

Your car will be able to mix more fuel if you get cooler air in your engine. Thus, it will make more power with the high amount of air conjointly. And your horsepower can increase up to 10-15 with less restrictive filter and intake tube proficiently.

In what range should I oil my K&N filter?

You must serve your K&N High-Flow Air Filter once every 50,000 miles. Don’t forget to do so, especially when you are in a normal highway driving condition. Including larger filters, it can go up to 100,000 miles before you need to clean.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you found K&N Performance Air Intake 63-3082 as a relevant option for your car. Till now, this product gave unlimited commendable features which are continuing. After you purchase K&N, you will be relieved from the problems of water ingestion and engine damage.

So what makes you late to choose it? If you want to serve your vehicle with best practices, I will recommend buying the 63-3082 version. That is because this upgraded resource finely adapts with any vehicle and supports a long route.

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