How to Bypass EGR Valve on 60 Series Detroit

The series 60 heavy-duty diesel engine from Detroit Diesel Corporation is one of the best diesel engines ever made. As a flagship, this engine can indeed hold its own against the odds. However, no engines are without any problems. The EGR valve reticulates a portion of exhaust emissions back into the engine. Even though the system is designed with good intentions, it can also cause several problems, including premature engine failure.

In this article, I will be discussing the EGR valve, bypassing the valve, and several other issues regarding this component.

Bypassing the EGR valve

Even though bypassing the EGR valve provides a performance boost, you can get better results by reprogramming the Engine Control Module (ECM). Nonetheless, you can remove the EGR valve by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Let’s start with loosening up the clamp. You will find it below the assembly.
  • ●        Now, pull out the both inlet and outlet.
  • To make theEGR valve cooler, draw out all the nuts from the studs.
  • Finally, take out the EGR assembly and gasket and put the gasket away.

Detroit 14L EGR problems

The late 60 series engines are equipped with an EGR to reduce the nitrous oxide emissions, t. After the addition of EGR, it has been the center of many complaints regarding engine issues. The big issue is about the cooling system. If there is a problem with the EGR cooler, it can be an exhaust leak. The coolant pours out, causing lower coolant levels in the engine. Otherwise, everything else might appear normal. It can lead to overheating of the engine. This problem is apparent with the 14L series 60 in particular.

14L Series 60 EGR replacement

Detroit series 60 EGR valve cleaning

The cleaning process begins after detaching the EGR valve from the system. You can use any kind of cleaning solution available in the market to clean the valve. You can use a hard-bristled brush to clean the hardened coking initially. Later on, by using another brush, coat the valve thoroughly with the cleaning solution before gently washing it away with another brush. Dry it properly before reattaching it with the engine.

EGR valve Detroit 60 series price

The EGR valve for Detroit 60 series is readily available in the market. Even though the easy availability, it has a price tag of around $800 to $1000. It can be more with any added services.

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Can you disable the EGR valve?

Yes, you can disable the EGR valve, but it is not suggested to do so unless off-roading. EGR valve controls nitrous oxide emissions. Disabling the EGR valve allows the vehicle to emit harmful gas more than the safety level causing damage to the environment and breaking the law.

Does EGR delete give more power?

Only deleting the EGR is not enough to get more power because it only increases nitrous oxide emissions. Along with deleting the EGR, you have to remap the Engine Control Module (ECM), yet it is unlikely to observe a colossal gain in power, but there will be some.

Where is the oil cooler on a 60 series Detroit?

In the 60 series, oil temperature can rise quite a bit. Hence, an oil cooler is installed. The oil cooler is like a small radiator-shaped unit that mounts to the engine. It can be found on the right-hand side of the engine. It has a rectangular shape.

What happens if you bypass the EGR valve?

When bypassing the EGR valve, the only time it gives better fuel consumption is when it is blocked off or defective to start with. Bypassing the EGR valve can improve the power but not to a significant level. On the contrary, it increases the emission of a pollutant called nitrous oxide in the atmosphere.

Does blanking EGR damage the engine?

Technically, there are no damages to the engine, but several factors are at play here. Blanking the EGR delays soot build-up to some degree but increases nitrous oxide emission to a severe extent. All the modern cars will not work with a blocked EGR, and you are likely to fail the emission test.

How to clean the EGR valve?

It is not that difficult to clean the EGR valve. You can use any cleaning solution available at an affordable price in the market to do it. The instructions are pretty easy to follow as you just have to be careful while detaching before cleaning and reattaching it after.


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