6.4 Powerstroke EGR Delete Problems

6.4 Powerstroke EGR Delete Problems

The EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation limits the nitrous oxide coming out of the tailpipe. It does that by taking some of the exhaust and recirculation all into the intake through the EGR valve, which lowers the combustion temperature. Deleting the EGR from your vehicle can lead to some problems which may not be visible initially but in the long run, it will jeopardize the engine system.

Tempting with an EGR system will void your new car’s warranty and will result in less engine power. Blocking or deleting the EGR will cause EGT or Exhaust Gas Temperature to rise in the combustion process. There are few more things to know before deciding on your EGR delete which we will discuss further.

We will discuss

  1. Are deleted 6.4 reliable?
  2. Can you delete a 6.4 Powerstroke?
  3. Why is 6.4 Powerstroke so bad?
  4. What are the pros and cons of EGR delete?
  5. EGR Delete Pros & Cons

6.4 Powerstroke EGR delete pros and cons

Some people prefer to delete Powerstroke EGR from their vehicle to increase their motor performance. Although you cannot run a vehicle without an EGR on the streets still the deletion of EGR has gained popularity over time.


EGR delete will stop the buildup of carbon on the EGR valve. It stops the carbon from flowing through the EGR cooler and getting onto the EGR valve. It increases mileage, power and improves engine life.


Deletion of EGR is illegal to run on streets. If you run your vehicle only on the roads then you can consider deleting it. It only gains the engine half a kilowatt in power. The EGR is put by the company to reduce NOx emissions from diesel, removing it will allow more harmful pollutants to enter into the environment.

6.4 Powerstroke DPF delete problems:

6.4 Powerstroke DPF delete will not have any major changes in the performance of the vehicle. It is a filter that catches the soot and exhaust smoke that come out of the engine. Deleting it will cause some problems like-

  • You cannot run your vehicle off-road, it is illegal and you may have to pay a heavy fine if you get caught with a vehicle without a DPF.
  • The removal of DPF cancels the store warranty and you will get zero to resell your vehicle.
  • DPF removal gains a very little amount of power, which is half a kilowatt that too if you are speeding up on the street which is not possible given it is not street legal.
  • The engine gains just over 7 new miles at the rear wheels.

6.4 Powerstroke bad EGR valve symptoms

The function of the EGR is to reduce emission gases exhausted from the vehicle. The emission gas is recirculated in the combustion by going through the intake manifold to be returned. When the EGR has failed, stalling and rough idle will occur.

This means the EGR valve is stuck open. When the EGR valve is opened there can be increased fuel smell which can decrease fuel economy. In this case, the EGR valve is most likely to be bad and will fail an emission test. Another problem is when the EGR valve is stuck closed, this happens when the EGR valve is clogged and the intake manifold can be full of carbon buildup as well.

Some symptoms of a closed EGR valve are- foul noise coming from the engine, check engine light and triggering EGR codes.

How much to delete 6.4 Powerstroke

The 6.4 Powerstroke delete will vary depending on what you are doing to your vehicle. The DPF and DOC pipe replacement is not very expensive if you want to delete your downpipe that can cost a bit more, it is also most difficult to replace.

6.4 EGR delete cost

The entire EGR delete can cost you more than you can think. Depending on the expertise of the mechanic and where you choose to do it, it can cost you up to 359.99 dollars.

6.4 DPF delete without a tuner

It is no use to delete the DPF without the tuner. Removing the DPF without a tuner will not improve mileage, to get better mileage programming is needed.

Head gasket problems

A gasket has an oil passage that allows oil to go to and from some of the heads on top of the block and it also has cooler passages around the combustion chamber.

There are a few main symptoms of a head gasket problem and the first symptom that usually shows is overheating. If the gasket fails between the coolant passage and the combustion chamber it will not allow the cooler into the combustion chamber.

The second symptom will be showing milky oil. This happens when the gasket fails between the coolant and the oil passage this allows oil and water to mix giving it a milky look. Also problems like white smoke coming out of the tailpipe or exhaust and lower compression, all are symptoms of problems in the head gasket.

Power issues

Deletion of Powerstroke EGR delete will cause engine power issues. Blocking or deleting the EGR will result in less engine power. This is because there is a sensor connected to the EGR itself. The ECM on the electronic control module of the engine needs a signal from the EGR and if there is a text it is not there or it is blocked it will limit the amount of fuel that goes into the engine and by doing so it will reduce the power an engine produces and it can cause issues with ECM.

Why shouldn’t you delete EGR?

EGR deletion can cause major problems in the car and reduce its engine power. Most importantly it is illegal to block or delete your EGR as it is designed to block harmful pollutants from entering the environment. Blocking or deletion of the EGR will allow more harmful gases to enter the air outside which is bad for us as well as for the environment.

Deleting the EGR will result in a loss of engine power, it will cause EGT or exhaust gas temperature to rise in the combustion process and it is not ideal because the engine has been designed with the EGR system and that combustion temperature in mind if you suddenly rise that combustion temperature it will reduce the longevity of your engine.

Why Do DPF and EGR Have a Bad Reputation?

The DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a very fine filter that catches soot and exhaust smoke coming out of the engine and filters down to one micron. At some point however the soot starts to clog up the DPF that causes back pressure on the engine and causes it to run less efficiently.

The EGR reduces nitrous oxide coming out of the tailpipe and it takes some of the exhaust and recirculates all into the intake through the EGR valve which reduces the combustion temperature.

Many people think that removing the DPF and EGR will give them added benefits than keeping them. This is mostly because the carbon buildup on the EGR valve and clogging in the DPF causes pressure in the engine which leads to less efficient engine performance.


Should I do an EGR delete on my 6.4 Powerstroke?

An EGR delete does add some benefit for the vehicle. On the other hand, it is completely illegal to drive a car on the street without EGR, it will make the engine hotter, will reduce the longevity of the engine and reduce engine power.

What is the benefit of EGR delete?

An EGR delete will give the vehicle a boost in horsepower and torque, stop the carbon buildup on the EGR valve, will give better mileage and will increase engine life.

Do you have to do an EGR delete with a DPF Delete?

With the EGR removed your engine will have less buildup of carbon in the EGR valve and an increase in horsepower and torque. If you decide to keep the DPF it will continue to clog the filter and cause pressure in the engine which will result in a less efficient engine. So if you have decided to delete your EGR given the disadvantages that come with it, you might as well delete your DPF.

What happens if you delete DPF without a tuner?

If you have deleted your DPF without a tuner you would not see any difference in mileage. Also, a tuner is needed to deal with the check engine light and clear the regan.

Has anyone been fined for DPF Delete?

Yes, DPF delete can cause you up to a thousand dollars fine if you are driving off-road and on the streets. Deleting a DPF is illegal and the vehicle is no longer roadworthy.

Can I do an EGR delete without a tuner?

The EGR is deleted in the hope to get better mileage from the vehicle. The engine needs fresh air to perform to its full capacity. After deleting the EGR it needs a tuner to modify the system so that it operates properly.

What happens if I disconnect my EGR valve?

Disconnecting the EGR valve will show some effects on the vehicle’s overall performance. The first one would be the electronic effects, which will cause the check engine light on and there is gonna be a softcode thrown for the EGR circuit. Also, you won’t any longer have lint mode. EGT is going to drop significantly down to 100/200. This lower EGT will harm the DPF by not allowing the truck to passively regen some of the soot that is in there and the DPF will get clogged up.

Does EGR delete give more power?

Deleting the EGR will result in less engine power, this is because of the sensor attached to it. The ECM of the engine needs a signal from the EGR to allow fuel in the engine.

What is a full delete on a diesel truck?

A full delete on a diesel truck means to omit any emission system that the vehicle might have. It can be the EGR valve, PCV valve, DPF valve, etc. It is a downpipe or a straight pipe from the turbo that reaches the back of the car to reduce harmful gas coming out of the car.


When you think of deleting your emission system you have to keep in mind that it comes with various drawbacks and also the mileage does not improve drastically if you are not driving on the street. Only a few vehicles are permissible of deleting their emission system upon special consideration, other than that deleting them is 100% illegal. Omitting or deleting your EGR, DPFs cause more harmful pollutants to enter the environment which is equally bad for us. It will stop carbon buildup in the engine but that can be also controlled by checking and replacing the emissions when needed.

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