Goodyear Assurance Tires Problems? Complaints, Issues And Reviews

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season is a Touring All-Season tire designed to fit cars, minivans, crossovers, and small SUVs.

Goodyear developed the Assurance All-Season with an asymmetric tread design to provide confident wet and dry traction while not compromising ride comfort.

The tire’s all-season capability is delivered through two distinct tread zones. The outer zone features large tread blocks and high sipe density to improve dry handling, straight-line stability, and reduce road noise while providing all-season traction in light snow conditions.

The inner zone features a tight center rib for enhanced steering response, while independent shoulder blocks enhance cornering performance.

The Assurance All-Season’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide to provide strength, durability, and ride comfort, while a polyester cord body adds ride stability.

Why buy Goodyear Assurance tires?

goodyear assurance tires reviews

Goodyear’s All-Season tire for Car, Minivan, and Crossover vehicles, the Assurance ComforTred Touring is designed to deliver a smooth, quiet ride and enhanced responsiveness.

The tire features Goodyear’s ComfortEdge sidewall design that reduces vibrations and improves impact absorption. This helps to provide a more comfortable ride.

ComfortEdge sidewalls

Goodyear engineered the Assurance ComforTred Touring with a ComfortEdge sidewall design that reduces vibrations and improves impact absorption for a smoother ride.

Assurance MaxLife tread compound

Assurance MaxLife tread compound

The Assurance ComforTred Touring features an Assurance MaxLife tread compound which is formulated with increased silica to help extend tire life while also improving wet braking and cornering grip.

Tread design

The Assurance ComforTred Touring features an asymmetric tread pattern that provides additional biting edges to improve traction in wet conditions while also helping to reduce road noise.

How long do you have to try new Goodyear tires?

How Long Do You Have To Try New Goodyear Tires?

In many cases, you have more than one year to try out your new tires. But there are exceptions.

Goodyear offers a “30-Day Buy and Try Guarantee” for tires bought from a Goodyear dealer. The offer is only valid for Goodyear brand tires purchased directly from a participating Goodyear tire retailer in the United States and Canada.

The guarantee lasts 45 days if you buy two or three tires, 60 days for four tires, and 90 days for six or more tires. You’ll also receive an additional 30 days if you buy a set of four or six Goodyear or Dunlop tires for a passenger vehicle or light truck between Nov. 23 and Dec. 31, 2018.

To get a full refund, you must return the tires within the guarantee period to the same retailer where you bought them.

If you’ve already installed them on your car, you will be responsible for any mounting and balancing costs incurred by your installer.

Goodyear will also accept returns at any time for a full refund if there is unused tread remaining on the tires.

Are there any recalls on Goodyear tires?

goodyear assurance tire recall

No, there are no recalls on Goodyear tires.

Goodyear has a great reputation for making safe and durable tires. The company is one of the most trusted tire manufacturers in the world. The company’s tires are available for use on passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and commercial vehicles.

A recall is a corrective action to address a safety-related defect in a product. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigates complaints and reports of possible safety defects in motor vehicles, including tires, and equipment.

When NHTSA identifies an unreasonable risk to safety that requires a recall, manufacturers must notify owners and remedy the defect at no cost to the owner.

In rare instances, NHTSA may urge consumers to take precautionary measures or seek repair of a vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment to prevent an unreasonable risk to safety that does not require a recall but which the agency believes should be addressed promptly.

Check Goodyear’s recalls page for any recent updates on Goodyear tire recalls.

What is included in a Goodyear Tire Service?

What is included in a Goodyear Tire Service?

A Goodyear Tire Service includes all of the following:

  • A thorough inspection of tire tread depth, air pressure, and overall condition.
  • A visual brake inspection.
  • A visual suspension system check.
  • A vehicle alignment check that measures camber and toe angles to ensure optimal tire wear and performance
  • A visual inspection of shocks and struts for leaks, abnormal wear, or damage.
  • An inspection of all fluid levels including engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, washer fluid, and coolant/antifreeze. (We do not test or change battery fluid).
  • At Goodyear, we believe that everyone who drives a car deserves to have the best possible service for their vehicle. That’s why we provide a wide range of services at our locations, from simple oil changes and tire rotations to complete replacements of your tires or brakes.
  • We also offer a range of products and services that will help you maintain the value of your vehicle. From buying new Goodyear tires online to finding the right tires for your car, truck, or SUV, you can find all the answers you need in our Tire Selector.

Are Goodyear Assurance tires good?

Are Goodyear Assurance tires good?

Goodyear Assurance tires are quite good. They get good marks from consumer reviews, as well as some professional reviewers.

The Goodyear Assurance TripleTred for sedans and coupes is the most popular of the three models in this line. It does well in both dry and wet conditions, with a unique asymmetric tread pattern that makes it suitable for all seasons.

The tire also provides a comfortable ride and low road-noise, making it a good choice for consumers who want a tire that can handle all weather conditions without sacrificing comfort or quietness.

They’re also backed by a 6-year limited warranty, which protects against defects and road hazards. The Assurance line includes several models specifically for coupes, sedans, minivans, crossovers, and SUVs.

These tires have been praised for their comfort and value for the money. However, some drivers have reported uneven tread wear after only 10k miles.

What Goodyear tires are being recalled?

goodyear assurance recall

The recall involves two types of off-road tires, LT and LTZ. The LT tires are for light trucks, and the LTZs are for heavy-duty trucks.

The size markings on the recalled tires will have a “Q” at the end. All of the recalled tires have speed ratings of “Q,” which means they can go as fast as 99 mph, according to Goodyear.

The tires were shipped to dealers across the United States and Canada.

The recall involves tires sold under the Goodyear and Dunlop brands, as well as some Kelly brand tires.

The tire tread on the affected products may come off while the vehicle is in use, posing a crash hazard.

The company has received two complaints of tread separation, but no reports of injuries.

Goodyear is recalling about 10,000 tires that were sold under its name, as well as under the Dunlop and Kelly brands.

The company said in a statement that it was working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to identify which Goodyear tire lines were affected by the recall.

Are Assurance tires good?

Are Assurance tires good?

Assurance tires are good tires. They’re also some of the most popular and best-selling passenger car tires in America.

We’ve had them on our cars for many years and we can vouch for their quietness, smooth ride, and excellent handling in dry weather.

They’re a great choice and you’ll be happy with them.

Assurance tires are offered by Goodyear and they are a good value tire. They are built to be durable and have a comfortable ride. They have a lot of features that make them a good option for any vehicle owner.

Assurance tires have their categories, so you can get an idea of which ones might be right for your car. The Assurance All-Season is made to be able to handle all types of roads, even in the rain and snow.

The Assurance Comfort Ride is meant to give you a smoother drive with improved handling and stability.

The Assurance MaxLife has been designed to last longer than standard tires by having fewer grooves in the tread as well as more rubber on the outside edges which reduces wear and tear from curbs or potholes.

How many miles do Goodyear Assurance tires last?

How many miles do Goodyear Assurance tires last?

Goodyear Assurance tires are available in a variety of sizes and styles, which makes it difficult to predict how long they will last on your specific vehicle.

The mileage warranty is based on the type of tire (highway, all-season, or touring) and the size of the tire.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires such as the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring provide sufficient traction to handle all but the most severe weather conditions.

They usually have a tread life of around 60,000 miles. Passenger car tires are warrantied for up to 65,000 miles, while V-rated tires are warrantied for up to 80,000 miles. H-rated tires with a speed rating of 130 mph have a tread life warranty for up to 65,000 miles.

Highway Tires

Goodyear Highway Tires

Goodyear highway tires include models such as the Eagle LS and Eagle RS-A. The company generally recommends replacing these tires after they have traveled 50,000 miles.

Light truck models include the Wrangler HP and Wrangler AT/S with three-ply sidewalls that are warrantied for up to 75,000 miles. The Wrangler Silent Armor has a five-ply sidewall and is covered by an 80,000-mile warranty.

Frequently Asked questions

1. What tire brands can you recall?

The most popular tire brands (by sales volume) are Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear. These three manufacturers have the largest share of the tire market, in part because they produce tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and motorcycles.

Other major tire companies include Pirelli, Continental, Yokohama, Hankook, and Sumitomo.

2. Do Goodyear tires crack?

Cracking of the tread surface is not covered by Goodyear’s limited tread life warranty, because this condition is often the result of improper maintenance (lack of tire rotation and out-of-balance tires). Cracks can also be caused by severe climate conditions or abuse.

3. Are Goodyear Assurance all-season tires noisy?

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season tires are superb all-season tires, and they are quite quiet as well. The passenger car tire is built for all kinds of weather, and it delivers a comfortable ride for drivers.

The Comfortride Technology in the tire gives it a smooth ride, which contributes to the quietness. It has an all-season tread compound that is molded into an asymmetric tread design with high-angle lateral grooves and independent center blocks that provide enhanced grip on wet roads and performance on dry roads.

4. Where are Goodyear Assurance tires manufactured?

There are many varieties of Goodyear tires, and tire manufacturing is a complicated process. This answer may not be 100% accurate or applicable to your specific situation.

Goodyear Assurance tires are manufactured at Goodyear’s manufacturing plants in Danville, Virginia; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Gadsden, Alabama; and Lawton, Oklahoma.


Goodyear Assurance tires are Goodyear’s most popular touring all-season tires, and they’re designed to offer a balance of comfort, durability, traction, and tread life.

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