What Are Touring Tires? Everything You Need To Know

Touring tires offer a balance between performance and comfort. They’re known for being relatively quiet, comfortable, long-lasting, and fuel-efficient. But they are made to deliver superior handling and ride quality for everyday driving.

Therefore, touring tires will typically not deliver the high levels of grip in dry or wet conditions that you can expect from a performance tire.

So if you’re looking for responsive handling or even occasional track days, look to a performance tire instead.

Are touring tires better?

Are touring tires better?

Touring tires are designed to be used on a variety of surfaces and weather conditions. They are not as sporty or fast as summer tires, but they do offer more comfort and control in the dry, wet, and light snow conditions.

They also usually have longer tread wear warranties, which means you won’t need to replace them as often.

What are the 3 types of tires?

What are the 3 types of tires?

There are three types of tires: touring, racing and hybrid. Touring tires have larger treads than racing or hybrid tires, so they provide better traction on wet roads but less traction on dry roads.

They also offer more shock absorption than other types of tires. Racing and hybrid tires are designed for speed and agility rather than comfort or safety.

What is the difference between touring and performance tires?

touring tire vs performance tire

Touring tires are designed to be quieter and more efficient while providing a comfortable ride. Performance tires, on the other hand, provide greater traction and handling as well as reduced braking distances.

These tires are usually dedicated to more high-power vehicles like sports cars. They are typically made of softer rubber, which allows for easier flexing for better cornering abilities.

Are high-performance tires worth it?

Are high-performance tires worth it?

That depends on how you use your car. High-performance tires offer sportier handling, but they may wear out quicker and become louder over time than touring tires would.

If you’re looking for a tire that can give your vehicle a better grip to handle corners at high speeds or in slippery conditions, high-performance tires could be worth it for you.

Do summer tires make it faster?

Do summer tires make it faster?

Yes. Summer tires are designed to provide the maximum grip in warmer temperatures and they’ll do so when compared to all-season and winter tires. This is because they’re made of a softer rubber compound.

In warm weather, this compound stays flexible, providing more surface contact with the road and therefore more grip.

When temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, this same compound begins to harden, drastically reducing the amount of grip you’ll be able to get from your summer tires.

What does touring mean on a car?

What does touring mean on a car?

Touring means that the tire is designed for long-distance driving at higher speeds on dry pavement. A touring tire should provide a smooth, quiet ride in exchange for less responsiveness than a performance tire would give you.

These days, many cars come from the factory with performance or ultra-high performance summer tires on their wheels, which can have significantly worse ride comfort than touring tires can offer.

Which tire brand is best?

This is a tough question to answer because it really depends on the vehicle and your driving needs. You can browse our selection of tires for sale online, or visit a Mavis Discount Tire near you, where one of our tire experts will be happy to help you find the right tires for you. You should buy the tire brand that you trust.

Why are summer tires bad in the snow?

Why are summer tires bad in the snow?

Summer tires, by design, lack the necessary tread depth to provide good traction in snow, wet or slippery conditions.

The primary focus of summer tires is dry and wet traction as well as braking performance. Summer tires do not include the necessary tread compound needed to perform well in cold, snowy weather.

That rubber compound is much harder than all-season and winter tires which improve its ability to handle the heat generated from extreme performance driving such as cornering at high speeds.


Touring tires are designed for a comfortable ride and reliable handling. They’re also built to deliver All-Season traction, even in light snow. They don’t provide the ultimate dry or wet gripping performance of a high-performance tire.

Therefore, all-season touring tires are a great choice for most drivers looking for a quiet, comfortable ride with confident handling.

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