Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 Review

We often assume one thing  that a cheaper  price comes with lower quality. Well you are going to be proven wrong this time!.The Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 is a package of full quality and budget worthy.  Nankang noble sport NS  20 starts at the half price of Falken. So think about how cheap it is. Hence the Nankang brand is growing popular day by day.

What is the price that i’m talking about? It’s just 75$. Yeah! Where the other brand starts their price from 120$ and up.All the issues are enlightened in the Nankang noble sport NS  20 review.

It may seem that the nankang compromises with the quality. Surprisingly the Nankang noble sport NS  20 satisfies their customers by overall performance.The testing drive has proven that Nankang noble sport NS  20 is capable of handling any traction and any driving impressions.Hopefully this Nankang noble sport NS  20 review will be an asset.

How fast can a bad alignment ruin tires?

Nankang NS-20 Radial Tire – 205/45R16 87V

Section Width205 Millimeters
load capacity1201 Pounds
Load Index Rating87

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Features of Nankang ns-20

  • Brand: ns 20 nankang tires are manufactured by Nankang brand.
  • Model : The model is Noble Sport NS-20.
  • Shape : The tire is radial in shape.
  • Dimensions:  The length and width of the
  • Diameter:The rim diameter of the tire is 18 inches.
  • Rating: The nankang noble sport ns 20 stretch is 95 H speed rating tires.
  • Treadwear: The tread depth is 11 inches which ensures a fantastic textures.
  • Index rating : The load index rating is 95
  • Weight : The nankang ns weighs 27.7 pounds.
  • Color:  The sidewall is black in color.
  • Budget : The nankang ns 20 sport tires are the most  budget friendly tires it can in the market.The prices start from 75$ whereas the others are from 120 $ and up.
  • Rotation : Rotation is not available as it is designed with directional tread.

Nankang NS-20 Performance Radial Tire – 195/50R16 88V

Nankang NS-20 Performance Radial Tire – 195/50R16 88V

Section Width195 Millimeters
load capacity1235 Pounds
Tread Depth11 32nds

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Nankang NS-20 Performance Radial Tire – 195/50R16 88V

Section Width195 Millimeters
load capacity1235 Pounds
Tread Depth10 32nds

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Nankang ns20 Overview

Daily Driving Impressions :

For your daily driving impression, Nankang Noble Sport NS-20  will play a humble role. The characteristics of this tire are not so aggressive. Noble sport tires belong to 240 UTQG treadwear rating to give a comfortable ride with minimal road noise. So in a nutshell, for your summer trip this tire is going to be your best asset with a guarantee of long-lasting

Performance driving impressions:

Performance driving takes more than daily driving. It’s common that the daily driving tires are not that excellent for quality performance driving. But the noble sport ns 20 proves that theory wrong once again. It is capable of handling windy roads with excellent speed.

Test Drive Results for Nankang tires review

Here is our test drive Nankang noble sport ns 20 review. The Nankang noble sport NS 20  was taken for a test drive so that it can be known why it is graced for. After the test driving the facts get to know are given below.

1. Traction:

The pulling power of a tire over a surface is known as traction. Basically the road conditions change over the seasons. That’s why all the possible requisitions are kept in mind.

A . Dry traction :

In the summer days nankang ns 20 tires are ready to give excellent traction over the sandy roads. Though  not so aggressive, it is able to give a gorgeous stance competing to the steering wheel. The bottom line is, with a standard velocity there won’t be any bothering issues about dry traction with nankang ns-20 radial tire.     

B . Wet traction:

The wet traction is not a standard situation for the ns-20 noble sport tires. At a low and average speed it does well. But in extreme wet conditions the tires behave not smartly regarding the braking and cornering.But these complaints are not valid comparing the budget you are buying.

C. Snow traction:

The ns-20 noble sport   are not designed  to drive over the snow  ways.That’s why i didn’t take the risk to do the test driving on a snow traction road.

2. Easement

I can assure the comfort level is higher than any other tires bought at this low price.The nankang noble sport ns-20 test shows how the pressures and cramps are soaked away and ensures a super comfortable riding.

3. Crash

At low speed the tires are ready to absorb all the noise completely. But when I was driving at a high speed it was roaring . Well that’s much common with the cheap tires as well as with these  noble sport tires

4. Treadwear

The treadwear is fine even after several months of buying. I didn’t find anything unpleasant while unwrapping the tire.The aging time is also quite lengthy.

Pros & Cons of Nankang tires review

Despite being an off-brand, Nankang is gaining popularity for its services. As no products are without flaws, the Nankang noble sport ns-20 is not an exception. Its clashing sound and directional treadwear may cause trouble for someone. Nonetheless, we can’t ignore the facilities and services including a budget, lasting period, riding capability, etc.

Pros of nankang noble sport ns 20 
  1. Budget friendly
  2. Long lifespan
  3. H rate speeding tires
  4. Good treadwear
  5. Better performance with directional tread.
  6. Smooth riding capability.
Cons of nankang noble sport ns 20
  1. A little bit noisy
  2. off-brand.
  3. Rotation inability.

Buying guide for Nankang noble sport ns 20 review

Some crucial factors must be known before you buy any tires.The phenomenons  that should be known are enlightened  here to make you wise about tires

Tire Types

Your purpose of driving needs a variation of tires. Suppose for daily driving, snow, or wet driving the tires need to have special features. There are all-season tires, Seasonal tires,ultra-performance tires etc. according to the conceptual driving.

Safety code

The safety code ensures it meets all the manufacturing rules or not. The Id number in Nankang tires ns 20 indicates the safety code and where it is manufactured.

Uniform Tire Quality grading

This is code that implies testing method to determine the grade of the tire’s tread wear and other factors like traction, driving performance etc.

Tread depth and warranty

The manuals give the warranty of tread when it should be replaced. It is ideal to change tire after every six years.

Precaution for any damages

Make sure that your tires don’t have any cracks on the sidewall . Besides this, you should consider there is no blister on outer space. Vibration while driving also indicates the weakness of tires.

Consider all the above facts to make sure what you buy is best when choosing for Nankang tire ns-20 noble sport tires.

Nankang ns 25 vs ns 20

The Nankang NS25 Sportnex high-performance radial was developed to replace the popular NS20 Noble Sport model and delivers outstanding handling, steering control, wet grip and all-season capability. Next, we will come out with Nankang ns 25 review.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nankang tires review-

Are Nankang tires good quality?

Yes, they are. Nankang NS Sport 20 tires come with excellent quality of tread life, water evacuation, and best performance impression on wet or dry traction. Furthermore, it is affordable for almost every customer.

Is Nankang made by Yokohama?

In the beginning, Nankang tires were made with a partnership with Yokohama. Later in 1959 they officially changed the name to Nankang tire corporation. Now Nankang is the name of popular brands supplying quality products at a cheaper rate.

Who are Nankang tires made by?

The Nankang tire Corporation in Taiwan makes Nankang tires based on Japanese technologies.

Are Nankang NS 25 tires good?

Well, I would say they are. Most of the customers who bought Nankang NS 25 tires recommend buying again.

Do Nankang tires stretch well?

On dry traction, the tires stretch very well. In wet traction, sometimes it is troublesome.

Are Nankang NS 25 directional?

Nankang NS 25 is a directional tread wear pattern and so the tires don’t give the rotation facilities.

Are Nankang ar1 directional?

No, it is not directional. Nankang ar1 tire has outside and inside mark to mount the tires. The outside mark refers that this side should be far away from cars and the inside mark refers that part should be installed toward the body. These principles are mandatory in tire rotation

What is shaving a tire?

Shaving a tire means reducing the tread depth of the tire to enhance the driving performance.

Nankang NS-25 Performance Radial Tire

Section Width225 Millimeters
load capacity1389 Pounds
Tread Depth10 32nds

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Conclusion -Nankang ns 20 review

In a nutshell, I would suggest going through the Nankang noble sport NS  20 reviews to determine your decision. Nankang ns 20 review features all-season performance and an H or V-speed rating for drivers of sport coupes and sedans. The purpose of purchasing is a key factor. For example for racing cars, these tires wouldn’t be suitable. But for daily driving, it will give the best driving impression. Best of luck with your buying! Comments on nankang ns 20 tires review and let us know.

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