Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

Goodyear endurance vs maxxis m8008 is always creates a lot of confusion among the consumers.

Goodyear endurance offers a worldwide availability and exemplary toughness and reliability in any weather condition with decent load capacity. On the other hand, Maxxis M8008 is an excellent alternative to Goodyear endurance. It’s double belted construction ensures more lifting capacity and low rolling resistance feature ensure the longevity of the tire.

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About Goodyear Endurance:

As a company, Goodyear tires have already earned worldwide recognition. Their consistent, top-notch built quality, durability and long-lasting threads hardly disappoint any consumer in any road and weather condition.

Goodyear endurance is an improved edition of prior trailer tire models. It’s a beautiful example of their innovation capability to produce safe and stable tire at the same time. Goodyear endurance is a comfortable recommendable tire worldwide.

Goodyear Endurance Tire-205/75R14 105N
Goodyear Endurance Tire-205/75R14 105N

Goodyear Endurance 205/75R14 105N

  • Model-205/75R14
  • Section Width 205 Millimeters
  • load capacity 1700 Pounds
  • Tread Depth 8 32nds

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About Maxxis M8008:

Maxxis started their journey in Taiwan in 1968 as a bicycle tire brand. Still, they are one of the best bicycle tire brands. Besides bicycle, they also offer top-quality tires for Motor trail, small trucks, ATW etc.

Their M8008 is one of the best products of their lineup. As a brand, they always try to focus on comfortable and safe experience to its consumer. Maxxis always try to bring all-rounder products to catch all types of customer.

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

Advanced tread compound designed to decrease rolling resistance for improved fuel economy and tread life

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Difference  between Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

FeaturesGoodyear EnduranceMaxxis M8008
Speed ratingNQ
Rim width(in inches)6.0-7.56.0-(6.5)-7.5
SpecialityDeliver tractions in all rough weather conditionDouble steel-belted construction
UniquenessDurawall technology and scuff guardLow rolling resistance

3 Best MAXXIS M8008 Tire Review

Maxxis M8008 ST Tire - 225/75R15 BSWCheck Price
Maxxis M8008 ST Tire - 235/80R16 BSWCheck Price
Maxxis M8008 ST Tire - 225/75R15 BSWCheck Price

Maxxis M8008  Tires Overview

Maxxis M8008 trailer tires are simultaneously reliable and durable. It’s a 6 to 10 ply rating tire with advanced thread compound design. Thus it can provide a longer tire lifespan and improved fuel efficiency.

Maxxis M8008 offers a radical tread pattern with 9/32inch depth.

Performance of Maxxis 80008 is exemplary yet not so premium. Though it’s double-steel belted construction, give the model a bit more strength that prevents them from a blowout. It does the day to day job very smoothly. Nothing too fancy up here. It’s quality, performance and thread life can make you choose it.

#Maxxis m8008 features:

Physical look and dimension:

There are several sizes available in Maxxis 8008. Like Maxxis 185/80R13, Maxxis trailer tire 205/75R15 and another is Maxxis 8008 225/75r15 and Maxxis 8008 235/80R16. It’s rim size can vary from 13 inches to 15 inches. They have a ply rating about 6 to 10 and diameter from 24 in to 30 inches with a radial tread pattern with 9/32 inch depth.

Credibility and Durability:  Maxxis m8008 series is one of the best trailer truck with a smooth exterior and low rolling resistance. That allows threads to last longer and make the tire durable and reliable to everyone.

Its duel steel-belted construction ensures high load capacity and prevent them from blowup.

Off-road driving:

  • Mud
  • Rain
  • Rocks

On-road driving:

  • Winter
  • Rain

Price- Maxxis sells its m8008 series tire about $150 per unit. It is quite expensive from their competitor. But it’s longer tread life, and low rolling resistance makes the investment-worthy.


  • Longer thread life
  • Fuel efficient
  • Capable of carrying large loads
  • Exemplary stock absorption
  • Double steel-belted construction


  • Pricy
  • After-sale service is not mentionable
  • Limited availability.

4 Best Goodyear Endurance tire review

Goodyear Endurance Tire-205/75R14 105NCheck Price

GOODYEAR Endurance Tire-ST205/75R15 107N
Check Price
Goodyear Endurance Tire-235/80R16 123NCheck Price
GOODYEAR Endurance Tire-ST215/75R14 108NCheck Price

#Goodyear Endurance tire overview:

Endurance trailer tires series offers excellent quality and top-notch weather-proof performance. It’s toughness, and long reliability makes it a worldwide trending pick for truckers.

It has a radical tread pattern

It does an excellent job in terms of performance; it gives more fuel economy, decent load capacity and speed rating.

#Goodyear Endurance tire features

Physical look and dimension:

Any rim from 14 to 16  inches can fit Goodyear endurance tire. It has an outside diameter from 26 inches to 33 inches and the width of section varies from 8 to 10 inches.  Thread depth of endurance tires varies from 8 to 10 inches with a tread depth of 8 inches. The maximum inflation pressure from 65 to 80 psi

Credibility and Durability:  As a brand, Goodyear endurance series offers a significant improvement in previous trailer trucks models. It offers various models and size with different ply speed and load rating. More or less almost all models offer excellent toughness and tremendous on and off-road performance.

Weather and road condition merely an issue for Goodyear endurance. It durawall technology also helps to live long your tire.

Off-road driving:

  • Mud
  • Rain
  • Rocks

On-road driving:

  • Winter
  • Rain

Price-  Goodyear endurance cost around $120 per unit. It is slightly less than Maxxis one, but not by much. So, you choose any of them according to need.


  • Better Mileage
  • Decent load handling
  • Worldwide availability
  • Decent after-sale service
  • Durawall technology


  • Low-speed rating
  • No double belted construction

Goodyear endurance trailer tire vs Maxxis m8008 trailer tire

  • Both of them are wonderful and high-performance tire series from trailer trucks. Both of them have size verity and ply rating verities.  Goodyear endurance offers toughness, reliability where Maxxis offers advanced thread compound to decrease rolling resistance.

Goodyear marathon vs Maxxis m8008

  • Back in the years, these Goodyear marathon series were produced in China, in that time several customers reports to have problems like blowouts with it. But it still a good tire but Maxxis offers a more significant superiority over Goodyear here.

Maxxis m8008 speed rating

  • With an N speed rating, it can easily hit near 100 mph with a decent load. It’s a special low rolling resistance feature helps to speed last longer and go faster.

Carlisle radial trail HD vs Maxxis m8008

  • Maxxis m8008 provide better overall performance and durability. But it cost much higher than Carlisle radial tires. But it has some shortcomings, but it can do the daily job quite quickly so if you have a tight budget so you can go for Carlisle trail HD.

Goodyear endurance vs Carlisle radial trail HD

  • Again the price becomes an issue here. Carlisle offers a great value product over endurance. According to most truckers, the difference between is hardly noticeable, so many of them choose the Carlisle over endurance.

Goodyear endurance vs towmax

  • Towmax is often called a china bomb for outstanding quality and durability. The price is close between them, so many truckers choose the US to build tire over a Chinese one. Competition is quite close so that they often consider the brand reputation.

Goodyear endurance st22575r15

  • It is a 205 mm rubber tire with a tread depth of 0.26inch suitable foe 14inch rims. It’s a beautiful 10 ply radial trailer tires with a max load of 80psi. It offers terrific on-road and off-road performance, and it’s highly durable.


How many ply is Goodyear endurance?

10 ply. The 225/75R15 contain 10 ply rating with 80 psi of max load. But it can vary from model to models.

Are Goodyear endurance tires made in the US?

Goodyear tire & rubber company started in 1898 in the USA, by the time it has expended so widely. Now, it becomes a multinational company with 48 facilities in 21 different countries, including the US. But still, Goodyear endurance tires are made in US soil.

What is the speed rating on Goodyear endurance trailer tires?

Goodyear endurance tires are one of the best tires for the trailer. Goodyear endurance trailer tires speed rating of N is 87 mph or 140 kph. It is relatively higher than regular trailer tires with a speed rating of L 75 mph or 120.7 kph.

How much are Goodyear endurance tires?

The price of Goodyear endurance tire starts from $119 per single unit to as much as $214 per single unit, with a replacement warranty, and they also provide installing facilities for $16 per tire, which can vary from model to model.

Where are Maxxis m8008 tires made?

Maxxis is a Taiwanese company by origin. It started as a bicycle tires company. Nowadays they make high-performance trailer tires too. Their M8008 trailer tires are manufactured in Thailand. It also has a marketing and technical facilities in the USA

Are Maxxis trailer tires any good?

Maxxis trailer tires are one of the best tires for trailers. That Asian brand offers high-quality build materials and more extended durability. That makes them one of the top players worldwide, even in the critical US market.

Who makes the Maxxis tire?

It started with Luo Jye in 1967 in Taiwan. Now, it becomes the ninth largest tire company in the world. Now it is owned and run by Cheng Sin.

What is the best trailer tire?

Maxxis m 8008 is supposed to be the all-round champion in trailer tire comparison. Goodyear endurance tires are not much far behind.


In some prospect, it may become a hard job to decide between these two.  But Goodyear endurance has worldwide access where Maxxis m8008 users struggle to find proper after-sale services.  Even though the Maxxis m8008 is superior to Goodyear endurance.

But Goodyear endurance is more economical, and the difference between them is barely noticeable. If you want to pay for advanced features and safety, than Maxxis m8008 is an easy go.  But Goodyear endurance offers more like a package. Trailer is not a regular car, so you have to be wise to pick one of them. Good luck with your shopping.

Tires are one of the critical parts of your vehicle, but by the time, it drastically loses its efficiency. If you own a trailer, you can relate that so well. So, changing tires in a regular interval of several years is a good practice.

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