5 Best Tuner for 6.0 Vortec Review In 2023 (Buying Guide)

 Are you looking for the best tuner for 6.0 Vortec? You are in the right place. If you own a 6.0 Vortec truck, want to enhance your truck’s performance ability, boost your torque, horsepower, towing ability and fuel economy, a tuner can maximize your engine’s power output with easy plug ‘n play installation.

Whether you’re looking for a 6.0 Vortec performance chip to boosts power and gas mileage to maximize your 6.0 Vortec’s fuel efficiency that’s designed to deliver maximum power for your specific year, make and model?

There are hundreds of tuners (chip, module, or programmer) in the automotive aftermarket business, which makes selecting the best tuner for 6.0 Vortec easy and hard at the same time. Here, we have gathered all the information and options available on the top 5 performance tuners to help you analyze and choose the best tuner for 6.0 Vortec. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Quick Comparison: 5 Best Tuners & Programmers For 6.0 Vortec in 2023

5 Best Tuner For 6.0 Vortec Review In 2023 That Money’s Worth

1. Edge 85450 Edge Evolution CTS2 Best Performance Chip – Top Pick

The 1st one on our list for the best tuner for 6.0 Vortec is the Edge CTS2 Evolution Programmer with several pre-loaded tunes. These pre-loaded tunes emphasize enhancing your truck’s performance ability by supporting all the necessary boosts needed. Improved fuel consumption management, throttle response, speed, and every other tune are available in this one, which you would want your ride to have.

Not only that, but this 6.0 Vortec tuner also gives you access to monitor a number of parameters to keep an eye on the status of the vehicle whenever it hits the road. Want to do some customization? No worries as it has got this option too.

Description and Features:

Display design: The design of this 1.25lbs. tuner is simple yet sleek. It comes in a black case with a high-resolution touch screen display that gives you access to adjust and see tunes and parameters and lets you change the background color. Its dimension is 9.5 x 6.25 x 4 inches, which feels like you are carrying a phone or tab.

Monitor or Gauge Monitor: As mentioned before, its monitor consists of a touch screen display that enables multiple gauge screen layout so that you can keep up with the status of your ride’s performance and improvise if you would like. Whichever parameter you want to look at, just choose the parameter from the multiple screen layout, and it is there on the screen.

Installation is what you can say ‘Easy peasy.’ Just connect the cable into the OBD II port, and within minutes, it is ready to get to work. The display monitor can also be easily mounted on the dashboard or window to give you a better and sturdy look at all the parameters.

Vehicle Performance: It is undoubtedly worth your money if you need a tuner for everyday use, heavy towing, or want high-speed with higher HP and torque. All five pre-loaded tunes will make sure you get the best out of this tuner in terms of your vehicle’s overall performance.

Updateable /Upgrade: This edge tuner for 6.0 Vortec can be upgraded via the internet. You can also ask for a customized tuning by sending the local Edge 85450 Edge Evolution CTS2 distributor should you wish. Moreover, it itself is an upgraded version of CS2, which includes all the features from the previous model as well as some new features.

Fuel: Its ability to provide the most fuel economy is remarkable. This tune is specifically designed and pre-loaded for your ride to perform at its full efficiency with the possible mileage.

Performance Levels: Edge products include five 6.0 Vortec performance upgrades; transmission, fuel consumption management, towing or heavy load carrying, power for semi-aggressive manual calibration, and extreme power boost for extreme scenarios. Moreover, all these pre-loaded tunes do not harm the original warranty of the vehicle manufacturer.

Pyrometer: This tuner also displays the optional EGT pyrometer status of the exhaust gas to alert you of any issues and keep the engine’s health protected.

Tire Adjustability: You can size the tire according to your driving preference. If you have to adjust the tire size more than once, you can do it without any trouble.

Faster and higher acceleration is guaranteed as it is efficient to reduce throttle response by powering up the engine at the least time possible.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Continues monitoring of all the parameters to collect and diagnose trouble codes (if there are any) from the engine or any other parts and alarms you instantly.

CARB Certified: This edge programmer is not legal for use in the state of California. However, it is expected to be very soon after the testing with the California Air Resource Board (CARB).


  • Keeps the original warranty of the manufacturer safe.
  • Includes five performance level pre-loaded tunes.
  • Sleek and stylish monitor with touch screen display.
  • Uninterrupted surveillance of all the parameters.
  • Comes with multiple virtual gauges and customizable screen layout.


  • Not Certified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).
  • A bit pricey in comparison with other tuners.

2. DiabloSport 7202 DiabloSport Predator 2

The Diablosport Predator 2 is a favorite of ours as the best tuner for 6.0 Vortec. This aftermarket tuner from DiabloSport has several key features and accessibility. If you are searching for a Chevy 2500hd 6.0 programmer or a GM 6.0 tuner, it is an affordable one that increases HP and torque while managing the fuel consumption economy of your ride. Effortless to install, this aftermarket tuner also gives you access to do some custom tuning.

One of the significant advantages of this tuner is that it is a 50-state legal one, meaning you can install it in your car even if you are from California. DTC clearing, towing, power boosting, updating, stock tune storing, and many other parameters are handed to you with the pre-loaded canned tunes. If you are more of a thrill and speed lover driver, then you can go for this one as this chevy 6.0 tuner will unleash your 6.0 Vortec to its full potential.

Key features & Description:

Display design: This blue colored DiabloSport 7202 Predator 2 6.0 Vortec performance chip comes with a high-definition display of 2.8 inches where you can see all the options and select the tuning for your ride. But it is not designed to be compatible with 5.7 Vortec tuners.

Monitor or Gauge Monitor: The monitor is a remote control device that includes five buttons under the display. It weighs 1.19lbs. and has a dimension of 5 x 6 x 2.5 inches. This diablo tuner 6.0 Vortec compatible one is easy to operate and able to fit in the palm of your hand; it feels as if you are operating a TV remote.

Like the other DiabloSport tuners, it is also an easy installation tuner that only requires you to plug the adapter into the OBD II port, answer questions about your vehicle and do the tuning within minutes.

Vehicle Performance: If you are looking forward to enhancing the performance of your Silverado, this tuner can be the right choice as it has numerous diablosport intune i3 Silverado review that mentions how it increases the HP and torque management, provides fast ignition and throttle response, better fuel management, and other calibrations while keeping the engine healthy.

Updateable /Upgrade: The update/upgrade process is effortless and a time saver for this tuner. All you need to do is connect the USB to your phone/tab/laptop and update it using the DiabloSport software via the internet.

Fuel: The MPG tune is pre-loaded so that you get the best mileage out of it in both cities and highways.

Performance Levels: Fuel economy, towing, daily driving, and extreme tuning are the four performance levels that make sure both your money and time are worth it.

Pyrometer: The pyrometer parameter is also included so that you get to monitor the exhaust gas amount and temperature and alert you if there is any trouble occurring.

Tire Adjustability: Re-calibrating the speedometer to adjust tire size according to your convenience is nothing to think much about with this tuner. Just tune it with the bigger tire size and other required info, and it’s all set.

By lessening the ignition time, it reduces the throttle response so that you can get moving just when you press your foot on the gas.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: DiabloSports’s Predator 2 reads and clears the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) in order to keep you informed and worry-free about the situation under the vehicle’s hood.

CARB Certified: 6.0 ls tuner with a CARB certification! You can undoubtedly go for this one if you live in Cali as it has passed all the CARB tests and is approved for use in vehicles in the state.


  • CARB certified.
  • Affordable compared to other tuners.
  • Comes with four pre-loaded tunes.
  • Provides better and improved functionality of your ride.


  • CMR custom tuning software is not compatible with this version, unlike the platinum one.

3. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer

If you are searching for a good, budget-friendly 6.0 Vortec tuning with pre-loaded tunes like fuel consumption management and performance enhancement, you can consider this 3rd one on our list. It is the Jet performance programmer with one preloaded tune. This tuner is a manual one, meaning you can adjust the tunes of the aftermarket parts of your vehicle manually, that too, without consuming much time.

Precise tuning comes with a range of parameters that can be considered as an excellent device at a great value. Making adjustments, monitoring parameters, and scanning codes- all are possible with this handheld device. Just plug it into the OBD II port and set everything right according to your convenience!

Jet 15008 Performance Programmer Description and Features

Display design: This manual tuner comes with a high-resolution display with an adjustable warning lights blue background. Even though the device is lesser in price than many other aftermarket tuners, it will not disappoint you with its efficiency.

Monitor or Gauge Monitor: It includes a monitor weighing around 19lbs. with a dimension of 7.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches. Though it doesn’t include a gauge monitor layout, it still lets you do the manual tunings and parameter monitoring in a structured way.

Install it directly by plugging it into the OBD II port. The VIN and ID will appear on the screen, and from there, you just have to answer the questions with info matching your ride. Only these few steps and the installation is done.

Vehicle Performance: Its 6.0 Vortec power upgrades enable Improved fuel management, braking, suspension, acceleration, and control over the driving wheel is ensured that ultimately leads to an enhanced performance ability of your 6.0 Vortec. The aftermarket parts that you have added to your application can also be adjusted and monitored via the parameter setting accessibility.

Upgrade: performance tunes don’t come with the upgradeable feature. However, it is designed for 6.0 Vortec trucks and SUVs, and it promises to provide a lifetime service continuously with improved performance efficiency.

Fuel: Better fuel management is already pre-loaded in it so that you get the most amount of mileage possible.

Performance Levels: Three performance levels are pre-loaded for you. These are Fuel consumption management depending on the fuel grade, desired speed limit, and power boost with increased HP and torque at a maximum level.

Pyrometer: Through the pyrometer monitoring parameter, it keeps you updated on the exhaust gas amount and temperature, giving an idea about the engine’s condition.

Tire Adjustability: Driving in steeped hills is not an issue if you have this tuner installed. If you wish to change the tire size for a better driving experience, you can effortlessly alter the settings and adjust them.

Faster acceleration is assured as it efficiently reduces throttle response by lessening the ignition time.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: It includes a built-in scanner to scan Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and alarms you if there is an issue in the parts of your ride.

CARB Certified:  Yes, it has got it. Certified by CARB, you can install and tune it in your vehicle without any hesitation in the state of California.


  • Adjustable warning lights and built in scan tool facility.
  • Certified by CARB.
  • The tuner provides manual tuning.
  • It includes three preloaded tunes.
  • It comes with a number of other parameter settings.


  • It doesn’t have many features like other computer tuners.

4. Bully Dog – 40417 – GT Platinum Tuner for Gas Applications

This Bully Dog GT Performance Tuner has made it to our list because of its 4 in 1 feature. Considered as one of the best Chevy 6.0 chips in the business, it has all the functions and capabilities you would look for when buying a tuner. Just see that it matches your ride, and you are ready to sail. Best tuner for 6.0 Vortec? It’s definitely high up there.

Fitting with a wide range of vehicles, it unleashes the power and allows your truck to perform with its full potential. Fuel economy, monitoring parameters, running tests, and boosting power are the pre-loaded tunes with ten other custom tunes and 15 parameters included that provide you to roam around the choices and select the best custom tune for your truck or SUV. So, if you are looking for a tuner with all these varieties of features, you can give it a thought.

Bully Dog GT Performance Tuner Description and Features:

Display design: High-resolution LCD display is what you get if you go for this tuner. It is designed to monitor over ten parameters simultaneously, which makes driving comfortable for you.

Monitor or Gauge Monitor: The monitor is one of its kind. Even though it doesn’t include a touch screen display, its sleek and stylish black look and all its features make it one of the best tuners in the aftermarket business. You can also mount it on the dash or window and operate the device.

An adapter is all you need to install its 6.0 Vortec mods. Plugging and playing is the deal here. Just connect it to the OBD II port, do the tunings, and it has got it.

Vehicle Performance: Now, you get the vehicle performing in a remarkably improved manner if you go for this tuner. Collected from several bully dog gt gas tuner Silverado reviews, better fuel economy, parameter monitoring, ultimate power boost, ten custom tunes, and much more is guaranteed that let your vehicle perform to the fullest.

Updateable /Upgrade: Whenever you feel the need to upgrade it, you can just simply contact their tech support to get the job done.

Fuel: Maximum fuel efficiency with the maximum amount of mileage is what it supplies in both cities and highways. It makes sure your money spent under fuel is utilized to the max.

Performance Levels: Four performance levels like tuning the vehicle’s computer, parameter monitoring, running test, and clearing codes are pre-tuned; hence it is known as the 4-in-1 tuning device.

Pyrometer: It is also a part of the parameters that are installed in this tuner. You can easily monitor truck’s computer as well as the temperature.

Tire Adjustability: Again, this bully dog tuner 6.0 Vortec enables you to adjust the tire size and speed limiters of your ride how you want it to be so that you can go for your daily errands at your desired pace.

Reduce Throttle Response or Delay: Reduced throttle response is configured as this tuner helps your heavy duty engine to ignite faster and smoother than before.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: It has the feature to run Diagnostic Trouble Codes and shows indications if any pre-loaded or custom tuning is causing any disruptions in the ride’s efficiency.

CARB Certified: This gt platinum tuner is not certified legal by the CARB yet, but tests are on the run, and it’ll be available for use in the state of California as soon as it meets all the CARB’s requirements.


  • Four pre-loaded tunes.
  • The gauge monitor layout monitors over ten parameters at the same time.
  • Includes ten custom tunes and more than fifteen parameters.
  • Allows performance testing before finalizing the tuning.


  • Not certified legal in the state of California.

5. HP Tuners MPVI3 Tuner & VCM Suite Tuning Package with custom tunes

Last but not least, here comes a 6.0 Vortec performance chip that is sold as a complete kit from the HP tuners. It is the HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD2 Code Scanner and Custom Tuning tool. This tuning kit not only allows you to get your vehicle custom

This tuner kit is nothing less than the other available tuners in the market. It has got all the features you would look up to set your ride’s capacity according to your likings. If your driving is drag strip, off-road, autocross, or circuit, it’s got all the data backed up for you to ensure you get all the info ready.

Description and Features:

Display design: This tuner kit does all the ECU flashing and upgrading through a laptop. Therefore, the display of your laptop is the display of the tuner kit itself.

Monitor or Gauge Monitor: The monitor consists of a VCM editor and scanner that provides all that stuff inside your ride and allows you to make adjustments like tuning and set parameters.

Even though you need to plug in the device to the OBD II port with an adapter, you will need a PC that has Windows 8 or a newer version to complete the installation and perform the tuning process.

Vehicle Performance: This tuner is one of the most powerful and newly upgraded tuners out there in the business. It leaves no shortage in providing the ultimate support to enhance the vehicle’s performance by pushing it to its limit. All the preset tunes and parameters included with it work together to improve fuel economy, throttle response delay, increasing horsepower, torque, transmission shifting, and so on.

Updateable /Upgrade: You can upgrade the tuner features and custom tunes by downloading the manufacturer’s software using your laptop, which ultimately saves you from spending a ton of money and time.

Fuel: It is efficient to improve the fuel economy and deliver the utmost amount of mileage when your vehicle is on a roll.

Performance Levels: Coming with tons of tunes and features, it has got all the performance levels, including tunes that are pre-loaded and a variety of parameters that function at their fullest efficiency. It alerts you of anything unusual, and you can fix it yourself as well.

Pyrometer: Among all the parameters, the pyrometer is also included. No need to worry about the engine’s status and gas exhaust as it keeps constant eyes on them and notifies you of the exhaust’s amount and temperature.

Tire Adjustability: You may ride for daily purposes or racing. In order to change the old tires and get new ones with a larger size is effortless if you have this tuner installed. Just adjust the size and set it. You are no more thinking about speed while driving down a hill or going for a race.

Reduce Throttle Response or Delay: Reduced or delayed throttle response is made sure with the tuners tuning to ignite the engine and starting it up to get rolling on the road in no time.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: As no tuner is complete without the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) scanning, this tuner is also no different. Moreover, it covers almost all the parts of your ride and scans and stocks codes. It can fix the troubles itself as well as let you know.

CARB Certified


  • Comes with a variety of pre-loaded tunes, shift points and parameters.
  • One of the best aftermarket tuners in the business.
  • Offers diagnostic code scanner as well
  • Provides better and improves overall vehicle performance.


  • Installation can be a challenging process.

OBDII Port-What is an OBD Port?

OBDII Port-obd2 port pinout-obd port splitter-obd2 port replacement

OBD II is the port where the tuners are plugged in so that the tuning can be done. Most performance tuners claim to have a simple plug and play installation; this is what they mean by this. Using an adapter that is sent with the package, you can connect the tuner to your vehicle through the OBD II port. Located under the driving wheel or nearby under the dashboard, you can simply put it to work just like you would do with your phone and its charger.

OBDII Port-obd2 port pinout

Among all the various functions, the main six of almost all the tuners available in the market are:

  • Improving Miles Per Gallon (MPG).
  • Increasing HP and Torque.
  • Bypassing Active Fuel Management (AFM).
  • Bypassing Multi-Displacement System (MDS).
  • Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

All these tunings can be installed in your vehicle. In most of the tuners, all you need to do is plug it into the OBD II port.  Source

Want to find out your OBD Port Location?

Click here  to Get your OBD port by selecting your vehicle information below


Best Tuner Buying Guide for 6.0 Vortec-Vehicle’s performance

All tuners are not adaptable or adjustable for 6.0 Vortec, whereas some tuners are mainly manufactured for it. You have to understand the model of the vehicle and then finding for the best-suited tuners. All of the tuners are not universal. Check with the manufacturer before always purchasing the next tuner. There are some complicated tuners. Before buying it, determine the tuner that you are happy with first. So some things should consider before purchasing a tuner

Auto Installed tuners and custom tune:

The mounting tuners require a lot of energy and effort as well as extra time. For enjoying the high-grade functionalities of the tuner, buy a pre-installed tuner that has a quality SD card, USB port, HDMI ports, and software upgrades. Read more on: Is a tuner worth it?

Plug And Play Option:

The plug and play option automatically works and makes the work faster and more comfortable too. This option reduces the manual effort’s necessity.

Emulsion Protected:

Emulsion hampers efficiency as well as the power of the engine. It is a grave threat to any automobile devices. Before buying, ensure that your selected performance programmer will protect the emulsion problem entirely. Make sure that the chosen tuner makes the necessary changes. Check whether the tuner could compensate for various tire sizes or gear ratios for better re-calibrating the speedometer for correctly reading if you have attached wider tires or a 4.10 ring and a pinion to the vehicle. Check Chevy 6.0L Vortec Engine problems.

Fuel Mileage and Fuel efficiency:

Fuel mileage regulates the power level and indicates the efficiency of the engine. Before buying, make sure your selected tuner is a quality tuner that offers a fair distance. The diesel performance component can be very different from standard gas components, and diesel tuning includes a diverse gas tuning system. So, make sure that you select a tuner that can fit your form of fuel.

What are additional ways to increase performance in a 6.0 Vortec?

The 6.0 Vortec engine is a powerful piece of machinery, but there are several modifications you can make to extract even more power. Clearly engine tuners for the 6.0 Vortec is a clear way to increase power.

You can also upgrade the air intake system, add headers, and install a performance camshaft. Here is our guide on the best cams for a 6.0 Vortec.

What engine is the 6.0 Vortec?

vortec 6.0 engine

General Motors produces the 6.0L Vortec for use in its heavy-duty vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs. GM displaces 6.0 liters in the V8 configuration. The EcoTech3 (generation V small block) engine family replaces the L96 is part of the Vortec (Generation IV small block). GM currently uses the L96 that is the last Vortec engine. The EcoTech# engine family replaces the Vortec engine in all the other GM vehicles.

What kind of oil does a 6.0 Vortec take?

The 6.0 Vortec takes the chevron Delo synthetic motor oil and other recommended oil by the manufacturer based on temperature. 6 0 vortec oil type is Chevy Silverado SAE 5W – 30 engine oil in all temperature, and in new oil standard, it recommends GF – 4 oils. And the 6.0 vortec oil capacity is 6.0 qts w/ filter change with

Torque:18 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug)

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How can I get better gas mileage in my 6.0 Vortec?

1. Your driving habits should be changed. 2. If the manufacturer recommends, you should change components such as – the spark plugs, fluids, spark plugs wires, and the vehicle filter. 3. You should reduce the amount of making and selecting less congested, shorter routes. 4. You should avoid carrying excess weight. 5. Ensure the proper inflation of your tires.

How much HP does a 6.0 Vortec make?

The 6.0 liter Vortec engine generates 360-pound feet of torque at 4,400 rpm and 300 horsepower. The 2010 model year to the current model of the 6.0 Vortec produces 360 HP to 380 HP. And 4,200 RPM to 5,400 RPM Torque.

Is the 6.0 Vortec an LS engine?

The Vortec Engine is not an LS engine IMO, though these are “LS” based, and everyone consistently considers it an LS engine. Most of the Vortec engines are iron blocks, and these have serious size considerations and differences that depend on the various projects.

What is a black bear tune?

Black bear tune delivers in-person performance and computer mail order tuning for the SUV, car, and truck with a twist. In addition, whenever you will purchase a data-logging black bear tuning service from them, they will offer you all the essential software and hardware so that you can easily connect to the computer of your vehicle as well as can record the sensor data while driving.

How do I get more torque out of my 6.0 Vortec?

The best way to do so is a supercharger because they will provide you an instant boost to all the RPM with more torque. Then a turbocharger will keep you low down so that the installation process remains easy. The best feature of a supercharger is it will make power according to the activity. So, this should be a better solution to get more torque out of your 6.0 Vortec.

How much oil does a 6.0 Vortec take?

The General Motors 6.0L Vortec engine offers two valves per cylinder, variable valve timing, hydraulic roller lifters. It uses the chevron Delo synthetic motor oil and has an oil capacity of 6.0 qts w / filter change.

How many miles is a 6.0 Vortec good for?

The miles of 6.0L Vortec depends on the take care of the engines. If you take better care, it will go more miles. But generally, the LS engine, like the 6.0L Vortec engine, is suitable for 350,000 miles.

Is 6.0 Vortec a big block?

Some research generalizes that the 6.0L had a big block and small block configuration both on it. This 6.0L Vortec was a big block, and it was used in trucks and school buses from the ’60s to the mid-’90s. Nowadays, the 6.0 liter Vortec is a small block, and according to the general motors, this engine is just a tiny complete block.

How many miles per gallon does a Chevy 6.0 GET?

Like the Silverado 1500, the 6.0 Vortec engine has different two engine options, and it started with 380 lb. ft. of torque and 360 horsepower. This 6.0L Vortec provides a gas mileage of 16 mpg on the highway and 12 mpg in the city.

Is 200k miles a lot for a Chevy Silverado?

The Chevy Silverado lasts for a long time, and it can easily reach 10 to 20 years or over the 200k miles. The Silverado is always between 10 to 18 mpg that depends on the maintenance of the engine.

Are all tuners auto adjustable?

No it is not.

Does a tuner help with a cold air intake?

After getting a tuner in place, you might be wondering about some use cases. Cold air intakes are a useful tool for powering your vehicle. And yes, you do need a tune for a cold air intake. Learn more about the best cold air intake for Chevy Silverado 1500.

How much HP does a 6.0 Vortec make?

Boost and a few more miles per gallon.

Note:  On average we see the best fuel economy gains occur when using tunes ranging from 65 to 90 extra horsepower. Manufacturers of aftermarket performance products claim- tuners can add 3-4 mpg, the actual savings, if any, largely depends on how and where you drive. source


So, those were our picks for the best tuner for 6.0 Vortec for truck owners. All of them vary in terms of tunings, parameter functionalities, or affordability, but they all are well-recognized by thousands of users for their efficiency. Check the fittings before you purchase one, and the tuner will get the job done.

I hope this article helped. Thank you for your time, and do leave your valuable feedback to let us know your experience and driving style. Have a good day!Finally-

Source wireless vehicle tuning: https://www.onsiteinstaller.com/editorial/2015/04/will_an_engine_tuner_pay_off_for_your_truck



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