S10 Drop Spindles Vs Stock

The primary purpose of a drop spindle is to lower your car’s front end for looks. Drop spindles are typically shorter than the stock version and will be made out of lighter material.

The main disadvantage to drop spindles is that a custom size cannot order them. However, they can be made to fit your car with some tweaking.

The stock bulkhead drop spindle is also used to lower a car’s front end. Still, instead of being lighter, it is reinforced with heavier gauge material and usually offers more options in terms of sizing.

In this article, we will discuss s10 drop spindles vs stock.

S10 Drop Spindles Vs Stock

S10 Drop Spindles Vs Stock

A few key differences between S10 drop spindles and stock spindles should be considered when choosing the right option for your application. Here are a few key points to consider:

Drop Spindles

To lower the front end while maintaining the proper suspension geometry, drop spindles are used. When sitting, the suspension should be in the middle of its range of motion so it may move equally in both directions.

Drop spindles accomplish this by moving the upper control arm down along with the spindle.

Stock Spindles

Although the stock spindle relocation kit will lower your car’s center of gravity, it will also change the wheelbase and make it more challenging to handle at high speed.

This is because the spindle is now much closer (and larger) to the hubs and not farther away from them. Because of this, cars equipped with a stock suspension setup tend to ride differently at different speeds.

What Are Drop Spindles On A Car

What Are Drop Spindles On A Car

A drop spindle is simply a spindle that changes your stock spindle with one which relocates the shaft to a higher location (typically 2-3 inches) than the actual one, lowering the ride height by the same amount. Drop spindles are used to lower the front end while maintaining the proper suspension geometry.

The most common reason for using a drop spindle is installing aftermarket wheels and tires with a larger diameter than factory vehicles.

The larger diameter tires will be “too big” for your stock suspension components and will cause them to rub excessively against each other, causing damage to both components.

The solution is to install a drop spindle which will allow you to run your new aftermarket wheels without rubbing.

Do Drop Spindles Affect Ride Quality?

Do Drop Spindles Affect Ride Quality?

Drop spindles are most likely one of the finest ways to correctly lower your car by two to three inches without damaging the ride or changing the stock suspension geometry. Drop spindles are simple and inexpensive, but they have some drawbacks.

First, since the weight of your vehicle is transferred to a smaller area, it can put more stress on your ball joints and tie rods. This may result in premature wear and possible failure of these parts.

Also, drop spindles do not allow for adjustment when lowering or raising your car because of their design. The only way to change ride height is by purchasing different length drop spindles (which can be expensive).

Finally, some aftermarket suspension systems use a “bolt-on” approach that requires modification to fit properly beneath your vehicle’s frame rail.

What Is The Advantage Of Drop Spindles?

What Is The Advantage Of Drop Spindles?

Drop spindles are used in cars to raise and lower the car’s height, making it easier to change tires. They are easy to install and can be removed when not in use.

Drop spindles are also inexpensive and portable, which makes them a practical choice for many people.

The main advantage of using drop spindles is that they can be installed on any vehicle with minimal effort. They do not require any special tools or expertise, so anyone can install them in just a few minutes.

This makes them ideal for people who want to change their tires on their own without having to pay someone else for assistance.

Drop spindles are also easy to store away when not in use because they do not take up much space. When you no longer need them, you can simply put them away in your toolbox until you need them again.

What Is Better Lowering Springs Or Drop Spindles?

What Is Better Lowering Springs Or Drop Spindles?

Both lowering springs and drop spindles lower your car, but drop spindles are better.

  • First of all, drop spindles are cheaper. You only need to remove the stock spindles and replace them with new ones. On the other hand, with lowering springs, you also have to adjust your alignment and change control arms.
  • Second of all, if you want to go back to stock ride height after installing lowering springs, you’ll have to use a spring compressor tool or jack stands and compressors which can be dangerous (or both). With drop spindles, you don’t have to worry about this since they’re already compressed when installed in place of the stock ones.
  • Third of all, lowering springs tend to squeak after a few thousand miles due to their rubber bushings wearing out over time (which was something I experienced). However, this does not happen with drop spindles because they’re already compressed when installed on your vehicle, so there’s no movement between them and the suspension components like there is with lowering springs.

Do You Need Drop Shocks With Drop Spindles?

Do You Need Drop Shocks With Drop Spindles?

The use of a drop shock is not required when using 2″ drop spindles. This is because the caliper pickup points have been moved up, and the spindle shaft has also been raised.

This change in geometry allows a shorter shock to achieve adequate ride height without any additional lift.

The biggest advantage to using drop shocks with drop spindles is that it will make your truck look more aggressive, but there are no other performance benefits.

If you need to lower your truck more than 1″ and don’t mind looking a little goofy, then go ahead and use them, but I would recommend just using lower springs instead of having both types installed at once if you’re looking for performance gains (lowering springs alone will provide plenty of performance).

Are Lowering Springs Good?

Are Lowering Springs Good?

Yes, lowering springs are good. They give you the best of both worlds: a sporty and aggressive look and a more comfortable ride.

Lowering springs are designed to lower your vehicle without sacrificing ride quality or safety. The design of the spring allows proper handling even at low ride height.

Car lowering springs can help you improve your vehicle’s handling and braking abilities. The springs will allow your vehicle to handle corners better, giving you a smoother ride.

The springs can also increase the life of your suspension system by allowing it to move with less stress than normal.

Lowering your vehicle with lowering springs will look great because you can see more wheels and tires. It also gives you a performance advantage on the road since it lowers your center of gravity and improves handling and cornering ability.

S10 4wd Drop Spindles

S10 4wd Drop Spindles

These spindles will allow your truck to sit 2″ lower than stock. They are a direct bolt-on replacement; no modifications are needed.

This is the only way to lower your Chevy Pickup without removing the springs in the rear! These spindles have been tested on many different models of Chevy trucks and worked great for all 4WD models from 1982-2004 and 1983-1997 2WD models.

The drop spindles are made from high-quality steel, CNC machined and heat treated for long-lasting durability.

The ball joints included in this kit are made from high-quality parts with grease zerks built into them, so they’ll last much longer than other brands!

They also include new OEM-style castle nuts and cotter pins that fit right into existing holes on your existing control arms, making installation a breeze!

A pair of these spindles will give you a 2-inch drop at each corner of your truck, making it look like it’s sitting on monster tires!

These are a must-have if you want your truck sitting lower and looking aggressive without having to take out the springs in the rear.


  • This is the only way to lower your Chevy Pickup without taking out the springs in the rear.
  • This kit has been tested on other trucks and worked great for all 4WD models from 1982-2004 and 1983-1997 2WD models.
  • CNC machined, and heat-treated steel makes durable drop spindles that will last a long time!


S10 4 Inch Drop Spindles

S10 4 Inch Drop Spindles

The Speedway Motors S-10 4 Inch Front/ 4 Inch Rear Drop Lowering Kit is engineered to fit the Chevy S-10 Pickup Truck.

Made of high-quality steel, this lowering kit will help lower your vehicle for better handling and improved appearance.

This lowering kit includes new front springs, shocks, and front lowering blocks with all required hardware.

You simply unbolt the top spring seat from your stock coil springs, remove them from your truck, install the new front lowering blocks between your frame rails and springs, and reattach them using our included hardware.

Next, install new rear lowering blocks behind each wheel and our included rear coil springs on top of those blocks.

Last, we include new rear shocks, which fit over the top of these rear lowering blocks and tighten against them to finish the job. It’s that easy!

All parts are made from heavy-duty steel, meaning they’ll last through whatever you throw at them (literally).


  • The kit contains everything you need to perform the suspension drop.
  • The components are high quality and very sturdy.
  • The lowering blocks can be used with stock coil springs if that is what you prefer – or you may upgrade to aftermarket springs if you wish.
  • All necessary hardware is included with the kit, and installation instructions are easy to understand and follow (it’s a bolt-on kit, no fabrication or welding is required).


  • The kit does not offer as much drop as some kits on the market. It allows for a great-looking stance with low and wide tires.


A drop spindle is simply a spindle that replaces your standard ride-height spindle with one that relocates the shaft to a higher location (usually 2 to 3 inches) than the original, lowering the ride height by the same amount.

The spindles are used to lower the vehicle height by changing the axis at which it rotates. When used with a lowered suspension, the axle will be pushed closer to the frame of your truck; this increases ground clearance and lets your vehicle handle better rough terrain.

Also, lowering ride height to a certain degree improves handling and performance on rough roads by lowering your center of gravity. I hope this article answers everything about s10 drop spindles vs stock.

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