Top 4 Best 3 inch Lift Kit for Tacoma [Review & Buying Guide 2023]

When traveling in our Jeeps, we head anywhere ready for a memorable adventure. It may include getting off the road and exploring the deep rough roads. But until then, you will perfectly understand the importance of getting lift kits that are of good quality. It can also dramatically increase the off-road performance of your truck while keeping things under control.

whats the best lift kit for a tacoma

In this article, I will deliberate on the best 3-inch Lift Kit for Tacoma. If you’re confused about choosing one, it will surely help you to make a decision. If you want to know more about these kits, you should check out our truck lift kit reviews that lay down all the details.



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Supreme Suspensions 2005-2020 Tacoma 

3"F + 2"R 2005-2019 Lift Kit Tacoma

Lift Kit Tacoma 2WD 4WD 2005-2021

KSP 3" Front Leveling Lift Kit

What is the Best Lift Kit for a Tacoma?

supreme suspension 3 inch lift

The Supreme Suspension Lift Kit is the best recommendation for you. It has a driveway mechanic for easy installation in as much as it is a bolt-on lift kit. It comes in components that are powder-coated and extra durable. Indeed it will serve your purpose precisely.

Best 3 inch Lift Kit for ToyotaTacoma in 2022

A lot of people have never had to deal with excessive body roll while driving a truck. What they fail to understand is that these trucks are tall, and they weigh quite a bit. The best way to avoid having body roll issues is to use a suspension lift kit that utilizes springs built for the job.

Doing this allows a driver to utilize the best products available without having to worry about their truck bottoming out or leaving their doors an inch above the ground.

This information will help you make a solid decision on your next purchase.

#1. Supreme Suspension Lift Kit Review

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit for 2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma 3 inch

Supreme Suspension Full Lift Kit runs larger tires and enhances the look of your vehicle. One of the most popular lift kits for Toyota Tacoma is this one. It provides the maximum amount of tire clearance without seriously upsetting the vehicle’s original suspension system.

It is expert-designed for lifetime use and improves the vehicle’s comfort and ride quality. It is a High-end lift kit from components that are high-strength steel and T6 Billet Aluminum.  Supreme Suspension is also the best budget lift kit for Toyota Tacoma.


Simple installation

The Supreme Suspension Lift Kit installation takes only a few hours, designed to be installed using essential hand tools. You go through the entire installation process using a detailed instruction manual plus the necessary hardware included in every kit.


It has a 100% bolt-on installation and increased ground clearance. The lift kit reaches the stock ride quality from its built-in tapper that corrects the pinion angle. It is reliable, especially if you’re off the road frequently with your vehicle.


The Supreme Suspension Lift Kit prevents rust and oxidation from its protective and proprietary coating that delivers the required durability. Also, the lift kit has lift blocks that are from high-strength steel. It makes it durable for long-term efficiency on your vehicle.


The lift kit fits 2005-2020 2WD and 4WD Toyota Tacoma


  • It gives you extra ground clearance
  • Give you better traction and off-road performance
  • Guarantees you better control of your vehicle on the trail as it will be more articulate


  • You will experience reduced comfort from the enormous tires

#2. 3″F + 2″R Leveling Tacoma Lift Kit Review-Compatible with 2WD/4WD 4×4 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma 

3"F + 2"R Full Leveling Suspension Lift Kit Compatible with Tacoma

The Leveling Tacoma Lift Kit is a reliable and durable lift kit through its high-density, metallic construction. It allows you to install off-road tires and giant custom rims to sustain the quality of your ride.

The Lift Kit has an easy installation that needs no special tools. You can make use of it as it increases the ground clearance and improves the look of your truck. It enhances a smooth and comfortable ride and maintains factory handling from the minimal effect on the truck’s center of gravity.


Easy installation

The Lift Kit is an easy bolt-on that takes two to four hours to install without any special tools. Make sure you have bought the compatible leveling kit for your vehicle before installing the leveling lift kit. You will also not require any grind or cut for the entire process.


A Leveling Tacoma Lift Kit is from a high-density metallic finish for reliability and durability. You can customize it with tires that are sizable for perfect performance. It makes the truck durable even after frequent use off the road.


You can use this lift kit for optimal vehicle performance through the CNC machine made from solid aircraft billet. It has minimal effect on your truck and sustains the quality of the ride. You can also increase the ground clearance through a front three-inch and rear two-inch capacity.

Included components

You’ll get four extensive U-bolt zinc plates, aircraft billet front-strut spacers, and billet rear lift blocks. It also provides installation hardware and instructions for a comfortable and smooth ride. They will help improve the performance of your truck.


 It is a complete lift kit for a 2005-2019 2WD and 4WD Toyota Tacoma.


  • Installing is easy, and you can DIY
  • Allows you to customize your truck with custom rims
  • Compatible with off-road tires


  • You’ll have to align the wheel after installation

#3. Leveling KSP Performance Lift Kit Review – 3″F+2″R Lift Kit Fit for Tacoma 2WD 4WD 2005-2021

3"F+2"R Leveling Lift Kit Fit for Tacoma 2WD 4WD 2005-2021

They provide enough ground clearance as spacers that are compatible with a variety of crazy road models. They allow you to add another set of large tires onto your truck as one of their best features. They are also easy to install and non-expensive.

The ride performance is improved slightly together with the ride quality as soon as you add it to the truck. Also, they add a little bit of lift to make your vehicle unique from all the others.



The lift kit is of a high-density aluminum forged material that maintains the factory ride quality. It has more robust support compared to others from the Cross Gusset Plate design. Additionally, the KSP Performance lift kit has an impeccable design.

Easy installation

You can install the lift kit by yourself, using the shortest possible time. Alternatively, you can fit them correctly even by watching online video tutorials.


The KSP lift kit provides safe driving from the aircraft-grade forged aluminum billet. It is resistant to corrosion from the powdered black coating that makes it safe from rusting. Additionally, you can safely use the KSP Lift Kit in thrilling riding conditions.


The lift kit is good for the 2005-2017 Toyota Tacoma, both 2WD, and 4WD


  • The installation is easy without drilling or welding
  • The Leveling KSP Performance lift kit achieves maximum lift and maintains OEM ride quality
  • The lift kit will not interfere with your ride’s driveability but keep the factory ride
  • It has a forged aircraft aluminum billet


  • You will have to align the wheels after installing the lift kit.

#4. KSP Performance Lift Kit Review -3″ Front Leveling Lift Kits fit for Tacoma 2005-2021 4Runner 2003-2021

KSP 3" Front Leveling Lift Kits fit for Tacoma 2005-2021 4Runner

The KSP Performance lift kit will typically increase the front end of your truck with True three inches as the spacer thickness due to suspension geometry. You will, however, need to align the wheels after installing this lift kit. It improves vehicle performance and reliably gives you the best experience throughout the drive.


Reliable Warranty

The purchase of the lift kit is inclusive of a reliable warranty. It includes a 24-month free service of replacing the parts and a 30-day refund. You’ll not have to be worried when you, unfortunately, change your mind to get an upgraded version of the lift kit.


You will experience safe driving while using this leveling lift kit, even in dangerous riding conditions. It is of 10.9 grade solid bolts and an aircraft-grade aluminum billet.

Impeccable look

The lift kit gives your truck an additional impeccable look that makes it stand out from the rest. It uses bigger rims or tires with extra ground clearance. Alternatively, it is fit for several models that are off the road.


You can use this lift kit with a 2005-2019 2WD and 4WD Tacoma and a 2WD and 4WD 2007-2015 FJ Cruiser


  • Thelift kit offers you safety regardless of the extreme conditions
  • It is resistant to corrosion from its black powder coating
  •  You can customize your truck with larger rims and tires


  •  The ratio between the thickness of the kit and the lift height is not 1:1

Best 3-inch Lift Kit for Tacoma Buying Guide

best budget lift kit for toyota tacoma

You can upgrade a variety of parts of your Jeep if you want to increase its performance. And getting a lift kit is one of the best decisions you can ever make. It gives you more room to drive over trees, rocks, water, and stumps by increasing the vehicle’s clearance.

It also makes your Jeep more appealing and gives it that rugged look as it changes its overall appearance. The particular aspects to consider when buying one include:


Different kits lift and level at the same time while others lift only or level only. Ensure you go for one that gives you the exact look you want for your Jeep.

Heavy-duty use

You’ll need to consider a comprehensive suspension lift in case your truck will see heavy off-road use.


It is priceless to have a company’s guarantee behind the product you choose. Sticky situations and rough terrain are inevitable, considering many people lifting their Jeeps are off to improve their performance off-road. You’ll eventually get the peace of mind of a company standing by their product from harsh conditions.

Easy installation

There are complex and basic lift kits. Besides, an expensive gear you can install yourself will cut you some shop labor while on a budget, assuming you might opt for a cheaper kit.

Construction quality

Many kits are available in the market for Jeeps, though some may not be up to quality. Make sure you thoroughly research not to end up with cheap parts and poor fitment.


There are certainly a lot of alternatives on the market when it comes to choosing a reliable best 3 inch Lift Kit for Tacoma for your truck. We’ve provided you with some of the best options that we have seen out there.

Each model works well, but we have also considered the pricing and feedback so that you can make an informed decision.

The Jeep kits are all designed to work on specific or all models. But you can first research your Jeep’s model and make for the best buys in terms of compatibility. In the meantime, the MotoFab 3 inch lift kit remains the best option for your Tacoma. Go for it and enjoy the new performance of your Jeep.

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