MIG welding wire speed and voltage chart

Thickness Wire Voltage for 0.045VWire Voltage for 0.035VWire Voltage for 0.030VWire Voltage for 0.024V
Factor: 1          1.6              2            3.5
0.030          20            32            40            70
0.060          60            96            120          210
0.110          110          176            220          385
0.170          170          272            340          595
0.200          200          320            400          700
0.250          250          400            500          875

Check Flux Core Wire Speed And Voltage Chart

MIG wire speed chart metric

Thickness (mm)Gap (mm)ARC (Volts)Current (A)Wire Feed (m/minute)

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How to calculate wire feed speed in MIG welding?

To calculate MIG welding wire feed speed, you need to multiply the necessary current of your welding by the flame rate connected to the wire’s diameter so that you can calculate the speed of the feed. Using this method, you can simply multiply the current of 100 amps by the 3-inch flame rate to determine a wire feed speed of 300 in. per min.

Welding inches per minute formula

This is a formula to count the welding and this formula is used for determining how long it will take to finish a certain welding project. This is a simple formula where you have to measure the length of welding in inches and later divide it by the elapsed time required to finish the weld in minutes. The outcome will be your desired welding inches per minute data.

How do you set wire speed and voltage?

There are several ways to set the voltage and wire speed of your welder. But here we will provide the easiest and effective way to set it. Please follow our step-by-step guide to set the voltage and wire speed of your welder as follows: 

  1. You need to use a single amp for every wire
  2. You should not try to weld through more than eight-inch material 
  3. As you know how to calculate welding inches per minute, so use that formula to find and set it at 250 inches per minute
  4. Now, start welding through your desired material
  5. Set voltage on your welding according to your requirement 
  6. Regulate the tension nuts properly
  7. Start welding once again with this right setting
  8. Finally, set the speed of the wire and the setting of voltage and wire speed will be visible.

You can watch this video to get a better understanding of the process:

What voltage is needed for MIG welding?

Though there are differences of opinion on this particular question as you will listen to people saying 220/230 volt required for MIG welding. But the popular theory is to use 240 volts for MIG welding on a single phase. But you should keep in mind while buying a MIG welder that 220/230/240 volts are almost the same thing so you should not be looking for a particular 240 volts MIG welder rather you can buy and later change it into a 240 volts welder. 

How do I set my MIG wire feed speed?

You can only get neat weld even with the wrong set of power on your MIG welder. Penetration can be too much or too little, but at least your welds will be clean. But with the right set of MIG wire feed speeds, you can have precise welding and penetration. This is what we desire and to get that there is no alternative to an experiment. Yes, you heard it right. You need to try experimenting on different speeds so that you can guess the right speed to weld and set it on your MIG wire feed. 

How thick can a 180 Amp MIG weld?

When you will buy a 180 amp MIG weld, the seller will notify you about that or you can check on the package of the product by yourself. A 180 amp MIG welder is capable of fusing up to an amount of 0.035 inches.

How does voltage affect MIG welding?

The voltage of MIG welding essentially supervises the length of the arc that is the gap between the wire filler alloy and the melted weld pool on the verge of defrosting within the arc. When the voltage will increase, the MIG weld ball will straighten out more as well as have an uprising ratio of width to depth. 

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