Led Tailgate Light Bar Problems (Explained and Solved)

Are you struggling to find a solution to your led tailgate light bar problems? If so, you’re not alone. Many drivers are finding that their light bars are not working as they should.

In some cases, the batteries have run out, while in others, the lights simply won’t turn on. If you’re having trouble finding a solution to your problem, take a look at our article to see if there is anything that you can do. We’ll help you to identify the problem and offer some solutions.

Led Tailgate Light Bar Problems

Led Tailgate Light Bar Problems

Some people think the LED lights in a car are only for decoration. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Your tailgate light bar is actually meant to indicate if you’re about to reverse, turn, or pull over.

It also indicates any problems that may arise in your vehicle and any malfunctions with your brake system. Here are the led tailgate light bar problems-

Battery voltage is low

These lights absolutely have to have an uninterrupted power source. It is also important that the battery voltage is of good quality.

A low or shaky battery can cause these problems, as well as a loose connection between the lights and their plug-in point.

Problems with the lights’ power supply, plugs, and the light bar itself all contribute to this problem. If the voltage fluctuates, you’ll be left in the dark when it counts most.

Tailgate light bar wiring damaged

Tailgate light bar wiring damaged

When it comes to tailgate light bar wiring, you absolutely have to have a seamless and unobstructed connection.

Even the slightest bend or kink in the wires will lead to electrical resistance, heat, and a potential fire hazard! If you suspect that your wires are damaged, try replacing them before everything goes up in smoke.

Blown or faulty fuse

If the fuse is blown or faulty in any way, your tailgate light bar will not turn on. Check the compressor for dead wiring and make sure that the wiring between the fuse box and the lights is intact.

If it’s not, everything from there to there may be faulty and could potentially cause overheating.

Brightest Led Tailgate Light Bar

Opt7 60″ Redline Led Tailgate Light Bar

Brightest Led Tailgate Light Bar

This bright tailgate light bar offers up to 60″ of intense red or white lighting for your vehicle. It is built with a durable aluminum casing and can withstand up to 3200 watts from your vehicle’s 12-volt power source.

The OPT7 Redline Tailgate Light Bar also features a standard 4-pin round plug and requires a 15A, 100W power supply.

A full 60″ long, this OPT7 tailgate light bar is easy to install and has a built-in electrical disconnect for added safety.

It can be mounted on your trailer, in the back of a work or service vehicle, and in many other places, so you’ll always have convenient lighting when you need it.

The OPT7 Redline Tailgate Light Bar is weather resistant, made in the USA, and offers a limited 2-year warranty.

Mega Racer Triple Row 60 Inch Led Tailgate Light

This beautifully designed tailgate light by Mega Racer is perfect for any auto enthusiast. With 12 interchangeable colors and three functions – solid, flashing, and beacon mode – the new LED light bar offers a whole lot of versatility.

This is made with sturdy construction to withstand even the toughest car, and this tailgate light will make a great addition to your car or truck.

Two and a half inches wide, the light bar has a 30-degree slope on either side, with alternating warm and cool white LEDs.

The one-piece construction of this tailgate light allows for easy installation in your vehicle. It can be mounted on the door or bumper of your vehicle so that you can easily see what is in front of you when driving at night.

It also comes with an adhesive backing for easy installation and removal. The light bar is also capable of illuminating your license plate and coming with a switch to turn it on and off.

This tailgate light comes with an adjustable mounting bracket, so you can easily mount it in any location in your vehicle.

What Is the Brightest Light Bar Made?

What Is the Brightest Light Bar Made?

Vision X is the brightest light bar. This Light bar offers up to 33,300 effective lumens of light output, and it comes with a special fog light beam pattern specifically designed to give you a great view of the road ahead when visibility is limited. This is one of the brightest light bars you can get. 

This light bar is carefully made from ABS ultra-clear composite, and it produces the brightest output with just one LED bulb or HID bulb. 

Are Tailgate Light Bars Worth It?

Yes, tailgate light bars are the perfect way to eliminate any hair-raising driving conditions. Tailgate light bars are installed on the tailgate of a truck and are powered by the vehicle’s battery.

A tailgate light bar provides excellent visibility for the driver in addition to helping other drivers see your vehicle from behind.

Not only can you see better when it is dark outside, but you also avoid getting pulled over by law enforcement because they can no longer argue that they couldn’t see your license plate or brake lights in front of them.

How Many Lumens Is A Good Light Bar?

How Many Lumens Is A Good Light Bar?

A good light bar has 10K to 100K lumens. This lumens value is relative to how much light the bar produces and the size of the bar.

If you are looking for a light bar first, then it would be best to look at its lumens. A good rule of thumb is that you should consider getting a lighter model if you need an entry-level light bar.

This ensures that your purchase will be well worth it going forward without any regret having been wasted on buying a too-heavy or too-expensive product.

Which Are the Best LED Light Bars?

Below are some of the best-LED light bars and their features.

  • The first light bar is the 4WDKING RGB Waterproof LED Bar. It features 8 different colors and is waterproof for outdoor use.
  • The second light bar is the Zmoon UV 48W. It has UV light and high brightness.
  • The third light bar is the Rigidhorse Light Bar. It is easily mounted and has an adjustable lens.
  • The fourth light bar is the Nilight LED Bar. It has 3 LED colors and remote control for easy operation.

Kufung Led Truck Tailgate Light Bar Strip

Kufung Led Truck Tailgate Light Bar Strip

This LED taillight strip is designed to mount to the bottom of a raised bed truck tailgate, and it features 3 bright LED lights.

This is made with durable and waterproof materials, and this light strip will be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

It is the right choice for adding visibility and safety to your truck bed when driving in low-light environments such as dark rural roads. 

It is also highly effective at warning others in your path that you are coming their way. This light strip can be purchased in various lengths, and it can be easily installed using the provided installation hardware.

It is safe to use and will not pose any kind of a danger to your vehicle or you. This is a great tailgate light strip that you should have in your collection of truck accessories.

How Do You Install A Tailgate Light Bar: Tailgate Led Light Bar Installation Process

Tailgate led light Bar installation process –

  • Tailgate light bars are a great way to add to the safety of your driving. You should be sure your tailgate light is secure and will not drop off during operation.
  • The majority of these goods are simple to install, with adhesive tape on the back that you just peel and place onto your tailgate.
  • The light is powered by the vehicle’s battery. The inverter can be wired directly to the battery or may need to be wired using an in-line fuse to protect against the high current draw of these lights.
  • Ensure your tailgate led light bar has waterproof connections, as water and electronics do not mix well.

How Do You Wire Tailgate Light Bars To Tail Lights?

How Do You Wire Tailgate Light Bars To Tail Lights?

Most of the time, the wiring for tailgate LED light bars is installed inside your tailgate. You will find the wires are run with your existing wires from the tail lights leading back towards the trunk of your car. This will be done to make a sturdy connection.

You can choose the wiring location if you have a hard time reaching it and if your tailgate light bar is securely mounted.

The wires from your tail lights should lead to the metal of your light bar. These lights are made for simple wiring, so it is not usually seen that much by the average owner.

However, there are some new ones that are made to be hidden away under the trunk lid or in your trunk itself.

Once you have the wiring on your tailgate light bar, you will then have to connect it to your tail lights. A more secure way would be to run this wire through one of the existing holes in your bumper.

However, some owners do install a connector on the back of their tailgate lights that plug into their existing wires. This makes for a more convenient installation and makes for easier removal if need be.

How Do You Hardwire A LED Tailgate Bar?

You will need some tools, such as screwdrivers and wire strippers, but everything will come in handy for this job because the needed supplies are relatively inexpensive. If you can install a light bar, then this tailgate light bar should be easy to hardwire.

The first step is removing the tailgate itself. If you need to, remove the trims on the inside of the tailgate, such as the side moldings, headliner, and wiring harnesses.

Also, remove interior trim on your vehicle to give yourself more working room. Take your time, and don’t get in a hurry to strip off parts too quickly.

You will want to make sure everything is secure before you move forward with connecting anything that may be needed while installing this LED kit.

Led Tailgate Light Bar Wiring Diagram

Led Tailgate Light Bar Wiring Diagram

Back in the day, when tailgating was still a thing, there wasn’t any telling what could happen. It was always best to have a plan — like figuring out how to wire up that tailgate light bar.

With this wiring diagram, you’ll know exactly where your circuits should go, no matter if it’s an AC- or DC-powered setup.

It’s a little different from the traditional wiring that you see in a lot of vehicles, but it’s simpler and will suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did my LED light bar stop working?

If you are having trouble with your LED light bar, first check to see if the LEDs in your light bar have burned out or if they are improperly attached. If that’s not the issue, try the following tips:

1. Try swapping the battery in your LED light bar for a new one.

2. Check to make sure the wires are attached to the light bar properly.

3. Take your hand and rub the end of the light bar. If electrical contact is made, then there is a problem with the circuit inside your light bar or with the wiring in your vehicle.

4. Check to see if you have any loose cables or wires inside your vehicle. 

2. How do you fix a blown light bar?

Here’s a quick guide to fixing a blown light bar on your car –

1. Purchase the replacement part from your local car parts store

2. Open up the hood of your car. You may need to remove some screws or bolts first

3. Remove the old light bar and replace it with the new one (be sure to install screws)

4. Replace any wires that were removed for the installation process. If in doubt, consult an auto mechanic for help.

3. How do you wire tailgate light bars to tail lights?

Here are the 4 steps to wire tailgate light bars to tail lights –

1. Strip the tailgate light’s wires

2. Connect the red and blue wires to the tail light’s black wire

3. Connect a ground wire to one of the tailgate’s bolts

4. Do up all screws and tighten them so that it does not move or detach when you’re driving.

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The led tailgate light bar problems is a widespread and nagging issue. Luckily there are many easy fixes that don’t require professional assistance.

I hope after reading this article, you know everything about the led tailgate light bar problems, and you will be able to fix them.

If you see that the interference goes away the moment you turn on your headlights or turn on any other lights inside your truck, it means that your problem is not caused by a faulty light bulb.

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