Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

Volvo truck light control module problems could be the reason why your headlights are not on when you need them to be.

If this is happening to you, then it is most likely a defective part on your truck’s light control module. It will get worse over time if the issue is not fixed.

There are many steps one can take in order to fix this issue. You can either purchase a new light control module or have the old one serviced. By fixing it, you will eliminate future problems in future years.

Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

Here are the Volvo truck light control module problems-

Volvo trucks are the perfect vehicle for anyone who is looking to do more with their truck than just go from point a to point b.

However, if you find your Volvo truck not behaving as it should, it may be time to take a look at the light control module problems.

Turn signals do not blink at all or blink quickly

Volvo trucks come equipped with a light control module which is responsible for controlling the lights on the vehicle and this includes the turn signals, brake lights, and so on.

Over time, there is a good chance that you may find that your Volvo truck’s turn signal is not working properly.

What you will find is that when you flip the switch to signal a right-hand turn you get nothing, or if you signal to go left then it may not work at all.

Another issue that you may find with your turn signal is that it may not work at all. If you’ve noticed a lot of bulbs going out on your Volvo truck, this could be the result of a failure in the light control module.

If you are an experienced mechanic and find that you can start to hear the bulb pop as well, then this could be the culprit.

The dashboard light does not light

The dashboard light does not light

This may not be a problem for you if your Volvo truck is just new, but you should take note of any lights that do not light up in the dash like the fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and so on.

If these lights were working properly, to begin with, and now they are not, chances are that this could be a result of the light control module.

Brake lights are inconsistent or have ceased working entirely

The brake lights on your Volvo truck are also controlled by the light control module. If you find that your brake lights are not working properly, this is definitely a sign that something is not right with your light control module.

All or a section of the tail lights have failed

All or a section of the tail lights have failed

This is another issue that you may find with your light control module if you have noticed either no tail lights or a section of them are out. This is particularly common with the backup lights.

If the headlights on your Volvo truck do not work properly, this could be a sign that the light control module has failed and needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.

About Light Control Module Volvo Truck

The light control module is for the lights and instrument panel on a Volvo truck. It controls the intensity, brightness, and direction of illumination.

The control module has a rocker switch with 2 positions; ON and OFF. There are also 3 round pushbutton controls around it that have the following functions:

next light (controls individual lights), left shade (controls left half of the center shade), and a right shade (controls right half of center shade).

In the VNL’s dashboard, the light control module is mounted on a metal plate. The wire harness is routed down to it and plugs into its connector.

The 3 pushbutton switches are located just left of the light control module. Two of them (left and right shade) are circular switches with indicators on them, while the last one (next light) is a small button located slightly lower than its predecessor.

Where Is the Light Control Module on A Volvo Truck?

Where Is the Light Control Module on A Volvo Truck?

The light control module is positioned just behind the VNL’s fuses in the middle of the dashboard. It may be behind one of the panels and will often be attached to a cable.

To find it, start by looking for the VNL’s fuses on either side of the dashboard. If there are no fuses on either side, then the light control module is most likely positioned at the back of a panel, underneath it, or just next to it.

The light control module is a small plastic box with wires coming out of it. It has the Volvo logo on the top of it and can be easily distinguished from other components on the dashboard.

Volvo Truck Light Control Module Location

Volvo truck light control module location is in The dashboard’s center. The Volvo truck light control module location is on the right-center passenger side.

The Volvo Truck light control module is located below the HVAC vent and to the right of it. It’s a black, rectangular cover with one white wire connector.

The dashboard of your car has a number of different components that can be controlled, such as light switches and an air conditioner thermostat.

The dashboard also has a cover or cover plate which is used when servicing or repairing the car. The cover that is used on your vehicle may have one or more switches, toggles, measuring devices, and gauges.

On a few vehicles, there are two different-sized covers, which can be found on each side of the dashboard.

What Is the ACM In A Truck?

What Is the ACM In A Truck?

The ACM means Active Control Engine Mount in a truck. The Active Control Engine Mount is a device that’s used to isolate engine vibration.

This reduces stress on the remainder of the vehicle and increases the truck’s resale value. Recently, many manufacturers are starting to utilize the ACM in the passenger cabin to provide further isolation of the driver’s area.

Essentially, all it does is move the engine and power train away from the cabin. While this operates primarily as an anti-vibe device, it can have further benefits by lessening the impact of engine noise and vibration on passengers.

What Is A VEC Sensor on A Volvo Truck?

Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC) tracks up to 32 objects in front of the vehicle at distances of up to 500 feet using a radar sensor located under the bumper.

If a VEC-equipped Volvo detects an obstacle, the system provides for a gentle brake application, steering correction, or both.

The system is not yet available for production vehicles, but Volvo says it is a major step towards the automaker’s goal of implementing full-autonomy systems in its cars by 2019.

VEC is short for “Volvo Enhanced Cruise”.

What Is LVD In Volvo?

What Is LVD In Volvo?

An LVD is a type of automated switch that enables truckers to use utilities and pleasure items throughout key-off times while maintaining the battery power required to start the engine.

Volvo has been a key player in the industry for a number of years, but they didn’t invent the idea of an LVD. There are many other types of automated switches and each brand has its own unique type.

However, Volvo’s LVDs is especially clever because they’re designed to keep an LVI from going out. Along with these so-called smart batteries, Volvo’s trucks have now made great strides in fuel economy.

What Does A Light Control Module Do?

The Light Control Module is in control of all of the vehicle’s lights. It performs a number of functions including controlling lighting levels, switching between daytime running lights and adaptive headlights, and controlling the position of the headlamp beams.

A Light Control Module is an integral part of any vehicle’s electrical system. It is the set of components that allows you to control the headlights, daytime running lights, fog lamps, and taillights. All vehicles with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for lighting will have a Light Control Module.

In some vehicles, the Light Control Module is located in a box, as is common with vehicle safety equipment such as airbags and other critical systems.

In other vehicles, the module is incorporated into a circuit board with the appropriate connection points and may be mounted to the circuit board by adhesive or screws.

The function of a Light Control Module is to control all of the lighting functions which are usually accomplished by a bulb or circuit.

What Is SCR In Volvo Trucks?

What Is SCR In Volvo Trucks?

SCR is a sophisticated active emissions control technology that decreases exhaust nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to relatively close levels.

It works by injecting diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) into the exhaust stream, where it reacts with NOx to produce water vapor and harmless nitrogen gas.

This results in an 80-90% reduction in emissions of NOx, carbon dioxide (CO2), and other harmful pollutants such as particulates.

SCR is a Euro 6d-TEMP compliant technology and is a standard emission control system that can work in any climate where diesel fuel offers some degree of lubrication. It can also be used for other fuels such as biodiesel and NG, but it needs to be tuned for each fuel.

Volvo Vnl Fuse Box Diagram

The fuse box diagram is located in the engine compartment, of your Volvo VNL 630. The relay panel includes a master switch (2), an additional fused source (3), and a second switched source (4).

WARNING: Make sure you install the fuses correctly; this can save your life as well as somebody else’s one day! If a fuse blows, it will also short out all power to electrical equipment if not replaced quickly.

Volvo LCM Outdoor Lighting Control Unit Fault Codes

Volvo LCM Outdoor Lighting Control Unit Fault Codes

The LCM outdoor lighting control unit is Volvo’s way of monitoring the condition of your vehicle. The benefit to this is that it allows you to know when a problem starts with your car so you can take matters into your own hands before the problem becomes more expensive or if it affects other systems in your vehicle.

The LCM outdoor lighting control unit will report fault codes that are usually displayed on the DIC display located on the driver’s side dashboard.

When these codes are displayed, you need to have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. These codes are designed to save you money and keep you safe on the road. The three most common LCMs that we see failures on include:

  1. OLM-5580 – Volvo only
  2. OLM-5508 – Volvo only
  3. ALCO-8001 – General Motors only

Is A Volvo VNL 670 A Good Truck?

Is A Volvo VNL 670 A Good Truck?

Yes, Volvo VNL 670 is a good truck. First, the Volvo VNL 670 has a very impressive horsepower at 480 hp. It also has an impressive torque of 1600 ft. lbs of torque. The Volvo engine type is a D13 with an EGR diesel engine and it’s turbocharged.

It also has EPA 2007 compliant and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified engines which means the vehicle produces less than .08 pounds per mile or .2 grams per kilometer CO2 emissions in their cleanest rating and that is 18% fewer emissions than the industry average.

This truck also has a 13-speed transmission. The truck’s GVWR is 80,000 lbs /36 tons. It has a fuel tank capacity of 38 gallons and the bed volume is 48”x119”x 20 ½” which is great for cargo and hauling.

What Is the Difference Between a Volvo 670 And 780?

Body size is their only significant difference. The 670 is wider and longer than the 670. The 770 is also taller and has a higher seating position. Rear seat legroom is better on the 770 than it is on the 670, as well as cargo space.

Another difference is their Roof Sleeper cab size. The Volvo 770 has a 61-inch long cab, whereas the Volvo 780’s long cabin is 77 inches.

All Volvos are very similar in engine choice and drivetrain layout for the most part. All four models have a 5-speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission available to provide your power needs.

What Does Volvo VNL Mean?

Volvo VNL is a truck model of the Swedish heavy vehicle manufacturer Volvo Trucks. The Volvo VNL series is designed to perform in different applications, such as distribution and refuse.

The Volvo VNL range features bodies with a low center of gravity, higher axle loads, and fast turning radii which contribute to increased performance. The Volvo VNL range was the first European truck to feature ABS brakes.

Is Volvo VNL Reliable?

Is Volvo VNL Reliable?

Yes, they are reliable. Compared to other manufacturers in the industry, they are more reliable.

Volvo Truck Corporation offers a variety of trucks that are suitable for different needs and applications. One of their most well-known models is the Volvo VNL, which has been sold since 1997.

The Volvo VNL is a popular choice for truck drivers because it is designed to be extremely durable and reliable.

Volvo’s focus on creating trucks that are designed to last really sets them apart from the other manufacturers in the industry.

What makes Volvo VNL trucks so reliable? Here’s why:

The Volvo VNL is known for its durability. The truck features a robust road train system with a high degree of reliability that helps make it more durable than other large trucks on the market.

The truck comes with two engines, one at 400 horsepower and one at 440 horsepower, which both run smoothly and efficiently.


There have been a few reports of Volvo truck light control modules not working properly. If you are experiencing Volvo truck light control module problems, you may need to take some steps to rectify the situation.

In this article, we have outlined the possible causes and solutions for this issue. Stay safe on the road and be sure to contact your Volvo dealer if you experience any issues.

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