168 vs 194 bulb: What are the Key Differences?

Get ready for an illuminating showdown! The market is flooded with bulb options, but none are quite as sought-after as the 168 and 194 bulbs. We’ll cover 168 vs. 194 bulb differences to help you understand what you need.

These two heavyweights pack a powerful punch in terms of brightness, wattage, lumens, and more. And while they may look almost identical, don’t be fooled. Many of us struggle to tell them apart at first glance. But fear not! If you’re one of those folks scratching your head over these bulbs, you’re in luck. This article will clear up any confusion and highlight the key differences between the 168 and 194 bulbs. So, let’s not waste another moment and dive into the battle of the bulbs!

Features168 bulb194 bulb
Light output38 lumens25 lumens
Average lifetime1500 hours2500 hours
Energy used4.9 watts3.78 watts
Bulb typeT3.25T3.25
Base typeWedgeWedge

168 vs 194: bulb wattage

168 Vs 194 Bulb

There is a little difference in wattage between the 168 bulb and 194 bulb.

  • 168 bulbs generally work on a wattage of 4.9
  • 194 bulbs work on an wattage of 3.8.

So we can say that the 168 bulb is brighter than the 194 bulb. 

168 vs 194: Which bulb is brighter?

What bulb is brighter 194 vs 168
  • 194 bulbs are 4.9 watt
  • 168 bulb has 3.78 watts.

So it is inevitable that the 168 bulb has more watt than the 194 bulb. We know, the more a bulb has watts, the brighter it will be. Similarly, the 168 bulb has more watts than the 194 bulb.

Verdict: 168 is the brighter bulb vs. 194.

Summary of Key Differences Between 164 and 194 Bulb

Let us have a look at 168 bulb vs 194 bulb specs.

168 bulb194 bulb
Has a power of 4.9 wattHas a power of 3.78 watts
Output of light is brighter than a 194 bulbLighter output is slightly dimmer than the 168 bulb
Rate of candle power is 3Rate of candle power is 2
Can last up to 1500 hours in regular usageCan last up to 2500 hours even after heavy usage
Produces more heat than the 194 bulbProduces less heat than the 168 bulb
Mostly used in warning lightsA superb alternative for continuous lightning
Suitable for numerous levels of brightnessSuitable for one level of brightness only

168 vs 194 led bulb difference

168 bulbs and 194 bulbs have almost the same incandescent filament and same base. But the difference you will get to see in these two bulbs is their wattage, lumens, and average lifetime.

We know, a bulb tends to be brighter when it draws more wattage. In the same way, the 168 bulb draws more wattage than the 194 bulb.

Usually, 168 bulbs come with 4.9 wattage and 194 bulbs come with 3.8 wattage. Other than that, the 168 bulb owns 38 lumens and the 194 bulb contains 25 lumens. In this regard, the 168 bulb tends to be brighter than the 194 bulb.

Our Favorite 168 bulbs

SYLVANIA 168 TP Basic Miniature Bulb – Best 168 bulb

Sylvania 168 Bulbs are the best miniature bulbs you can get available in the market. Besides, it has proven its compatibility with almost all sources.

Another great thing about this Sylvania Basic bulb is its high-quality materials. Thus, it is clear that the 168 TP bulb is going to last longer than expected. So those who are thriving for durability in their bulb, must give a look in Sylvania’s bulb. 

Since it has been produced by OEM, you can be assured that Sylvania’s 168 bulb is not going to breach the authenticity.

Apart from that, this Basic Miniature Bulb requires easy installation. Thus, no one will find it hard to use Sylvania’s Miniature Bulb.

However, you can use this product for on road use as it prevails sufficient brightness with high wattage.

Because it offers an easy installation to the users, you can use this bulb like a direct replacement bulb. 

The reason why the Sylvania 168 TB is suitable for on road use is because of the light which beams from time to time.

Those who want optimal performance, can simply rely on this Basic Miniature Bulb as it can be replaced in pairs.

Highlighted features

  • Compatible with almost all sources
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Offers an incredible durability
  • Requires an easy installation
  • Suitable for on road uses
  • Compatible with various applications

SYLVANIA 168 Long Life Miniature Bulb – Best Long Lasting 168 Bulb

And obviously, it is compatible with lots of applications with high-level performance. No doubt, that the Sylvania 168 Long Life Miniature Bulb can withstand road vibration since it has been designed in that way.

Compared to any traditional bulbs, Sylvania’s 168 bulb will provide you a longer lifespan. Alongside, this bulb contains a mixture of filaments and gas which plays a vital role in getting a firm durability.

Thus, you will not have to worry if your bulb is going to run out if you have Sylvania’s Long Life Bulb.

Other than that, the 168 Miniature Bulb is going to meet all the industrial performance and regulations.

Again, the Long Life Miniature Bulb is easy to install which breaks all the hindrances that usually occur during installation.

We know, 168 bulbs offer more wattage and brightness. Similarly, Sylvania’s Miniature Bulb comes with high watt and high brightness. As a result, it would be a legal alternative for on road usages.

Highlighted features

  • Durability is long
  • Offers more wattage and brightness
  • Requires no hard installation
  • Can withstand road vibration easily
  • Meets industrial regulatory and performance
  • A legal alternative for on road uses

LEDIN 2 White LED 168

Within 2 pieces of wedge/LED light bulb, the Ledin White is now bringing awesome features for the users. One best advantage of this LED bulb is, it is completely dimmable and can be operated in cool temperatures. Not only that, you can use the Ledin White LED in illuminated display units, picture lights, showcases, exit signs, and many more.

Indeed, you will get to see various types of lights in this package. They are- 2825, 194, 168, 161, W5W, T10 wedge bulbs.

Highlighted features

  • Can be used in picture lights, exit signs, etc.
  • Offers various types of bulbs in package
  • Operable in cool temperature

What is 168 bulb used for?

What is 168 bulb used for?

The 168 bulb comes with an application of 14 volts and 4.9 watts. However, it has multiple automotive lightning applications and brings an accelerated bulb life.

For instance, the Sylvania Automotive bulb has a long life which is great for automotive lighting. Besides, you will get this bulb in interior and exterior auto life packs.

Again, you can use this 168 bulb as a warning light because of its high watt and brightness. Another reason is, this bulb offers multiple levels of brightness which allows us to adapt conveniently.

What size is 168 bulb?

What size is 168 bulb?

Well, the size of 168 bulb may differ sometimes. However, the most available size you will get to see in a 168 bulb is 0.5 × 2.94 × 4.75 inches. 

How many lumens is a 168 bulb?

In a 168 bulb, you will get to see 38 lumens as a light output.

How many watts is a 168 bulb?

A 168 bulb has 4.9 watts.

Is T10 bulb same as 168?

Is T10 bulb same as 168?

It won’t be an over statement if we say that the T10 bulb is the same as the 168 bulb. Both T10 bulb and 168 bulb have similar bases.

Again, these two bulbs come with a similar incandescent filament, but their only difference on wattage. The wattage of 168 bulb is 4.9, whereas the wattage of T10 bulb is 6.00.

What is a 194 bulb used for?

What is a 194 bulb used for?

So far, the 194 bulb played a great role as an accurate replacement solution for trucks and cars. Nonetheless, this bulb works as the exterior and interior lightnings of trucks and cars.

Not only that, the 194 bulb will offer you an increased durability which has been proved to withstand a high amount of vibration and road shock.

Anyways, the 194 bulb offers only one level of brightness, but can be used for continuous lightning. In fact, we can see the battle of 194 bulb Vs t10 as both of them offer similar brightness.

What is the size of a 194 bulb?

The 194 bulb base is wedge. Well, the size of 194 bulb is very specific. It is 1.06 inches in a maximum overall length, 13/32 inches in a maximum outer diameter, and 0.56 inches from the light centre length. You can say, these are the 194 bulb dimensions.

What is the 194 bulb wattage?

The wattage for a 194 bulb is 3.78.

The Best 194 bulbs

Marsauto 194 LED Bulbs

Marsayto 194 Bulb LED is one of the most commendable LED bulbs. The reason is, it operates with lower consumption, high brightness, and absolutely no dark spots.

Regardless, the Marsauto 194 LED Bulb can easily fit in tag light, license plate light, dome light, map light, etc. With a 12V voltage, you can be assured that this bulb is going to run for a long time.

Highlighted features

  • Operates with lower consumption
  • Brightness is up to the mark
  • Has absolutely no dark spots

2825 vs 194 vs 168 bulb

168 vs 194 vs 2825 bulb

The main differences you will see in 168 bulb, 194 bulb, and 2825 bulb is their lumen, watt, amp, life, and so on. 

Lumens: 2825 vs 194 vs 168 bulb

Starting with the 168 bulb, it has 38 lumens, and 25 is the 194 bulb lumens. On the other hand, the 2825 bulb has 50 lumens which is higher than the 168 bulb and the 194 bulb.

Wattage: 2825 vs 194 vs 168 bulb

Likewise, the 194 bulb has lower watt, i.e. 3.78 watt, the 168 bulb has 4.9 watts, and the 2825 bulb has 5 watts. It means, the 2825 bulb is brighter than the 168 bulb and 194 bulb.

Lifespan: 2825 vs 194 vs 168 bulb

Last but not least, the lifespan of 168 bulb is 1500 hours. Conversely, the lifespan of 194 bulb is 2500 hours and the 2825 bulb has a lifespan of 1000 hours. Thus, it is clear that 194 bulbs are going to last longer than 168 bulbs and 2825 bulbs.

Are 168 and 194 the same bulb?

Are 168 and 194 the same bulb?

No, the 168 bulb and 194 bulb are not the same. If you see, the 168 is more like a higher wattage bulb and the 194 is a lesser wattage bulb.

However, the size of 168 bulbs and 194 bulbs are completely the same. Except for that, you won’t see any similarities. For instance the watt of 168 bulb is higher and the watt of 194 bulb is lower.

 Alongside the lumen of the 168 bulb is higher than the 194 bulb, i.e. 38 lumens, the 194 bulb has less lumen than the 168 bulb, i.e. 25 lumens.

Although 168 bulbs are brighter than 194 bulbs, these two substitutes are totally interchangeable. Or you can say, the 168 bulb is 194 bulb equivalent.

Can you use a 168 bulb instead of 194?

Most of us will now condemn that the 168 bulb and the 194 bulb are not interchangeable. Because, 168 bulbs have higher watts and lumens compared to the 194 bulb.

As a result, it is inevitable to have more brightness in 168 bulbs. But that does not mean the 168 bulb and the 194 bulb are not interchangeable.

Though you will get a little bit of difference between these two bulbs, you can still use the 168 bulb instead of the 194 bulb.

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Summing up, we got to know a lot more differences between the 168 bulb and the 194 bulb.

However, in the battle of 168 Vs 194 bulb, there is no clear winner. All that varies is the application.

  • Yet, the 168 bulb has high wattage and is beneficial for on road use.
  • Similarly, the 194 bulb has a higher average lifetime than the 168 bulb but lower wattage than the 194 bulb.
  • Again, the lumens of 168 bulbs are high and 194 bulbs are low. 

This is how each of these bulb vary in feature and do their best in some specific applications.

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