Holley 1850 vs 4160

When it comes to carburetors, the 100 years old holley tops the market. And eventually you might get stuck on Holley 1850 VS Holley 4160 difference.

Holley 1850 fits the stock engines whereas Holley 4160 fits both stock and slightly modified V-8 engines. In the terms of fuel bowls, 4160 engineered with more efficient cathedral-style whereas 1850 designed with old side pivot style. Unlike the 4160, the Holley 1850 is one of the most affordable carburetors in the market.

Holley 1850 VS Holley 4160

Holley 1850

Holley 4160

Holley 1850 fits the stock engines.

Holley 4160 is an upgraded version for stock and slightly modified V-8 engines.

It’s best for mainstream street performance.

It performs well both offroad and on-road.

It is the most affordable.

It is comparatively expensive.

Manual choke

Automatic or manual choke

About Holley 1850                        

There are some differences between the Holley 1850 than the Holley 4160. The Holley 1850 provides best performance in the mainstream street. It is structured with side-pivot float fuel bowls.

It produces Enough air-fuel mixture with the single fuel inlet that ensures a better engine performance. Mechanical chokes make sure the engine warms up quick and sharp and makes no delay. Moreover, the gold dichromate finish makes it extremely corrosion resistant

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  • Airflow: The Holley provides 600 CFM airflow to the engine.
  • Parts: All metal parts are corrosion resistant.
  • Construction Quality: It is Amazingly constructed with aluminum components.
  • Choke Type: It comes with manual choke that is controlled by a lever on the side of the carburetor.
  • Installation: Holley 1850 rebuild kit comes with a single feed fuel inlet that makes the installation as easy as pie.
  • Compatibility: Holley 1850 2 is compatible with GM, Chrysler and Ford.

Holley 4160

The difference of the Holley 4160 rebuild kit is having cathedral-style fuel bowls rather than side pivots. However, whatever we have already mentioned for the Holley 1850 rebuild kit is too similar to the Holley 4160 manual. The cathedral-style fuel bowl has the capability to perform well and it can afford you better float stability under difficult acceleration and worry circumstances.

It is compatible with stock engines as well as mildly modified V-8 engines. Therefore, vacuum secondaries help to fit the carburetors in the different brand’s vehicles. Moreover, for the easiest installation it is designed with a single feed fuel inlet.

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Barrels: The Holley 4160 has 4 barrels- 2 primary and 2 secondary.

  • Booster: It has a straight booster.
  • Airflow: The Holley provides 600 CFM airflow to the engine.
  • Circuit: It is designed with 2 circuits.
  • Fuel inlet: Single fuel inlet ensures easy installation.
  • Throttle: The Holley 4160 ensures the best throttle performance.  
  • Choke: It has both manual and electrical choke.

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Holley 4150: Another powerful carburetor series

Holley 4150 is the most tunable carburetor from the manufacturer that has designed with a secondary metering block rather than the metering plate. As a result, you can easily adjust the power valves to get your desired performance. You can have it for your racing adventure because of its high CFM ratings that can be available up to 850 CFM. 


Although there are some major differences between Holley 1850 and Holley 4160 specifications, but both items provide top-notch performance. Holley 1850 tuning is possibly a step ahead of Holley 4160 tuning. After reading this Holley 1850 and Holley 4160 reviews, I Am quite sure that you can choose your desired carburetor easily.

Let us know if we missed anything or you need to know any more info. And of course, don’t forget to tell us about your carburetor journey.

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