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Best Carburetor for Small Block 400

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A carburetor is the heart of your vehicle’s engine that mixes air with the liquid fuel for combustion. A bigger cfm provides better air flow and throttle response. Choosing the best carburetor for 400 small blocks is quite difficult as it has several factors of calculating the cfm rate. We have done the job for you and made a top 6 list of the best carburetors for your Chevy 400 engine.

Quick Comparison: 6 Best Carburetor for Small Block 400


Product Name



  • Choke: 4-barrel electric choke
  • Compatible with gasoline fuelled vehicles.
  • Single feed fuel inlet with air valve secondary type
  • Primary jet diameter- 0.098 inches.
  • Spring force: 5 inch Hg (Orange)
  • Has a 0.101-inch main jet
  • 0.098-inch secondary main jet.
  • Metering Rods measures  – 0.070 x 0.037 inches
  • Carburetor use: street
  • Circuit: 2
  • Fuel inlet: Single
  • Throttle: 1.563 inches
  • Choke: electric
  • CFM: 750
  • CFM Rating: 700-799
  • Fuel inlet: Single
  • Choke: Electric.
  • CFM: 650.
  • Flange Style: Square bore.
  • Fuel inlet: Dual.
  • Height: 3.25 inches.
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • CFM: 750
  • Fuel inlet: Dual
  • Barrels: 4 barrels

6 Best Carburetor for Small Block 400 Review

Edelbrock 1406 performer 600 CFM is one of the best carburetors from Edelbrock. It is the fittest carburetor for 400 small blocks that is precisely tuned to deliver consistent, reliable street performance. The secondary air valve of the carburetor comes with a single feed fuel inlet and new Edelbrock 1406 parts.

The Edelbrock small block provides smoother acceleration and better drivability with its 4-barrel electric choke. Besides, many users in their Edelbrock 1406 review have mentioned the silver finishing that keeps it away from corrosion. And most interestingly it is covered with a 90-day long warranty from the manufacturer.

Features and description:

Construction quality: The Edelbrock 1406 is constructed with aluminium. It is designed with a two-piece body that resists warping.

Carburetor flange: The square bore flange gives the ultimate performance to the engine. It provides a smooth passage for the air and the fuel mixture to flow into the intake valve.

Compatibility: This Edelbrock 1406 tuning with almost all the cars and SUVs with 400 small blocks as well as 350 and 440 is a great plus point. GMC and Corvette are highly recommended to use this model of Edelbrock carburetor.

Installation hardware: The Edelbrock 1406 install is a quick process asit comes with all the installation hardware along with gasket, mounting studs and the Edelbrock 1406 manual.

Carburetor sizing: The 1406 carburetor has a 0.098-inch primary main jet and a 0.097-inch secondary main jet. The metering rod measures are 0.075 by 0.047 inches. The needles and seat measurements are 0.0935 inches, while float height measurement is 0.435 inches.

Choke Details: The Edelbrock 1406 electric choke comes with a 4-barrel that contains two primary and two secondary barrels.

Specialty of the carburetor: It is designed and calibrated for good street performance for the 400 small block engine. The Performer electric choke carburetor includes both timed and full Edelbrock 1406 vacuum ports for ignition advance.

Key Features:

  • Choke: 4-barrel electric choke
  • Compatibility: Compatible with gasoline fuelled vehicles.
  • Warranty: 90 day
  • It is beginner-friendly as it’s easy to install,
  • Best for street performance.
  • Provide efficient performance both in lighter vehicles and big ones.
  • Better at cold starting.
  • It is not recommended for RPM or torker II intake manifolds.

The Edelbrock 1906 designed for optimum street performance in a wide variety of cars and minivans. It is specially designed for saving your fuel with its annular primary boosters. Not only that, but it also provides a smooth throttle performance in your journey.

The best feature of the Edelbrock 1906 is, it comes with both manual and electric choke. You can buy one with your convenience and comfort. For your hassle free installation, it comes with a tutorial DVD.

Features and description:

Construction qualities: The Edelbrock 1906 is constructed with premium grade aluminum. The satin-finished carburetor ensures the maximum durability and longevity.

Carburetor flange: This carburetor flange type is a square bore. The square bore flange connects the carburetor and the opening on the cylinder head making the Edelbrock 1906 tuning effortless.

Compatibility: It is one of the best carburetors for the SBC 400. Besides, it is compatible with 350 engines too.

Installation hardware: The Edelbrock 1906 comes with all the necessary installation hardware. It comes with a gasket, mounting stud and an Edelbrock 1906 manual for easy and quick installation.

Choke details: An efficient electric choke is used in this Carburetor. The 4-barrel carb has two primary and two secondary barrels.

The specialty of this Carburetor: This Edelbrock 1906 provides improved off idle and cruising performance. This Carburetor can eliminate flat spots that may be encountered when the carburetor transitions from idle to full throttle by fuel atomization.

Carburetor sizing: The 1906 carburetor has a 0.101-inch main jet and 0.098-inch secondary main jet. The metering Rods measures are – 0.070 x 0.037 inches.

Quick features:

  • Fuel economy: It improves fuel economy
  • Performance: Best street performance
  • Throttle: Smooth throttle performance
  • Choke: Electrical or manual both
  • It provides improved off idle and cruising performance.
  • This Carburetor delivers better fuel economy.
  • It delivers really smooth throttle response
  • A little pricey compared to Edelbrock 1906 vs 1406.

From a 100 years old company with a reputation of being trustworthy towards its buyers, we bring you Holley’s 1850S Classic Carburetor 4160, which is well-known as one of their best-selling models out there in the market. With the vacuum secondary and 600 CFM, you can rest assured to get the best performance out of it. Enough air-fuel mixture with the single fuel inlet is ensured for your ride’s engine, and mechanical chokes make sure the engine warms up without any delay and disruptions.

Having the definitive Holley appearance, it has corrosion protection with Gold Dichromate finish, giving the carb an overall aluminum polished look! Easy to carry and quick installation is one of its significant aspects aside from the performance it provides. If you are looking for a long-lasting carb and pricing under 400 bucks, you can definitely give it a consideration.

Features and Description

Construction quality: Body made of aluminum with gold dichromate protection in case of corrosion, this Holley carb will ensure you get up to the mark service for a very long time without letting the weather or any other substances affect its performance.

Compatibility: You will definitely look for a carb that is compatible with the manifold of your automobile. This 4-barrel carb is compatible with uncontrolled, racing and most1960 prior trucks and cars.

Installation hardware: All the components used in building this carb are firmly attached to each other, though it might require gasket and mounting studs depending on the intake manifold of your ride.

Carburetor Flange: 2GC small-bore, 2GC large bore, GM 2-BBL, Holley 2300 2-BBL, spread bore, Street Demon, Holley 4150/4160 and Holley 4500 (Dominator) are the styles of the flange that will go with it to fit the intake manifold.

Carburetor Sizing: If your ride’s engine is compatible with 600CFM, then this can be the one for you. The 600CFM will provide the right amount of rpm, meeting the needs of the engine.

Primary and Secondary Barrels: Like the other Holley best-selling carburetors, this one also consists of 4 barrels (two primary and two secondary). These 4-barrels will ensure smooth acceleration as the speed rises.

Choke Details: Manual choke gives you more power in case of engine starting up the engine. Installation is also much more straightforward and time-saving, without letting you put much effort.

Any Specialty Carburetors: This carb is street calibrated, and 100% wet-flow tested, meaning it will not require any alterations while installing. Moreover, it is comparatively easy to maintain.

Quick Features

  • Barrels: 4
  • Booster: straight
  • Carburetor use: street
  • Circuit: 2
  • Fuel inlet: Single
  • Throttle: 1.563 inches
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Manual choke provides more control.
  • It warms up the engine quickly.
  • The carb comes with a 90-days warranty.
  • Also offers the best gas mileage.

● It may require 1/2 extra parts to install depending on the intake manifold flange style.

The carburetors of performer series from the Edelbrock have been quite a famous choice of the users since its introduction in the business, and this Edelbrock 1411 carb is also no different than others. Consisting of 4-barrels, it guarantees you get the best service at this value. Made in the USA, the manufacturer of Edelbrock carburetors confirms its easy tuning and excellent drivability before landing it to your hands!

It is a single fuel inlet carb with electric chokes, giving better support to the engine, keeping it healthy. The aluminum construction of the carburetor body disrupts wraps from appearing and helps cooling while in operation. Engines with 402 CID and larger along with the performer manifolds are the aspects for which this carb is designed. 

Features and Description

Construction quality: The aluminum body carb with a silver satin finish keeps up the shine for a long time, keeping aside any sort of wearing out on its surface. Best quality components also ensure its long-lasting durability and uninterrupted performance.

Compatibility: Fuel economy of 460 CID Ford and 454 CID Chevy, and larger engines with Edelbrock performer manifolds are the ones it is compatible with. If you are thinking of getting a small block Chevy carburetor, it is capable of providing good street performance and is built keeping the needs of the engine to enhance its productivity.

Installation hardware: If your question is that if it comes with a gasket then yes, it does! You don’t need to worry about getting additional adapters and tools to install it as it is a carb with Edelbrock 1411 manual and quick installation features, keeping the troubles aside.

Carburetor Flange: It goes with the square bore flange style. If your manifold has a different type of flange, then it will require an adapter in order to fit it into the manifold intake.

Carburetor Sizing: With a 750CFM rate and 700-799 CFM range, it can be said that it’ll sync in with the engine and give the expected performance.

Primary and Secondary Barrels: 4-barrel carb with an air valve secondary type is undoubtedly one of the best sides along with its other mentionable features. Smooth acceleration is granted along with keeping the condition of the engine unaffected.

Choke Details: A high-end carb with electric choke! Therefore, the start-up and warm-up of the engine are quick, making it ready to roll without wasting any time.

Any Specialty Carburetors: This Edelbrock small block Chevy carb comes with step-up spring, metering rods and primary and secondary metering jets. Moreover, to prevent any fuel leakage, it doesn’t include gaskets under the fuel level.

Quick Features

  • Barrels: 4
  • Choke: electric
  • CFM: 750
  • CFM Rating: 700-799
  • Flange Style: Square bore
  • Fuel inlet: Single
  • Effortless and time-saving installation.
  • Great pick at this value range.
  • It doesn’t require any additional tools for fitting.
  • Aluminum body with long-lasting durability.
  • Any adjustments can be made without removing the carb.
  • Too big in dimension for most rides.
  • Requires hood clearance in order to fit.

The new Aluminum Street Series Upgrade Carburetor from Proform can be tuned in effortlessly in your vehicle, without requiring any drill. It is easily movable because of its light-weight, thanks to the aluminum-made body. The idle air bleeds are changeable; therefore, alterations in non-permanent calibration is easy if needed.

Proform 67255 carburetor is affordable, ready to roll, and capable of providing efficient service to the high-performance engines designed for the 60s-90s rides. The float level can be changed without removing a sight plug, as the removal can cause a fuel spill. High-end packaging is ensured along with conventional services in most of the retail outlets near you.

Features and Description

Construction quality: If you are looking for any 400 small block carburetor with extra-durable aluminum-made body, this one might be the one for your vehicle! This crab provides high durability and performance with efficiency, without any wear and tear for a very long time.

Compatibility: Looking for a new carburetor can be troublesome sometimes as you have to be sure that it is compatible with your vehicle at most, especially if it is the 60s-90s model vehicle. This 650 CFM 4-barrel carburetor is compatible with broncos’, mustangs,’ C-10s’, and F-100s’, ensuring uninterrupted air-fuel supply.

Installation hardware: Gasket and mounting studs are what mostly asked for before choosing a carburetor. This Proform 4-barrel carb comes with few required installation hardware, which makes the installation uncomplicated. Moreover, it just needs a few adjustments for fitting, and you are ready to go!

Carburetor Flange: If you need a square bore carburetor, this is the one you might give a go! This Proform 67255 square bore carb will bolt precisely to the intake manifold.

Carburetor Sizing: For a 650CFM carburetor, it is undoubtedly one of the most convincing ones out there in the market. Perfect for your ride, it’ll support enough torque and HP with efficient fuel usage.

Primary and Secondary Barrels:This 4-barrel carb includes two primary and two secondary barrels. The primary barrels are only for low rpm but for increased rpm; the secondary barrels start working. These barrels provide the needed amount of air and fuel mixture to the engine for the rise in rpm.

Choke Details: This carb includes an electric choke, which is easy to install and maintain. The electric choke helps warm up the engine gradually, keeping any disruptions aside.

Any Specialty Carburetors: Proform 67255 is an upgraded series model and is assembled with 100% new parts. AOD transmission is not applicable for this carb.

Quick Features:

  • Barrel: 4 barrels with two primary and two secondary.
  • Choke: Electric.
  • CFM: 650.
  • Flange Style: Square bore.
  • Fuel inlet: Dual.
  • Height: 3.25 inches.
  • Body material: Aluminum.
  • Budget-friendly with a price under $400.
  • It is a Billet Aluminum Street series based carburetor
  • Light-weight and easy to install.
  • The electric choke ensures the engine’s quick warm-up.
  • Quick visual is available with fuel level windows.
  • Secondary airflow is easily adjustable and accessible.
  • Mostly not compatible for a drag race.

If you are thinking of buying the best street carb for SBC with 750CFM, you can consider Holley’s 0-80508SA Polished Aluminum Universal Street/Strip Carburetor. It is one of the best sellers of its kind. Higher durability, enhanced performance, perfect air-fuel supply are the primary aspects that are reviewed by numerous users, making it more efficient than the others.

The Holley’s 4160 carburetor comes in a polished aluminum body with two metering blocks. Its primary metering block includes two primary jets and a power valve. In the case of Holley 1850 vs 4160, the secondary metering block in 4160 consists of a metering plate. 2 fuel bowls located on both sides receive the fuel and transfer it to the engine with adequate air and fuel mixture. The gaskets help set these components all together.

Features and Description

Construction quality: The aluminum constructed body doesn’t let its durability and shine fade away over time, and also it can be polished if required. Aluminum also saves its weight up to 40%, making it lighter and easily movable!

Compatibility: Chrysler, GM, and Ford A/T kick down linkage are the ones it is best compatible with, giving the ultimate support to your ride with full capacity. Extra components may be required sometimes to install them, but they are not essential for every vehicle it is compatible with.

Installation hardware:

This Holley 4160 4-barrel carburetor is a pre-calibrated crab, meaning it comes with both gaskets and mounting studs. The mounting studs and gaskets fit all the components altogether and ensure an effortless and time-saving installation.

Carburetor Flange: The crab consists of square bore style flanges, but you can replace it if the intake manifold is spread bore. Therefore, it can fit two flange bolt pattern styles depending on the intake manifold, though it will require an adapter for installation.

Carburetor Sizing: It is designed to function with excellence for engines with more than 350HP. It can prove to be a fantastic pick for engines larger than 350 cubic inches.

Primary and Secondary Barrels: The 4-barrels provide an uninterrupted air-fuel mixture to the engine with ease. Primary barrels function while at a low rpm while secondary barrels open if the rpm increases.

Choke Details: It includes electric chokes and works great for quick engine warm-up. Moreover, you do not need to think about its installment as it is factory preset, fitted with the other components.

Any Specialty Carburetors: This carb is different from the Holley 4150 carb in terms of its design of the secondary fuel system. It includes a thin metering plate instead of a metering block, which differentiates both of them in terms of size.

Quick Features:

  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Flange styles: Both square bore and spread bore
  • CFM: 750
  • Fuel inlet: Dual
  • Barrels: 4 barrels
  • It is light-weight and easily movable.
  • This crab provides time and effort saving installment.
  • Covered in a polished and shiny aluminum body.
  • It ensures long-lasting durability and high-end performance.
  • Not applicable for street cars with small blocks.

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FAQ on Best Carburetor for Small Block 400

What size carburetor do I need for a 400?

It is best to use a 600CFM and 4-barrel carburetor for SBC 400. Therefore, 650 CFM also does well with 400 small blocks.

What is the best carb for stock 350?

● Edelbrock 1406 ● Edelbrock 1906 ● Holley 1850 ● Holley 80508 ● Edelbrock 14011

What size carburetor do I need for a 350?

You would need 600cfm to 750cfm for your 350 small block engine. Therefore, professionals recommend using 650 cfm for the 350 small blocks.

What is the best carburetor for a 383 stroker?

These are the best carburetors for the 383 stroker. ● Holley 80457 ● Holley 80738 ● Edelbrock 1405 ● Edelbrock 1406 ● ROCHESTER 180-4473

Carb size cfm calculator- How to calculate

Calculating carburetor size is quite a complex task. The formula is given below. CFM = Cubic Inches x RPM x Volumetric Efficiency ÷ 3456.

What is the best carburetor for 350 Chevy?

These are the best carburetors for 350 Chevy. ● Edelbrock 1406 ● Edelbrock 1906 ● Holley 1850S ● Holley 80508 ● Proform 67255

How much horsepower will a 650 cfm carb support?

A 650cfm carburetor supports the horsepower around 470. Therefore, you can use it with a bigger horsepower.

What is 400 SBC carb size?

400 SBC is an efficient small block engine designed by Chevrolet. Usually, 600cfm to 750cfm carb does well with this small block.

Is a 600 cfm carb too big for a 305?

No, a 600 cfm carburetor is not big for a 305 small block. A 600 cfm carburetor runs well with a 305 small block.

How much HP does a 400 small block have?

A 400 small block can efficiently manage 401 horsepower.

What is the best street carburetor?

Edelbrock 1406 ● Edelbrock 1906 ● Holley 1850 ● Holley 80508

Does a bigger carburetor mean more power?

Bigger always better. Using a bigger carburetor can give you more rpm. But It’s not good for street use as it can reduce your fuel economy.

Is Holley or Edelbrock better?

Both are market toppers in different aspects. Holley is best for a beginner whereas Edelbrock is best for the professionals.

How do I choose a carburetor size?

You can calculate the carb size with mathematical tricks. Here is how you can choose your carburetor size. CFM = Cubic Inches x RPM x Volumetric Efficiency ÷ 3456


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As we come to the end of our discussion, it is evident that picking the best Carburetor for Small Block 400 mainly depends on the engine of your ride. The types of carbs portrayed in this article are some of the best-selling and budget-friendly ones from the reputed companies in the world of automobiles.

If you are having a hard time fixing your old and worn out carb over and over again and, if you want to replace it with a brand new one, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you pick one of the best performance carburetors from the ones we have listed above.  Last but not least, feel free to share your experience with us through feedback.


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