Brawler Carburetor Reviews

The Brawler name may be new but the carburetors themselves are a testament to the pat 100 years of carburetor research and development. Don’t let the budget friendly price fool you, the development of Brawler carbs focused on performance and not some flashy packaging.
Brawler carburetors are loaded with the latest technology in air fuel calibration to meet the demands of today’s street, strip, and race engines.


Brawler Carburetor reviews
Brawler Carburetor


They offer the tune ability and trick options that you typically only find in more expensive carburetors. All Brawler models have dual inlet fuel bowls with convenient sight glass windows for easy float adjustments. Replaceable high speed air bleeds and idle air bleeds help you adjust to the changing conditions.
An electric choke is available on some models and provides hassle free cold starts. Vacuum secondary models are adjustable with a turn of a screw, allowing you to adjust the secondary opening rate with out replacing caps or springs.
All mechanical secondary models feature four corner idle adjustment.
Brawler’s die-cast line of carburetors are made from light weight die-cast aluminum components and are available in both vacuum and secondary models.
They’re a perfect replacement for your daily cruiser and they come in sizes ranging from 570 to 770 CFMs.
Brawler street carbs sport billet metering blocks with calibration for today’s street strip demands.
Billet throttle bodies provide superior durability and throttle shaft stability for smooth operation. Street models are available in variations from 650 to 850 CFM in both vacuum and mechanical secondary versions to meet any of your needs.
You can also try on polished and black, or black and purple color combinations. Brawler’s performance based race carburetors start off with a high flowing aluminum main body, we then add billet aluminum metering blocks that are packed with performance based air fuel calibration.
Throttle bodies are machined from billet aluminum, to ensure throttle shaft stability. Choose from two color combinations, polished and purple or black and purple to compliment your engine bay.
You can get one of these beauties with mechanical secondaries in versions from 650 CFM all the way up to 1050 CFM.These carburetors work just as hard as the name implies, nothing but raw, white knuckle performance that you can feel when your in the driver’s seat.

Quick Fuel BR-67319 Brawler Street 750 Cfm Vs Black Series


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