5 Best Rattle Can Car Paint in 2023 [Automotive & Custom Spray]

Looking for the best rattle can paint for cars to give your ride a fresh new look? Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or just starting out, there’s no denying the transformative power of a good paint job. And with the convenience of spray cans, achieving a professional-looking finish has never been easier. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which ones are worth your investment?

Look no further, because we’ve done the research for you. We’ve scoured the market to find the best rattle can car paint sprays that will have your car looking like it just rolled off the assembly line. From vibrant metallics to classic solids, these paints deliver a smooth, durable finish that will stand the test of time.

So why settle for a lackluster paint job when you can easily achieve a stunning, head-turning look with the best rattle can paint for cars? With our top picks, you’ll be cruising in style in no time.

What is the best rattle can Car paint?

What is the best rattle can paint job
  1. USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat
  2. Rust-Oleum 327870-6
  3. PLASTI DIP Rubber Coating Spray
  4. Rust-Oleum Automotive Engine Enamel Spray Paint
  5. Chemical Guys Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

5 best rattle can paint recommendations for Perfect match in 2022

Considering a DIY automotive rattle can paint job for your car? If you want a professional rattle can paint for cars that is durable and will last against the outdoor elements, while also providing a high-quality finish then keep reading to learn more!

1. USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat- Best Rattle Can Car Paint

Spray Max 2K High Gloss Clear Coat Aerosol is a unique, powerful, acrylic lacquer clear coat that provides a high gloss finish to any basecoat color.

Quality aerosols (basecoat paint can) let you spray with a professional finish from start to finish-with no gunning or pinholes.

Spray Max  can be applied to bare metal, in direct sunlight, at temps up to 100 degrees F. It dries to a high gloss finish that resists fading and wear.

The aerosol can nozzle delivers a pattern that rivals a pro spray gun. The ideal application for this item is painter grade finishes on cars and motorcycles.

Spray Max Coat is formulated with ultra-pure raw materials and is packaged in a compressed air-powered spray can.

It contains no heavier than 15% VOC’s, making it environmentally friendly and safe to use in any number of applications.

Spray Max 2K Coat provides excellent adhesion to most substrates along with outstanding chemical and weather resistance.

This product will not attack or harm the substrate or base and top coats.

Highly durable transparent aerosol clear coat designed for use directly over base coat colors on any surface, including wood, metal and plastic surfaces

Easy to apply; dries quickly, leaving a long lasting high gloss finish

Use as a protective coating over automotive pin striping or other decorative designs; great for applying decals over existing finishes.

2. Rust-Oleum 327870-6

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen cabinets, or spraying car frame or revamping a piece of furniture, Rust-Oleum American Spray Paint will help you achieve the look you want.

The rattle can paint job features a long-lasting formula that covers 12 square feet in just one coat and dries to the touch in 20 minutes.

It’s ideal for interior or exterior use on virtually any surface including wood, plastic, metal, wicker, plaster, unglazed ceramic and more.

This versatile paint can be used to create an array of effects from bold and colorful accents to distressed or worn looks and is available in an assortment of colors.

Rust-Oleum is a premium, heavy-duty spray paint that provides a thick layer of coverage with a glossy finish. It is ideal for covering large surfaces such as walls and fences.

The paint creates a smooth surface that resists chipping, peeling and fading. The nozzle allows the paint to be sprayed up to 20 inches from the surface, reducing finger fatigue.

This spray paint can cover up to 12 square feet on its first coat, making your projects easier and faster to complete.

This spray paint includes a comfort tip that reduces finger fatigue and makes it easy to reach hard to paint places. It also helps provide a smooth, even flow of paint.

The ultra cover spray paint offers superior protection with smooth, full coverage for vivid color and quick project completion. Once applied, this high-quality paint provides a fresh shine to surfaces and leaves them looking like new.

3. PLASTI DIP Rubber Coating Spray

If you are looking to give your equipment a more professional look, Plasti Dip can help.

Plasti Dip provides a protective coating for most non-porous surfaces.

Plasti Dip is not only a coating on tools, but also can be used on many different items include: automotive, ATVs, marine, recreational vehicles, sports equipment, tools, Car bumpers and much more.

 Plasti Dip will adhere to almost any surface and can be easily removed.

Plasti Dip provides:

  • A comfortable slip resistant coating on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Protective coating against moisture, damaging chemicals, corrosive salts, acids and bases
  • An aesthetically pleasing finish that lasts for years

This Plasti Dip is black color is great if you have something that you want to make stand out a little more or to have a nice contrasting color next to something else on your equipment.

It is also an excellent hot dip galvanizing coating for metal parts and equipment. Plasti Dip is the premier coating for metal surfaces because it:

  • Won’t crack or break like paint, varnish or epoxy.
  • Won’t chip or peel like rubber.
  • Is permanently flexible and stretchy, will not shrink or harden.
  • Is easy to apply in any thickness you choose.

Spraying Rules: Spray 2-3 thin coats by following the instructions on the label for best results. Make sure to clean your spray gun after every use. You can spray directly onto the surface or apply to a piece of cardboard and then apply to the surface.

Read more on: How to remove plasti dip that won’t peel?

4. Rust-Oleum Automotive Engine Enamel Spray Paint – best color for rattle can paint job

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08/12/2023 04:10 am GMT

The Rust-Oleum Engine Primer Spray creates a durable base that protects your engine and prevents future rust.

The primer is ideal for protecting bare metal, rusted surfaces, and unfinished metal and plastic surfaces.

The primer dries quickly and offers a smooth finish that can be painted over immediately after application.

Rust-Oleum Paint is your go-to for customizing your engine and creating a smooth, high-gloss finish.

Apply this paint in temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Tough enough to resist rust year after year and keep your engine looking as good as new.

Rust-Oleum Automotive Engine Enamel Spray Paint is designed to work with Rust-Oleum Engine Primer Spray to provide a clear, protective coating for all metal engine parts.

Use this automotive spray paint on everything from bodies to undercarriages—even wheels!

The nozzle on this spray paint makes it easy to direct the flow of paint where you want it and the coverage is even, so there are no streaks or blotches in the finished project.

Use Rust-Oleum Automotive Engine Enamel Spray Paint when you want a tough coating that’s resistant to rust and corrosion. This neutral shade of blue allows you to create a personalized look that complements your truck or car.

It is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you can get right back to work on your project.

There is no need to worry about over-spraying because this paint covers well wh Rust-Oleum Automotive Engine Enamel Spray Paint is a high quality product that you can trust.

I purchased this paint because I needed to paint something. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend it to others.

The price was very affordable and I like the color, too. I will purchase this item again if I need more.


  • This Rust-Oleum Automotive Engine Enamel Spray Paint is one of the best paints you can use for your projects.
  • It has a nice durable, shiny finish that looks great.
  • This rust preventive spray also protects against rust, water and other substances that could cause damage to your engine or equipment.
  • It is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you can get right back to work on your project.
  • No need to worry about over spraying because this paint covers well while not being too thick or thin.
  • The nozzle on this spray paint makes it easy to direct the flow of paint where you want it.

Apply how: The paint is pretty easy to apply, but you do need to put in a little effort to make sure everything is covered well and no overspray ends up where you don’t want it. Make sure to use a primer so that your paint holds up longer!

5. Chemical Guys Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

Ever spent an hour detailing a car only to find out your efforts were ruined because you caught a small part of the vehicle?

Chemical Guys Spray Dressing is the all-new, spray-able detailer that spreads dressing into even the hardest-to-reach areas with zero effort.

Treat your vehicle’s interior to the same great shine without the hard work of rolling on dressings by hand.

The ultra-thin mist goes where you want it and is easy to wipe off after treatment. The fine mist ensures that dressings are evenly distributed for a perfect look every time.

To use, apply using an applicator or microfiber towel for even coverage. Allow the dressing to dry for 30 minutes for optimal protection against UV fading and oxidation.

Black Shine Spray Dressing restores a deep, lustrous look to all glossy plastic grilles, black trim pieces, and other intricate car parts. The innovative formula works great on bumpers, side skirts, door handles, interior vents, and all glossy plastic trim pieces.

The dressing is packaged in an aerosol can with an ultra-fine atomizer mister top to spray the thinnest coat of dressing over the hardest to reach car parts.

Chemical Guys delivers a professional grade product at an affordable price. The finish is slick and glossy, perfect for protecting the intricate parts of your car from the harsh elements of nature.

How to Use: Black On Black  Shine Dressing is easy to use! Shake well before use and hold at least 12 inches from any surface when spraying for best results.

Lightly mist your desired surface and wipe away excess product immediately. Use a microfiber towel to buff away any streaks or residue left behind by Black On Black Instant Shine Spray Dressing. Apply one light misting per area for best results.


  • With Chemical Guys, anyone can restore their ride’s original luster with a simple 30 second detailer procedure.
  • It’s packaged in an aerosol form, and uses ultra-fine atomizer mister top to spread dressing into the hardest to reach parts.
  • The formula sprays a light coat of dressing on intricate grilles, grates, vents, and more for the cleanest, richest-looking finish.

How to Remove Dust after Spray Painting?

Rattle Can Car paint kit- What tools do you need

1 can of clear Dupli Primer: Dupli Primer

Base: Dupli-Color Metallic Perfect Match Automotive Paint, You can select for any model like Mazda, Ford,Gm, Subaru etc

Clearcoat: Spray Max 2K High Gloss Finish Clear Coat Spray

Sandpaper: Super Assilex Flexible Sanding Sheets

Eagle Abrasives Polex Polish:

Super Clean Aerosol Degreaser: Gunk Remover Aerosol Degreaser

Solvent Based Cleaner: Kleanstrip Prep-All Wax & Grease Remover

Automotive Plastic Sheeting: 3M plastic sheeting

Respirator: 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator

Blue Painter’s Tape: ScotchBlue Sharp Lines Tape

How many spray cans to paint a car?

How Many Spray Cans To Paint A Car

Well, the area of a rectangle is length times width. So if you have a 3’x4’x1/2″, you would multiply 3x4x1/2″.

The area would be: 3x4x1/2″ =6 sq. in.

You need to know the square footage of your entire project, which will depend on how large it is and what shape it is.

That could be a driveway, a fence, a car, etc. You can use a tape measure to find the length and multiply that by the width. That’s your square footage.

Then you can divide that by 20 square feet to get the number of cans of spray paint you will need.

It’s a good idea to add 10% to your calculation just in case you have any drips or spills.

For example -1979 Dodge pickup you need to pick up about 10 cans.

 For 61 Anglia, It recommended to use 20 cans of Krylon, to do 3 coats, 

*1 quart will cover approximately 360-380 square feet of surface area with one coat.

How many cans of Rustoleum does it take to paint a car?

2-4 quarts of gloss Rustoleum / 4 or more cans of Rustoleum auto spray paint.

Buying Guide for automotive rattle can Car paint job

best spray can automotive paint

Factors to choose for rattle can paint for engine bay, rattle can paint for motorcycle frame, rattle can paint for wheels, rattle can paint for aluminum

Choosing the best rattle can paint buying guide can be a challenge. There are many different brands and types of paint to choose from.

Each one has its own pros and cons, so you need to do your research before making a purchase.

This guide has some tips to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Tinting strength

This indicates how much pigment is in a given amount of paint. The higher the tinting strength, the darker the rattle can paint colors.

Apparent dry time

This refers to how long it takes for a coat of paint to appear dry (or not tacky) to the touch.

UV resistance

This is how resistant a particular kind of paint is to UV rays from the sun.

Color retention

The longer it takes for a particular color to fade or change hue, the better its color retention.

Paint durability

The higher the durability rating, the more resistant the paint will be to chipping and fading over time.

Consider Your Needs

The best rattle can paint buying guide depends on what kind of job you’ll be doing and how often you plan on using it.

If you do a lot of painting for a living or for fun, then buying a decent quality sprayer will be worth your money.

However, if this is just for a simple touch-up job here and there then a cheap sprayer will work just fine.

However, there are some drawbacks to using them. The biggest is that you will have problems shaking them, which can result in an uneven coating of paint and a poor finish.

How to get a glossy finish with Rattle Can Car paint?

How To Get A Glossy Finish With Spray Paint

There are two ways to get a high gloss finish with rattle can car paint. One is to apply a clear coat over the top of the paint, and the other is to use a high-gloss spray paint in the first place.

A clear coat is a spray-on sealant that applies a layer of plastic over the surface of your workpiece.

It can be applied over anything, but it’s particularly good for making shiny things look even shinier. It’s also capable of smoothing out minor flaws in the underlying surface.

The advantage of using clear coat is that it’s easy to apply and you don’t need special equipment.

The disadvantage is that you can only work with what is essentially a single color – if you want multiple colors or textures on your object, you’ll have to use different materials for each.

A high-gloss paint has a glossy finish straight from the can. The advantage here is that you can choose any color or texture you like – no need to worry about matching it with something else later on.

The disadvantage is that it requires more work up front and you need specific equipment such as an HVLP (high volume low pressure) airbrush – see below for more information on this.

The glossier the finish, the more coats you’ll need to apply. Keep in mind that you’re basically laying down a layer of clear coat over your existing finish for each additional coat, meaning that if you want a high gloss finish you will have to apply several coats.

You can also check weld through primer.

Types of paint

automotive rattle can paint

There are many different types of paint that can be applied using a spray can. The most common are enamels and lacquers.

Enamel paint is made from a mixture of oil, water, and pigment that is dried by evaporation rather than by a chemical reaction.

This makes it relatively easy to apply, as the drying process is not as awkward as it is with other paints. Lacquer, however, consists of a resin dissolved in an organic solvent.

Both lacquer and enamel paints can be used with spray cans but lacquer tends to be more expensive.

With either type of paint, you will need to choose between the high cover film system (HFFS) and low cover film system (LCFS) application methods.

The HFFS method involves applying multiple thin coats of paint to the surface, while the LCFS method involves applying only one or two very thin layers.

This means that the HFFS method allows for a smoother finish but it also takes much longer to apply, while the LCFS method produces a less even finish but produces good results much quicker.

How to make a Rattle can Car paint job look good-rattle can paint techniques

rattle can paint techniques

The quality of your finish will also depend on how well you prepare your surface before painting, as this will make your job much easier than if you were to skip this step.

Spray paint for vehicles is used in the same manner as that for other applications. When properly applied, spray paint can provide a smooth, even finish and produce satisfactory results.

The biggest problem with using spray paint is the preparation. If you don’t prep the surface well, you’re going to have problems.

Dust and dirt can impair the finish, as can water spots. You can clean with a damp rag, and you should use a primer before painting any surface. Primer helps keep your finish smooth while also ensuring maximum adhesion.

Don’t spray too far away from the surface, either. If you hold your can more than 8-10 inches away, you won’t achieve the best finish.

For best results, hold it about 4-6 inches from your surface and spray in short bursts. A uniform coat is more important than an even coat.

Use an aerosol clear coat to help seal your paint job and give it extra durability. Spray a light layer over your painted surface, allow it to dry for a few minutes, then apply another coat for extra protection and sheen.

Spray painting is a quick way to change the color of your vehicle, furniture or other items around the home. Paint a car with a spray gun and you can easily finish the job in one afternoon.

But if you want to refinish the engine compartment, it can be more time consuming. Spraying paint is an affordable and effective way to paint your car, but it takes some patience and practice to get good results.

Rattle Can Paint Preparation

Spray painting is fast, but it’s not as simple as just pointing and shooting. To get good results, you have to do some preparation before you start spraying.

This includes cleaning the surface with soap and water, sanding any rough spots and preparing primer and paint for use.

You can clean parts with soap and water or just water if they’re not greasy. Sand the hard-to-reach spots with a fine grit sandpaper (between 320 and 400 grit).

Remove dust from the surface before continuing by wiping it down with a damp cloth or blow dryer. You can also use a tack cloth for this step to get as much dust off as possible.

Rattle Can Priming

Spray paints don’t adhere well directly to bare metal or plastic surfaces, so you need.

How to Paint a Car with a Rattle Can?

How To Paint A Car With A Spray Can

There are a few steps to getting any type of paint job. The first is preparation. Always make sure the surface you are painting is clean, primed and free from any loose debris.

It’s always better to use paint that has the same sheen as your desired finish, so choose a satin paint for a satin finish or glossy paint for a glossy finish.

If you need to change the sheen, use an appropriate amount of gloss, flat or semi-gloss paint additive when you mix your paints.

If you’re still not getting the color or sheen you desire with these methods, then inspect your spray equipment for problems.

If all is well there, try spraying at different distances from the surface of your object to find what works best for you and your needs.

There are other methods that can be used to increase the sheen or color of any given spray paint job, but they may prove costly and difficult in some situations.

One way is to apply multiple coats of paint using this technique and another is to use a clear coat spray over your existing paint job once it’s dry.

Both take time to dry and cure and can potentially damage your object if applied incorrectly, so be sure to follow all safety precautions listed on the product safety information on the spray can bottle.

How to spray paint outside with a Rattle Can?

How To Spray Paint Outside

Spray paints are a wonderful tool for the artist. They have many uses, and are relatively easy to use. However, spray paints can cause damage to some surfaces if you’re not careful.

What you will need:

1) A smooth, flat surface to work on. Consider covering it with cardboard or newspaper to protect it.

2) Masking tape and paper. You will want to cover any areas around your surface that you don’t want paint on using masking tape and paper. The spray paint usually dries pretty quickly, so make sure you cover everything up in time.

3) Protective gear. You should always wear protective gear when you work with spray paint because the paint is potentially dangerous (especially if you’re working outside). If you don’t wear protective gear while you work with this type of paint, then your skin could get irritated or burned, or your eyes could be blinded by the paint particles.

Eye protection should be worn at all times when working with spray paint. You should also consider wearing gloves; they will provide protection from the chemicals in the paint, as well as from any splashes that occur when you’re spraying your object.

How to spray paint metal with a Rattle Can?

How To Spray Paint Metal

Spray painting metal with a glossy finish is not an easy task. It requires practice, patience and a lot of time. However, spray painting finishes can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including scrap metal.

Tried and true techniques for spray painting metal are slow-drying lacquers and enamel paint. Spray paint dries fast, so it does not work well for this type of finish.

Spray painting a gloss finish on metal is an art form. It is the result of multiple layers of base coats applied by spraying in various directions over wet paint.

Applying several thin coats versus one thick coat helps the paint settle evenly on the surface while preventing runs and sags.

This also reduces the amount of paint needed to complete the project, thereby reducing cost and waste.

Achieving a glossy finish with spray paint on metal requires preparation as well as technique. Sanding the surface makes it easier to apply multiple thin coats without noticeable brush strokes or splotches in the final product.

Once you have finished sanding, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles that may cause bubbles under your finish layer.

Aerosol spray painting tips

If you’re using spray paint to complete a DIY project or add your own artistic touch to items around your home, it’s important to handle the paint properly. Here are some tips for spraying safely:

Wear protective clothing. Wear long sleeves, pants and gloves when you spray paint. You also should wear goggles and a respirator if you’re using high volumes of paint or applying multiple coats.

Choose the right setting. You must work in an area that is protected from wind and open flame. Don’t leave aerosol cans unattended during use, and keep them away from children and pets at all times.

Use the right nozzle size. The nozzle controls how much paint exits the can, so use appropriate sizes for different surfaces: Use medium nozzles for flat surfaces like walls; use wide nozzles for vertical objects.

How to get a glossy finish with spray paint?

A glossy finish is the most popular type of paint job for customizing bikes, car parts and other hardware that people want to look nice.

The key to getting a professional-looking spray paint job is choosing the correct spray paint and thinning it as much as possible with lacquer thinner.

The best spray paints to use on motorcycles and bicycles are high quality automotive paints that often contain rust inhibitors.

The thicker the paint, the more difficult it will be to apply a smooth coat.

How to make spray paint look good on a car?

The first step in giving your spray-painted piece a superior finish is cleaning it well with soap and water or rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or grease before painting.

This will help you get a smooth finish without any dust or bumps.

The second step to making your paint job look great is applying two coats of spray paint instead of one. The first coat gives you a base color and the second lets you add another layer of color or sheen to really make it pop.

A third step in achieving a great looking paint job is letting each coat dry completely before applying another layer. This prevents your colors from running together and producing an uneven looking finish

How to make a spray paint job look professional?

Spray paint is a versatile tool that can be used to create many different surfaces: from a glossy, high-end finish to a rough, rustic look.

If you’re looking for some spray paint ideas, here are some instructions on how to make a spray paint job look professional.

Spray off the vehicle first with a light coat of primer. This will help the paint stick to the surface better and prevent any flaking or chipping.

Use sandpaper to roughen up areas where there was once a smooth, glossy finish. The roughness will help the shiny paint stand out even more!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors and designs! Spraying on different colors can create an interesting abstract pattern.

What causes a can of Rattle Can paint to clog?

What Causes A Can Of Spray Paint To Clog

There are two main problems which cause a can of rattle can paint to clog. One is that the nozzle gets clogged and the other is the propellant itself getting old.

To fix this problem, you need to clean the nozzle of the can. This can be done by removing the nozzle from the can and dipping it in a solution of water and WD-40. Repeat this process until the propellant in your can runs clear.

It’s best to clean your nozzle with WD-40 because it penetrates into places where water cannot reach.

If you use water alone, it will not dissolve any clogs because they are usually located below the surface of where water can penetrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is rattle can spray paint for Cars worth the money?

Rattle can spray painting for cars can be a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact on your car or home.

It is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to give your car, motorcycle frame an instant makeover.

2. What kind of paint do you use on a Rattle can?

What kind of paint do you use on a rattlesnake can

Rattle cans are the cheapest and most convenient way to paint your car. The key is finding the right formula for your needs, whether it be paint or some other coating like Plasti Dip or Rustoleum.

3. Why are some Rattle cans hard to use?

Why Are Some Rattle Cans Hard To Use

The spray nozzle, the propellent, and the paint itself are all important factors that determine how much effort you need to put into using a rattle can.

If a spray nozzle is too fine, then the paint won’t flow through it, and you will get inconsistent results. If it’s too large, then you’ll have to exert a lot of pressure on the can, which will make it hard for you to paint anything in your desired detail.

The propellant is also important. You want a propellant that allows for even coverage so that you don’t have to worry about uneven spraying.

Some propellants are more expensive than others, but they are well worth the investment because they ensure that your paint job turns out better than how it looked in the can.

Finally, there is the paint itself. Some models of rattle cans do not allow you to apply more than one coat at a time, and they also tend to dry up very quickly, leaving behind an uneven coat of paint that doesn’t look appealing at all.

This only happens when you’re dealing with low-quality paints like those found in cheaper model rattle cans.

4. What is the most durable rattle can paint?

What's the most durable paint I can get in a rattle can

The most durable rattle can car paint is a Rust-Oleum Spray creates a durable base that protects your engine and prevents future rust.

5. Is Plasti Dip better than paint?

Painting with a Palsti Dip is faster than painting by hand. A wide variety of paints can be used with a paint sprayer, including latex paints and most oil-based paints.

They provide an even coat of paint without brush strokes or dripping, making them ideal for beginners.

6. Is rattle can primer any good?

Good rattle can paint should come in a high gloss finish, with a durable and high quality paint. Rattle cans are great to use because they are easy to control and are portable.

A good high gloss paint will help your car look clean and shiny, however, some paints are harder to use. They may be too thick or too thin.


There are plenty of cheaper options besides rattle cans, but none of them offer the convenience of being able to spray right away without having to match colors with a compressor or airbrush.

The key is finding the best rattle can paint formula for your needs, whether it can be paint or some other coating like Plasti Dip or Rustoleum.

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