3 Best tuner for 350z: Nissan Tuner 350z Review & Guide in 2023

You can always go for tuning whenever you feel like you are not getting the max of your Nissan 350z. While looking for the best tuners for 350z, you would probably like to know the facts and figures of the tuner. Well, tuning is a better option than going for ECU tuning, only if you know what you are doing. asdf

So, deciding on a high-quality Nissan 350z tuner is as crucial as determining the fuel quality of your vehicle. This article contains all the information and research you will need to get the best tuner for 350z.

Best tuner for 350z Review

#1. Pedal commander-PC47 for Nissan 350z (2003-2009)

If you want to have control over the maintenance and performance of your vehicle, then Pedal Commander-PC47 is all you need. Pedal commander-PC47 is the world’s best and most up-to-date throttle response controller.

Furthermore, the pedal gives you multiple choices from where you can choose to make your Nissan 350z of your choosing. It is a well-known brand in the world of tuners for 350z. Hence, it can be your reliable partner in the world of race and performance. 


Fuel efficiency 

The pedal commander-PC47 can increase your fuel efficiency up to 20 MPG in your Nissan 350z.

Painless installation

Pedal commander’s installation in your Nissan 350z is painless and very quick. In only 5 minutes, you are ready to go. Furthermore, now it offers you harmony with Bluetooth so that you can control it through the free pedal commander app. Hence, it has now become a piece of cake to drive the pearl commander-PC47 in your Nissan 350z. 

36 versatile settings

The pedal commander offers you 36 versatile settings. Therefore, you can adjust your vehicle according to your own needs and wants. Pedal commander has four different manners; city, eco, sport, and sport +. Furthermore, every form has its own nine settings that make your life easier and full of joy. 

Remove delay response 

It accelerates your vehicle and removes all delays from the gas pedal, thus igniting your engine and giving you the thrill of driving like never before. 

2-year warranty 

It is not only the best in its performance but also customer friendly. The pedal commander offers you a two years guarantee. Moreover, it provides its customer the full money back in case of any mishap. 

• Effortless installation, anyone with or without any particular skill can install it on its own.
• 36 variable settings with four modes
• No more delay, and you can experience a thrilling drive on the go.
• Fuel efficiency up to 20%
• Bluetooth harmony now available with free pedal commander app
• No effect on trucks’ warranty
• In snowy areas, tires lose their grip quickly due to pedal commanders’ super sensitivity.

#2. Fits Nissan 350z Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning Programmer 

Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning Programmer

If you’re looking for a tuner to increase the horsepower and torque of your car, then Fits Nissan 350z is the best for you. It has custom Dyno Proven tuner technology, making it so reliable that anyone with or without any computer knowledge can use it. 

It makes your journey safer, quicker, and comfortable. Nevertheless, it makes your experience of driving brand new. 


Effortless installation 

Tuning your Nissan 350z by Fits Nissan is more accessible to the extent that you don’t need any mechanical skill. Thus, anyone can do this and vent into new heights of the drive. You have to plug the chip under the dashboard of your Nissan into OBD ( On-Board Diagnostics) 

No void to warranty 

It fits Nissan 350z and cares for you. It never overlooks the data of the factory. It protects the warranty card of your vehicle. No one will even know you ever installed it in your car. 

Elevate horsepower and torque 

Fits Nissan 350z elevates your Nissan 350z horsepower up to 35%and adds up to 25% torque capacity. Including Nissan 350z makes you achieve your dream speed and control over your car. 

Faster acceleration 

It boosts your engine, which then takes less time. As a result, you get to drive in no time. Furthermore, it makes you keep control over your car, thus making your journey safe and quick. 


Fits Nissan 350z is compatible with all types of automobiles, whether they are manual or automatic vehicles, shows how much it has to offer to its customer. 

1 year guarantee 

This module offers one year guarantee to its customer in case of any malfunction or mishap of any kind. The most exciting feature is that you can have your full money back without asking any questions if you are not satisfied. Hence, you can get your chip without any risk. 

• Unwrinkled engagement and rousing shifting
• No lingering
• Safety guarantee of your Nissan 350z
• Elevates horsepower up to 35%
• Torque added to 25%, thus allowing you are having complete control over your Nissan 350z
• Quick installation and you are on your way in no time at all.
• Engine may take longer to ignite.

Haltech Platinum PRO Plug-in kit Nissan – Best tuner for infiniti g35

If you want to take control over your car’s engine, then Haltech platinum pro-plug-in kit Nissan is all you need. Even with its limited functions to offer, it allows you to expose to all essential engine management. Its operations vary from the timing of ignition, elevate levels, map correction, delivery of fuel. Although it’s not available in the market today, its feature can’t be overlooked and considered trash. Haltech ECU HT-055016 Platinum PRO Plug-in is also the best tuner for Infiniti g35.

As they say, even a broken clock is correct two times a day; this also has something to offer. It offers closed-loop oxygen control. In addition, it minimizes the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hence we can say it is environmentally friendly. It can detect oil pressure,  fuel pressure, air to fuel ratio, etc. Also, it can act as a cooling agent when the engine gets too heated.

#3. Nissan 2006-2017-Altima Re-flash Service 

Nissan Uprev 2003 2004 2005 2006-2017 350z

If you have an old version of ECU and it is getting problematic for you, we are here to repair it with our brand new service. It is the revised form of all ECU from 2003+ Nissan. Our service is not only for old cars, but also we are here to speed up your car. 

Moreover, performance gets better, but it also increases your car fuel efficiency and overall maintenance. In other words, it is all in one package. 


Serving to repair all Nissan since 2002-2017

Nissan Uprev 2003 2002 2005 2006-2017 350z Altima Maxima is a brand new service. It has now come with better and more appealing service. It is now fixing its old products. Yes! You heard right!. I mean, who else does this man! 

Reliable price 

It’s not only fixing its old products into better ones, but also it is doing this at an affordable price. You only have to send your ECU to the servicing place. Once done, they send your ECU back to you. All this is done in minimum time and with minimum price. 

Upgrading your vehicle 

Nissan Uprev, 2002-2017-Altima Maxima, provides service to repair your vehicle. Even if your car works fine, one constantly upgrades their engine to get better results from it, precisely what Nissan Uprev is serving. It elevates your Nissan’s performance.

Heightens horsepower and increase fuel efficiency 

Nissan Uprev elevates your automobile’s horsepower up to 15% increasing your overall speed and performance of Nissan. Increase power without burdening fuel consumption. 

• Increase horsepower to the extent of 15% hence increasing your engine’s performance
• Repair old Nissan ECU, and you can mold your old car to a new one without paying much
• Light on fuel consumption and heavy on performance
• Fast shipping make you fall in love with our service

• It is pretty new in the market so we can not be sure that it won’t cause any trouble in the future

Uprev standard vs. tuner 

Uprev standard is a program for tuning Nissan. It includes cable, license for re-flash, Stock ROM, ROM editor.

This tuning suite is primarily software based upon Windows. For this, a tablet or laptop is needed where data logging is done. 

When we talk about a tuner in a car, we mean a vehicle with its parts changed to enhance its performance, whether it’s speed, making it feasible to travel in high altitude areas, or overall performance. 

350z tune-up kit

Tune-up is done for the maintenance of the vehicle and better performance. Thus, whenever tuning is done, kits should be replaced.

 For example, filters for fuels, PCV valve, spark plug wires, sensors for oxygen, air filters, oil filters, PVC valve O-Ring, etc., are replaced in a vehicle every time the car tuning is done. 

After continuous use of spark plug, wear and tear of parts occur due to overheating, and overuse can cause multiple issues, for example, fuel inefficiency. It can create many problems in the engine. During tuning, these are removed.

 However, If your vehicle has a platinum spark plug installed, they are long-lasting and don’t need frequent changing. 


Is a Nissan 350z a tuner car? 

Yes, Nissan is a tuner car. A tuner car means changing parts of a vehicle to increase its efficiency. Nissan 350z is a sports car. Its customers change its features to push its engine to its maximum capacity. It has a brilliant potential to be tuned which makes it even more loveable. 350z  not only wonders in the engine’s speed and performance, but it is also feasible to be adjusted so if it loses its charm with time, the customer can tune and make the car brand new again without spending much.

How fast is a tuned 350z?

We can’t say for sure to how much extent speed increases. But estimation tells us that speed increases to 155mph. Also, power upgrades to an assessment of 0-60 mph hastening 5.4 seconds. With tuned 350z, your drive is smoother, making it feasible to travel in higher altitude areas. In this way, you would get a max of your car. And above all, tuning is not very expensive.

How much horsepower can you add to a 350z? 

350z can endure up to 400-wheel horsepower. In other words, 287 flywheel horsepower before vehicles become less reliable and less durable. It was introduced in 2003 Nissan 350z by VQ35DE. This is done by superchargers and turbochargers; their primary target is to boost the engine up. These would make your car speed faster without compromising on the engine’s health. These are the most inexpensive and simplest solutions. 

Is a 350z easy to modify? 

Well, it’s not a piece of cake. But an expense of $25,000 can allow you to modify your 350z. You can also go toward installing a plenum spacer. It might look not very easy at first, but it’s not difficult at all. Once you have installed it, you will see it has done wonders to your car. It not only make your vehicle run faster but also leaves your engine better and smoother.

Is 350z expensive to maintain? 

No, it is pretty reliable relative to other cars in the market. You won’t have to be peculiar when it comes to Nissan 350z; it is pretty similar to Nissan Maxima. Also, it shares parts with other cars, making it relatively affordable and light on the pocket. Well, it’s entirely up to you, but overall speaking, 350z is a cheap car. 

How much does it cost to fully mod a 350z?

 Every good thing has a price. As far as 350z is concerned, it may seem heavy on the pocket at the start, but it’s the other way around. Once you have mod it, you would feel the magic it has done to your car. About $25000 should be in your pocket if you’re suspicious of your car’s performance. After modding it, you will feel elevation in low and mid-range torque along with a better smoother engine and faster speed.

What’s included in a Nissan tune-up? 

 It repairs your car’s engine. It thoroughly inspects parts of the motor and looks thoroughly which details need to be wholly replaced. Analysis of new plugs, lifetime warranty, a filter of fuel, etc., is included in Nissan 350z tuning. Altima’s filters were introduced to replace air filters and fuel filters, and they serve way better than air filters and fuel filters combined.


Till now, you would probably get to know the best tuner for 350z. But every person has their interests. So it may happen that the best in the market may not suit you. All you have to do is look at what exactly you want, either the performance of your vehicle or speed and then select the best tuner for yourself. 

However, the pedal commander has the best features. But keep in mind what exactly you’re looking for and get what suits you best. If you have any query, feel free to let us know.

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