Nissan 350z Convertible Top Problems :3 Best Solution & Helpful Guide

Who doesn’t want to ride with a convertible top in the summer? Or want to feel the wind blowing within his hair? I know having a convertible top is very exciting and entertaining. Moreover, it does not seem reasonable if this convertible has problems that will tangle you with different issues.

Is the 350Z a convertible

So, these issues can make you more upset and irritated. That’s why I’m here to help you out with your Nissan 350z convertible top problems. Consequently, you will not miss your fun for a long time. Can you turn a soft top convertible into a hardtop convertible?

All about convertible top:

Mostly, convertible tops are easy to handle and made of rubber or plastic. But some are hard ones, made up of plastic or metal. Additionally, they are either functioned manually or electrically, depending on the car model.

However, these convertible tops can give you a windy ride and protect you from extreme conditions.

Moreover, an excellent convertible roof can easily flex when you want to enjoy the weather and can also close with a tight seal so that it protects you with your car.

Furthermore, the fabric of convertible tops provides you a smooth ride with sound insulation and thermal control.

 This roof has a metal frame that can electrically stretch in and out, providing you a quick movement of almost a few seconds. So, now its action is one click away.

Hence, if its functioning is slower and not proper, then maybe it has some obstacles. The convertible roofs are susceptible and can easily cause a problem. It’s pretty normal to renew the top one time in its life altogether.

Thus, you can get some issues, so don’t panic, understand the problem, and solve it.

350z convertible top adjustment

4 Common top problems of Nissan 350z:

Don’t get stressed if you press the convertible roof switch to open it, but don’t move or hang while flexing. As your convertible top is sensitive, you can quickly get into the issues, but you have to solve them.

Additionally, before going to further process, click the switch a few more times because sometimes the problem is solved in just a few clicks. However, if not, then maybe there is some other issue; let’s solve it out.

Convertible top won’t raise or lower:

This can be because of several reasons. Likewise, you can have a problem with the convertible pump; maybe it’s getting too much power, and the lousy relay of the fuse can also cause this. Hence, you can probably get a problem if you check the pump, relay, and hinge.

Slow movement:

If your convertible top is lifting slowly, you may have a problem with the lift cylinders. Maybe they are worn out, or your airlines are not getting enough fluid level. Check them out. If you don’t get any problem, check the cables whether they are well or not.

The back lid won’t open:

If this happens, check out fluid level and faulty pump. Or this can also occur because of bad switches, so also go for them.

Top won’t go down:

A problem in the shallow fluid level, burned motor, or high hinges friction can cause this problem. Hence, don’t forget to check out these issues, and you will hopefully get the point.

How long does a convertible top last?

As you may know, the convertible top is sensitive and can cause some issues. If you want to replace your convertible top and wonder about its life span, then you are on the right track.

350z convertible issues

Usually, owners change their convertible top after several years, like 8-10 years, but you can not say it is the same for everyone.

Moreover, the lifetime of a convertible top depends upon the quality, model, and care. From our research, we conclude that the factors like sunlight, rain, or bad weather affect the longevity of the convertible top.

However, if you care about it and don’t often take your car in a dire and drastic environment, it will have a longer lifespan than the other ones.

 So, keep it with care, and it will last at least 15 years because we have also seen some convertible top that has spent almost 16 years and still looks good. Hence, many factors depend on its durability.

How to fix Nissan 350z convertible top problems?

Troubleshooting Nissan 350 z convertible top problems is not as complicated as it looks. Some owners mainly get it done by some mechanics because they don’t know they can do it by themselves, so why waste your money.

Moreover, if you are going to it, I hope you will understand the fuses, lift cylinders, pumps, relays, etc. If you don’t, then no need to worry; see the convertible top diagram, and you will get it.

Checking relays and fuses:

For checking the fuse, find the fuse box. Moreover, for the Nissan 350 Z, it must be below the dashboard at the back of the cover. Look for the convertible top fuse, and if blown, replace it with the new one. Now, go for the relay. However, it may be can’t detect by the naked eye, so locate the relay identical to the fuse box and move it with it. Lastly, if fuse and relay are not the problems, then go for another issue.

Checking the fluid level:

The low convertible top fluid level can cause many problems, like the slow and blocked movement of the top. Hence, checking is very important. For that, firstly locate it, which will be behind the trunk lining. Look for the range of Min or Max on it; check if it is too full or low. Moreover, it should be slightly above the medium or as described in the manual. Otherwise, the air will go in it and can cause more problems.

Checking the Pump:

The pump is linked with the fluid level, and if the liquid level is below the Min, the air will pass into the hydraulic system, including the pump, and block it. Consequently, if you maintain the fluid level, there will be no problem with the hydraulic pump.

Manually opening process of the top of a 350z:

370z convertible top reset

Do you want to open your convertible top by yourself? Remember, it’s a little bit complex. Usually, it is done in an emergency when your Nissan 350z  convertible top doesn’t work electrically, and then you have to go through the manual process. However, let’s look into it.

  • Firstly open the trunk lid by removing the emergency cable at the cover behind the passenger’s seat.
  • Now, after opening the trunk lid, go for the storage lid. Disconnect the harness connector by pushing upward. After pulling the lock release cable, pull out the storage lid and lift it.
  • After the storage lid, close the soft top by disconnecting the harness connector on both sides. Then, you should pull it on both sides and lock it.
  • You have done much work; now, close the storage lid that you have opened before. Then, lower the soft top 5th bow by pushing it towards the storage lid. That’s all; your Nissan 350 z convertible top will open.

Why won’t my convertible top go down all the way?

As I discussed above, the convertible top is something that you have to handle with care. Moreover, if you have a problem closing the lid, it must be a bad fuse or lift cylinder.

 However, a lousy relay can also become the cause of it. It mostly happens when your fuse burns out. If that’s the case, go and change your convertible top fuse, and you are good to go. But if not, then also check for lift cylinders.

Can you put a convertible hardtop on a Nissan 350z?

Yes, you can. However, some cars can’t handle the hardtop; in that case, you can’t do this. But if we talk about Nissan 350z, then there will not be a problem.

Moreover, you can say that among all the functionalities, it’s also its function. If you want to install the hardtop, then no need to remove the previous one. Just close it properly, and attach the hard one over it. And you will get what you want, a solid, complete design of Nissan 350 Z.

Nissan 350z convertible top fuse location

Nissan 350z convertible main fuse is located on the positive terminal of the battery and two other fuses are located right next to the battery

Nissan 350z convertible top replacement cost

While speaking of cost, top replacement of Nissan 350z can cause, depending on various factors. Nevertheless, you would have to spend $500 to $1000 

Nissan 350z convertible top won’t open-Reason

Nissan 350z convertible top won’t open. It can be due to many reasons. One may be that over time two elastic bands, one on your driver side and the other on the passenger side, lose their elasticity and will stay up in forwarding direction, when pulled down it gets jammed. 

Nissan 350z convertible top parts

  • Convertible top boot hook and loop fasteners
  • Bow rack rails 
  • Rear windows 
  • Lift supports 
  • Well liners 

Nissan 350z convertible top won’t go down- reason

Nissan 350z tip won’t go down, it may be either due to a bad fuse, lift cylinder, or relay. If a convertible gets jammed in the process, it can be lifted by a broken cable or lift cylinder. 

Nissan 350z convertible top repair

Well, 350z repairment is not as easy as patches or stitches, that’s why you might have seen duct tapes on Nissan 350z instead of patches that work as adhesives. You need them to seal torn parts. 

Nissan 350z convertible top switch-Location

Nissan 350z convertible top switch is located by the left knee of the driver on the dashboard and it controls the closing and opening of the top roof of the convertible roof.


What is the top of a convertible called?

Usually, the convertible top has many names; some call it rag top or cabriolet. These names are oriented from the horse-drawn carriage with the convertible roofs. And now they are referred to as the top of convertibles. However, we usually say the convertible top. Hence, it depends upon the people what they want to call it.

Can you put a convertible top on a car?

Yes, it’s your car. You can customize it if you want to. But you cannot do it by yourself. Moreover, you will need a proper technician or mechanic to do this. Hence, keep in mind that when you change your car to a convertible, you have to be more careful because it is not originally made like this and can decrease durability.

Will a convertible top leak?

Typically, a good quality convertible roof will never leak; it has been made to be fully sealed. But if you have replaced the convertible top and don’t fix it properly, it will cause leaks. However, the deteriorated rubber can also result in leaks that cause your cabins full of dirt or water.

Is a hardtop convertible better than a soft-top?

In my opinion, both are good and have a long life span. But some factors may apply. Likewise, if you are driving in the rain, then the noise of raindrops over the soft top sounds muted compared to the hardtop. However, when we closed the rooftops, the soft top took less space than the hard one. Lastly, the hardtop looks more suitable and quicker in opening and closing.

Can convertible top cylinders be rebuilt?

The convertible top cylinders can cause leakage, so in that case, they may rebuild. Usually, the problem is in the  OEM seals, which don’t last for a longer time. Consequently, they change it with the elastomer seals to prevent leakage, and your cylinder becomes rebuilt.

Is rain bad for convertible tops?

No, it is not bad for them unless it’s not for a long time. Suppose your convertible top is in good condition. Then it can easily bear the heavy rain, but if there is any problem with the sealing, it can cause leakage. However, the durability depends upon the care; if you put your convertible in the heavy rain for the whole night, it will have harmful effects.

Do mini convertibles leak?

The mini convertibles are made as safe as the normal ones, so there is no rule that they will leak; others will not. Furthermore, the hard reality is, the convertibles can cause leakage after some time; either there will be rubber deterioration or some other fixing problem, so you have to handle it with care.

How do I waterproof a convertible top?

If you want to waterproof your convertible, then you should spray the thin layers of the waterproofing product. Additionally, two or three layers may be required for this process. Then give some time to absorb in; after that, dry it in the sunlight. And it’s all done.


Until now, you hopefully got the problem. So don’t underestimate it and fix it as soon as possible because a lousy convertible top can also harm your car due to the changes in environmental conditions.

However, sometimes a problem is not as big as it looks, so getting to the problem is necessary. Moreover, if you can’t solve the problem by yourself, then despite keeping testing it, again and again, you should go for a mechanic. But at least try for once by yourself; hopefully, you will solve the problem.

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