Sena 20s EVO vs 20s: Which One to Choose? [Bluetooth Headset]

In the world of Bluetooth headset, Sena is a well-known and reputed manufacturer for creating top-notch, high-quality and technology-infused Bluetooth headsets. They have a special niche for Bluetooth headsets, which is for bike riders.

It means their headsets are made for bikers to communicate with each other on hand-free call, listen to music, track GPS and much more. Therefore, I have chosen two of the latest additions of sena to review today, the 20s and 20s EVO.

Both the models have some similarities and very slight differences in features, functions, and pricing. The difference is because the 20s EVO is the update of the 20s.

sena 20s vs 20s evo review

To be precise, the Sena 20s is more affordable, working like most high-end Bluetooth headsets. Whereas the 20s EVO hoards the price more with its premium and upgraded features incorporated.

To differentiate them physically, sena has made these differences in appearance too. Sena 20s EVO has sleeker and shark fin antenna compared to 20s that has flip-up antennae.

Other than that, both the headsets have an exceptional sound quality and reliable multiple usages for radio, GPS, communication, and music.

In this article, I will be reviewing the Sena 20s vs 20s EVO model and compare their features so that you can quickly figure out your needs.

Comparison Chart of Sena 20s vs. 20s EVO

AttributeSena 20sSena 20s EVO
AntennaeFlip-up typeShark fin-type
Rider support78
Remote control operationNoYes
Weight59 grams        61 grams        

Sena 20s Review in 2021

Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio

For all the pro-level bikers looking forward to investing in a high-end Bluetooth intercom headset, nothing can be better than the Sena 20s. This Sena 20s is the newest member in the sena family, with all the latest and updated features that none of the previous versions has. You will get all the benefits from this headset while riding your two-wheeler and make your money worth it.

Right out of the box, you can start using this beauty with all the arrangements present inside the package. The headset is relatively easy to mount with the clamps present. Once installed, you will enjoy a world of benefits like crisp communication, music sharing, GPS tracking and much more while you are on the two-wheeler ride.

Features exclusive to sena 20s:

Sena Smartphone App control: All the features of Sena 20s can be controlled by the Sena app. The app is highly smartphone-friendly for both Android and Apple. Sena app runs smooth, fast and is peaceful to use; the app updates itself on a regular basis. So, you can control your 20s with its exclusive features via the app.

Bluetooth pairing: Sean 20s works with a 4.0 Bluetooth pairing with nine devices at once. Pairing is effortless, especially with its featured voice command! To activate the voice command, tap on the intercom module twice.

Ambient mode: Not just noise cancellation makes communication, listening to music or radio makes the sound quality so much crisper and sharper. What if you want to hear the outside noise more effectively? For this, there is an ambient mode that allows hearing conversations and sounds outside the helmet.

Multi-tasking:Sena 20s allows you to listen to music, radio or track GPS under the intercom group conversation. You can also adjust the sound level with the jog dial.

Sena 20S updated features:

  • Multi-intercom updates to 8-way
  • Distance range: 2 km or 1.2 miles
  • It can be connected to 9 Bluetooth devices
  • 13 hours talk time, and 10 hours standby duration
  • Jog dial becomes a phone button on the rear


  • Sena 20s allows group intercom with seven of your fellow riders at once with exceptionally crisp sound quality.
  • It has the special ‘noise-cancellation feature to eliminate outside noises. At the same time, you can activate the ambient mode to hear sounds and convos outside the helmet.
  • It works with Bluetooth 4.0 and has an NFC feature built-in for simple and easy tap-and-pair with your nearby devices.
  • Best sena headset for audio multitasking, as you can listen to audio, radio and share them with your fellow riders at the same time.
  • The 20s has a unique adjustable motion sensor by which you can voice command your device. To activate it, tap twice on the intercom module.


  • The Sena 20s is costly because it has all the premium and upgraded features required by hardcore and professional bikers.

What’s in In The Kit:

The box of the Sena 20s comes with

  • An integrated universal clamp.
  • Two types of mics, boom and wired.
  • All the essential associated cables.
  • Adhesive pads to stick everything in place.

Initial Ride Report With Observations:

 Some of the initial observations made by the rider on the 20s are:

  • SENA has improvised the 20s build quality with more hardcore and robust hardware. The design is made more modern looking.
  • The mounting on helmets is made easy with flat connects rather than pin connects.
  • The microphones are more flexibly placed on a boom; there also comes a wired boom mic.
  • You can share music via sena 20s with your fellow riders.
  • The 20s allows audio multitasking with a 1-10 adjustable volume range.

Sena 20s EVO Review in 2021 – Bluetooth Headset

SENA 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System

You can say the 20S EVO is the fraternal twin of 20S with a little bit more updated features and functions. Not just features, but the outlook is also a bit rectified from the 20s for the better and easy identification. The 20s Evo has a sleeker body with shark fin antenna for better intercom communication and stability.

20S Evo is very durably built for a robust performance from the outside too. Moreover, it has advanced outside noise control that prevents wind and other noises from disrupting your conversations. You will surely love its HD-quality audio for the best music, radio, GPS and talking experience.

Sena 20S EVO updated features:

  • Works with Bluetooth 4.1.
  • Connects with eight fellow riders at once.
  • Shark fin antenna for more group intercom stability.
  • It consists of motion sensor technology.
  • Has optional remote controller operation for more flexible usage.


Construction: The construction of sena 20s EVO is slimmer, compact and handy. It has the shark fin antennae that improves groups intercom stability way more even if the distance crosses the limits. Overall, the construction is pretty hardcore and robust of this EVO.

Sena app control: Connect the 20s Evo by downloading the Sena utility app for both iPhone and Android. From this, you can access all the Evo features in the device settings and start off with the quick starting guide.

Audio multitasking: The best part about the 20 Evo audio multitasking feature is that when you simultaneously listen to music, radio, track GPS and communicate in a group intercom, the sounds won’t overlap each other. Instead, you will enjoy a buttery smooth, uninterrupted listening.

Intercom: The Sena 20s Evo has updated with group intercom between 8 riders at once within the distance range of 2 km distance.

Advanced noise control: Sena 20s Evo has the unique noise cancellation for excellent sound quality and to prevent outside noise from interrupting your listening experience. At the same time, there is advanced noise control that prevents wind from interfering with your outgoing and incoming calls when you are on a speedy bike ride.

Bluetooth pairing: Bluetooth pairing has never been easy until the 20s Evo came. You can pair this headset with your device with voice control or simply just by shaking the headset that lets you maintain your focus on the road. For old-school bikers, sena also has included optional remote controller operation in its 20s Evo. 

Battery duration: The 20s Evo headset is excellent for long bike touring, as its Talktime charge lasts up to 13 hours, and standby charge is 10 hours. To charge the full battery, sena 20s takes 2.5 hours only.


  • It has the special ‘noise-cancellation feature to eliminate outside noises, and also, with advanced noise control, you can block wind noises.
  • Sena 20s Evo allows group intercom with eight of your fellow riders at once with exceptional high-quality sound. 
  • You can use Evo for audio multitasking, as you can listen to audio, radio and share them with your fellow riders at the same time without sound overlapping.
  • The 20s Evo has a unique adjustable motion sensor by which you can voice command your device. It also has an optional remote controller operation.
  • The sena app works with both android and iPhone that adds more flexibility in use.


  • Working distance is not improved or updated in this Evo. 2km distance coverage was already in the previous 20s model.

Sena 20s Evo Guide

Sena 20s Evo dual pack

The 20S Evo dual pack is for those who want to save some bucks on the headset. The dual pack costs a chunk lower than the single pack, so if you think you are going to move a long time with the Sena 20s Evo, then buy the dual pack. Due to its robust hardware and supreme reliability, one Evo headset will last very long anyway.

Sena 20s Evo manual

The Evo owner’s manual is pretty handy and effective for new users to start off with. However, the manual is missing a few bits of information, such as the battery charging procedure. Although it is easy, you just require a USB cable; the one that you use for your android phone would work too, and an electrical plug point to charge. The Evo will take 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Sena 20s Evo update

Like other Sena headsets, you can access the 20 Evo update features from the sena device manager. By installing the device manager on your desktop and inserting your headset information, you can easily update it. Update notification comes in the sena app.

Sena 20s Evo slim factor

The 20s Evo has slimmer construction than its ancestors, which makes it easy to hold and store. Although it is slim, the headset hardware is made robust and durable for long-term reliable use.

Sena 20s Evo issues

Some of the minor issues that users’ felt with sena 20s Evo are that the manager asks for multiple updates once updated, which can be frustrating for users. Also, the battery LED light shows full even before it is fully charged that most users complained about.

Sena 20s Evo price

In Amazon, the 20S Evo comes in $199+ for a single unit. You can have a great deal and save more money on the dual pack.

Sena 20s Evo speaker upgrades

Sena 20s Evo speakers are similar to the 20s model, as there were no major upgrades made. The sound quality is still crisp, high and uninterrupted and has several audio improvising controls. 

Sena 20s EVO vs 20s: What Are The Key Differences

After the reviews of these headsets, let us look at a detailed sena 20s vs 20s EVO comparison to better understand their differences. The differences are not massive to be noticed at once; therefore, I want to point those out more precisely for your help in comparison.


Compared to the construction of 20s with traditional flip-up antennae, the 20s Evo has a sleeker body with shark fin antennae for better intercom communication and stability. Also, the 20s Evo’s body is handier that means it is easy to hold or keep inside the pocket, has a robust hardware build for reliable performance than the sena 20s model.


The Sena 20s works with 4.0 Bluetooth pairing, whereas the 20s Evo works with 4.1 Bluetooth pairings. It means the 20s Evo offers slightly higher and faster data, such as music or call transfer, compared to the Sena 20s.

Group intercom

The Sena 20s allows group intercom with seven of your fellow riders at once with exceptionally crisp audio quality. At the same time, the Sena 20s Evo allows group intercom with eight of your fellow riders with the same outstanding sound quality to cherish. 


In the case of multitasking, both of them possess quite a similarity by allowing communication, music/ radio listening, GPS tracking simultaneously smooth and comfortable. However, the 20s Evo has specially mentioned that their sounds do not overlap while multitasking.


Both the headsets have a similar control system, which is hand-free with the sena app. However, the 20s Evo has additional control with a remote. So, those who don’t know are new to other types of controls; they can easily start off with the remote controller without wasting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is sena Bluetooth?

Sena is one of the leading manufacturers of Bluetooth integrated communication systems for bikers. Their Bluetooth provides improvised and easy communication, music listening, GPS tracking and much more once integrated with your helmet. Sena Bluetooth models come with microphone abilities as well.

#2. How do you charge a sena 20s?

Use the Sena 20s charger that is exclusively made for the device. Connect the cables and charge them in any of your nearby plug points. It will take the highest 2.5 hours to fully charge.  While it is charging, the LED light remains white, and after being fully charged, it becomes blue.

#3. How do I connect my Sena Bluetooth helmet?

Pair it with your smartphone’s Bluetooth and wait for the voice prompt ‘phone pairing.’ Then search the device in your mobile’s Bluetooth list and enter the pin of your headset to confirm pairing. Hence, it is connected and ready to use.

#4. How long does it take to charge a sena?

Every model takes a different time frame to fully charge, although the difference is not significant. The older sena models take a bit more time to charge compared to the latest models.

#5. Is the Sena 20S Evo waterproof?

Sena 10s is water-resistant, but it is not waterproof. It can resist rainwater, but it is not waterproof as there is no protection against water immersion.

#6. What is the difference between Sena 20S and 20S Evo?

The main difference that helps everyone distinguish between the 20s and 20s Evo is their physical appearance. 20s Evo is made slimmer with shark fin antennae compared to 20s that has a flip-up antenna. Other than that, the 20s Evo allows group intercom with eight riders, whereas the 20s allows with 7.

#7. Does Sena 20S have mesh?

Sena 20s has mesh that offers more flexibility to your Bluetooth performance. For its mesh technology, the 20S can connect to multiple users in private mode.

#8. Is the Sena 30K better than the 20S?

For future-proofing your gear, the sena 30k model is the best choice over the 20s. In terms of networking, 30k offers more flexibility over a 5 miles distance range, whereas the 20s gives 1.2 miles. Also, the 30k has less charging time and more talk time compared to sena 20s.

#9. Which is better, Cardo or Sena?

Both are a tie because cardo and sena work very well across multiple headsets. They offer a wide range of multitasking, have more straightforward controls and the best battery life. The one thing that puts cardo slightly above sena is its upgraded speakers.


I hope you did not get confused between the Sena 20s and 20s Evo. Although the Sena 20s Evo has more upgrades than the 20s, it also has high reliability and usability. According to the price, the 10s serves everything you can expect.

The price difference is also not too significantly different. However, if your budget is a bit low, but you want to enjoy smooth communication with excellent sound quality, then sena 20s is a great choice.

However, if you want to invest in more upgraded features, then the 20s Evo is the best choice of all.

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