How to Prevent Water Pump Failure

There are some tips for preventing a water pump failure:

The water pump never runs for free rotation when dry, even not for a few seconds also. Because the pump dry running destroys its mechanical seal and also occurring coolant leakage, before fitting, it should put in a coolant-filled reservoir or operate by hand a few minutes before starting the engine and after refilling the coolant.

New seals and gaskets should use instead of old ones. Sealant should apply only when the manufacturer recommends it. Because too much sealant damages the proper installation and can break down and contaminate the cooling circuit, so use it correctly where the manufacturer recommends.

Water pump failure symptoms

how to tell if your thermostat or water pump is bad

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In the time of replacing the water pump, drain out completely the existing coolant and flush the cooling circuit thoroughly. Only according to the instruction of the manufacturer of the car, the new coolant should use.

Replace the water pump and belt drive simultaneously. An all-in-one kit using optimizes the lifespan of both the belt drive and water pump. Follow the instructions of the fitting carefully, torque specification and procedure of tensioning providing by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the improper and defective belt installation causes the pump seizing prematurely and vice versa.

Leakage from the mounting gasket results from an inappropriate installation of the water pump and the seals/gaskets or sealants improper use. In case of the water pump that installed recently: carefully uninstall, inspect and reinstall the water pump. Follow the torque requirements strictly.

Ensure the gaskets/seals are in proper condition and installed correctly. Clean the mounting surface and the rims of the part at the time of prescribing sealant. Add new sealant evenly around the edge of the part. The pump must replace immediately if the leakage does not result from an improper installed new water pump.

Contaminated coolant, mixing different chemistries coolants and a defective pressure cap can occur air bubbles and the rusting process. For solving this problem, you have to replace the pump, flush thoroughly the cooling system before installation of the new water pump, and fit out the system with the correct instruction. Check the pressure cap, if faulty, repair it.

4 Common Causes of Water Pump Failure and How To Prevent Them

Everyone should maintain these things for increasing the durability and stability of the water pump because 5.9 Cummins water pump replacement is hard.

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