How Long Can I Leave My Car in Accessory Mode?

So, how long can I leave my car in accessory mode?

In this modernized world, you will have to go to the extent of taking extra measures for utmost comfort and luxury. And this includes switching the accessory mode for more extended periods to navigate to a new direction you’re unfamiliar with or heating the car immoderately to keep your friends warm in bad weather.

But have you ever thought of the various advantages and disadvantages of running the ACC for extended periods?

Well, you can leave the car in the accessory mode for an hour or two, depending on the number of accessories you have running.

They can either drain your battery if unmonitored or keep running extensively as no accessories are running. Here I will take you through more details about the accessory mode.

Benefits of accessory mode

Benefits of accessory mode

When used considerably, you will encounter some possible benefits when switching your car to accessory mode. They include:

  • The ability to kill boredom by listening to your favorite music or radio station without the engine on
  • Depending on your current environment, you can comfortably control the temperatures using the air conditioner and heater since running the windows down in hot weather may be risky.
  •  You can charge your phone without running the engine after getting to your intended destination with a low battery charge
  • An added advantage of accessory mode is the ability to navigate. It means you can swerve along the road to check the distance before starting the journey.
  • It is easy to access in quick, simple steps, so you won’t need an access manual to learn the controls 

How do I turn on accessory mode?

how to keep car in accessory mode

With the new car models, you must have noticed several features that make them outstanding and unique.

It might be the possible reason that interested you in getting the new car model you have.

 Who wouldn’t enjoy the comfort of some soft, calm music in the middle of a traffic jam?

 So, you may wonder how to enjoy such features with your accessory mode turned on.

You can turn on the accessory mode by simply pressing the power button without placing your foot on the brake. You will operate all the electrical components when you press the power button a second time.

Similarly, you will need to switch the car’s ignition to a notch and turn on the accessory mode.

The engine will not be firing, but a single switch will turn it on. Various car accessories will be available for use, all at the advantage of a turned-off engine. 

Disadvantages of Accessory modes

Disadvantages of Accessory modes

Extra measures call for additional care, right?

You can choose to impress your friends or family by turning the air conditioner on for them and keep them entertained with music while on accessory mode but in the long run, you’ll have to pay the price for it. They have various disadvantages when in excessive use.

They include:

  • Battery drainage when you simultaneously make use of the accessories
  • Prolonged use of the ACC will make your car die
  • You will have to constantly check your ACC modes to avoid wearing them out since most of them have a limited capacity
  • It does not recharge the battery when the engine is off; but instead, it consumes power.
  • A dead battery will inconvenience you to look for a reliable friend to help you in the jump-starting process. Besides, very few people will be willing to help you out, especially if you are a total stranger

Does accessory mode kill your battery?

Does accessory mode kill your battery

The accessory mode can kill your battery since the auxiliary enables the car’s peripherals to operate without any motor.

And, the car’s batteries always recharge as the engine runs. But if the vehicle is not operational, extended periods of using it will cause its depletion.

 It will determine the type of gadget you are utilizing, the current state of your vehicle, and the current state of your battery. 

For instance, your battery will drain faster if you use GPS, heating, or air conditioner. Plus, don’t forget that the stereo will consume a lot of your energy as well.

Therefore, you will need to limit how much time you keep your car’s auxiliary mode on for your battery to be efficient for an extended period.

Who wouldn’t find it inconveniencing getting a new car battery frequently from careless use and unmonitored accessory mode?

Does accessory mode use gas?

Does accessory mode use gas

When you have the accessory mode on in your car, ensure that every accessory has power consumption.

And you use a little more fuel if you are using a gas car.

 However, you can use the cool that your car can manage if it creates a lot of heat outside to warm the planet further.

The air conditioning system uses gas on accessory mode, like many of your car’s other features.

The alternator, powered by the engine, is where the air conditioner draws energy. But it can be more efficient not using it in most instances.

 Besides leaving the car windows open, you can efficiently use your car accessory mode, especially when driving at highway speeds. 

How long does a car battery last on accessory?

How long does a car battery last on accessory

If you wonder how long your battery will last on accessory mode, please read on as we unveil the answer.

Well, I’m sure you have ever found yourself in a situation where you’d gone for a meeting an hour earlier, and the parking basement was too dark and scary that you had to turn on the lights in the car as you waited for the meeting time.

 In the process, you also turned on the air conditioner from too much heat. Then your battery eventually stopped, right? Let me explain to you why that happened.

Generally, you can use the accessory mode for 45-60 minutes, depending on various aspects.

You will exhaust your battery within that period if you’re using accessories like the stereo, lights, and air conditioning, among others.

 Then you won’t be able to start your engine unless you find a different means of charging it. To be safe, fire the engine up if you need the accessories or don’t risk using them for prolonged periods.  

Is it bad to leave the car in accessory mode?

leave the car in accessory mode

Are you the type of person who enjoys having your air conditioner on to cool or warm you in the car depending on the weather, as you listen to some soft music at the same time?

Please note that using all the car accessories extensively at the same time in auxiliary mode is not good since it will take a toll on your battery.

 Or, you can first consider the condition of your battery before switching it.    

Leaving your car in accessory mode is not bad if you don’t run your car engine and waste fuel. Besides, it is not suitable for the environment.

 However, the accessory mode is beneficial in most circumstances. It saves you a limited amount of electricity to run car accessories, including the interior lights, power windows, and the stereo system.

 Make your calculations right, and you won’t be at any inconvenience from an engine that fails to start.

Frequently asked questions

What is accessory mode on a car?

what is accessory mode on a car

Accessory mode on a car is a start button that performs the secondary function and makes it necessary to switch on the car accessories like navigation, stereo, and air conditioning without starting the engine.

You can activate it on your car when you do not have to start or run the machine. 

What does it mean when your car is in accessory mode?

When your car is in accessory mode, you can operate the car accessories without starting the engine.

However, it may lead to battery draining due to excessive power consumption, especially if you leave it on for an extended period.

You can find this fantastic feature in newer car models.

How do I put my Corvette into accessory mode?

Corvette into accessory mode

You will not need to fire up the engine, but just pressing a button will turn on the accessory mode of your Corvette. Please note that you won’t need to press the brake pedal as you turn it on.

You can also use the same accessories in other models by switching the ignition to a specific notch. It won’t fire up the engine but turn on the power to use the accessories you need.

How do I put the car in accessory mode for drive in?

accessory mode for drive in

You can achieve this depending on the brand and model of car that you have. Suppose it has a start button; keep in mind that the same button has a secondary feature of turning on the accessory mode.

Alternatively, other models will have you switch the ignition button to a specific notch. The accessories will then be available once you turn them on in just a single nick.  

Will leaving my car on ACC drain the battery?

Will leaving my car on ACC drain the battery

Leaving your car on ACC may or may not drain the battery. It may sound more confusing, but it depends on the electrical functions you run when the vehicle is on accessory.

They may include the power seats, headlights, stereo, ventilators, cigarette lighter, defrosters, and electrical components. Your engine won’t start, and the battery will drain if you turn the headlights on, play loud music, and do other energy-draining electrical functions. 

How do you turn off accessory mode?

turn off accessory mode

You can press the start button again to disable the ACC mode and save your battery from draining. Just hold the shifter button in, place your foot on the brake, and press the button again. Please note that you will have to turn off or push the button two more times to switch off accessory mode. 

Is push to start better?

As long as you apprehend the risks, the push to start button is better if you preferably enjoy the convenience of a keyless system and added security.

However, make sure you know how to use the manual system in case of any malfunction and have the key on you when you leave.

Also, a potential thief would need your key fob, making it challenging to steal the vehicle. 


New car models have come up with the excellent accessory mode feature. It makes it easier for you to accessorize special car functions effectively without the engine running.

Besides, you’ll no longer have to turn off your beautiful music as you sit in a restaurant drive-in or keep the engine running while using the air conditioner in traffic on a hot summer day. 

Moreover, keep in mind that it’s not something you can use for a prolonged period to prevent exhausting your car battery

. Of course, you won’t feel good ending up with a drained battery since it cannot regain its power. Go ahead and enjoy this impeccable feature in your car, and be sure to stay safe.

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