Toyota FJ Cruiser Problems | Expensive to fix & What years to avoid!

FJ Cruiser owners have officially made 96 complaints since the debut of this car over eight model years. After using the PainRank system to check the reliability of the FJ Cruiser, it has ranked 28th among 33 Toyota models in overall reliability.

Their rank is so low because of the body concerns and real transmission.

More than 75 people have just complained about the 2007 year model which makes this one be the best-avoided one.

Apart from body concern and real transmission, interior, engine, and brakes have also been listed in the “what breaks the most” category. 

FJ Cruiser Common Problems-What goes wrong with FJ Cruisers?

toyota fj cruiser common problems

There are two common problems for FJ Cruiser with which the owners have to deal with often and here they are as follows: 

  1. Musty and Moldy A/C: Air conditioners of Toyota often smell like mold and musty in a good number of vehicles. It makes people worry about the reason behind this musty smell and how dangerous this smell can be. You can take your vehicle to a mechanic and get the A/C repaired in a short period without any hassle. 
  2. Rodents Chew Soy-Coated Wires: Before 2000, the automobile industry used to produce wiring insulation with glass and plastic. But after the mid-2000 a certain industry started to grow up with an idea of eco-friendly wiring insulation that is made from soy-based coating. This wiring insulation was commendable, biodegradable, and a total disaster for the owners. 

Toyota FJ Cruiser Problems in details

toyota fj problems and complaints

There are a few problems that can become the worst issues for your FJ Cruiser are discussed in detail as follows: 

  • Car shudders at an average of around 35-45mph mostly in the 2007 FJ Cruiser. This problem is seen after hitting 100K miles on the meter. Seven people reported that torque transmission or converter replacement can be an ideal solution to this problem. It will take $2,180. 
  • Frame rusting issue is seen in the 2007 FJ Cruiser. After hitting 100K miles on the road, this issue will appear and 12 people reported that replacing the frame can eliminate this issue from the car. But the repair cost is unknown so you have to find it out on your own. 
  • Check engine light turning on in your 2007 FJ Cruiser. This problem may arise earlier than you expected after crossing 66K miles. Two people reported that replacing the engine will eliminate the issue but it is a very costly solution because the repair cost will be $8000. 
  • Growling, humming, and slow downhill are some of the rarely seen problems in a 2007 FJ Cruiser. This issue will show after crossing 118K miles and replacing the differential may solve this issue or replacing bearing will be enough. It will cost $1400. 
  • Last but not least, multiple catalytic failures of the converter in the FJ 2007 Cruiser. It will show after hitting the 90K miles on the meter. The solution to this problem is yet to find but this issue is not very common in FJ Cruiser so you can stop worrying about this. 

FJ Cruiser Manual Transmission Problems and 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Transmission Problems 

toyota fj cruiser problems 2007

FJ Cruiser manual transmission deals with throw-out failing of bearing, threats to leave the standard of vehicle, and cause the transmission to lock things up so that an accident can occur.

These three manual transmission problems are pretty severe and you need to act immediately to deal with this type of issue. 

On the contrary, 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser transmission problems include grinding, shifting delays, jumping during acceleration, whistling sounds, a feeling of shakiness, and a burning smell coming down from under the hood of the vehicle. These are the problems you may face as transmission problems in FJ Cruiser. 

In-Channel Vent Visor Problems 

In channel vent visor problems will make things difficult to take out the window frame and cut the visor in the middle. But with a pair of tin snips, you can easily cut the visor in the middle and take it out of the window frame as well.

When you pull out all the pieces, then the rubber gasket won’t come out with it so there is nothing to worry about that. It won’t come out because you can clean the things and pop up the gasket back in the channel vent to solve this issue. 

FJ Cruiser Alternative Problems

problems with fj cruiser

As we have already discussed the common and worst issues earlier, so here we will be discussing some alternative problems of the FJ Cruiser which may occur after many years of driving.

Some of the problems may seem like a problem because of the latest models with various features.

No diesel engine option will start this list because nowadays most of the engines are diesel engines so this one seems like a real problem now. No manual version is seen in many year models which is another shortcoming.

FJ Cruiser is relatively thirsty for oil compared to similar models. The rear-side doors of this car are suicidal which is also a problem. 

FJ Cruiser Fuel Gauge Problem

fj cruiser high mileage problems

Inaccurate reading of the fuel tank is the most common cause of the fuel gauge problem and it is caused by the sending system that reads the level of the fuel tank and sends the same reading to the fuel gauge.

When the reading sent by the sending system is not accurate, then this fuel gauge problem arises. This type of issue can also start from a blown fuse, bad gauge, and corroded wiring. With a few tools, you can easily do a self-test at home. 

FJ Cruiser Acceleration Problems

FJ Cruiser Acceleration Problems

There are a few things that may cause acceleration problems in your FJ Cruiser and here they are as follows: 

  1. Bad torque converter
  2. Low transmission fluid
  3. Clutch 
  4. Bad transmission
  5. No connection to the drivetrain wheels
  6. Clogged catalytic converter
  7. Vacuum leak
  8. Bad fuel filter
  9. Timing belt or chain

Among these nine reasons, any one of them can cause acceleration problems to your car. You should find out the reason behind yours through proper diagnosis. 

Toyota Backup Camera Problems 

The most common cause for a backup camera problem to stop functioning in a Toyota car is a blown-out fuse. A blown-out fuse will make the backup camera non-functional and in that case, you are likely to get a no signal error sign from your Toyota backup camera.

This problem has an easy fix, so there will be no trouble dealing with this issue. If the backup camera of your Toyota is a black and white static, then you are most likely dealing with a frayed wire or a faulty connection. 

Pioneer Rear View Camera Problems

Pioneer Rear View Camera Problems

If your camera was a functioning Wi-Fi camera that was working fine earlier, then it refers to the fact that your camera requires a reset.

At the same time, you can also check the power cables and the wiring as a single wire because it may have frayed or disconnection of the cord is also possible.

These are some of the potential reasons behind rearview camera problems that your system may face. 

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Problems

common 2007 fj cruiser problems

Here are the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser problems are as follows: 

  1. Check engine light on
  2. Car shuddering often at an average of around 35-45mph
  3. Growling, humming, and slow downhill
  4. Frame rusting
  5. Multiple failures of the catalytic converter. 

2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Problems

Here are the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser problems are as follows: 

  1. Body or paint problems
  2. Interior accessories problems
  3. Engine problems
  4. Brakes problems
  5. Steering problems
  6. Transmission problems


FJ Cruiser running on the road is a beautiful sight from which a person can hardly take their eyes off. If you can pick the right color like Army green or sun fusion yellow, then nothing on the road can come closer to an FJ Cruiser.

 But as they have become a vintage collection and Toyota stopped producing this car a while ago, therefore now you have to rely on the used ones if you have a dream to drive an FJ Cruiser.

But buying a used car is not an easy task because this FJ Cruiser model had a few problems in the past which may get worsen after so many years of driving.

Therefore, you should better be aware of all these problems thoroughly before getting yourself one.

This article was all about guiding you to the problems and solutions so that you can pick the right used car for yourself rather than getting a horrible one. 

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