Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas

Do tonneau Covers Save Gas: Mythbusters

The tonneau cover is actually used for covering the opening span trucks. It protects your truck from damage as well as increasing mileage. Some may think that, “Do Tonneau covers save gas?” Well, here you can get all the answers.

Besides, there are different models of tonneau cover depending on the vehicle size and model. So, while making the decision to purchase the right sized tonneau cover for your vehicle you may face some problems in selecting the brand and the perfect model for your vehicle. Here I am giving you a brief review of some of the best Tonneau covers for your convenience.

What is the purpose of a tonneau cover? Read More Benefits of a Tonneau Cover and know the pros and cons of truck bed covers.

Do Tonneau covers save gas or it just a myth: jump straight to the fact

Let’s get straight to the answer. Yes, it does save gas. And the percentage is overwhelming. Tonneau covers reduce aerodynamic drag that leads to improved mileage by more than 10%. But, there are some different concepts on the percentage. Some experts claimed that tonneau covers only save 6% gas. However, it is proved by every expert that it increases MPG. Therefore, it saves gas. But the percentage might depend on different criteria like setup, brands, driving styles, and so on.

How to save gas mileage in a truck?

There are several things needed to maintain to improve your gas mileage or MPG. These are-

  1. Use a good tonneau cover
  2. Use gas from a trusted filling station.
  3. Keep turned off the vehicle when taking a break.
  4. Perform maintenance tasks more often.
  5. Choose a better route with less traffic.

Tyger Auto T1 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

Tyger Auto T1

Dual coated marine graded material is used for manufacturing the tonneau cover.

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TYGER Auto TG-BCI F9020 is an incomparable model in the global market. The pull cable latch system actually ensures that the cover is tightly installed and the content is secure from other exposures. You can easily place the cover on the top of the bed rails.


No-drill Installation: As the installation of the cover does not require any drilling process so you can easily install it within 30 minutes.

Dual coated marine grade: Dual coated marine graded material is used for manufacturing the tonneau cover. So as high quality material is used, it is expected to last long.

Customized sleek: This model offers customized sleek preferable for your model.

Tight cover: Tight cover facility ensures no leakage of water under the cover while washing the car surface area.

Tension control facility: Tension control system facilitates you to adjust the tension system with the weather ups and downs.

Tyger Auto T3 Tonneau Cover
#for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Styleside 5.5′ Bed

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

This model includes other necessary kits like seal trip cargo management system, mounting clamps, safety clamps.

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TYGER Auto -TG-BC3F1041 is a marine grade vinyl (double coated) tonneau cover. Its frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum and this model provides you approximately 13% gas saving on average. Its preset tension control system actually provides you with tight locking security.


Quick installation: With no mechanical experience, you can easily install it within only 5 minutes.

Great looking product: The initial look of the product is great and eye soothing.

Weather strip: This model provides you with the power to adjust the tension control system just to beat the weather.

No leakage facility: As high quality raw materials and customer friendly perspective is used to produce the cover so there is less possibility of any leakage.

Tri-fold: It offers a tri-fold facility so that you can easily fold the cover when it is needed.

For 2002-2018 Dodge Ram 1500; 2019-2020 1500 Classic; 2003-2018 2500 & 3500; Fleetside 6’4″ Bed without RamBox,Black

Tyger Auto TG-BC1D9014 T1

The tonneau cover can easily be rolled and placed at the end of the car span if you feel or need to roll it.

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TG-PC1D9014 is a TYGER t1 model tonneau cover. The product size is normally 6.4”. It gives you the advantage of adjusting the tension control system. Besides, the tonneau has a limited lifetime warranty. And you should carefully measure the truck size for the perfect shape of the cover.


High quality material: High quality and decent raw materials are used for manufacturing the TG-PClb904 model tonneau cover.

Installation: The user of the cover claims that it requires a very quick installation process and within no more than 15 minutes you can easily install it on the top of your car rails.

Water resistance: The cover has a water resistance capability and there is no chance of leakage of water while washing the car.

Easy rolling function: The tonneau cover can easily be rolled and placed at the end of the car span if you feel or need to roll it.

Durability: Though the product durability sometimes depends on the users’ perspective and carefulness but the high quality materials and manufacturing process ensure its higher durability.

Tonneau cover gas savings calculator:

There are a number of online calculators that can calculate how much your tonneau cover can save your truck’s gas. Here( you can get the most accurate result.

Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover MPG: There are several research conducted to see if tonneau covers really help to increase the MPG. Well, the research findings were just unbelievable. It saves 10-15% of gas of every truck including Dodge ram 1500.

What is the difference between BAK revolver x2 and x4? Is Bak revolver x2 waterproof? We compare and include all the great features of Bak Revolver X2 vs X4 hard rolling tonneau covers. You decide what works for you.


Do tonneau covers save gas Mythbusters?

Yes, tonneau covers save gas. Moreover, driving the car with the open tailgate instead of keeping the tailgate down, you can make your car speed more efficient.

Do tonneau covers save gas mileage?

The previous users of tonneau cover claim that tonneau covers actually save gas mileage very frequently by reducing the air pressure from time to time.

How much gas do you save with a tonneau cover?

You can save 10-15% depending on the model of the car and the brand of the cover. However, some experts claim that, it only saves 6%.

Are tonneau covers worth it?

The price range for tonneau covers might seem high. Eventually it was worth the money. You can save your truck from getting damaged.

Which is better: roll up or tri fold tonneau cover?

It totally depends on the intention of the users. If you think you need frequent access to the whole bed area of the car, roll up is the best option for you. Otherwise you can choose tri-fold.

Can I go through a carwash with a tonneau cover?

Yes, you can go for a car wash immediately after installing the tonneau cover in your car’s open span as it provides you with no leakage facility.

What is the best part of a tonneau cover?

The bed rail of the tonneau cover for the truck’s open span area is the best or most prominent part of a tonneau cover. Each rail on both sides ensures the cover structure is firmly supported by the rails.

How waterproof are tonneau covers?

The weather strip facility provides you with no harm of the truck’s open span due to sun hit, rain, or any leakage during wash. So, the tonneau cover is perfectly made for providing a waterproof facility.

What can I use to protect my tonneau cover?

You can protect your tonneau cover by using protectant made of non-silicone, sophisticated UV blockers and dark repellent materials. In that case protectant produced by Haartz can be an effective option. You choose other protectants also.

Do tonneau covers lock?

Yes all the tonneau covers lock professionally to avoid any harm on inside things and as well as your truck itself.

Does lowering tailgate improve gas mileage?

There are no signs of improving gas mileage after lowering the tailgate. Moreover, a minor lowering of the gas mileage occurs after doing so.

Do tonneau covers leak?

Waterproof tonneau covers don’t usually leak rather protect trucks and inside things from rainfall. But, heavy rainfall could leak a little water by the opening gate.


As the effectiveness of a tonneau cover depends much on the model and type of the vehicle and most importantly perfect installation of the tonneau cover. So, you must take the exact measurements of your car span for the quick and perfect installation of the cover and you can consider the above features and descriptions for selecting the best model tonneau cover for your car.

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