Woolwax Vs Fluid Film – Which is more effective at protecting your truck?

Do you want to protect your car’s finish from the harsh elements? Then you’ll need to choose the right undercoating.

Woolwax undercoating is a popular choice for car owners, but there are other options available that may be better suited to your needs.

Fluid film undercoating is a newer option that is often preferred by people who live in humid climates.

Both undercoating types offer protection from the elements, but they also have different benefits and drawbacks. Read on to find out more about Woolwax vs fluid film and decide which one is best for your car.

What Is the Difference Between Woolwax And FLUID FILM?

Woolwax Vs Fluid Film

Woolwax is an organic substance based protective coating. Depending on the application’s requirements, the user should choose the product that best meets those requirements while remaining within the Woolwax or Fluid Film brand.

Both treatments provide an invisible barrier that not only protects the paint from UV rays, road salt, and moisture but also looks good on the car being worked on.

Woolwax, on the other hand, is thicker and more likely to flow off one side of a vehicle than Fluid Film; yet, since it is thicker, it will also remain in place longer.

Surface protection is not provided by liquid spray waxes (such as Spray Nine), and they should not be mistaken with either product.

WoolwaxFluid Film
Woolwax is thickerFluid Film is Thinner
Woolwax lasts longer than Fluid filmLasts less than Woolwax
It cannot be washed offIt might be possible to wash off

What Is the Best Undercoating for A Vehicle?

What Is the Best Undercoating for A Vehicle

There are a few different types of undercoating that can be applied to a vehicle, and each has its own set of benefits.

One of the most popular types of undercoating is Woolwax undercoating, which is a natural product that is made from the wool of sheep.

Woolwax is a waterproofing agent that helps to protect the vehicle from water, snow, and ice. It also acts as a barrier against rust and other contaminants.

Woolwax undercoating is a popular choice for vehicles that are used in colder climates because it helps to keep the car clean and free of rust.

Additionally, Woolwax undercoating provides a longer lasting protection than other types of undercoating.

It is also less expensive than other types of undercoating, so it is a cost-effective solution for protecting your vehicle.

Fluid Film Aerosol

Fluid film is a non-drying, spray-on penetrating lubricant that protects against rust and corrosion while also providing unrivaled lubrication for a wide range of moving components.

Deeply penetrates surfaces to provide a long-lasting, water-resistant protective layer that is resistant to humidity and moisture.

The fluid film can be sprayed and wiped dry in seconds, thanks to an adjustable nozzle that allows it to reach tough locations.

Fluid film is a well-known penetrant lubricant and rust inhibitor. It was devised after WWII by members of the US military in order to fight the corrosive tendency and corrosion of aircraft equipment.

It has been produced for over 60 years and is still used today to decrease friction, halt rust, and protect against corrosion on both consumer and industrial gearboxes and bearings.

Fluid Film Liquid

Fluid Film Liquid

Repair and corrosion of existing undercoated surfaces may only be avoided via prevention. When sprayed prior to the development of rust, Fluid Film Protection/Undercoating provides permanent protection to metal surfaces.

On contact, it reduces rust development by 6 millionths of an inch. With Fluid Film Protection/Undercoating, you can prevent rust from forming in the first place.

Fluid film is a liquid undercoating that prevents rust and corrosion from permeating your car. Apply to the surface of your automobile or truck to prevent dirt, salt, and moisture from penetrating the protective layer of your paintwork.

Fluid film may be used as a single coat or as an additional layer of protection when combined with other coatings.

What Is Better Than Fluid Film

What Is Better Than Fluid Film

There are a lot of things that are better than fluid film, but Woolwax undercoating might just be the best of them all! Woolwax undercoating is a unique and innovative way to protect your vehicle from harsh elements.

It is a waterproofing solution that bonds to the underlying surface to form a durable, water repellent film.

This film not only protects the surface from water damage but also acts as an insulation layer that will keep your vehicle warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Fluid Film Undercoating Kit

Fluid Film FFSG Spray Gun Applicator Kit

Fluid Film Undercoating, which has been shown to outlast normal undercoating, is the finest approach to sealing exposed metal parts on your car and protecting them from corrosive environments.

With a solvent concentration of 30%, this undercoating kit emits a nice perfume that is certain to make you feel good every time you drive your vehicle.

Fluid Film Undercoating will protect your vehicle against rust, galvanic corrosion, and electrolysis while keeping it looking new.

The spray applicator is a simple and easy-to-use solution that provides a smooth finish and fills microscopic gaps that a brush cannot entirely close.

For a quick application, use the applicator to properly disperse the product into difficult-to-reach locations such as wheel

wells and grills. Each package includes two spray applicators as well as one quart of fluid film undercoating.

Is fluid film worth it

Yes, the fluid film is definitely worth it. It can last longer than normal undercoating, and the application process is much easier.

Is FLUID FILM the same as Woolwax?

Is FLUID FILM the same as Woolwax

No, Woolwax is thicker and longer-lasting. The FLUID FILM micro-coatings provide better results as they fill microscopic pores with a hydrophobic coating to make the surface water-shedding. Apply it with a cloth or spray on.

Is FLUID FILM the best undercoating?

Is FLUID FILM the best undercoating

Yes, FLUID FILM is the best undercoating for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is a high-quality product that will last for years.

Secondly, it is extremely easy to apply and does not require any special preparation. Finally, it is affordable and easy to find in stores.

Is FLUID FILM a good undercoating?

Is FLUID FILM a good undercoating?

FLUID FILM is a great undercoating because it provides superior protection against water, oil, and other chemicals.

It also has a high initial gloss and dries quickly to a tough, durable finish. FLUID FILM is also environmentally friendly because it is made from natural resources.

Does FLUID FILM stop existing rust?

Yes, FLUID FILM will stop existing rust. It is an excellent undercoating for preventing rusty surfaces from forming in the first place.

How do you apply FLUID FILM to undercarriage?

How do you apply FLUID FILM to undercarriage?

FLUID FILM can be applied to the undercarriage to help preserve the paintwork and protect it from the elements.

By spraying the FLUID FILM directly onto the paintwork, you will be able to help prevent water, dirt, and other contaminants from getting into the engine and transmission.

About Woolwax Undercoating

About Woolwax Undercoating

As a car owner, you should be concerned not just with the appearance of your vehicle but also with its safety and performance.

Woolwax Undercoating is a full solution for preventing engine rust and corrosion. It best avoids metal oxidation and so guarantees that your automobile functions at its peak.

It is safe to use on all autos and spare parts, whether in operation or idle, to restore their appearance.

Even if you’ve already seen rust on your car, it’s never too late to fix it. Even if you’ve been using Woolwax for years, it will undoubtedly regain its luster.

Woolwax Aerosol-Woolwax Spray Can

Woolwax Aerosol-Woolwax Spray Can

Aerosol Woolwax Undercoating Protection Spray High-performance organic product designed to meet the important requirements of automobile undercoating protection, lubrication, and rustproofing.

Woolwax – the breakthrough spray-on undercoating that creates a barrier to keep out moisture, road salt, and grime built up from ordinary driving – provides exceptional undercoating coverage and protection.

Woolwax seals all cracks and crevices in your car, producing a watertight barrier against air, water, and salts.

Woolwax’s flexibility and strength are unrivaled, particularly in places prone to vehicle damage and cracking, such as wheelhouses and spoilers.

Woolwax comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust perforation and is used by automobile specialists all over the globe.


  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Easy-to-use – spray on and go.
  • Lifetime guarantee against rust perforation.
  • Used by automobile specialists all over the globe.
  • Protects against all elements, including air and water.


  • May require reapplication after extended driving or exposure to the elements.

Woolwax Liquid

With Woolwax Lanolin Undercoating, you can get professional results on any job. This package comes with a two-gallon jar of Woolwax, a quality lint-free cloth for cleaning down surfaces, and a 5.5-inch nap paintbrush for applying the undercoat.

Woolwax undercoating, once applied, produces a washable, non-staining barrier against rust and corrosion.

The natural lanolin grease that covers the undercarriage of your vehicle repels dirt, extending the life of your vehicle. What distinguishes Woolwax Lanolin undercoating from other brands?

The distinction is in the raw ingredients. Woolwax solely employs superior raw ingredients, with no fillers or cheaper replacements.


  • Provides a long-lasting rust protection
  • Comes in a two-gallon jar, perfect for large jobs
  • Protects against corrosion and rust caused by air, water, salt & grime
  • Can be applied on any surface
  • Easy to clean with a lint-free cloth and paintbrush


  • It Might take some time to dry completely

How to Apply Woolwax

How to Apply Woolwax

Woolwax is excellent for professional use on all types of vehicles. Many of our Under coaters recommend treating automobiles in warmer weather so that the Woolwax may creep and migrate into all of the vehicle’s inaccessible regions.

Use Woolwax on any finish. We’ve had several calls about using Woolwax on automobiles that don’t have a clear coat, but it’s still advised to test an isolated area first. It may also be used to care for leather and vinyl.

Woolwax Over Rust How to Apply

Woolwax Over Rust How to Apply

Rust is a man-made metal oxide that defends itself from oxygen, moisture, and abrasives as it develops.

Woolwax is the only solution that prevents rusting on touch and actually grows organically to preserve bare steel.

Woolwax gets saturated with rust particles as it ages, providing incredibly durable rust protection.

Each swipe of the Woolwax brush removes previously accumulated rust while preserving the bare metal underneath.

If there is existing surface rust peeling off a piece of metal, wire brush it first before applying the Woolwax.

Cosmoline Vs Woolwax

Cosmoline Vs Woolwax

Cosmoline and Woolwax are two of the most popular rust-proofing materials on the market today.

Both are excellent rust prevention agents when compared. With comparable substances, some consumers are unable to determine which one is shown to be more effective at a lower cost.

Both solutions, which are available at any car parts shop and even big-box retailers like Walmart, provide an alternative to specialist rust protection treatments.

While they seem to be fairly similar on the surface, Cosmoline and Woolwax vary in how they preserve the automobile.

Woolwax Clear Vs Black

Woolwax Clear Vs Black

When choosing between clear and black Woolwax, it is important to consider the finished look you are striving for. Black Woolwax will darken any light-colored finish while providing more durable rust protection.

Clear Woolwax provides a polished, wet-look finish that some customers prefer because it resembles car polish.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and what effect you want your Woolwax application to have on the surface of your car.

Woolwax Undercoating Vs Fluid Film

Undercoating is a great way to protect your car from the elements, and there are a variety of options available to you. Some of the most popular undercoating products include fluid film and Woolwax.

Woolwax is a thicker product, and it can last longer than fluid film. It’s also easier to apply because it doesn’t require a lot of prep work.

However, the fluid film is more versatile, and it can be applied in a number of different ways. It also has the advantage of being less likely to peel or crack.

Ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences. If you want something that will last longer and offer superior protection against the weather, Woolwax is the better option.

However, if you want something that’s easier to apply and more versatile, the fluid film should be your go-to choice.

How Long Does Woolwax Last?

How Long Does Woolwax Last?

Woolwax can last for a long time on a vehicle. Some people even say that it can last for 10 years or more.

Woolwax is a type of wax that is used to protect the paintwork on a car. It is made from woolen fabric and is a natural wax.

Woolwax is a petroleum-based product, so it will eventually deteriorate and break down. However, Woolwax can last for a long time if it is properly cared for.

Does Woolwax Wash Off?

Does Woolwax Wash Off?

Unfortunately, Woolwax may not wash off from your car very easily. This wax is designed to protect the paintwork of your car and may not be easily removed with regular washing.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a wax remover specifically designed for car waxing.

Woolwax Spray Kit:

Spray Gun (professional)

Spray Gun (professional)

Fluid Film’s Woolwax Pro Gun is a unique instrument for applying undercoating to a car’s chassis, axles, and suspension system.

The high-performance coating provides a watertight barrier that prevents future rust, corrosion, and weathering damage, resulting in increased durability in hostile situations.

Simply pour Fluid Film Undercoating into the reservoir from the container and let gravity feed the substance into the cannon.

The Undercoating Gun is a powerful equipment for applying undercoating and sealants. One-touch flow control, an adjustable tip, a threaded nozzle tip, and a 360° hose swivel to reduce kinks and tangles are all included.

This pistol provides full control over fluid flow pressure, volume, and emission rate. A fully built fluid pro cannon, 4-foot hose, 40′ nylon line, and a storage canister are included.

Spray Gun (standard):

The Woolwax Undercoating Spray Gun provides the desired undercoating spray finish in simple and cost-effective packaging.

The length of this cannon allows you to spray from a greater distance, allowing you to cover more land and finish faster with fewer places to touch up.

The spray wand allows you to guide the flow of the product for improved product distribution, ensuring that your project starts and concludes with one-coat coverage.

This fluid film spray gun has an ergonomic handle design and a pleasant grip, allowing you to operate for extended periods of time without strain.

It has an integrated detergent filter that makes it simple to administer a pre-spray before undercoating to guard against dirt, rust, and corrosion.

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As you can see, there are many pros and cons to both Woolwax vs fluid film coatings. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a coating.

If you’re worried about environmental pollution and want a coating that’s extremely protective, Woolwax may be the right choice for you.

However, if you’re looking for a coating that’s easy to apply and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, the fluid film may be a better option. So which coating should you choose? That’s up to you!

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